Thursday, July 3, 2008

Najib: Slaughtered On Two Fronts

This time Najib will not survive. The SDs by Balasubramaniam and Raja Petra were sufficient to say that Najib's career is over. There is no way he can become the Sixth Prime Minister. And the police cannot say no or withhold facts any longer. The content from both SDs show that the police are protecting corrupt VIPS by witholding specific information.

So it's true that the trial in Shah Alam was pre-meditated. But then, some quarters are sweating like a pig for what they reaped in the illegal fashion will be gone in a smoke. And there are some prominent underworld figures and cronies who enjoyed the protection by Musa and Gani are likely to find themselves in a hell hole, and unless those 'scum' are to delay or avoid their fates, they would do whatever it takes to stay alive, and such things can be like shoot the messenger, catch the whistleblowers, arrest Anwar for standing up or perhaps planning to launch a join-ops between the police and military. Do you smell that it's like invoking another 1969 again?

Well, Najib can lie all he wants but then he was busy paying too much attention to the exterior but he has forgotten to watch the interior for Abdullah Badawi too secretly does not want him and plots to kill his political career just as what happened to Anwar in 1998. Dollah Badawi's gang does not want him to do the same thing as Anwar did before and thought that if they do it directly, they will be in deep shit, so they had to do it indirectly. I got amused reading the Riding MP's article entitled Sayonara Hang Najib, which is ringing true.

Now it's really Abdullah Badawi that is 'agen Yahudi' thing!

Fellow Michaelian alumni, lawyer Matthias Chang exposes that Abdullah Badawi - despite his denials and assurances that everything goes okay 'don't believe everything' is going to do another George Bush act - just as how Valerie Plame's career went kapoof, via a false flag operation. You know...planting a deep throat that will leak the info to a journalist or something...know what I'm saying?

Excerpts from his exposes:

The dagger was plunged immediately after Anwar Ibrahim accused the government of having conspired in getting a young man to lodge a police report against him for the crime of sodomy.

What did Badawi say about the matter? He denied any involvement but went on to say that he did not think that Najib had any intention to do that.

Anwar never accused Najib. No one did. So why did Badawi, for no rhyme or reason and out of the blues mention Najib in his denial?

This is the time-tested method of intelligence propaganda – you plant an idea by asserting the negative – in this case, the statement that it was not Najib.

By so doing, Badawi is in fact suggesting that Najib could be the culprit for the alleged conspiracy. Hence, the denial by Najib as reported widely in the newspapers. The denial was front page story!

“Mr. Clean” was perceived as “Mr. Clean” when the stupid Wan Azizah, wife of Anwar Ibrahim gave credence to this ploy when he pleaded with Badawi to ensure security for Anwar and a guarantee that Anwar would not be harmed. It follows that the entire PKR did not even consider the probability that Badawi could be involved.

How freaking stupid can one get in the circumstances?

To put himself in a better light, Badawi went so far to say that what happened in 1998 would not be repeated. The Sun Newspaper reported Badawi as having said:

“The government will not do anything to frame or make baseless accusations against any party, so to say that the government will repeat what was considered as a conspiracy, this is not true …”

By implication, Badawi is saying that he will not repeat the conspiracy. He is indirectly accusing the previous administration of conspiracy. This is but another attempt to plant an insidious idea and buttress his so-called “Mr. Clean” image by the use of another negative – that he will not repeat a conspiracy! He has cleverly planted the idea, that what happened before was in fact a conspiracy!

But “Mr. Clean” will not get away with this kind of cheap and dirty propaganda!

The Main Threat Outside UMNO

It is obvious that it is Anwar Ibrahim. Badawi on taking power as prime minister used the Anwar factor to his advantage to further project his so-called “kind and clean” image. The release of Anwar from jail after his acquittal by the Federal Court on the charge of sodomy was exploited to the fullest by Badawi’s spin doctors. PKR went for it - hook, line and sinker!

Having neutralised Najib with the planted intelligence that he was somehow implicated in a criminal case (so they believe), the next target must be focused on the threat outside UMNO.

Another US$ trillion question – Why now this police report on sodomy against Anwar?

Already PKR boys are accusing Najib of the conspiracy, and the mass media by carrying the denial by Najib seem to lend credence to the allegation first hinted by Badawi, the prime minister.

Now the spot light is focused on the two persons who pose the greatest threat to Badawi’s power and access to the national money-making machine!

The modus operandi and the strategy is that the public’s attention will be diverted from the financial mess as a result of Badawi’s mismanagement and negligence of the economy and the rampant corruption. Hopefully, the disaster of the March General Elections will also be forgotten!

Fat hopes!

To muddy the waters further, Badawi and his spin doctors are preparing the next phase – to provoke and instigate a feud between Najib and Anwar so that they will be so engrossed with each other and so exhausted by the exercise, that the two will not be able to focus on overthrowing Badawi.

Phase 2 is the Second Dagger that will be plunged into Najib! This is a given. And unless Najib sees through Badawi’s ploy, he will end up as dead meat before July is over!

Are we actually playing the ploy of the 4th Floor Boys and the spin-doctors of Abdullah Badawi's regime? The real rotten yolk is Abdullah Badawi. Najib can be taken care off. later Picture,this, suppose if the government is ousted but suddenly chaos happens, it is because Abdullah and his merry gang had taken all the money out from Malaysia before the opposition moves in. It's likely to happen....unless everyone notices it and checks those nook and crannies.

Anyhow, no matter how hard he tries to prolong, the jib is up for Najib.

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