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Happy New Year 2011!

Wishing readers out there a happy new year 2011!

Got Nothing To Do Meh? Complain Teo Did This, Teo Did That..

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 – A Masjid Taman Cheras Jaya official said today it had no problem with how Teo Nie Ching was dressed during an aerobics exercise programme recently in the mosque’s car park, even as Umno stepped up criticisms against the DAP MP for her “tight-fitting” clothes.

The Serdang MP (picture) was photographed recently in a T-shirt and track pants while taking part in the aerobics session, and this was seized on by the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia to accuse her of violating the sanctity of the mosque for wearing allegedly tight-fitting clothes and not covering her aurat.

“We do not have any problem at all with YB Teo’s attire,” Masjid Taman Cheras Jaya committee chairman Azman Idris told The Malaysian Insider today.

“Covering the aurat is applicable only to Muslims. So, the issue of covering the aurat is not applicable to YB Teo,” he added.

The Malay daily published a front-page story yesterday with the headline “Teo Nie Ching makes trouble again” along with a picture of her exercising with men and women at Masjid Taman Cheras Jaya during a recent Maal Hijrah carnival.

Today, an Utusan Malaysia column said females were required to wear clothes which covered their aurat, and not “shorts or sexy clothes”.

Azman, however, claimed that the issue of covering the aurat in a mosque was not explicitly defined in Islamic teachings.

“When it comes to the mosque, it is called an in-house regulation,” said Azman.

“We also did this (exercise) activity in the car park area, not in the mosque. I don’t see any issue,” he added.

It's very simple to summarize: Utusan has totally nothing to do apart from whining about things that is none-government friendly. In this case, what they are whining about is not following the government-style / methodology of Islam. Hold on, if I say government-approved / style, does this means also turning one blind eye on corruption despite others saw with their own eyes and proof? Does that also mean that because Najib is visiting a church as his duty as a Prime Minister of all Malaysians that you can't do hymns, prayers of their own?

Has Utusan really forgotten what's it like to be in the morning Monday school assembly, where there is Doa recital, that other non-Malay students respect off? Does that mean that you are telling every other MPs doing their duty that they cannot do this whatsoever, despite that they have been clearly being invited?

I remembered that the chief-editor provides his weekly opinion on paper on Sundays in most papers in person. Take, W.C.W from The Star, Rocky from Malay Mail, and  a few others. But Awang Selamat? I tried to Google in images to see if there is any picture of the guy, and everyone says that he's a pseduonym of many editors. Wouldn't dare to show his face, I suppose? 

The only one summary statement here is that these people are those who do not have the actual social mentality. And Najib's aides, who were involved in the arrangement with the Church over the Christmas visit there is also another example of people with no respect for other religions. I saw that as bulldozing a religion over another religion and maybe somewhat being taught of the things that they claim to be wrong, but in actual fact correct. 

That's problem with people who are lazy to think and to read, instead relying on hearsays to make decisions. Try doing that on a society that has a higher social mentality and you get your ass laughed off.

Ini semua betul betul malaon....

Another Enron Thing?

People discovered fraud in Enron, and so should the people here. Do you see the whole thing looks familiar to the Enron situation before? Check it out here.

Pakatan's Handicap Match vs BN And How They Blew It

1. No need for me to elaborate further than to say that Pakatan officially has 3 parties compared to Barisan Nasional that has 14 component parties together. This means that they have bigger resources for campaigning and they don't even give a shit on the election budget of campaigning, as stipulated by law -  a maximum of RM 100K / 200K per candidate, depending on whether it's state or parliament level. And in the aspect of manpower, it has become clear that PR is outnumbered 5 to 1. 

2. Recently, several quarters including MCLM and Human Rights Party Malaysia have come forward to offer themselves qualified candidates that could help to booster the young coalition. The Waythamoorthy brothers-led HRP have offered 15 candidates to stand in Indian-populated Parliamentary seats - which is better if they are to go head to head vs MIC. MCLM is going to offer at most 30 candidates to contest in the general elections. The Socialist party too have done that already, and they have got representatives in Kota Damansara and Sungai Siput.

3. The one thing that is sure from this is that these people can contest under the PR ticket. The only catch is that they have the right to say yes or no to whatever the party's decision on some policies and so forth. It is a give and take thing that PR has yet to come to terms. Batu Sapi would not have become a three-corner fight if Anwar gives Teck Lee all the clear run to contest in that area itself.
4. Many people still misinterpret these groups as the "third force" despite clear debunking of the claims by several people including Haris. These parties in are not trying to spoil the vote or to make the contest a three-corner fight. Instead the main objective is to supplement the pool of candidates available instead of having one politician being in two places, e.g: Teresa Kok, Khalid Ibrahim, Azmin Ali etc..Basic fighting strategy tells us that you are in a severe disadvantage at start of the fight if you do not have enough numbers to face multiple opponents in a fight. Though I clearly see a misinterpreting sign by the

5. Sometime ago, Barisan Nasional has major infighting in several component parties that is hardly reported on the main mass media. Unfortunately, Pakatan was still unable to seize the advantage and instead got themselves into infighting, particularly during the PKR elections itself. Fallouts and rages still keep going on and on, with the latest being Gobalakrishnan whacking Anwar Ibrahim left and right. What makes it more worse is that PR is unable to discern its enemies and its allies properly.  There are backstabbers out there where they can be hinted by saying all those sweet words that can make someone  getting too complacent. This is illustrating by saying that those who are willing to help PR out is sabotaging their efforts compared to UMNO. But remember, many supported PR not because of their love for the group by it's simply out of the hate of Barisan Nasional.

6. The frog-leaping cases of politicians jumping to the mob group is a consequence of the problem.

7. If I am called out for a cup of coffee to give an honest opinion on this subject, I would say "Screw You. You Blew It". They are not able to understand even the basics of fighting your opponent. By making the wuss out of the MCLM and other parties who wish to help but instead giving a tell tale sign of snubbing, they are making things worse for themselves. "Taking over Putrajaya" plan that they crave of will just end up as a pipe dream.There are some, if such thing happens that PR should deserved it, would end up saying sarcastically to them, "I told you so."

8. This is a very interesting take or leave offer. The first situation of PR is that being in a handicap situation, outnumbered and insufficient resources to fight in the long run. Last I heard, the door remains open for PR to come in a sit down on a table with MCLM by the third week of January. As of now, I see no reply to HRP's offer of the 15 seats and securing of Indian votes. The Indian mindset is primarily deciding on the present situation, not future or the past. Currently it's messy with the killing each other necks right now. Imagine if the fight becomes 14 vs 8 or 9, then I can say the chances of winning gets a little better. 

9. If I am in the shoes of a big man of the coalition, I would start talking with HRP first then others and then churn out a win-win power sharing agreement. The power-sharing offer must already be in hand before starting the talks.

10. Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia's decision on not participating, though they could  have add to the numbers of evening the playing field, is something that is not right. If they go and speak in ceramahs, they are facing the same AUKU thing. But are they ready to take the risks under the AUKU act? It is clearly that they too perceived the idea of MCLM as a Third Force, whereas it is actually not.

If RPK calls PR Niamah, then I say Screw U.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tenang Could Be Like Bagan Pinang Again!

The next by-election at Tenang is somewhat feels like back in Bagan Pinang simply because of a few reasons I can think of. No, it is not totally a carbon copy of what really happened in there in October last year, but you can see the similarities: nightly campaign talks, both campaigning parties are offering whatever they would promise if they are elected and so forth. But of course, from my 2 trips to Port Dickson, witnessing big BN tents in 8th mile of Port Dickson, I can say it's a same feeling as there.

Below, I would be putting some initial notes and comments that are likely to happen in Tenang:

1. It all comes to picking the right candidate for Pakatan Rakyat. It doesn't matter who's the BN candidate, but it all matters into picking the candidate from which party. If a PAS candidate is picked, a repeat of the previous attempt, chances are PAS will not win again, and the winning margin that BN could win is a little higher than the previous round. The mistake that Pakatan made in Bagan Pinang was sending in a PAS man in an area with a mix spread of population. Tenang is 47/38/15 spread of Malay/Chinese/Others, so putting a PAS is similar of a buffalo facing against a Sherman tank - virtually a suicide move there. On the other hand, a PKR candidate there can likely reduce the win majority for BN or pulling a surprise win as in Sibu. 

2. The reason BN won Bagan Pinang is not because of how much they offered, but it was the popularity factor, the Isa Samad factor, just as the Anwar Ibrahim popularity factor in Permatang Pauh. But in Tenang, that popularity factor is not there, so there's some bit of level playing field in this aspect. 

3.  Tenang surely has some FELDA estates there, so we can anticipate debates between FELDA and ANAK. Now that Isa Samad is taking over as Felda chairman next year onwards, we can see a battle of "who wins this round" game that can sway votes to PR or to BN. As what Hishamuddin Rais said, Mak Cik and Pak Cik Felda mostly has no clue and most of them will hear about BN and no idea of what PR would do. Penentration in there? Maybe for PR, if they can play smart and tactically. Isa would definitely try to explain the Felda issue on the ground. However, Isa's appointment is more or less to pacify him - since Isa has the first hand knowledge of Najib's affair with a singer in Port Dickson in 2006.

4. It is high likely Boogeyman tactics employed by UMNO and MCA in particular, since Johor is mainly the first UMNO and a BN stronghold. What I mean by Boogeyman tactics is for instance, UMNO will tell the Malay voters that if they vote for PR, they risk losing their own racial rights and dignity to the ghosts - the Chinese in particular. That is one of the cases. A friend of mine, originally from Batu Pahat  once related to me of something similar that above: the Chinese community, though thinking and mentality may differ and wantechange, but they are constantly told of these adjective words : "unfaithful", "unappreciative", etc... To cut the elaboration short, social mentality and awareness is not as high as in other states.

5. What Anthony Loke said about the aim of reducing majority is much more important than winning the seat. Going for a win is a bonus but to start the campaign for a win is chewing more than what you can take.

Additional material: Hishamuddin Rais - Kekalahan Jadi Kemenangan

Chia's Beating Reminds Of Rodney King's 1991 Beating

If there is one thing about Chia's beating by the police 11 days ago, it clearly reminded me of the infamous Rodney King beating in Los Angeles on March 3 1991. There was no fellow policemen at the night of the incident that stopped their colleagues from beating.

Rodney King's beating was so sensational that the LAPD could not afford to turn their eye away from that video that was broadcast worldwide. Were Chia's beating was recorded by someone like George Holliday, the eyewitness on that, the police force cannot turn away from that episode, for even if government media decides to ignore it due to against BN policy, the video would eventually find itself in alternate channels, even Youtube as well.

Here's the enhanced clip of the beating:

As the internal investigation proceeds, the four officers involved, among them Stacey Koon - the supervising officer and Laurence Powell, the first officer who started beating King was charged was acquitted on 29 April 1992. This triggered the Los Angeles riots because the cops who beat people down are let go scott free. One critical reason was because, there was a 13-second segment clip that was edited out by the television station.

Some civil societies here are very angry too, for like King's case, the four policemen, that Chia identified in the line up were let go pending court case trial. But there are still many people out there who have no clue whatsoever to this matter, for the main media themselves never dared to put it up there for the fear of reprimand by the Home Ministry or the Communications Ministry. Where that to happen, another riot could happen really.

The police's biggest mistake was the refusal to accept the IPCMC recommendations. Until this time, the perception was the IPCMC was on the big eye of the police, not other enforcement agencies as well, coupled with the provisions that could conflict with Article 140 / 145 of the Constitution, as what Nazri said at the end of June 2009. There is the fear of taking in new ideas, and because of this phobia, more and more people are facing the fear of third-degree interrogation by the police for over crimes not amounting to costing deaths of other person. And look what happened on the way: deaths in custody, beatings in interrogation and some rotten apples in the police force.

In the case of King's beating, most of the officers involved quit or sacked from the LAPD following the reinvestigation of the case by the Department of Justice. Koon and Powell were sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. The LAPD police chief at that time, Daryl Gates quit following the scandal. 

And if King's beating is not enough, then there is the RAMPART scandal in 1998. Singer / artist, Notorious B.I.G was the main casualty in that case, shot dead by CRASH LAPD officers at that time. What's more, CRASH officers would do the dirty side of the police job: unprovoked shootings, unprovoked beatings, planting of evidence, framing of suspects, stealing and dealing narcotics, bank robbery, perjury, and covering up evidence of these activities. Sounds familiar here, do civil societies here keep track of possible activities that happened?

At that time of the scandal, the LAPD chief was Bernard Parks. His tenure was not renewed in 2001 because of the scandal. The mayor at that time, James Hahn lost to Manuel Villaraigosa in the 2005 re-election because of the scandal. Both police department chiefs at that time of the scandals quit, at least there is some sense of respect and pride in quitting for what is wrong. 

In the case of Chia's beating, the policemen involved fall under the jurisdiction of Petaling Jaya. This means, that the Petaling Jaya chief, Arjunaidi Mohamad (was responsible for the stopping of assembly on several occasions in Amcorp Mall) will have to at least apologize for all the problems or in worst case scenario, resign.

We too have ourselves to blame for not changing things by replacing incompetent politicans with those who can get the job done and not by talking too much by the mouth. What it means is that we made the mistake of keeping the bunch of old men who are not likely to change things, and we too succumbed to their temptations of keeping them despite the clear fact that they are in the wrong. You know what I mean by that?

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Merry Christmas!

To our readers and friends out there, wishing you a merry Christmas and a New Year 2011.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MCLM Public Forum

At the MCLM public forum held a few hours ago at the KLSCAH, the second candidate has revealed himself. Sreekant Pillai, said that after much persuasion and consideration, he decided to come in order to serve and protect the rights of the people (as was quoted)

The Star, Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini have coverage on the event as well. Here, here and here.

This comes in after the close-door session on Sunday. The first part event has Haris, the MCLM president going through the goals of MCLM, debunking the misconceptions, what they would do in the next few months and so forth. What is interesting is that pro-people based parties like PR are being approached informally and offering themselves to supplement the existing pool of candidates, and as a buffer to avoid the repeat of the frog-jumping incidents. The only condition for PR is that the independent candidates will support party agendas that are aligned to their people-oriented agendas / principles set, not party based.

Secondly, there are repeated calls for the Election Commission to extend absentee voting to all Malaysians residing aboard other countries. This includes all students and permanent residents as well. Current election laws do not allow non-government funded students or permanent residents. And of course, the High Commissions are having trouble of acquiring voter registration papers. All in all, the EC has still yet to act swiftly and accordingly to this problem of voting overseas. 

Thirdly, there is now a resurgence of student groups venturing into politics, harkening back to the 60s and 70s where student's voice was that great at that time. They see MCLM similar to their objectives and aims and are also offering themselves to be candidates in elections. Student activism, as in other countries are acceptable and in fact encouraged, but why not in Malaysia?

Recently Anwar Ibrahim admitted the need of having good qualified candidates to contest in state / parliamentary elections. Following the convention in Kepala Batas, the Human Rights Party also stated their wish to contest in elections by offering 15 parliamentarian candidates on Indian-populated areas. This would of course, is advantageous to PR since this would solve the candidacy problem and eliminate the need of having dual roles for a politician. This has been seen in cases where Khalid Ibrahim, Nizar Jamaluddin, Teresa Kok and Azmin Ali are those who hold dual Parliamentary and state seats at the same time.

Word is informally PR is taking a positive reply and response to this and if they accept a round table discussion on this matter by late next month and things go well, then it would be better. In fact, it is wise not for PR to turn down such offer that these civil society movements has offered, for they can, in terms of quality can be better than the BN candidates they would be contesting with. If PR is to take Putrajaya, then this would of course be a good measure. But they ain't got time for second chance, for there would not be any change likely not until the next 40 years or so. 

There is an emphasize that people will need to take back the country that is starring at the making of a failed state that is soon to to come due to incompetent politicians, and rampant corruption. 

After all, I remembered that in February 2008, PR has endorsed the People's Declaration (Deklarasi Rakyat), right? Chegubard, Siti Mariah, Ronnie Liu, they were there and said aye to the declaration...ring and remember any bells?

The Billon Dollar Bride


Sarawak Report has been subjected to a cyber-attack, which has knocked it temporarily off-line.  This follows a number of death threats sent through our mail, which have been notable for their creepy, ‘black-magic’ format.

Disabling websites by using millions of hits is a very expensive process, even more expensive than hiring top lawyers. So this limits our list of suspects in this case to people who are both very rich and have a direct interest in shutting us up, but who would rather not face the scrutiny of an open court.

Billion Dollar Bride

Meanwhile, we have exclusive pictures of Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud’s, new young bride.  Kuching has been aflame with interest and amusement at the leaked information that the 74 year old has found himself a second wife who is still in her 20s.

However, the government has refused to issue official confirmation of the wedding ceremony that was celebrated at the weekend in the Chief Minister’s vast mansion (the financing of which remains a mystery, like the rest of his properties).  Even senior Government Ministers are scouring the web for details of the new “Thief Lady”, who has yet even to be announced by name.

In desperation calls have been made to Sarawak Report and so we feel honoured to oblige.

Sarawak’s wealth around her neck
Sarawakians will not fail to notice that several thousand hectares of irreplaceable jungle must have been felled and turned to oil palm to adorn this lady’s neck.

One top London jeweller today gave the opinion that the rubies in her diamond tiara, necklace, ring and broach are “likely to be fake glass”.  His reason was that if they were genuine cabochon rubies, like they appear to be, then they would be “priceless at such a size as that”.  When pressed the jeweller hazarded that they would be worth at least RM150 million.

Since the Chief Minister has yet to release details about his bride we will leave Sarawakians to decide amongst themselves whether the Chief Minister has adorned his new wife in glass or cabochon ruby.

Christmas is a time for sharing

As they depart for their Christmas honeymoon, doubtless utilising one of the Hornbill jets funded by Sarawak’s hard-pressed taxpayers, we hope the happy couple spare a thought for the many hungry children in the longhouses who are hoping for a nice present this year.

However, times are hard because more and more land has been snatched away from these communities by the Chief Minister’s BN government, so their parents will have already told them not to expect too much.

As ever, these parents will have to remind their children that the Chief Minister’s favourite advice to the rural folks is that they “must learn to wait”.  Apparently, Taib is promising that at some stage he will begin to share his wealth with the people he took it from!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Do You Want The Leeching of Sarawak to Go On?

Watch this video. Time to wake up. Give the shit out of the leeches, even if they threaten you with many things.

Forcing One School of Thought All The Way

Asri: Shi’a arrests proof of Talibanisation

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 18 — The arrest of Shi’a Muslims by religious authorities in Gombak earlier this week is proof Malaysia is heading towards “an era of Talibanisation”, says a former Perlis mufti.

“Malaysia is trying to become a country a la Taliban that only allows one school of thought,” Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin said in a press statement today.

“Even though I personally don’t agree with Shi’a teachings and even frequently criticise and debate with them, I cannot accept the approach of the allegedly democratic Malaysian government in denying the people’s right to practice their faith, so long as it does not endanger public safety.”

The Islamic scholar criticised the government for allowing a trend of “non-openness”, saying that if the trend continues, there will be greater tension in the country that may lead to violence.

“[Violence] usually explodes in countries where the right to speak is constantly denied. Perhaps the government has its own agenda in this matter?” he said.

Discourse must always come before use of force when it comes to the people’s rights in today’s globalised world, Asri (picture) stressed.

“Arguments are countered by arguments, not by power,” he said.

Some 200 local and foreign followers of the Hauzah Ar Ridha Alaihissalam group were arrested at a shophouse in Taman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves on Wednesday by authorities concerned that their activities constituted a security threat.

The group, led by two men including an Iranian national, had been operating in the four-storey shophouse for up to two years.

Followers included locals, Indonesians, Myanmars, a Pakistani, an Iranian, some of whom were lecturers and students in institutions of higher learning, lawyers and civil servants. Several children were also found at the location.

Those arrested were brought before the Gombak Barat Lower Syariah Court by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) last night and subsequently freed on bail.

Hauzah Ar Ridha Alaihissalam reportedly permits the killing of Muslims who follow other schools of thought, whom it considers kafir (unbelievers).

It has also been accused of propagating the practice of drawing blood through self-flagellation with chains every 10 Muharram as a way to cleanse sins.

The arrests were the largest recorded in Selangor involving allegedly deviant Islamic teachings.

The current Perlis Mufti, Dr Juanda Jaya, had also criticised religious authorities of acting like Talibans in the debate on religious pluralism.

Malaysia has been seeing a higher frequency of debate on interfaith ties this year following a High Court ruling last December 31 that said a Catholic weekly has the constitutional right to describe their God as Allah.

A protest by Muslims led to a wave of attacks on religious houses of worship, particularly churches in January. Several people have been convicted for the attacks.

The government won an appeal to stay the High Court order on using the word Allah and has set up an interfaith panel to resolve issues. - The Malaysian Insider


I happen to saw one diagram which shows that no matter what school of thought you are in practicing one religion, eventually, all would point to one core dot of all religions: God himself. This means, that in actual truth, and as what the Federal Constitution says from the very beginning that a person can practice any religious faith of their choice, and no forcing. However, when it comes to the Islamic issue of conversion or attempting to practice other faith, e.g the Lina Joy case, we would meet with brickbat responses saying this religion is excluded from the provisions of the Constitution and all other excuses that may or may not make sense at all.

As to make a case in point to Dr. Asri's critique, the non-Muslims in particular are getting worried over Muslim authorities coming in over the child conversion cases, cases where dead bodies are taken away from the morgue claiming that the dead person is a Muslim and so forth. These two problems right now are also illustrating what the man said of forcing through one school of thought by saying that the other one is outright wrong without elaborating further what are the facts that support their argument of why that school of thought was inappropriate.

The point we're talking about is on "school of thought". Religion is not only the one subject that has many school of thoughts. Philosophy, economics, and even information technology has vast school of thoughts. Basically, the core point to be drilled down here is that you cannot force one school of thought into everyone.  For instance, in the form of art, you don't need to do art that just would gain recognition and pleasing everyone, but in fact you can do art that shows what you wish to convey to the masses even if they want to criticize you over it.

There is always this fear of accepting and using new ideas, for doing so could mean being ostracized. Which explained why dissent in Malaysia could not be tolerated well. Having opinion of their own poses problem to the ruling elite because that could mean the end of them. But in problem-solving, there is more than one approach to solve, and of course using this force one way in, is somewhat bullshit, don't you think?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tasting Their Own Medicine

You got to watch the video to get the meaning of 'tasting their own medicine'

Friday, December 17, 2010

Little School Children Running Parliament

I won't go that much into talking about Anwar being booted out of Parliament over APCO thing, maybe I'd talk about it later but, I just find how amusing how most BN MPs behaved yesterday like if they are acting as 8-year old school children inside the body of a middle-age adult.

It's the same thing that happened in Perak that got carried over again. If you can imagine their psyche, it's the same as in Parliament. As soon as Barisan Nasional managed to get back Perak via defections of the three assemblymen there, they raved and like if they got the ball from another child. But they got the ball via unfair and brute means. So when it's time for them to pass the ball back to the rightful owners, the little child will not let go the ball at all costs. Or, the child will refuse to hand the ball back even though the child was wrong. Like the child, Barisan Nasional would manipulate the law to their own whim to deny what is rightfully the people (i.e various ridiculous rulings in courts) .

All in the end, once the thing has been done, they want to manufacture the concesnt of the people to say that what Barisan Nasional did to suspend Anwar and the other 3 MPs over the APCO jibe was correct. However, everyone is falling into the trap here. The whole thing, the aftermath here is to manipulate public opinion into accepting this thing, although, in the beginning, after evaluating things back and forth, it seems that APCO was actually misleading the Parliament to protect their clientele.

If the government has been doing things right from the beginning, APCO in fact is not needed and the acts they have done can speak for their reputation themselves. 

There are a few MPs during that episode in which no matter what they jibe or who they whack with, they more or less behaved like schoolchildren, worst than those MPs in Britain that fight by facts over the increment of tuition fees for universities. Many lack decency to behave and many behaved as yes man instead of men and women who used their heads to think whether whatever proposals would be beneficial for their own consituents or not. In fact, they have degraded into becoming not real Member of Parliaments, but Members of Party. 

This fact, etched in my mind, was one of the reasons I warned previously of the consequences of voting Linda Tsen in Batu Sapi. Sadly not many listened for they are being misled by BN.

Suspending Anwar and the other three MPs because this has clearly revealed how childish they really are, Nazri in particular since he's the one who came out with the motion. Denying them to defend is likely violating God himself, imagining that God never gave Adam the chance to defend himself. Parliament is the bigger level than the state assembly and having school children running the Parliament is a much more embarassing thing if such recording hits out worldwide. And worst come to worst, there is no fulcrum that acts as the watchdog, check and balance function since BN is bent of removing numbers that could deny 2/3rds majority.

Barisan Nasional in particular knows no shame and to keep their loot and whatever they think that people is taking back what is rightfully theirs, they started to behave like school children, unwilling to give it back. But this doesn't mean that I am whacking one side. Pakatan Rakyat too should not be spared from the similar rod. But given of the episode that day, I can give a leeway for Pakatan whom had to ask for the right to speak and defending themselves. On that day, Pakatan had one hand tied to its back. One that day, the BN mob slapped 3.9 million people who voted for PR in the face. 

These MPs from the BN front should be branded little school children who ran Parliament without shame.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

And The Cheating Games Has Begun!

Consider this: 4 MPs (Anwar, Sivarasa, Karpal and Azmin) to be suspended tomorrow onwards likely for six months. With four out, this gives BN MPs a good advantage to approve  or amend any law they like with a 2/3rd majority. That is if the 7 Independent MPs also show their hand of support together.

This is their slick way to get what was lost in 2008 in a cheating manner: customary 2/3rds. For them, like school children, there are unwilling to part what is considered to be an essential tool for their survival. 

Malaysiakini took a quote from Rasah MP Anthony Loke saying that with the majority, they can do things like amending the Constitution or redrawing the election boundaries. The latter would go first because the present election boundaries, state and federal level, have already reached the 10-year interval and just in the right time for a election, if a snap that happens likely. 

But this is part of the cheating game for Malaysia. Unfortunately, the Barisan  Nasional still does not know that there are economic hitmen who would ask them to cheat in such elections in order for them to continue referring to their need of their services. And worse come to worst, whatever policies that the people think that is inappropriate, either in the present situation, would go on to their whim even without touching the people because of the 2/3rd majority that they can use in approving new law / amending existing law.

1/3rd of Barisan Nasional MPs are from Sabah and Sarawak, which gives the central leadership a hand in suspending Anwar and his trio of partners, as first order of business. However, what interests me most is that the bulk of these MPs, except for the known few hardly makes an active and real MP there. Which means that they are not real MPs but Wakil Parti. And what about Linda Tsen in this case? Wakil Parti, is my gut feeling, apart from being told by opposition MPs to study science videos to address her problem.

I don't really want to say much, but RPK's talk about 2/3rds gained by suspending 4 MPs answers the bulk of my thoughts of what to write here. And it's already past bed time now...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

It Was A Setup, Anwar Walked Into It, And He Didn't Care?

6 August 2008 was when Raja Petra Kamaruddin published an article that implicated Najib's political secretary, Shafee Abdullah, called Shafee Abdullah - Sodomologist Extraordinaire,  in which it details the plan to setup something that will trap Anwar Ibrahim over the repeated sodomy crime that at imprisoned, but reversed the other way around the first time round. Notable characters that are involved in the sodomy affair, in and out, in addition to your standard Anwar, Saiful and Najib thing includes Shafee, current Melaka police state chief Rodwan Yusof and of course a few other non-mentioned characters involved.

There subsequent articles on 7 and 11 August 2008 are:

On 14 August 2008, Shafee Abdullah initiated legal action against RPK by demand of removal of the related articles, as well as legal action against commentators (just as flashback). Today's Wikileaks expose in The Sun Herald or The Malaysian Insider (pick one) on this affair shows an assessment by the Australian intelligence agency that the whole sodomy affair is a setup (confirmed). 

And what does that imply? This means, Shafee is lying by the teeth and that legal action started in August 2008 was meant to cover his ass.

Let's go through the first three paragraphs by Sun Herald:

MALAYSIAN opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy charges are the result of a "set up job" that the politician "walked into", according to an assessment by Australia's peak intelligence agency.

A leaked US State Department cable reveals that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that Mr Anwar engaged in the conduct of which he is accused, a claim he has steadfastly denied.

Australia's Office of National Assessments (ONA) also states the conduct was the result of apparent entrapment by Mr Anwar's enemies.

Notice the highlighted phrases. The first and the last tells us that those who setup the sodomy thing whom later tried to deny it are actually lying in the teeth. With Wikileaks exposing those, they have been caught with their pants down. Which is why the imply above.

The second, of Anwar walked into the trap, I was warned of such predicament happening by a PKR insider sometime last year. Few knew about it, and I was prepared of such chip of this to fall someday. The technical intelligence that Lee Kuan Yew said of to the ONA seems to confirm the gut feeling that I had on this sodomy. Since technical intelligence could mean intercepted communications,

I will not go deep into how Anwar's bizarre PR dealing except that he keeps blaming the Special Branch, whereas everyone is screaming for Anwar for extensive damage control over this matter. 

How Anwar handled on this expose is a question mark. But it gave me a chance to explore the possibility of confusing his enemies by doing things that nobody is willing to take the chance the moment such chips fall. If you remember the Joker said of 'people running at the first sight of trouble'. Sun Tzu did say of confusing /deceiving your enemies by showing statements that could show face of fear but the masking of confidence of innocence.

The  probabilities on Anwar's handling of the matter are:

1. Game over for him, and he's trying to slow things down.
2. He didn't do it, but just put this out to confuse his enemies (BN).
3. He let other guys handle it, (e.g Nik Nazmi's response / Tian Chua's response)

It is likely that the leak will put a spanner of slowing down Najib / Rosmah's plan of ensuring that Anwar goes to jail. Not taking it off, but delaying it. But it still can show a definite go-to-jail conviction for Anwar over the Sodomy thing since, the technical intelligence says it all. From what it says, it seems that Anwar went a bridge too far over his choice of people in PKR, but the sceptics is always that if Anwar goes to jail, PKR could face more problems, even if Azmin is running the show. 

And what about Najib? So far, Najib has been keeping the cards close to the chest. His press secretaries have been frantically trying to tell reporters not to wait for a press conference. Either it's the same thing that is happening to him as with Anwar or suffice to say that Najib is caught with pants down over everything that is happening now.

Witch Doctors At Work: To Con Us, The Rakyat!

According to this Malaysiakini article, Najib has cautioned the people they would mortgage the country's future to the opposition who are only good at making promises. On Thursday, Muhyiddin said that BN has to defend Putrajaya for the sake of the people.
What these both men have inferior statements in it. On the flipside of the coin, the hidden message is simple: if you vote for the opposition a.k.a Anwar Ibrahim's coalition, the BN will go down, the power of Malays will erode and whatsoever bullshit will surface and blabbered by the BN. Yes, people, there are politicians, like 'witch doctors' are out to scare people out and in the end try to con us out.

This is the most common cliche used by the BN to scare the people out of not voting for the opposition. Several instances were referenced, with one clear cut example - in 1999 the BN returned to power thanks to the non-Malay votes because they were told by then Dr. M that their rights would erode if they vote for the opposition. The common cliche is akin to the witch-doctor telling village people. Hishamuddin Rais has mentioned this several times before: the Malays get spooked by people such as witch-doctors: - 'orang-orang kampung ditakutkan oleh cerita hantu oleh bomoh. Maka mereka akan memberi apa saja barang untuk meredakan hantu' - same thing as if UMNO scares them, they would go to UMNO for cover. 

Does it sound familiar as like those protection money stories we sometimes hear?

Bariasan Nasional recently have gone to name calling Pakatan Rakyat as an evil-coalition, We actually don't make allegiances to the government, but the country instead. The rest of whatever is actually happening to BN is referred here to Thuan Chye's piece last week. 'Nuff said.
Then again, you might to reconsider again. These people above talk shit. Who is actually mortgaging the country? Pakatan is not running the country. It is Barisan Nasional! They talk about how capable they can run this country, bla blah blah whereas people are now suffering from price increments, subsidy reduction, no income increment to compensate that, there and there. Barisan brings consultants like McKinsey,  and Boston to advise on the economy. 

But don't they know that they are listening to economic hitmen with the agenda to cheat a nation with billions of dollars until Malaysia has to get an IMF bailout someday soon? Haven't we all read the book Confessions of the Economic Hitmen and notice that something similar is happening as what was written in that book?

So who is actually mortgaging the country? Who's really selling Malaysia out?

If Shahidan Does That, He'd Get Whacked Upside Down

The episode is almost similar as before. Way back in early 2010, after Rais Yatim the telco, culture minister complaints about Twitter, Facebook and e-mail, many youths, tech savvy people and even some politicians of both sides went in and whack Rais a.k.a Ayah Dino upside down. Many agreed that it clearly violated the no-censorship rule that it was agreed upon during the inception of the Multimedia Super Corridor in the mid-1990s.

Currently in Malaysia, there are 8.5 million Facebook users, one of the top nations that uses this social network besides Friendster and MySpace.

On December 7, former Menteri Besar of Perlis Shahidan Kassim wants Facebook ban for national security interest.

National security my ass, is my natural instinct answer. And of course, it is the same thing as what happened to Rais Yatim when he said that and many youths get very angry at that old man, old fossil.

If you look at his Facebook group page, only 150 people like him. Khairy or Bik Mama or Najib has definitely more than 150, but not this kind of amount for a state-level politician. 

And yes, he'd better be ready to get bashed left and right for a backward type of statement.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Google BERUK and You Get Khairy.

If you are in the main Google search page, you can find a result entry on Khairy Jamaluddin in Wikipedia by merely entering Beruk (or pig-tailed macaque) in your search keywords there.

I don't know why typing Beruk lands you in showing Khairy but I guess some people called him Beruk previously.

I think this screenshot will show you this.

Cheek Bones Reading on Bik Mama

Reading cheeks

It's not desirable for a female to have high, prominent cheekbones - especially when coupled with a high, strong and bony nose. It means a controlling and domineering personality, one that will 'control' the husband too much.

If you look carefully at Rosmah's cheekbones, you would notice that they are quite high, with a bonynose in the middle. What's more, you can see how over the top she is compared to other PM wives. And lastly, you can say Najib is kia-bor...!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black Eyed Peas: Meet Me Halfway

It's catchy and it's my personal favorite from their album, The E.N.D (Energy Never Dies)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Didn't I Warn You Before? Now We All Pay The Price!

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 3 — The price of fuel and sugar will go up from midnight tonight as part of the Najib administration’s ongoing drive to reduce subsidies, but it is fraught with political risks as he mulls early elections next year.
The price of RON95 will increase by five sen to RM1.90 per litre, diesel by five sen per litre to RM1.80 and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by five sen to RM1.90 per kg. Sugar will also cost 20 sen more at RM2.10 per kg.
Through these price hikes, the government expects to save subsidy payments of RM621.9 million on RON95, RM213.2 million on diesel, RM63.5 million on LPG and RM283.5 million on sugar a year, or a total of RM1.18 billion annually.
RON97 will remain on a managed float based on market prices.
This is the second wave of subsidy cuts following the first round of hikes on July 16, when prices went up by five sen per litre for petrol and diesel, 10 sen per kg for LPG and 20 sen per kg for sugar.
Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) CEO Datuk Seri Idris Jala said today subsidy rationalisation was needed to bring down government expenditure.
“We are... doing this to make sure that our deficit is reduced. We are a responsible government. We will make sure that we will live within our means,” he said at a media briefing on the latest subsidy cuts.
Also present was Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.
“One of the measures to reduce cost is to rationalise our subsidies because Malaysia’s total subsidies are higher than many other countries. Our subsidies are also not targeted at the poor. There’s quite a lot of leakages and abuses.”
The savings will be used to fund rural development, education, urban transport and other areas under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP), he added.
Idris stressed, however, that prices for fuel and sugar in Malaysia will remain one of the lowest in the region even after the subsidy cuts take place.
“Even after we have put this five-sen increase... our selling price for RON95, and also LPG and diesel and sugar, is still lower than Indonesia, lower than Singapore and lower than Thailand,” he said.
The minister in the Prime Minister’s Department was heartened by fair public reception to the last round of subsidy cuts, which he attributed to the government’s success in keeping inflation under three per cent.
“The CPI (consumer price index) increase was very, very small and that is why, when we did this, it was well taken by the public and the public didn’t really feel financially disadvantaged,” he said.
“We are controlling inflation in this country despite the first wave of increases. Because it’s very small increase, we are still able to contain everything so that does not put any burden onto the people.”
Idris said the government would take into account public feedback and the strength of the economy before deciding on when to make further moves to cut subsidies.
He added that renegotiation of independent power producers’ (IPPs) contracts was ongoing but declined to comment on the status. - The Malaysian Insider


This has been much of expectation to come when Idris Jala and Sabri Yaakob called for a 3 p.m meeting for a "second wave" of subsidy rationalisation (actually it's a con word for reduction). I don't really believe that reduction from subsidy is going to help much since a bulk of the money is used for amassing campaigning resources to ensure BN winning Batu Sapi last month. 

Let's make it clear and simple. If you vote for BN, be prepared to pay the price like this. They are virtually bankrupt of ideas and the current national debt stands at RM 550 billion, which means, we are in the red margin, not in the black, as what the newspaper would say. I have already warned people many times that their fate and future lies on whom you pick and picking the wrong person means "grim future". As to recuperate more money from bad debts, there goes the service tax increment next year, the insistance of having saman ekor, the hasty implementation of the AES, Rosmah kicking Hassan Merican out of Petronas, etc..

Macam-macam digunakan untuk menipu rakyat!

What most people do not know is that subsidy reduction is part of the ECONOMIC HIT MAN suggestion to the politicians / government. The following is an excerpt from the book Confessions of an Economic Hitman:
The G8 nations, World Bank and IMF are once again exploiting these nations and they are calling it "debt forgiveness". They are insisting on conditionality that are cloaked in phrases like good governance, sound economics and trade liberalization. While the language is enticing, it is also terribly deceptive. These policies are good and sound only if you are looking through the corporate windows. The countries that agree to such conditionality are called upon to privatize their health, education, electric, water and other public services - in other words, sell them to the corporate. They are forced to drop subsidies and trade restrictions that support local businesses while at the same time accepting that the U.S and G8 countries can continue to subsidize certain G8 businesses and erect trade barriers on imports that threaten G8 industries.
Removing subsidies on RON 97 and instead giving only to RON 95 is actually deceptive too. With that it gives an excuse to the government to increase the price when the appropriate moment comes. Everyone is pushed to one side, that is almost everyone using RON 95, just because of the mere arguement that RON 95 is okay, though not as great as RON 95. In other words, sacrificing quality for the price. This is actually a daily con job that most people do not seem to be aware about. And yet, people have blind faith over something that is not really true. 
I suppose they need not say anything. The fact that they are in Barisan Nasional, and Umno is the lead partner in Barisan Nasional, and Umno upholds and propagates Ketuanan Melayu, means that the non-Malays also support Ketuanan Melayu. They don’t have to make statements saying they support Ketuanan Melayu. The fact that they remain silent and remain in Barisan Nasional is an indication of their support for Ketuanan Melayu.
And the non-Malays scream and curse Umno. How stupid when it is the non-Malays who make Ketuanan Melayu possible. Bodoh! - RPK - Indians and Chinese support Ketuanan Melayu
The only problem is complacency attitude by the people. The people themselves are to be blamed for the mess. They made the wrong choice. Period. Blaming the politicians can come second to none.

Do you think that the third wave is coming by May next year?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wikileaks - Malaysia: Demarche Document Sent But NFA

So far 553 documents have been released in Wikileaks and another two have Malaysia connected into it.

The first one mentions of ex-Pakistan president Musharaff telling Sen. John McCain not to have the US forces pull out of Iraq while it mentions Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia had agreed to form a united voice to promote regional peace.

Not very significant here.

The second one mentions of a demarche on US-EU prisoners of conscience declaration. It was written at the end of April 2008. Originated from the KL embassy, it was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Multilateral Political Affairs directorate to a specific person by the name of  Adi Mohammed, but with no reply.

(SBU) Poloff delivered reftel demarche and nonpaper to Adi Mohammed of the of the MFA Multilateral Political Affairs directorate on April 21 and urged that Malaysia cosponsor the declaration. Mohammed promised to review the issue with the relevant MFA officials but to date we have been unable to elicit any further response from MFA.

That's The Problem If You're Lazy To Read!

I don't really get the point of why these idiots keep whining when people talk about removing Malay Supremacy as is eroding their rights or something. First and foremost, as what Professor Khoo said that there is no such thing as Malay supremacy in the federal constitution. Whoever is spouting this kind of crap is those people who don't even read the Federal Constitution book.

All you need to do is to read back the book on the Federal Constitution. Go through all the articles of the Constitution and see if there is such thing as Ketuanan Melayu phrase inside or not. Then you can start talking about it. It is very simple. Don't be that lazy not to read and just spout on hear says.

No wonder that these idiots from 4B or Perkasa are deserved to be called 7Bs as what Hisham Rais said: bangang, bebal, bengong, bongngok, bodoh, bahlul, biol

Khalid Ibrahim recently reminded of those who have been shouting such slogans were also responsible for the last two Constituition crisis that happened in 1983 and in 1993. Recently we have heard how these people have been calling for the return of ruler immunity that the parliament stripped back in the past. One reason is simple: because of the 2008 elections, these people have been losing their income that they procure from patronage, direct contracts and they see themselves powerless to do whatever they fancied previously and they see the rulers as to cover of their "supposedly rights". This reasoning too has Hishamuddin has been talking sometime back.

It's time for our fellow Malay friends to wise up - such wisdom is important for future of Malaysia.


pemahaman agama begitu cetek. kalau diperhatikan tahap pemahaman agama islam kita di malaysia ini masih lagi di tahap halal dan haram.  heboh seheboh heboh nya.
tapi kedai jual bangkai ayam dan kedai jual bangkai daging – mak donald dan kentuki – tidak berani pulak di katakan menjual barang haram walau pun bahan jualan dari kedai kedai bangkai bangkai ini telah terbukti memudaratkan ummah.

kalau di perhatikan hari ini - ada baik sadikit dari satu dekad dulu telah naik sadikit dari tahap perbincangan kentut batal ayer sembahyang.  dari tahap korek tahi hidung batal puasa. agama islam yang muncul 1500 dahulu telah merobah dunia dengan falsafah dan pandangan ilmiah – orang melayu yang islam masih lagi di tahap pengenalan halal dan haram.

mereka selalu berlabon tentang g sejarah tamadun arab/islam tetapi sejarah dan falsafah yang di bawa oleh intelektual islam tidak di baca – hanya sesekali dengar nama.

yakin lah orang melayu ini amat malas befikir – lazy thinker
mereka malas mengkaji
mereka malas membaca
mereka amat suka mendengar

satu ciri nya ialah mereka amat suka kalau ada orang puteh masuk islam kerana itu hebohlah mereka bercerita tentang micheal jackson masuk islam tapi mereka tidak membaca apa apa tentang micheal jackson - hanya mendengar. inilah perangai melayu yang hanya tinggal selam

melayu yang sudah islam ini tidak ada keupayaan mengoncang dunia kerana malas membaca dan malas berfikir. mereka tidak ada keupayan berdiri dengan dunia. musik mereka, buku mereka, cinema mereka, falsafh mereka semua nya kong kalikong

bila china cakap hal islam marah pulak katakan china tak sunat tapi sendiri tidak membaca dan mengkaji tidak berfikir dan malas berfikir

ini berlaku kerana islam di malaysia ini sedang di perangkap  oleh dua parti politik - united malays national organisations dan parti islam – pas. kedua dua ini mengajukan pandangan islam mereka.
mengajukan pandangan islam dari sesiapa pun tidak salah kerana kita semua menusia memiliki akal dan fikrah. apa yang mencelarukan islam di malaysia ini ialah ianya bukan menjadi rujukan hidup tetapi alat propaganda untuk menang pilahanraya – ini realpolitik.

maka hasilnya kita lihat lah apa yang berlaku sekarang para politikus cuba menjadi lebih islam dari kapal selam lilitan serban lebih tebal dari guni basah ilitan kain tudung lebih lekat dari super glue
songkok mereka lebih tinggi dari tiang lampu jalan bila memulakan ucapan cakap arab mereka berjela-jela dari berbuka hinnga ke sahur

mereka memaksa kan islam mereka ke atas warga kerana itu islam gerombolan boleh menuduh ayah pin ajaran sesat boleh menuduh al- arkam ajaran sesat boleh menuduh wahabi ajaran sesat boleh menuduh ahmaddiah ajaran sesat seoalah olah gerombolan boleh menalipon yang maha esa

sebenarnya di sebalik ini ialah kuasa sebenarnya di sebalik ini ialah duit dan harta 

ini realpolitik – politik yang di eja dengan hurif k.

Note: You can refer to the following pieces that accompany this piece:

2. Perkasa: Anwar Ibrahim is the devil's messenger (contains rhetorics like traitor, etc..)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ini Semua Bik Mama Punya Pasal!!

He (Hassan Merican) would rather this money be invested properly, out of reach of their grubby paws, so that at least our future generations would have a few crumbs to pick at once all the raping and pillaging of the country’s wealth was completed by these gangsters.

He said ‘no way…piss off’.

That pissed off RM even more. You don’t mess with the First Lady like that. PM got an ear full when he got home from work that day. RM wanted TSHM out and the rest is history.

But PM did say to TSHM….”Sorry brudder apa bolih buat? Wife I terror lah. But never mind, I will make you a ‘Special Advisor to me on Gas and Energy Issues’. (ada kia bor syndrome!!!!)

Yes, blame it all on Bik Mama. What happened really?

If you can figure out what it means, good. Otherwise refer here.

Turns out that this event is a blessing in disguise. And it is an own goal scored by Malaysia
Read that statement highlighted in bold above over and over again until it etches in your brain!

Once RM became the First Lady she climbed into the cookie jar. Before that she was only allowed one hand inside. Now that her husband is PM things became much easier. Bermacam macam kontrak semua bolih dapat. Sebut nama suami saja, hey bingo!

Boy, when I read that statement above, I just wished if Kak Endon is still around. She could keep her under tabs. And it will be a good cat fight between the two women. From the one eventful day in Seri Perdana, both women dislike one another..

If you remember the series of articles called The Khairy Chronicles you would notice one chapter (Chapter 17)  focusing on Endon and the rivalry. Excerpt:

Instead, Endon reserved her opprobrium for those whom she felt were encroaching on Abdullah and her own status as the senior-most woman in public life. One such person was Najib’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, for whom Endon often gave the coolest of receptions. According to a close advisor of Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Rosmah was often reduced to a nervous wreck whenever she had to confront Endon. Usually, Rosmah can just push her way through with people. She was in the Mahani Daim league; a pushy, contemptuous and temperamental woman with an exaggerated sense of dignity. She often made disparaging remarks about Najib in front of other people, lacking the good sense to reserve such comments to the confines of the bedroom.
Yet, with Endon, Rosmah couldn’t get her own way. Endon was a gentle lady with a soft approach to conversation. But, when challenged, she could be fiery and whenever Rosmah raised her voice, Endon would swiftly put it down with a cutting ‘sindiran’ or ‘perli’. This, Rosmah could not stand. Rosmah felt, as a far more educated woman, she should be given more prominence than Endon. Yet Endon is a far more politically experienced consort compared to Rosmah and won public plaudits where Rosmah had none.

Sometimes, I wonder if people don't get the beat that a non-political leader gets to call the shots instead of a proper government leader, as according to official protocol. I wonder if they purposely don't know about it or totally has no clue at all.


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