Friday, February 29, 2008

Drink Back BN's Milkshake

We're facing a grim possibility that if we let the monopoly of BN win again, it's Barang Naik for everybody and the poor and the middle are facing the economic burden. In the end, it's the BN that will bankrupt the nation, contrary to what Najib was saying.

It means that they drink our milkshake already. No. We have to drink theirs!

The video above is on the final act's climatic showdown between Eli Sunday and Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood. As mentioned in my previous post, you can look at the interplay between Daniel and Eli as People vs BN Government or vice-versa. The line 'I drink your milkshake' was based on the admittance and testimony of New Mexico senator Albert Fall in the 1920s who was convicted of accepting bribes on the Teapot Scandal. From the end of the video, Daniel had Eli cornered and at the height of it, bludgeoned Eli to death with a bowling pin.

One reason I use this video is to illustrate the parallels of Eli Sunday as to the Barisan Nasional Government, demanding more money (tax payers money) from the public as of Daniel. Having enough after being in that for 50 years, yes it is possible to go for a change. And that is a symbol of change, although not in a gentle manner. Eli wants to spread his faith-healing doctrine across the state of California, a.l.a here it is Islam Hadhari doctrine, which is ultimately flawed as according to some analysts and observers.

If BN is Eli Sunday, Then The Public is Daniel Plainview

Send The Bloggers to Public Offices! (1)

I'm sure you all know him as one of the pioneer bloggers in Malaysia. It was from him that the blog community of all sizes in Malaysia began to blossom like a flower overnight. In the recent entry by him, he had rebutted a claim by CM Koh Tsu Koon over various accusations of Penang economic state with solid facts and through some insiders. I've been through Jelutong several times in my two years in Penang and I notice that it is one of the sections in town that still remains in a shabby state despite assurance from BN to improve the condition, apart from the road conditions of course!

I met Nik Nazmi sometime ago in November / December last year. He told how hard he has to do as Anwar's personal assistant, handling schedules, trips, and his arrangement, plus handling three sites including Friendster, MySpace and Facebook. As a personal assistant, he gets a 5 figure pay alone for this work. It involves following him throughout the country...and now he's got a shot in serving the state. Good. As there is a chance to rebut and disagree what Khir Toyo will think and on the way, BN DUN reps of Selangor will make a boo out of him!

BN's Race Based Politics In Employment Process

In the last week or so, I have attended numerous interviews with mostly local IT firms with an objective to secure a job by March. As a formality, each person intending to go for an interview will be asked to fill in an employment form which usually is split into three sections, primarily, personal details, education and work experience details, and finally the miscellaneous section which includes referees that the company can refer to.

The problem lies in the first section, personal details. In the personal details section, you are mostly required to specify your race, religion, marriage status and sex. This has been seen in mostly local and private companies. And here are two examples of some forms that I managed to take a screen shot of.

This was based from the shot I took when I went for today's interview at CUSCAPI in Shah Alam. It has religion, gender, marital status, languages, sex and nationality. In certain companies, multi-national companies that I went to for interviews, none of these fields existed in the employment form except for citizenship and sometimes gender.

However, in Malaysian GLCs, those fields are a requirement which irks some people but according to the reasoning by the government, it was primarily used to conduct statistics in fields, divided by religion, race, sex and etc. Manulife is a prime example of a GLC company that will ask for those ridiculous details, see second screen-shot above, in which my interview was on the 18th recently (which I got turned down).

In Singapore, such fields above are considered as taboo and it is strictly outlawed in employment forms and job advertisements. The photograph of a person that might be required in employment is also considered taboo. This was part of the government's effort to promote fair practices, equal opportunities and no discrimination to people in applying for jobs. The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices, enforced at end of April 2007, and based on The Tripartite Guidelines on Non-Discriminatory Job Advertisements 2006 has the following criteria that is said 'SHOULD NOT' appear in job advertisements or job employment forms :

1. Age - Should not be used as a requirement for employment. This also includes phrases that suggest preference of age in job advertisements. Alternatively, for cases where jobs which is in physical nature, required physical attributes instead of age-cut off are used.

2. Race - totally outlawed as Singapore practices multi-racialism. Selection on race is unacceptable. Tenders for Shell petrol station is practiced under race.

3. Language - it might create ambiguity and misunderstanding between the recruiter and candidate. If it is a must, an explanation is required especially, if it is part of the job scope, such as dealing with Arabian customers and etc..

4. Sex - unless it is part of the practical requirements of the job with explanations. Preferential phrases are not allowed in forms or job advertisements. Example: fashion modeling.

5.Religion - totally unacceptable unless religion function performing is part of the job.

The fields are primarily not allowed in job-advertisements in addition to job application forms, that extends to photograph, marital status, pregnancy (for females), The main reason is that it creates a perception that employers are doing a preliminary assessment based on the criteria above.

The problem is Barisan Nasional is practicing race-politics based on the 'social contract' drawn out. The time is over and it can be done away as it is a much better approach in encouraging multi-racialism. True, as Anwar said in all of his 'ceramahs', in order for Malaysia to return as one of the top Asian nations, they must do away with old out-dated policies and bad practices / management as well as corruption.

Wee - Whack the BN!

On Thursday night, lawyer Wee Choo Keong, who is competing in the upcoming general elections at Wangsa Maju, has called for the residents of the area to vote for a change, that is voting for Keadilan.

The crowd gathered at Section 1 of Wangsa Maju, adjacent to the LRT station and Jaya Jusco Alpha Angle in anticipation for the arrival of PKR's de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, who is on a one whole day working visit throughout various areas of Kuala Lumpur. Anwar arrived at the scene at 9.40 p.m, coming directly from another area. Supporters from the People's Front are also with him including the MDP members associated to Wee. The picture above is Anwar arriving at the scene in a limo.

Despite electricity blackout twice during the gathering, the proceedings went on with Anwar blasting the present BN government especially the sleepy head Abdullah Badawi for the nation's inefficiency. He has been repeating his points mentioned in the party's manifesto promising first of all, petrol price drop and meeting IGP Musa Hassan face to face if the Opposition front wins the election this round. He also blasted the Barisan Nasional for being arrogant and being daylight robbers of the public.

Anwar had to excuse himself as he had to rush to Setiawangsa, FT Minister Zulhasnan Rafique's territory for another 'ceramah'. Wee took the cue and told the public and those in present of the current problems. An appeal was also given to Wee from residents of Section 1. A problem that was addressed by Wee is that incumbent MP Yew Tiong Look only acted when election is around the corner and is deemed by the public as inefficient. He had repeated and calling for the change and teaching (read: whack) BN a terrible lesson coming March 8. The opposition's objective is clear: deny Barisan 2/3rds majority and they want to prove to the people that they can do better than BN. Other primary problems intended to be addressed by Wee include:

1. Improvement of the physical structure of buildings as it was torn and weary.
2. Better cleaniness
3. Improving traffic conditions
4. Better crime prevention

No sooner after 11.15 p.m, the are numerous people, some motorcycle riders are seen carrying the party flags along the main road of Jalan Genting Kelang. Also, a few trucks containing thousands of Barisan Nasional small-sized banners are seen parking at the shoulder of the road, ready to put the signs later on at this time of writing.

Also seen at the scene was satirist photographer TV Smith. You can look at his site in the later part of the day. All the pictures that are taken from here are taken by my own self.

Makkal SAKTI - People Power!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If BN is Eli Sunday, Then The Public is Daniel Plainview

This afternoon, I passed off my free time to watch There Will Be Blood, a brand new film which star Daniel Day-Lewis won his acting honors at the recently concluded 80th Academy Awards. Spanning three decades from the moment prospector Daniel Plainview discovers oil, it shows how ruthless and how he cuts his path, beating his competition in his quest to achieve his monopoly of oil over California.

Of course the story was largely inspired by how famous oil magnate Edward Doheny (1856-1935) achieved fame as one of the pioneers during the oil boom period. But what is interesting of the film is how Plainview behaves. If that's how Count Dracula behaves in the literary world, then Plainview is behaving exactly like him but in the USA. You can also say that Plainview is an equivalent of Fred Dobbs from The Treasure of Sierra Madre.

Watching Day-Lewis from start to finish, looking at his moustache, sideburns, and his haircut, I have to admit that he bears the resemblance of my second uncle. Exactly, the physical features. The only difference is on characteristics and his height, much taller than my uncle.

I won't go much about the plot but I will go through two more points, one will be discussed later on. While plying his trade in Little Boston, Daniel encounters Eli Sunday, Paul's twin, younger brother (Paul Dano) who is obsessed in building his ministry, the Third Revelation church. Plainview wants no part of the church business, here, just plying his trade and paying the royalties to the original owners, helping the town to prosper but was pushed into Eli's agenda on few occasions such as wishing to bless his derrick, forcing him to make a confession against his will in order to buy old man Bandy's lot for the pipeline project and even asking him money to build his church. All sorts of those things wanted by Eli is considered by Daniel as a contempt to his reputation and image, and so this is what he feels when he faced other people who is attempting to compete with him, especially Tilford for the pipeline project.

We Spill Blood For Oil : Lessons That Can Be Learned

Let's break for a now. Some of the moments that is seen in the film can be used and applied to our current society and economical scenario that is Malaysia. I'm looking the interesting parallels of the film from the eyes of Plainview as to citizens in the Malaysian society.

"Out of all men that beg for a chance to drill your lots, maybe one in twenty will be oilmen; the rest will be speculators-men trying to get between you and the oilmen-to get some of the money that ought by rights come to you. Even if you find one that has money, and means to drill, he'll maybe known nothing about drilling and he'll have to hire out the job on contract, and then you're depending on a contractor that's trying to rush the job through so he can get another contract just as quick as he can. This is the way this works."

The intermediaries are arguably the ones that adds the cost of oil to your bill. Anwar Ibrahim lately said that the net profit of Petronas for the last two years was close to $80 billion per year. The profits were never shared out to the public in say helping to reduce the government subsidies. All in all, the profit was just split up among the elite rich and filthy in Malaysia, UMNO cronies and those are preferred by the corrupt miisters against what the people deserve. Malaysia is still a net exporter, yes, and it is realistic to reduce the oil price. Say if the price is dropped back to the price pre-2006, which is $1.62 per liter, how much will you save? If your petrol tank is 50 liters, you can save at least $15 that can be used for something else useful. What about food? Food prices will drop back by 20% because oil is needed for cooking!

The above quote is also a reference and association of the nepotism and cronies that are in Malaysia. I tell you one example. YM Raja Petra once mentioned that Federal Territories Minister Zulhasnan Rafique is called the $700 million man. One of his cronies is the BSN CEO and Bukit Bintang UMNO Chief Azim Zabidi. The article about Azim and the substantial proof has clearly implied that Azim was guilty and to hide his guilt / shame, he filed a lawsuit against RPK.
Plainview: You see him? You don't tell me how to raise my family. I told you not to tell me how to raise my family. So, what do you see?
H.M. Tilford: I'm happy for you that everything...
Plainview: I've made a deal with Union and my son is happy and safe and I'm taking care of him now. So you look like a fool, Tilford, don't you?
H.M. Tilford: Yes.
Plainview: I told you what I was gonna do.
This little exchange between Daniel and Tilford mirrors what the current awareness of the urban people with the government. Now, many are aware of the government's mismanagement and poor administrative capabilities given of conspire to rob the citizen's wealth. The government is also attempting to blindside the people with their lies via the mainstream media. They also tell people to shut up and force them to accept their version of facts whereas their dirty secret is out to the public. Sadly, the rural people don't know and still blinded to the falsehood, which means there's going to be a tough time to convince them to understand the truth. Let me illustrate an example: Remember Kerisman said of 'don't argue of Malaysia being a secular state'? Well, time to show the proof and truth and keep fighting till you win!

A Possible Regret?
Eli Sunday: Oh, Daniel, please... I'm in desperate times. I need a friend... I feel the walls closing in. I've sinned! I need help! I'm a sinner! I've let the Devil grab hold of me in ways I never imagined! I'm so full of sin.
Plainview: The Lord sometimes challenges us, doesn't he?
Eli Sunday: Oh yes he does! Yes he does! Oh! He's completely failed to alert me to the recent panic in our economy and this! I must have this! I've invested... my investments have... Oh, Daniel, I won't bore you, but I... If I could grab the Lord's hands for help I would, but he does these things all the time, these mysteries that he presents and while we wait, while we wait... wait for his word...
Plainview: You're not the chosen brother, Eli. It was Paul who was chosen. He found me and he told me about your land. You're a fraud.
If you remember last time during the Asian financial crisis, Dr. Mahathir once said of people having to make tough sacrifices and even ask to contribute to the countries reserve as to prevent a further dampening the country's economy. The next global economy recession is likely to happen next year. Abdullah Badawi boasts that Malaysia can withstand the US recession with adequate reserves. But I don't think he's telling the fact. It could be a lie to hide the possibility that Malaysia is going to torn apart by the economic meltdown. It would not have happen if there is a proper mechanism and management of national finances. Economic corridors won't do good if it's not handled properly. And what if the meltdown occurs? BN government asking the public again for sacrifices again? More burden for the public...that's where really say with conviction that enough is enough. Maybe at that time, people will regret for picking the wrong guy or government regretting for refusing to sit down and hear what people say.

Plainview: I'm gonna bury you underground, Eli!
Well, it's time for the change. Don't give BN 2/3 majority or maybe better, make BN regret for their mistakes and their uncontrolled over corruption. Abdullah Badawi is a weak and feeble old man, his indecision and flip-flop reputation will cost the government terribly. What about Najib? In the last few months, some of the statements made by him are what I think shows a threatening tone. Some statements related to that include of reducing oil prices will make Malaysia bankrupt or said that don't do that or they will be a repeat of 1969, related to Hindraf, but in Kampung Baru, it was not as it seems to be as what people are made to believe. Someone said sometime back that during the early 90s Najib once said of 'threatening to bath with Chinese blood.', which means he's also another problem too.
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet! God is a superstition! I am a false prophet! God is a superstition! I am a false prophet! God is a superstition!
I'm not trying to say that I insult God on that, the statement above is a metaphor when putting into the Malaysian political context. The BN government is very susceptible to their PR feel good image. I already mentioned this many times already: one slip of word, with proof of course, to the international media of the many mistakes committed by them, that's it. If there is too much international pressure, this could be possible, force the government to go damage control, meaning (indirectly) that they admitted that they are in fault.


In the last act of the movie, Eli and Daniel face off in another showdown. Eli has made a repeated mistake of asking Daniel again for money as he's facing monetary problems due to the start of the Great Depression period. Daniel has been hating Eli for interfering against his own personal affair, quite a long time since they first met and at the height of the face-off, Daniel bludgeoned Eli to death with a bowling pin. Originally, it was scripted to be more violent with bowling pin replaced with a tumbler and throwing Eli into the cellar beyond through the pins.

The audience was made to feel sympathy for Daniel who had worked too hard to gain self-respect and reputation as well as keeping his financial gains to support himself. It is what the oil prospectors faced as well in the early 20th century.

Election fever is hot out there, and at times when I drive in town, I would see BN posters with Mr. Clean's image there. Sometimes, I feel that BN was needing help whereas they had failed in 2004.
You're killing us with what you're doing. You're killing my image of you.
At the start of the third act of the movie, an adult H.W, married to Mary Sunday, came to see his father and told him that he wanted to do his own business and relocate to Mexico with Mary. This does not bode well for Daniel and I thought that if H.W's plan was similar to Anwar Ibrahim and his manifesto, the reply would come from Najib, who would bash Anwar and who could say 'This man thinks that he is clever in economics, but in fact he's not.' and he might add 'Anwar would bankrupt the nation.'

I wonder whether if that above statement is what BN will reply if they lose this round of elections

So, if let's say that the 2/3 majority has been denied or if the opposition wins this election by more than 148 seats, then BN would say that above, especially Najib. The effect from that probably would be that Abdullah could face the embarassment at the UMNO elections and more support would be paved to Najib to become its next president.

Eli forcing Daniel into accepting the tenets against his choice is somewhat similar to Abdullah Badawi forcing his tenets of his Civilization Islam onto people whereas many believed that it has failed against the expectations and secondly, the tenets are violated particularly during the HINDRAF and the International Human Rights Day events.

Picture this, if Barisan Nasional / Abdullah Badawi is Eli Sunday, then everyone can be Daniel Plainview, plain and simple! Just watch the movie anyway...nuff said.

Additional material: Malaysiakini - Report Card II: Excellence, Glory, Distinction

Manifesto vs Manifesto

I had just compared the BN's manifesto against the Keadilan's Manifesto. I'm using the latter as a base point to evaluate the differences between both parties.

The most significant differences would be pointed out in two sections namely education and economy. First stop on the education section, BN's promises are primarily focusing more on race unity, scholarships and issues focusing on the primary and secondary schools. However, it does not address the problem issues as mentioned in the Opposition manifesto such as:

1. Content of teaching. BN never said anything about it, which implies that they still stick to the exam-oriented and memorizing approach, and the curriculum still remains the same and sticking back to the past without being reexamined.

2. Malaysia Universities are ranked below 200, and there was no mention of addressing it.

3. What about those non-Malays getting scholarships? It was not mentioned by BN.

Blame the Kerisman!

On the economy basis, it seems that they are still intend on sticking back to sort-by-race selection and still retain the NEP which seems outdated. True, as some predicted that the earning of a Malaysian is 10 percent of a Singaporean that most idiots are ignoring the fact. Which explains why the Sultan of Selangor was mentioning the brain-drain syndrome that Malaysia is facing right now.

Actually, too many development corridors will bring a side-effect that is wealth sharing limited to cronies. It was not mentioned also how they planned to cushion the inflation for the public. Most of the manifesto mentioned by BN are just straight to the point, without giving a sentence of explanation or something.

I let you be the judge on comparing both manifestos and see it for yourself. The part of Malaysia losing out to Singapore, Taiwan and earning 10% of a Singaporean is dreading everyone including myself.

The most significant part between the two manifestos is that the BN's manifesto is unable to convince the public on fighting crime. Despite the promises, crime rates had gone up by 43 percent as what most of them said.

It will be good for a change this time.

Not convinced? Read the Malaysiakini report that Islam Hadhari had failed miserably.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do You Trust the Manifesto?

BN had got off to a head start of winning 7 Parliamentary seats unopposed on Sunday, with a prominent seat won by 'Boy George' Azalina Othman. Rafidah Aziz was nearly disqualified at her Kuala Kangsar constituency by leaving out a form that she did not carry to the nomination station.

Most of the seats that are at Sarawak, but I had a pondering this morning. You see sometimes there could be shadowy elements of gangsters in black carrying boxes to another location as to swing the result into their preference. That is just a wishful thinking but I think it is a possibility that other opponent MPs were 'pushed' not to go for nomination as the expense of their lives.

According to this video by Malaysiakini, a guy was beaten up by motorcycle gang riders wearing BN t-shirts. Does that thing apply to what happened to Sarawak? Possibly, as I would not rule it out.

Malaysiakini: 'I was assaulted by mat rempit in BN shirts'

Today, Abdullah Badawi had launched the BN's manifesto which is titled 'Safety, Peace and Prosperity'. But the question here is that whoever wins the election this round will decide on the fate of the nation in the next 50 years. Even the manifesto is out there, Bedol Napoleon has failed in 4 out of 5 objectives, primarily on the 43% crime rate and the high amount of corruption that still remains.

Najib was quick to dismiss fears of fuel price after the election, but don't be fooled for that it could happen soon. Is it the real way of managing economy when there are cronies around that plundered the nation's wealth that others do? The fuel issue is something that will likely be the 'trump card' for the opposition, whereas the biasing and the 'big believe of spins' at the public will be in BN's favor.

Why did Abdullah lie the other day?

The answer is simple: National Operations Council. When the council is in place, the Parliament is suspended and so does the police force. In other words, martial law. Back in 1969 to 1971, he was the secretary of the NOC, so he knows the mechanism. The threat of using it is something that cannot be pushed aside easily by anyone.

There should not be any fear that if the opposition wins, it means the end of Malaysia. No. it's just another government that could have different views from the present B.N. The fear implanted into everyone's minds of Islamization by PAS and empty promises is just the recipe of making them stay the line. But while you stay the line, the 'Malay Supremacy' plan is in the running already.

Media is biased!

Last week, Mamak Maidin was saying that the media here is not biased. This adds to what the EC Abdul Rashid was saying of Malaysia being a laughing stock. But then the papers are showing how bias the media are towards BN and antagonizes the other side. A little while ago, a few hours after the BN had launched its manifesto, the BN ad has been shown over NTV7 which is of course a BN-propaganda station under its sub-entity called Media Prima. That means that every station that you see discounting Astro is a BN-propaganda machine. Now do you called that bias?


The other day, I asked someone to provide a comparison between a BN MP and a Opposition MP. And there was a clear difference. He simply asked me as the answer, is my BN MP a Longkang MP and someone that speaks with no fear? A longkang MP is an MP that minds his own territory. If a BN MP tries to speak out in the Parliament, usually, it goes against the party's toe line and he / she is likely to face the whipping. After the HINDRAF rally, Cameron Highlands MP was reprimanded for saying against the official party policy.

So that explains why most of the BN MPs would mostly kotow to the party line or to UMNO as it forms 60 percent of BN. The instant I see the word or hear it, 'kotow', it would bring me back to Dr. Ayam (Lee Chong Meng of Bukit Bintang). There are some who believed that he should not win Bukit Bintang. Of course this was based on the fact that he was the first one to KOTOW to UMNO after Bersih saying that the rallies are damaging their business. True, it's not easy to fight out in B.B but are you going to buy into his promise?

So now it goes back to what I rambled sometime ago of picking the lesser of two evils. The opposition just wants to prove that they can do it as the BN does. But after the last few years, BN's hand was too heavy, exerting influence of the common folk, and the people this time are not as of the pre-Internet people. Internet penetration in Malaysia has expanded tremendously and urban people are starting to get well informed of things around. It can also be a substitute of the typical newspaper. But the tough part is on getting to make rural folks understand.

True, as Haris said the other day, the people are actually the boss, not the government being the boss. The fundamental fact has been forgotten by most of the people running the country. And we have to show them. 11 million votes decides who is the winner this time round coming March 8. People should think 50 years ahead. Remember the possibility of 'Malay Supremacy', don't make the bad mistake as 2004.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

They Said Aye To The People's Declaration

Today at Blog House, all the representatives of the People's Front, comprising of PKR, MDP, PAS, and DAP had officially endorsed and said aye to the proposed People's Declaration.

The People's Declaration is a joined manifesto that is written on behalf of the people to the potential election candidates. The declaration calls for the end of corruption, bringing back the real freedom of democracy, eradicate poverty and so on. The declaration, with the initiative by lawyer Haris Ibrahim is based on the 1999 Opposition manifesto and on the gathering, the opposition front has spoken with approval of the endorsement of the document. Much of their own party's manifesto is largely based on the declaration document mentioned.

Representatives who appeared today include PKR's Wee Choo Keong, Nurul Izzah Anwar, Badrul Hisham (Chegubad), PAS' Dr. Siti Mariah and DAP's Ronnie Liu. The other two parties, PSM and PASOK, a BN component party in Sarawak confirmed their endorsement but could not make it for today's meet. Only the Barisan Nasional has yet to endorse this document.

"Today the People are The Boss."

Scenes at the Declaration Launch:

Special Call for People in Ipoh Timur:

Just to help you out guys in the same territory as I do.

Please do get a copy of the People's Voice and the People's Declaration (in Chinese, Malay and English format) if you have not done so. By looking at the documents, it represents the actual intentions that a citizen wish for without fear of reprimanding. Perhaps it will change your perception of what is actually happening in the country right now. Depending on the outcome of tomorrow's nomination, you might want to meet with the potential MPs, with Lim Kit Siang as one of them if confirmed of defending and the MCA rep. Show them these two documents and ask whether they will endorse it or not. If for some reason that the candidates do not approve of it, Haris has asked those who do so, please get their reasons of refusal and their names and send it via e-mail at as soon as possible.

If you have friends / relatives staying there as well, please do spread the word out there. If we want to have a better lifestyle and hate how the country is heading right now, then it's time to change things! And actions of one person will spark the whole thing.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fellow Guys Competing In Elections

I just returned home from dinner and I was surprised to see that a few guys that I've met in my last week adventures had decided not to become fence-sitters anymore and instead decide to compete in the coming General Elections for the good sake of the future of Malaysia.

First up is lawyer Wee Choo Keong. He had just setup a blog and it was wise of him not to make Bukit Bintang a three-corner fight an instead chose to fight under the PKR banner at Wangsa Maju (my uncle and aunt is voting there). He is very determined to serve and the problem is competing in an territory that he has not worked before will be a bit of a challenge. Back in November the night after the Bersih rally, Wee joined a bunch of bloggers including myself and remarked me as somewhat identical to fellow blogger SK.

I would bumped into him on the third day of the Lingam inquiry and subsequently on the sixth day when he was in loggerheads with chairman Haidar. But it was on the third day itself that he triumphantly stated that 'the end is near', in other words referring to the possible crumbling of the BN government and the gaining strength of the united opposition.

I was also surprised that the man who shot the video tape, Gwo Burne also decided to compete in Kelana Jaya against Subang Jaya assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng. Let me tell you something interesting: I came to the Chinese New Year open house just because of the sake of free food...I'm bit of tight in money and at there, I bumped into him. I offered my compliments over the video and in the next 15 minutes, he was talking almost the same thing as most of us would talk. Apparently, the spark of conscience of him recording the video somewhat smitten him into joining the election politics. But I am not sure of what he is doing now. I read that he came back from Shanghai for the inquiry, but now he's kind of talking this stuff and appearing at a few Keadilan gatherings from what I've read. Still scratching my head over this...

Whatever the case is, well it's basically a to your success gesture to them.

Add. Reading: Wee, Gwo Burne to Contest on PKR Ticket

Azalina's Turn in Bashing Bloggers

Previously, a few ministers are involved in attacking the Malaysian blog community. The names of those ministers are:

1. Shaziman Mansor (LKY's deputy)
2. Mamak Maidin
3. Nazri 'El Balachi' Aziz
4. Dr. Rais Yatim

On Wednesday, Rais Yatim was the latest person to attack bloggers and now....the once head of UMNO cyber-troopers group Azalina Othman is now joining the fray of blogger bashing. Many discovered that she had roped in a few people with a pay of $2750 per month for a person to bash blogs and accuse them of inciting hatred whereas her own secret division was responsible for it. The responsibility of the division is now handed over to Kerishamuddin now.

From the Star:

KOTA TINGGI: Rumour-mongering bloggers are cowards and a nuisance to Umno, said Pengerang MP Datuk Seri Azalina Othman.

Azalina, who is Youth and Sports Minister, said the opposition parties were using the blogs because they know that the Home Affairs Ministry was busy monitoring reports in the mainstream media.

“They think they can get away with it but it is not the case as they too are being monitored,” she said after launching the National Sports Institute satellite centre here.

Asked on the personal attacks against her, Azalina said it was part and parcel of politics.

“The most important thing is that the leadership knows your capability and wants to retain you.

“I get more pahala (blessings) everyday with all the lies spread about me, especially by bloggers,” she said.

On talk of infighting in Pengerang Umno especially between her and division chief Datuk Harun Abdullah, Azalina said people could say a lot of things but there was no problem.

“I still see him and I still shake his hand,” she said.

Azalina said she would contest in a seat to be decided by the Barisan Nasional leadership.

“I am a soldier and if the boss asks me to go to war, then I will,” she said.

On the satellite centres, she said seven would be constructed nationwide this year. Each centre costs about RM2mil.

First of all the word bloggers is a wide word. Azalina did not mention what kind of bloggers her blistering attack is on. Is it on people who write the stuff as I do or is it everyone who writes their own stuff? Be specific. Are you saying that everyone is in the fault?

Number two: Most of us know what are the mistakes that you and the UMNO lackeys are committing. So don't call us a a bullshit and nuisance. You trying to force us to be monkeys, play stupid and hide in the dark. You mentioned nuisance to UMNO, which implies that others know and UMNO is caught with the pants dropped and perhaps trying to hide the dirty work away.

Number three: Most of the government people don't even know what blog is so in the bloggers war, they would lose outright before they fight. This shows that you are not very informed although you claim to be high and mighty. If you really want to challenge the blog community and defend yourself against criticism here seriously, please start a blog on your own, Azalina and co. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup and just write as usual. Issue in one post by post.

Number four: Depending on the outcome of the elections results on March 8, don't whine if you lose because there could be some of the voters know your dirty work.

That's Not Good For Malaysia

For the sake of Malaysians, it is better not to pursue something that is deemed fanatical like this.

Fanatics would do such a thing there. It seems that we all had forgotten what Malaysia stands for. In the beginning, Malaysia is a secular state, as some of the documents in the past testified as it is meant for all races to stay, not just one.

Excerpt from Malaysiakini (click here to read the full story):
In view of the upcoming general election, Malaysia's Islamic NGOs exercise their democratic right by calling upon political parties, election candidates and the future state and federal government to address issues concerning the interests of Islam, Muslim society and the nation. The calls for a responsive government which is receptive to the aspiration of the people and the Muslim majority contained in a document called "Malaysia's 12th General Election: Islamic NGOs Election Demands". The document is a product of a consensus reached through a series of consultation among Malaysia's main Islamic NGOs including Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM), Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA), Syari'e Lawyers Association of Malaysia (PGSM), Allied Coordinating Council of Islamic NGOs (ACCIN), Wadah Pencerdasan Umat (WADAH), Muafakat Masyarakat Malaysia (MUAFAKAT) and Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA), Persatuan Ulama' Malaysia (PUM), Teras Pengupayaan Umat (TERAS). (See the full list below).

The document comprises a host of demands which fall under six main items, namely the special constitutional position of Islam; Islamic education and da'wah (call to Islam); good governance; democracy and civil society; inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations; and Islamic faith and morals. Following are the summary of the demands:
This would be a bad case, an attempt to dismantle what most people are benefiting from being a Malaysian. It would create an identity crisis and worst of all it means religion subversion. It has been too much for most of us recently when Christians faced the problem of the Allah wording that was banned by an semi-literate minister. Musa Aman and the Mufti of Sabah is also in the spotlight and criticism of the Chinese committee for issuing a decree banning all Buddha and Kuan Yin statues in the state.

What more do these so-called holy and people with alms want from? Does such suggestions above means forcing everybody or subverting them to accept the Muslim way against their will?

From what I remembered sometime ago, these NGOs are responsible for all the ruckus while people were eager to see Gwen Stefani and Beyonce performing here. I also remembered that an adviser to this NGOs is somehow Reezal Merican. Correct me if I am wrong on the fact above, such words means more danger than PAS does after it admits that their numbers are impossible to make every part of Malaysia Islamized.

A First Sign of Bad Things to Come

On Sunday, I was in Kampung Baru driving to heart of the city, when I noticed a signboard, similar to the one mentioned by Seputeh MP Teresa Kok. According to sources, it was said that it was written as part of getting Middle-East tourists visiting Malaysia to understand the ground better. The problem is, Arabic is not the number one language used in the world, but it is English and number two is Chinese Mandarin. It seems that some idiots think of otherwise.

People, always remember that Malaysia is a secular state. Don't let such a radical ideology dismantling everything foundation laid to waste with one act like that!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Realistic Chance of Winning 75 Seats This Time

Seeing the past few news articles from both sides of the media, the mainstream and the alternative and comparing them, I believe that there is a realistic probability that Barisan Rakyat or the opposition can win up to 100 seats, thus achieving the target of 75 Parliamentary seats, thus denying the 2/3rds majority craved by Barisan Nasional.

PAS has targeted an objective of winning 40 of 60 Parliamentary seats it will be contesting, thus aiming to hold Kelantan and taking back Terengganu after its sudden success in the 1999 edition. DAP targets 30, bla...bla..bla The Indian community has lost confidence and are quite angry with MIC / Samy's inaction to deal with the Indian welfare, so I guess most of their votes will go to the opposition, either Keadilan or DAP, depending on the opposition candidate. And there's a 50-50 chance for DAP winning seats in the three major states of Penang, Perak and Selangor. Most of the voters there are urban voters who seem to have knowledge of everyday welfare. They are the ones that discuss issues in coffee shops and they will likely look at how a candidate will do and perform before deciding on who to vote. This will be a tough part.

One possible factor that could swing the vote into opposition favor is of course the possible petrol increase in April to $2.20 per liter. There was an accusation made by Shafie Apdal that the present subsidy will no longer hold the nation much longer, a counter from what Anwar Ibrahim proposed with its economic agenda, which includes lowering petrol prices to a potential price as of 2004. But then, son-in-law called Anwar as bullshit. This is indeed the turning point. If the vote goes to BN, the poor and the middle will suffer more and we may have to ask for an increase of pay in our work by force to cope with the increase of costs in everything.

A latest update by Uncle Zorro - yes....the one eye Jasin MP has been dropped from competing.

Malaysiakini: K.J - Anwar is a traitor and a hypocrite

You should now be aware that Abdullah Badawi no longer holds the command over the nation, but instead it is K.J. Abdullah Badawi is just the Prime Minister officially and in name. But the real man running the show is K.J, de facto position. Given of Abdullah's indecision, some decisions and actions are given to the son-in-law to decide. He has his partners at 4th floor controlling the media, his selected people as his political secretaries including Wan Farid Wan Salleh. Do you see now that AAB is weak?

Perhaps this will make people think carefully of whether to believe of the MEA and disobey BN or believing that Anwar Ibrahim's commentary is a sick joke and believing the spinsters. The problem is how will we get to have the opinion of the conservative people? Are we going to see the demands of potential extremist Muslim groups' demands fulfilled?

BN In Desperation

I remembered a few days ago when Abdullah Badawi said that the people needs BN and was scolding them for not appreciating them for the subsidies that are offered. The real problem lies in mismanagement and bureaucracy that Bedol did not see for himself. Looking at the plea, it reminded of the saying 'You challenge me we all go down. There was One Napoleon, one Washington, One Me!"

From the Star:
“Please trust us – we are your government. If you look at the economy, we are doing well. That is a fact proven by figures. But people still claim otherwise because of increasing prices. This is a very simplistic way of analysing the economy.
“Nobody is happy to see prices rising but this is out of our control. The question is not how to bring down prices but how to help the rakyat cope."

He said we are a subsidized people, a heavily-subsidized people:

“Every country in the world is faced with rising oil prices except maybe Brunei but you cannot compare. The RM40bil oil subsidy we give out can be used to build better schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure but we don’t want to burden the peopleation and medical treatment was also heavily subsidised by the Government.
“We subsidise even water and electricity, yet people are angry when they hear the word ‘toll’. We try to subsidise as much as possible but we still need to impose toll charges because we need to build roads,” he said before thanking the Chinese community for contributing to the country’s economy.
Hahahaa...then today it's the Son-In-Law to echo what Bedol is saying of 'You Need Me'. Quote from Bernama:
He said the opposition's plan to turn the country into a welfare state would raise the deficit in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to 12 per cent and burden the people as it would increase the country's debts.

"I hope the youths will look at what each party has to offer. It must make realistic promises. If you look at PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), it makes only empty promises," Khairy, who is also Umno Youth deputy chief, told reporters after launching the Lembah Pantai BN election machinery here tonight.

He was commenting on the perceived change of mood among the younger generation following the street demonstrations.

Asked on the feelings of the Indian community towards BN, Khairy said he was confident that it would continue to support BN after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had given his assurance that the government would give serious attention to their problems and requests.

"In BN, we have no denial syndrome. Actually, the Indian community still needs our assistance and support," he said
Look closely. Are you going to believe what the mule says?

Rais Yatim on Bashing In Blogs

Mr. Rais Yatim today said that bashing the government in blogs is not a healthy culture.

Quote from the pro-government Bernama:
He said although government bashing in the blogsites was among the challenges faced by the Barisan Nasional (BN) in facing the general election, it was not the nature of BN leaders to resort to using blogsites to attack others in their campaigns to win the elections.

"They (bloggers) condemn the prime minister, ministers and other members of the administration but not themselves. As the Malay adage goes, it's pointing the forefinger to the front and thumb to your chest.
I presume that this represents their side of the story. But the thing is that the government has not look deeply enough into the reasons of the so called blog-bashing. Never forget that the reason of criticizing is not to show hatred to the government but to make things better. Malaysia is now riddled with corruption, consumerism displeasure and of course high crime rates that has yet to be solved. To the latter, I cannot understand the mentality and reasoning of the police to stop looking for the missing Sharlinie for the sake of security for the upcoming general elections.

Now back to Rais' statement: the problem right now is that mostly high-ranking officials with the government are refusing to sit down and talk with an average public citizen who wishes to voice out the problems they had. Even if a person files a police report of misconduct and evidence of crimes and corruption against a high-ranking official, chance are, from recent experiences that the investigation never goes off the ground likely due to police being fearful of reprimanding and potentially interference by the corrupt.

It would be a good idea if there is a intermediary entity in existence which is called the People's Bench. The idea of having a bench is to bridge the gap of relationship between public and government. The BN government today perceives bashing and the recent rallies as going against them. The bench's purpose is to offer help and assistance, not bashing governments. They are able to provide better insight from the public perspective that will serve as a valuable input for government decision-making.

High Definition War: And The Winner Is...Blu-Ray!

The high-definition format wars is over and the a clear winner has emerged: The Blu-Ray format championed by Sony and Samsung. The final straw that decides the winner was an announcement by Toshiba, one of the pioneers of the HD-DVD format that it will no longer develop, manufacture and market its HD-DVD players anymore.

The factors:

1. Even though HD-DVD is initially superior in terms of picture quality, cheaper prices and no region encoding, Blu-Ray has a better marketing strategy. Although initially the video quality of Blu-Ray discs suffered badly, it has improved tremendously. The fault lies in the poor MPEG-2 encoding and they have recently improved the encoding methods and deliberately give extra spacing to the discs, for instance 50GB instead of 40GB for better picture quality.

2. HD-DVD was launched with a finished tech, resulting in perception that not many potential for improvements. This was in contrast to Blu-Ray that has an unfinished tech and people see the potential of vast improvements in the future.

3. Sony's Playstation 3 is also a Blu-Ray player as well. When the console was launched out in the market, the amount of sales against HD-DVD players was staggering. 10 million units of Blu-Ray against 1 million units of HD-DVD players sold. Although HD-DVD is supported by XBOX 360, the problem of the requirement of getting an external drive to connect together is one of the faults in marketing strategies.

4. In late January, two studios, Warner Brothers and its sister studio Newline had declared that they would be shipping HD titles in Blu-Ray format exclusively from June 2008 having selling titles in both formats to gauge the preference of format.

5. Last week, movie renting companies like Netflix, Best Buy, Target, Blockbuster and Wal-Mart have declared of renting titles exclusively in Blu-Ray.

6. For computer users, a Blu-Ray drive has been launched and selling in the market.

Even though Blu-Ray is the clear winner in the format technology, the problem is the most players are not equipped with the new version of the firmware called Profile 2.0 which allows BD-Live, the equivalent of HD-DVD's IME - In-Movie Experience. The only player that utilizes Profile 2.0 is Playstation 3 right now as it also allows firmware updating capabilities instantly.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Silence....BN Doesn't Take It Well

Cromwell: Yet how can this be? Because this silence betokened, nay, this silence was, not silence at all, but most eloquent denial!
Sir Thomas More: Not so. Not so, Master Secretary. The maxim is "Qui tacet consentiret": the maxim of the law is "Silence gives consent". If therefore you wish to construe what my silence betokened, you must construe that I consented, not that I denied.

A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt
My lawyer friend Haris was involved in producing the People's Voice and The People's Declaration. I had taken a look into the People's Voice segment and it lists the contents of the grievances that the people is facing all encapsulated and documented into one.

The urban people had enough of bullshit and lies as well as the many merry mistakes that were overlooked, or deliberately ignored by 'Emperor' Badawi under the pretense that it is a tactic of the opposition as what the spinsters want the public to think. I was looking at Malaysia Today or Haris's posting about Opposition Parties agreeing to the declaration and most representatives had given the seal of endorsement of the posting. A copy was also given to BN component parties as to give them a fair chance to evaluate and agree.

Sadly there was silence and no response to it.

This silence by the BN shows that:

A: Cromwell's statement that silence represents BN's refusal to accept of the truth that's happening.
B: St. Thomas More's silence is consent concept means that BN is silently accepting it.

Judging from what most people say and the way BN politicians think in Malaysia, I believe that it's Cromwell's statement that is likely to surface here. Is it okay to say that they're guilty?

Malaysiakini: Of Buffoons, Bigheads and Bigots

Monday, February 18, 2008

Notis Pemberitahuan Bungkusan Pos

Finally, my order from Amazon has arrived today and I was given a card whereby I can go to the Pos Malaysia depository in Pudu to collect my package. After calculating and comparing the costs, I felt that I made the right choice of getting the same quality at the lower price. At Amazon, I paid about $43 USD, converted as close to $130 compared to paying $183 at Kino. True, the books are at Kino, but the price there is based on AS before discount. The main reason is that the book cannot be found easily at the Malaysia distributor, Times. If you see a price that is roughly multiplied by 3, therefore the books must have got a special deduction price and the publishers must have an authorized distributor in Malaysia.

I was hoping for a book that allows quick refreshing of my Java skills and I noticed that this book was perfect for me to go into it. I believe that my Java skill set still remains weak and there's a lot of brushing up to do here. After that, I might be going into either JSP or J2EE.

My brother has finally moved down to Cyberjaya last Saturday and he's starting his journey on Thursday. I met him downtown Low Yat while going for an interview later on by having lunch with him. He was trying to get a wireless USB for him to use his wireless connection at his place there. The condominium that he's staying is quite big and it can have 4 people sharing that place. He was told that in addition to him, there would be a Korean, and Iranian and a local PJ boy sharing the place. For these few days, he was going around, wanting to meet me up at my aunt's place meeting up with my grandfather. He's staying with his two daughters while my father, who's now responsible for his care is away at Macau for some business trip.

Edmund was actually commenting about my concern on the religious authorities coming confiscating Bibles and etc with the latest of being the authorities confiscating a dead Chinese man on the grounds that the man converted to Muslim without the knowledge of the family relatives. Religious freedom is never as great in Malaysia compared to Indonesia and I believed it is no flexible. The reason is that there are Indonesians born Muslim but practiced Christianity. No one stop them there, and actually it is possible here as documented in the Federal Constitution.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Refusing to Sit Down and Talk

"When you have someone who refuses to sit down and talk, well, he can be a figurehead and that presents a problem in the leadership."

Yorkie Mitchell, Kitchen Irish
But not in Malaysia. It's just only 300 ordinary citizens wishing to meet with the Prime Minister to hand over roses and wishing him to release the 5 figureheads of HINDRAF out from the detention cell in Taiping. After all, he's the one sending them there under Musa Hassan's bullshit allegation (no proof yet). It was just a gesture of saying 'please' to the man himself. And later on, as at Malaysiakini the man himself lashes out at HINDRAF but he simply does not know why / the whole picture and he refused to sit down and talk with them. He knows nothing. If he had not gone to Kedah and instead meet with them, then there will not be such a similar episode as the last rally in November.

But instead of talking to the people as what a leader should do, what they get in return are BN's cannon fodders - police with their tools of people repelling a.l.a. water cannons and tear gases. And Dollah is refusing to meet them, instead doing a one-day visit to Kedah. In the end? 200 arrested, with all except 9 released at night. One question here: was he influenced by the son-in-law or Wan Farid Salleh not to meet them? The FRUs and the police surely are in the government's payroll and their resources are perceived by some as infinite. But don't forget that it's taxpayer's money, not their own and by doing so, it subtly hints that the police force is not INDEPENDENT at all but instead a 'cannon fodder' of Abdullah Badawi and does show of 'the holier than thou' message. I emphasize here that the police are just puppets of the corrupt. And another thing is that they are looking at the wrong direction instead of doing something that is more important like finding Sharlinie.

Doing so can bring grim results and puts a first dent to the National Front campaign in terms of intending to retain a 2/3 majority. Note that they must win 148 Parliamentary seats to retain 2/3 majority. It seems that the pendulum of vote that they might muster could swing the other way round to Keadilan. And Samy Vellu is again put in hot water again. There were 60 people blocking his motorcade leaving the place of visit there.

November 10 2007:

From BBC:

The BBC and Al-Jazeera managed to cover this event as well and while going through some of the pictures shown up at their site there, I stumbled upon one of the pictures of man arrested that was exactly the person I saw when I took a photo back in the Bersih rally. Again, we see how rough the police dealt with non-armed protesters as if those are hardcore criminals with their violent tactics and intimidation. Perhaps this is why the police is lacking support from the public because of the way they deal with people - against their motto. They are slow, rude and wrong, in the sense that they are not fast in dealing crimes (well under pressure, that's to be understood, but the highlight is being rude and they are now looking at the wrong direction, clamping people down like dogs instead going for a backlog of unsolved cases like Altatunya's murder.)

I just had taken a look at the reporting at Bernama and judging the content gives me the impression that the government is bragging over this thing. Now I understand why the police had to do this: just as like an BN MP, they must toe the official line laid out and if they go according to their conscience or the mandate of their people, then they face the whipping by their own whipping committee, in this case, Musa and Dollah.

With election around the corner, well, it's time to rethink again. All the high hopes of what is to be expected in 2004 are now in shambles. Corruption is still high, crimes rates are still high, price inflation is angering the people and the cronies are still running around wild. In the end, it's just empty promises. Urban people can understand this well but not those rural people and they are the ones that will need some tough talk and convincing to make them aware of the mistakes that the Barisan Nasional committed and swept under the carpet by their main tool: mainstream media. I told some people that I buy newspapers because I want to read sports news and some sections like In Tech or Star 2, but never go through in detail at the local news. So, there could be some punishment served RAW on the 8th. Sins of the father? Correct...correct...correct!

The government perceives citizens as kids that knows nothing except to let them handle. But......The people now are no longer in the dark as before.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Essential Open Source Utilities

Sure, everyone who owns a computer at least must have three utilities such as a notepad, CD Burner program and a zip program. The commonly used programs is Notepad, Nero Burner and Winzip.

But these programs are considered requiring a license to continually used as you are given a 30 day evaluation before the whole program disables its features seen in a registered version after it reaches the expiration day.

Let me tell you of three essential utilities you might want to consider if cost and license is a problem


PSPad is touted to be a successor of Textpad. It has the features of Textpad but it also caters for XML files which Textpad does not have. And you only need to download, unzip the package and run it. This tool is also a favorite of Java programmers who prefer to use a normal textpad program than using an IDE like Eclipse and Netbeans.


Someone told me that it is the alternative of Nero burner as it can burn CDs and DVDs. My problem right now is that my old version of Nero could not work in Windows Vista. Nero requires a CD key to run properly, I mean most of the features could be run in a registered version. This would be a good alternative.


A good compressor tool as this supports the ISO format seen in Daemon Tools as well as the RAR format seen in WinRAR. However, a better compressor program is out there and it is deemed the best open source program of 2007 - 7-zip as it has a higher compression rate. 30-50%

You can look for all of these tools at

A Pure Overkill

Before Chinese New Year, I went to watch the new Rambo movie not just because it is good, but I was told that the body count in this movie is the highest of all the series.

Los Angeles Times writer John Mueller got the final count of people getting whacked by heroes or the enemies. In the opening sequences or during the village massacre, bodies are seen being flying around and mutilated. I can imagine the massacre heads, hands torn off, blood oozing out and etc is somewhat an overkill.

Rambo's overkill reminded me of reading Mother Russia. In the book, Frank Castle massacred most of the Russian military, with an arsenal of weapons single-handedly in the missile silo in Suhdek. He said something of butchering them: "12.7 mm Dushka's just like our 50.Cal designed to be used on aircraft. You use it on people, you turn them into paint." At the final massacre, Rambo just used the same thing as Frank did in whacking those soldiers.

Back to the body count. Mueller declared that the final body count was 236, which was about more than 1.5 times higher than the body count in the third Rambo film. In First Blood, just one person got killed, a miserable Deputy Gault who fell from the chopper. Rambo whacked 83 people alone in the film, while his allied-mercenaries contributed another 40.

See the chart for the exact tally above.

Now, I'm pointing to the number 236. You see there are 222 Parliamentary seats up in Malaysia to be grabbed in the next general election. Recent tactics, some rough-hand by Barisan Nasional would suggest that BN is aiming for a clean-sweep as part of Bedol and Son-In-Law's Zero Opposition initiative. Currently, they hold 91 percent of parliament, shouldn't we think of it as an overkill?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Barisan Nasional Goes Casino Mode

EXT: An open field leading to a mysterious structure.

Jack Alexander: So this is how the story ends.
Rick Henderson: Who's story?
Jack: 47's. I've been looking forward to this for a long long time.
Rick: Isn't this his funeral?
Jack: It is.
Rick: I thought you got him in Mississippi.
Jack: No. We were quite close. He knew that we were on him. He was running scared.
Rick: So where did he go then?
Jack: Where else for a last desperate roll of a dice?

Hitman: Blood Money, Chapter 12 - A House of Cards

I'm not trying to elaborate about the video game that I played above, but I am trying to highlight a key phrase mentioned in the cut scene of the chapter. There were 15 chapters, and this was the 12th one. Chapter 12 was arguably my favorite of the scenes in the game. It is literally simple and clean and you can score a nice Silent Assassin rating by strangling two targets and execute the last one with a bullet on the head.

No. I'm referring to 'desperate roll of a dice'. Imagine Barisan Nasional and Barisan Alternatif as the players and we are the wheel, cards, and the dice. The value of the wheel, card and dice will decide whether which one of the players will win. And there are no runner-up winners.

Election date has been set on 8 of March. Of course it is an auspicious date and a date of convenience. There are a few things that prompted them to move earlier than the predicted 15 March. There's the NS 2nd batch, OIC meetings and 20th marks the Prophet's birthday so those two weeks is deemed impossible to hold.

I already declared previously that I'll boot the BN idiots out this round. (The Cunt And A Filthy Liar)

Sure, this means that they will block Anwar (see Malaysiakini) from contesting and then they knew that any more delays will result in public anger. The bottom line is that even you trust the BN, in the end, the petrol prices will go up by April. So you end up on the losing side and it's just another 5 years of comedy like in 2004. The real problem is involving the rural folk who don't even know about the malpractices and the big mistakes of BN. Just learn the lesson of 1999 and 2004. Don't make the mistakes, okay?

So that's why BN are desperate for a roll of dice. They are facing a lot of problems right now. And people knew it was coming - perhaps a tell tale sign that support for BN is getting low. To some, it is seen as gambling for higher stakes after a big win in the 11th general election.

But here the question is will people be played a fool any longer? So we will need to tell them. Perhaps Malaysia's Achilles heel is the Public Relation image and impression with the rest of the world. So the moment where CNN or BBC reports of a BERSIH rally, Malaysia gets embarrassed in front of the world (thanks to Mamak Maidin) and the Bolehland guys will have to go damage control to fix it up. If the mainstream media absolutely puts a blanket on such kind of news items, then the hands of true patriots will be forced, I'm saying that we may need to tell the world the truth....You have seen how Najib talks of May 13 and those potential threats. So you know that it has more consequences then advantages if BN gets 148 Parliamentary seats and above.

Maybe we might want to have a change this time.

Author's note: I'm reasoning this if we are forced to pick either one with no option to abstain.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Cunt And A Filthy Liar

In an e-book called 70 Reasons Pak Lah Does Not Have The Capability to Rule Nation, one of the reasons that was documented in the book was simply written as:

#25: In making decisions, Bedol Napoleon practices the yo-yo and flip-flop style.

Example 1: Presiden MCA kemukakan memorandum minta peruntukan membina SRJKC baru di bawah RMK9. Khairy Jamaludin, Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno Malaysia terus berkata permohonan itu tidak harus dilayan. Pak Lah terus bersetuju dengan Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno itu. Kemudian Presiden MCA menjelaskan tuntutan itu selaras dengan Dasar Pendidikan Negara di mana pendidikan Sekolah Rendah China dan Tamil masih kekal. Dengan penjelasan Presiden MCA itu, Pak Lah pun berkata ‘OK boleh. No problem. Permohonan lulus’. Inilah sistem pentadbiran Flip Flop atauYOYO. Sebenarnya Pak Lah sendiri salah faham apa ertinya SRJKC itu.

So, this afternoon. Malaysiakini was the first media reporting that Bedol Badawi has decided to dissolve the parliament, making an abrupt U-turn from yesterday saying that he ain't dissolving it today. One of Abdullah's weaknesses, as pointed by Old Man Mahathir is that he is indecisive and lack of knowledge of most matters, those having to rely on family decisions, especially the Son-In-Law. The partners of Son-In-Law are the ones controlling the media, he had several secretaries reading mails before reaching him, so that's why there are no replies made to most who had wrote letters for his personal attention.

Some had anticipated that this would be coming already. Bolehland is terribly afraid that Anwar could be running around with his mouth if it is to be held after April 14 2008. There's shit in their pants already.

What can we do now?

I have decided to boot the idiots out administering Malaysia. Because of them, Malaysia has gone from glorious days to being a pathetic boys. With semi-literate ministers, the education minister who just love to brandish and wave the Malay dagger in public, and those who just wanting to bath everyone with their Ketuanan Melayu thing, they will make everyone suffer, money going away from the actual tank.

I also felt that for those who love Malaysia so well, you need to understand two things, that I think I can help you out before you go out to vote. Literally, every mainstream paper is BN's propaganda. Don't trust all of them.

Bolehland Cronies? -Read this : Zulhasnan - The $700 million Man
BN Desperate? - Read: You need Me / There's One Napoleon, One Washington, One Me

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Look Who's There!

He just showed up at Pasir Pinji last night while I met some old school friends.

He keeps saying the same thing, petrol, Najib, Bedol Napoleon and Kerisman.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Schoolmates Reunion

Being in St. Michaels for the last time in 2002, this was our first reunion in six years.

We actually met a few rounds, one before New Year at a coffee shop of our school friend Kevin. Then on 2nd day of New Year, we went to play DOTA and then to another friend's house to play cards.

This was on Saturday itself. 15 of us gathered at Movenpeak for some steamboat. It is actually good to have more, but some of other people invited stayed away because either they had something else, they could have church service or they refused to join us. Either way, we get to meet each other for more than six years, especially for those whom we did not see for some time.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Bleak Start To A New Year

I went back to Ipoh last Tuesday to celebrate Chinese New Year of course. But the atmosphere of celebration was kind of sombre and bleak.

My granny's passing at the end of '06 got the ball start rolling. As the mark of respect, there was no New Year celebration for the paternal side of the family for one whole year, with exception for my maternal family. This year was slightly better; everyone was there but I was expecting things better like it happened 15 years ago. Most of my relatives literally stayed at 'Lien 30 Man' and left in the afternoon of the first day. I wondered why? According to them, it's just observing the customaries before leaving back to K.L - since most of them there.

It is likely that those born in the year of the rat will require to do the 'tai sui' thing since it is meant to protect those like me from potential misfortunes and facing hardships at the later half of the year.

My brother is likely to leave Ipoh on the 16th. Of course there will be a lot of packing but there was something I did not like how it turns now. It seems that given the fact that there is no one to take care of my grandfather apart from having getting a maid under dad's supervision, the house in Ipoh is likely to be sold off at least after Easter. Up keeping will be quite hard, and it will cumbersome for my 85-year old man to be on his own.

As for me, I'm still struggling to get a job with a target by end of this month. I had no less than 6 applications turned down by companies including the major company Accenture. I really wanted to scold the HR department for 'making a fatal mistake of overlooking me', I was cursing my luck.

Of course, I put those sorrows away in form of either going out or playing video games while at home. I had nothing really apart from scheduling my interviews, with three slated to come out this weekend.

I just didn't like how it turns out now.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Read: You Need Me


"You get behind me, we all profit...."


[Source: Malaysiakini]


"You challenge me, we all go down!"


There Was One Napoleon, One Washington, One Me!

The Star's cover page today gave another read this: You need me thing which mirrors what Big Boy Caprice said sometime ago. I'm just repeating it one more time. Are we facing the prominent period of Napoleon just as what happened 200 years ago full circle?


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