Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mahathir And His Bottles of Medicated Oil

There is a saying of three ways a story is told: what you're told, what you hear and what you know.

The story of Mahathir is one of those that fall into that three ways. And in years to come, in fact by now, judging from the series of reported events, his own autobiography "A Doctor In The House", and what you hear from the people on the street from both sides (loyalists and reformists), it will be definitely be a love / hate relationship of the man himself. This is the feeling I get after always seeing him on TV and paper for the first 18 years of my life, then reading "Malaysian Maverick" book during an overseas trip 2 years ago and spending one afternoon talking to my ex-boss in a car about Mahathir.

We had a compare and contrast talk about the man himself and we concur that no doubt in terms of modernization, he was moved Malaysia up in his two decades as PM. But when the stroke as in the Asian Financial Crisis, he managed to stop the rot, but could not bring it back up to its peak before that - partially it was due to Anwar's sacking at the peak of the crisis. However, as what we hear from most reformists, the corruption level in Malaysia has already reached the pandemic levels that requires a complete system overhaul and reboot - in other terms the need to change government.

Lately, Mahathir has been making the headlines all for the wrong reasons. Judging from whatever I read, I guess Mahathir's is having tons of problems of headaches when things don't go according to his way. For example in his recent summary of statements for the last one month:

"BN is not a party which just wants votes and we really have no other choice because we have only two parties in the country. So if we reject BN then the opposition would win and they would destroy the country,” he said. 

“He should retire right now. It is futile ... his desire to become the prime minister,”

Dr Mahathir said Anwar’s statement was mere rhetoric because, even if the opposition pact were to lose in the next general election, he would continue to dream of becoming the prime minister.

The former prime minister said in jest that probably an honorary prime ministerial post could be established for Anwar for the duration of five days to enable him to fulfil his dream prior to retirement.

"That I am innocent would be irrelevant. What is important is Kit Siang’s satisfaction at seeing me behind bars and more," wrote the former prime minister on his blog.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed has cautioned his daughter to be wary of her outspokenness as well as support for groups like Bersih and sexuality rights movements, saying these may affect her family members who are still active in politics

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today questioned the clamour by some quarters here to push for a revolution to topple the government when the latter was already giving a lot of priority to the people’s interests.

“Is our government autocratic? Is it not giving attention to the people, not developing and advancing the country?” he asked.

When I was near to the end of my primary school period in 1996, my class teacher, Latifah, told us about when people behave strangely, it is their believe and according to them a tell tale sign that either a close call or death would happen to that person. 

Why is Mahathir behaving like that lately? A certain fact that I know is that he'd be lasting for say up another 3 years before Death catches up. It's simply because that if Anwar Ibrahim and Co takes over Putrajaya, all the properties that belong to his family and cronies - those that have been plundered over the last three decades will be taken away in a blink of an eye.

Those are the classic examples that tells of how at times a man like him can become paranoid - on the worst case scenario - leading to dementia. 

Making these statements above, as he's noted of is equivalent of asking people to believe that "pigs fly in the sky." - believing on non-existential claims. I am sorry that many are still spooked over the 1969 specter but as far as I believe of, there is no such thing, except for sore losers out to make a ruckus. By history, the ones that make the most ruckus out racial issues in the 60s are those from UMNO itself, more than anyone else, including the old man himself. 

It's a pity that when I saw a lot of people coming for the opening of the new Felda building at Platinum Park near KLCC there last Saturday night that I notice that many uncles and aunties from Felda sites are still a naive bunch and still believing in those non-existential claims. The period of feudalism has long gone to past and those things that we're still seeing at home now has to go off. I hope that my perception may be proven inaccurate later on if there are few to speak up about it.

In other words, let's face it that the old man is having a lot of troubles for the signs of Barisan falling are quite evident. A nice quip by a friend shows of how the old man needed bottles of medicated oil on standby. In last week's Selayang ceramah, Anwar illustrated how the old man can get worried upon hearing his name. He illustrated how the old man would stand up and say "Tak boleh" when mentioned of him getting a chance to be PM.

Given of his age, no one wants to see him in the bars. The closest thing that people can do is to put him in a Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal where he'd be admitting things he had done during his 22 years as PM. On the global scale, the financial cabal of the West has been offered the opportunity to appear in a truth and reconciliation committee organized by the top societies of the East. 

White Dragon Society has long offered the cabalists an opportunity to be forgiven in exchange for appearing before a truth and reconciliation committee. However, the window of opportunity is shutting fast because a lot of angrier and less forgiving folk are closing in and asking for justice to be served
A gentleman’s agreement on a win-win solution is always preferable to a lynch mob.

Similarly above that would be also what Mahathir would be given rather than jail time - spilling the beans. If given the chance, I would like to have a glimpse at the tons of documents that would be served at the old man himself first hand before or while on tribunal sessions! 
No doubt that at times you may agree to some of his statements, this is also why it's a love / hate intended.

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