Monday, April 25, 2011

News Reporting Turning Into Trouble Making?

It's nice to have Pete to account things straight away on his yesterday's Bangkok drama in regards to why Bukit Aman wanted to take a statement over his TV3 interview. According to most sources, the police were in Bangkok because there was a police report made against him in accordance to Section 203 over alleged false statement made in TV3 interview.

A much further explanation revealed that the police report made was made base on the Utusan report that was related to the TV3 interview. Whoever reported this had made several conclusions, proven to be inaccurate as what Utusan had wrote. This is the only logical conclusion that is made base on the turn of events that is happening right now. 

This is what Pete had said in regards to Utusan:

My lawyers demanded to know what the whole thing is about. ACP Aziz appeared evasive and said that it is about my statement. “Which statement?” my lawyers asked, and they were told it is about the Utusan Malaysia report.

It seems Utusan Malaysia carried a news report on my TV3 interview and a police report had been made by someone relating to this Utusan Malaysia report. So it was not about my June 2008 SD. It was also not about my TV3 interview. It was about the Utusan Malaysia news report.

My lawyers then asked under which section of the law they are taking my statement. The police said it is under Section 203.

This is not the only thing that Utusan has stirred up in the last few days or so. Mid-week, Utusan, from the weekly column by Zaini Hassan, has called for the 1Bumi, 1Melayu thing that Perkasa was so glad to take it up that it was willing to go ahead disregarding of any other parties who disagreed with it. Of course, fearing another possible racial spillover, Dr. M had to come in and say no, even Najib has to come in and do the damage control by saying it's Utusan's personal opinion.

To this day, Perkasa and even some UMNO hardline people would tell MCA to shut up and toe the line. Do you notice that MCA is now class 2 party instead of same class 1 as once it was?

Notice these pieces to see for themselves:

But that doesn't stop there. They keep repeating the DAP being racist party and Kit Siang liable if there are any racial spill overs.

But that doesn't make the difference to say that Utusan is an UMNO-owned paper and the weekly editorial column reflects the hardline UMNO people's stance against the issues in Malaysia. Coupled with similar things mentioned by columnists like Zaini or Ridhuan Tee, you get a paper that is ultra-in-nature and something that is tantamount to violating the present Sedition laws that could put them in jail. The problem is if as Najib puts them into jail over that, hardline party members ain't going to be happy isn't it? 

And in all above, the Perkasa and UMNO vs MCA role was actually incited by Utusan. If not, why are there war of words now? If Utusan didn't say it, then it would be a different situation right now. What, are they now gone into making trouble as part of sensationalize news?

He said that many were unwilling to criticise the government as they felt that they should support it all the way.

Mahathir said the mainstream media also practised self-censorship, and this had given the wrong impression that they were being censored by the government.

“So, the government sometimes gets lopsided views about what the public is thinking. They (media) think that they should self-censor. - Bernama 24 April 2011

Indeed as Dr. M said today's MSM don't really get critical on the present government and instead all the time supporting throughout it. That is the main problem right now. And that's where the government gets complacent and get lopsided , inaccurate views and wrong impression from the people. Perhaps it's the effect from the restriction imposed since Ops Lalang by Dr.M himself that gets news companies into this kind of mindset that is going on till now.

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