Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya!

Image by Mob

Here's a wishing to my Malay friends including Dan, Lokman and a few more including my Muslim colleagues Mahten, Younous and Vasem, not to mention our Malay visitors of this blog.

Finally, there's a great chance to escape from the one month of fasting and the chance to feast upon good food and biscuits plus drinks.

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.

If Zaid Has Sent A Message To Dollah, What About You? - Malaysiakini

Former Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept, Zaid Ibrahim has written a letter to Abdullah Badawi that is an "in your face" kind of thing. He has made it simple: release all ISA detainees unconditionally and immediately.
The events of the last three weeks have compelled me to review the way in which the ISA has been used. This exercise has sadly led me to the conclusion that the government has time and time again failed the people of this country in repeatedly reneging on that solemn promise made by Tunku Abdul Rahman. This has been made possible because the government and the law have mistakenly allowed the Minister of Home Affairs to detain anyone for whatever reason he thinks fit. This subjective discretion has been abused to further certain political interests.
Hopefully, this would drill in directly into the mind of Abdullah Badawi himself.

But to make sure that we're following up on brave Zaid's letter, again, this is a reminder:

If you wish to send a message to Abdullah Badawi and the VIPs, be there tomorrow, but first of all gather at Secret Recipe The Mall at 11 a.m. You will meet other people there including fellow bloggers like Haris and Zorro before going.

The plan is to spend one hour until 12.30 there. And to send the message effectively wear these shirts to tell to them about our message. See pic below:

If you want to get a shirt (price of $20 each) call my buddy Gus at 016-3021125 to get yours.

Ali Rustam Can Keep Dreaming!

Mohd Ali Slams Chua's Statement On NEP

MELAKA, Sept 29 (Bernama) -- Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam Monday slammed former Health Minister Datuk Chua Jui Meng's statement that the need for the New Economic Policy (NEP) no longer exists.

He said the statement by Chua, as a MCA presidential candidate, was an old tactic to gain support ahead of MCA elections by criticising the Malays.

Mohd Ali said the objective of the NEP was clear, which is to eradicate poverty and to restructure the society for all races.

"All races would benefit from the NEP," he said in a statement.

The Melaka chief minister was commenting on Chua's statement that the need for the NEP no longer existed and that the government should only retain the policy's poverty eradication aspect.

Mohd Ali said a lot of time were wasted on political polemics, especially during party elections.

He added that Chua should find new ways to get support for his MCA presidential ambition and not merely criticising government policies.

He added that when Chua was Health Minister, he had failed to solve the shortage of doctors and specialist doctors.
Ah....notice the last point and the other points. It's starting to get more of character attack against Chua. It seems that Ali Rustam is running out of points there to rebutt what Chua is saying. Still I think you guys remembered how Ali Rustam sulked when the other people hit back on the pig farm issue?

But a lot of people got the wrong objective of the NEP. The NEP actually doesn't last forever. It is a temporary measure meant to get Malays to "stand on their own feet" and be on the same status as the other races. While few actually got it right, many got it wrong and it became "stamping on the others". Thus it was criticized that it has been misused.

If you want to be as great as Singapore then this thing will have to be done away with another that fits under the new millennium scenario. That NEP is meant between late 70s to the early 90s. That's it. I think I am repeating my point here. A shame though that we are losing badly to upcoming countries even that includes India.

So you can keep on dreaming my dear Ali. But there will be a day when you stand face to face at God and you could be asked of this question. I wonder what will be your answer and God's response to it? My opinion is that such thinking is as worthless like a Gestapo person.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Even Average Citizens Tell Gerakan To Quit BN!

There was a poll at NTV7 just now which asked whether Gerakan should pull out of the BN coalition after being asked by their BN partners on their stand.

If 60% of the grassroot level members are adamant of pulling out, then even the silent majority also said that Gerakan should pull out. The poll shows that 97% of the voters wanted Gerakan to go out of BN. SAPP has done it, UPKO is considering thinking of following your next moves...

In terms of Parliamentary seats, should Gerakan decides to follow SAPP or perhaps join Pakatan Rakyat, Abdullah Badawi's coalition majority has been cut down to 50 Parliament seats, that is before we know exactly how many MPs crossing over.

Let me remind you that Gerakan was borne out of the idea of visionary leaders of all races who imagine a society of all races without discrimination. Being in BN since 1974, they should notice that race politics championed by the top three parties still remains. I have just one concern, does Ong Ka Chuan's statement means indirectly that MCA defends the Chinese rights against who? Is the statement trying to say that defending the Chinese against Malays or Indians? I am afraid that the answer could be a yes, if we decide to find out ourselves....

Speaking of the Donald's merger suggestion, the answer is also the same: point above. But it is base on the presumption that Gerakan is entirely full of Chinese members. If a merger do happens what happens to those non-Chinese Gerakan members?

But that sentiment is gone, irrelevant, guys. Everyone has spoken...leave BN. Don't be a 'dunggu'.

Appointment With P.A.K- L.A.H, October 1, PWTC

This Wednesday is the open house day for PM Abdullah Badawi at PWTC. As expected a huge turnover will be there to meet with the PM and the cabinet Ministers, with a high possibility of meeting Botak, Kerishamuddin and Tomboy Azalina there as well.

This Wednesday, directly from the events of the Saturday night vigil, a group of people including the top bloggers (you bet it's who, who who and so on) will be coming there to PWTC as well.

The idea is to meet him, to sit down a have a real talk with him face to face.

Well then, if you can't meet him through official channels, this Wednesday is your golden chance.

So, be there at 12 p.m, if possible get those brand new shirts tomorrow, meet up with the group and meet face-to-face with Abdullah Badawi. And there's free food to be eaten to your heart's content.

If Abdullah Badawi still is called Mr. Clean / Mr. Nice Guy as what he's used to be, then he should not be afraid to meet with a group of concerned citizens who only wish to have a talk directly with him.

As what Mr. Mahathir said earlier:

Disamping bergembira bersama keluarga, saya harap kita akan teruskan tradisi kunjung mengunjung ke rumah-rumah terbuka untuk mengeratkan lagi silaturrahim di antara kita, terutama sekali dengan rakan-rakan kita yang bukan beragama Islam.

There should not be any problem for a person to come and meet their leaders.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Are You Paying Attention, Ong Tee Keat?

Today's piece by The Star has something interesting about car sales drop and hire interest rate hike in Malaysia. This is indeed predictable but the BN government is doing nothing so far to alleviate this problem.

PETALING JAYA: Car buyers will have to pay more in monthly instalments now that hire purchare interest rates have gone up.

Just a few months ago, banks offered interest rates at around 2.5%. Now, the rates are between 3.4% and 4.7% for new cars.

Maybank hire purchase senior manager Nor Siah Othman said the bank had experienced a drop of about 40% in car loan applications in the past two months due to higher rates.

She also advised car owners to restructure their loans to stretch the monthly payments longer after a few years of repayments if they find it a burden to service their loans.

A freelance car salesman identified only as Teo said a buyer taking a RM42,000 loan would have to pay about RM54,000 over seven years - about RM4,000 more compared to the RM50,000 paid when the interest rate was 2.7%.

AmBank group public relations manager Norlidah Abd Rahman said not all banks charged as high as 4.3%.

“If the car bought now did not carry extended warranty under comprehensive insurance, the interest rate could be as low as 3.6% - 3.9% too,” she said.

A hire-purchase executive from a major bank here said the rates were not expected to fall any time soon as banks were anticipating Bank Negara to raise the interbank rate that would affect the interest rates for housing and car loans.

She added that the Hire Purchase Act did provide for a variable rate option for car loan holders based on the base lending rate used by banks mostly for housing loans.

“But most customers do not choose the variable rate; most people prefer the fixed interest rate because they are lower,” she said.

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Car Dealers and Credit Companies Association president Khoo Kah Jin said interest rates for new cars were not that high at between 3.5% and 3.7%.

He said there was no reason for used car interest rates to be as high as 4.5% - 7.5%.

Khoo said the association had always pushed for the interest rates for used cars to be only 1% higher that of new cars.

The current economic status in Malaysia is at the low point meaning as the result above, car sales are dropping. Chances are at the long run, the shops that sells second hand cars could had their businesses affected badly by this scenario.

One part of the reason why sales dropped is the high amount of import duty and taxes that forms part of the cost. If the government wishes to have every working citizen to own at least a vehicle, that's where the import duties and the taxes will have to drop. To offset the high amount of interest rates. People want to have good cars but could not do so because of the high import duty cost bundled together at the original cost.

So, right now, being the Transport Minister, you Mr. Ong Tee Keat will have to do something drastic to address that. Are you paying attention to this, Mr. Ong? MCA presidency is second to this matter right now. I'm helping you to priortize the order of events. You better do something drastic, frankly. This is my second time of me reminding you what you have to do.

Cut off that Mickey Mouse taxes.

If you are not paying attention, then there's something wrong with you and you should quit.

Only Radicals and Ultras Would Do Such Thing - On TK by Malaysiakini

Base on what I've read on, the vulgar message that has been left on implies that:

1. The culprits are Malays, since there is the word 'pig' there.
2. Radicals and ultras that could be die-hard UMNO fans would really do that.
3. This was the aftermath of Teresa being taken into ISA and complaints on dog food.
4. I doubt PAS people would do that since they are more moderate than UMNO's people.
5. Only people that are mislead by inaccurate religious concepts would do that.

Front For Defenders of Eggs? Hahaha...but..

A warning to bigots out there: Don't You Ever Teach Your Grandmother To Suck Eggs.

You try to do that on some people and they will hit you hard for your 'holier than thou' thing. Don't try to be smart on this.

This ultra-nationalist attitude kills and it destroys some notable people.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Let's Surprise, Remind Them of ISA During Raya!

Pete Kamaruddin was born exactly today, September 27 1950. Instead of throwing a birthday greeting at a public location or a party, all everyone could do today is to send birthday cards and greetings to the detention camp in Kamunting.

An interesting post by Haris caught my attention just now that said

Initially, I thought that the ideal would be if we just did not dignify these orgies with our presence. However, there were some from amongst you who wrote in and made the brilliant suggestion of attending, dressed in Anti-ISA or Free RPK T-shirts.

A few months ago, Pete was held in Bukit Aman and we had a vigil, not recently in which Haris was taken to the police station. But I remembered that night was the first time we tested out the RPK C4 Me T-Shirt and I was proudly the very first one who put on the shirt. It was a test and later the shirt was given to another friend of mine.

I suddenly remembered wearing the shirt as I was writing this post. I thought it would be a good idea to surprise the tyrants, especially Botak that it was a fatal mistake to throw an innocent person to the camp on allegations of threats to national security.

Anyhow, Haris has wrote another interesting point:

In another post, I’ll list out all the BN leaders who will be hosting open houses for Hari Raya. in this regard, i could use help in tracking details of this down and sending it in, with full details of time, date and address. I will continue to update this list as and when I receive information from you people out there.

There's always an open house in PWTC on first day of Raya. And I remembered last year going there. The final cost borne by tax-payers money for that open house day in 2007 was $1 million. And the parking was free, everyone came in to eat all they one. But I met a guy there who has been constantly sending letters and cards every year to Rogue Banker Yackop and I hope to see that again.

That would be a good start to come there and tell those BN leaders there. I remembered shaking hands with Azmi Khalid, Mustapa Mohammad, Kerishamuddin, Tomboy Azalina, and Rafidah Aziz and finally Jeanne - but the hands were cold, I felt cold when meeting them.

Anyhow, I think we should go there to PWTC this Wednesday.

There is no underground group!

On the other hand, the police does not seem to understand of kins of those under ISA, particularly those who had been there for more than the detention period of 2 years. And yesterday, people tried to tell others of ISA but the police cut them down as if GMI is an underground group.

If you look at the Star, it says:

A group of anti-ISA activists caused a bit of a commotion as they gathered near the Masjid Jamek mosque in Jalan Tun Perak here.

In Malaysiakini or Harakah, depending on which one, the opening is different:

Police broke up an attempted leafleting exercise by a group of activists calling for the abolishment of the Internal Security Act (ISA) today.

Of course that implies that the police started the commotion first.

In actual fact, an OCPD can actually do that, not an ASP.

"Belum sempat aktivis GMI yang diketuai oleh Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh berkumpul, ASP Sydney Clyde Jeremiah yang mengetuai pasukan polis telah memberi amaran kepada koordinator GMI, E Nalini agar tidak menggunakan pembesar suara dan plakad." - Harakah

I think Nalini could have barked back and tell them the similar shit that the police have thrown to the innocents.

And yes, there is a vigil tonight at 7 pm at Merdeka Square. You bet the police will come in full force but on remember: tell them that they are looking at the wrong end of the pole.

Remember what Tyler Durden said before?

Friday, September 26, 2008

To Hold Off Team B... (Src: Malaysiakini)

Unsatisfied of how things are going, UMNO is throwing an emergency meeting in the morning. This of course has caught many people including Muhyiddin Yassin and Mike Tyson Taib off guard. The obvious reason is simple. Many cannot tolerate a handover in June 2010 and wanted to push it up one year earlier.

According to Malaysiakini, the 2010 transition plan has received a poor to lukewarm response from many state divisions although good support from Kelantan and Penang, the latest being Selangor itself. The state divisions decision is that they want the grassroots to decide the fate of Abdullah, not the supreme council itself.

Secondly, this who meeting is the idea of Abdullah Badawi himself. Because of the response from the state divisions, he would throw in this emergency meeting. Of course he knew that Najib wants to become head and Prime Minister with everything intact. It is hoped that the meeting is likely to postpone the elections in December, rendering a no contest game between Team Abdullah / Najib against Team Ku Li / Muhyiddin.

For Najib, the safest thing and a win-win plan is to let Abdullah remain for a few more months and hand over. That means pushing it up by a year earlier and beat the competition, taking everything intact.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Botak's Taste of His Own Medicine

A deputy Minister, T. Murugiah has hit back on Botak Albar today insisting that Botak's statement on 'not to interfere with his ministry' is intefering with his job. A very incredible turning back on Botak and he gets his own medicine.

Botak, with his prestige and an UMNO man arrogantly told Murugiah to get lost earlier on. Apparently arrogance is something that caught up with Botak, just as what happened to Patton. Patton, despite being a great military leader respected by everyone is a victim of his own arrogance.

This would be a good warning for Botak not to go around and to teach other grandmothers to suck eggs. That will kill him eventually. Another vocal voice to this sentiment is in the form of Transparency Chief Ramon Navaratnam. He told Dollah Badawi to release all the ISA detainees or risk losing more FDI. But I doubt that Bedol Napoleon would do so and UMNO politicians will scream if Badawi does that.

The Curious Case of Anwar Sodomy II

Not good.

That's what I heard, ominous rumors from certain quarters. There is a speculation that if the trial is running clean and fair, Anwar Ibrahim will win the Sodomy II case hands down and whatever that has been planned to make sure Anwar doesn't win will go down to tatters. Or shall I say that plans by the tyrants will be ruined.

The 'tyrants' and warlords are adamant that the Sodomy II case must be transferred to the High Court, where it is believed that if successful, the case will be tried by Apandi Ali - which gives them a high chance to provide a pre-meditated guilty verdict for Anwar - following Shafee Abdullah's script written with certain members of the police force.

If you recall this piece from Malaysiakini (the Malay version that says:)
Mohamed Yusof berkata Mahkamah Sesyen, sebagai mahkamah lebih rendah, tidak mempunyai sebarang budi bicara untuk menafikan pemindahan itu.

"Dalam mengemukakan bantahan terhadap sijil yang dikeluarkan oleh pendakwa raya, peguam yang bijaksana yang mewakili Anwar adalah sama ada memohon perisytiharan bahawa sijil itu tidak sah atau menolak keputusan pendakwaan untuk memindahkan kes ke Mahkamah Tinggi," katanya dan menurutnya perkara itu terletak di bawah bidang kuasa Mahkamah Tinggi untuk mendengar atau diputuskan.
It implies that Gani Patail is telling the judge Komathy Suppiah that she has no right to say whether this case can be transferred or not. In the beginning, Komathy said that the signature is against what is assured by Dollah Badawi that Gani Patail will have no hand in this trial whatsoever.

So it seems that with those ominous rumors running around, it seems that Komathy is likely to say no to the trial being transferred to the high court, even if the decision is to be made on the 7th (that is a Tuesday). It is highly probable that Komathy's outcome will be a no no.

The outcome simply means unacceptable to the so-called 'tyrants' and (rumor has it) that it is decided that Komathy (via an instruction to Gani Patail) is to be 'transferred to the Sabah Industrial Court'. But the question is the timing. Is that going to happen after the outcome is announced on the 7th or are we seeing the change of judge by the time the 7th approaches?

Anyhow, this ominous rumour is likely to see many as Abdullah Badawi flip-flopped on his words - the countless number of times already it is happening.

See also: The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kepala Otak Hang! You Think 10 Cents Is Enough Ah?

I thought it's going to be a 20 cents drop. Instead they give only 10 cents.

If we drop the price by 20 cents, we stand to save roughly $15 for every 40 liters of petrol pumped into the tank. Instead, we saved only about a few more ringgit that's all. If grandma is still alive, she'd scold my grandfather for being 'kedekut'.

The ringgit value is still at the point that is unacceptable. That is why repegging back to 2.8 as what Mr. Mahathir said is guide good, but Bedol Napoleon thinks no.

We've been hoodwinked about the economy. In the last few months, investors had pulled out $125 billion of investment capital out of Malaysia because Bedol Napoleon and the UMNO cahoots refused to fix the judiciary system, revamped the economy system and otherwise.

You give me a lever and I might do a better job than Najib. As Zaid said, opposition from hardcore UMNO politicians was the main reason he could not do his job properly. So the problem needs to be fixed and those idiots must be slapped since they think in four walls. Too many politicians in the cabinet but only two or three people who really knows economy. I fear not even Najib could save the national economy's ass from the real problem: Bedol Napoleon.

Hoi Botak! - Malaysiakini

Instead of giving the chance of RPK to sit down for a case of habeas corpus today, he was instead thrown to the detention dungeon in Kamunting - in Taiping. This would not be the first time he had ended up in the detention camp there.

It was a shock to many political critics that the one who ordered the detention is Botak himself. This is a classic example of leadership within four walls, as illustrated by a friend of mine. He said that nations like Malaysia are sorely lacking behind because most of the mindset of the leaders are bound within the four walls. The lack of education adds to this cause and that is why Malaysia lacks the pragmatism as of other civilized and better nations like Hong Kong and Singapore.

Just as like father, the son also happens to lie to the public with an excuse that is laughable - to protect national interests. But the person who is sent to prison does not carry any guns, merely words that are weapons that terrifies the guilt. The guilty parties are hiding behind what is called religion. It is the holier than thou thing that saved their asses terribly. The Muslim NGOs who have been making noises should have invited Pete to come out and dispute the facts and claims of the Quran. After all, he has been providing Muslim history and the intepretation of the Quran that left many people, even those who claimed to be holier than thou in utter shock.

And there is just one message to the idiots out there who are playing the 'holier than thou' thing: don't you ever teach your grandmother to suck eggs! Because someday, you're going to end at the wrong end of the pole. And the police are now at the wrong end of the pole, as lapdogs, they go and look for the wrong people who criticize the inefficiencies of the government instead of hunting criminals and scum of the society like killers, robbers, sociopaths. My god, who actually told them to look for the wrong party? Botak? Wan Farid, as what Mat Sabu claimed? Or what?

Yes, Pete has been a thorn in those who walk in the corridors of power and especially those who really wanted to take Anwar Ibrahim out in Sodomy II. And in the latest news behind the scenes, it seems that the top brass isn't happy of how things are going out against their wishes...

In what is believed to be his last post before being sent to the camp, Pete has said that:

The Monday before my detention, my lawyers sent Syed Hamid Albar a letter of demand, demanding that he apologise for alleging that I insulted Islam. He was given three days to apologise and on Friday, the 12th of September 2008, instead of apologising, they detained me under the ISA.

I believe they are trying to buttress Syed Hamid Albar’s case by “proving” I have insulted Islam thereby justifying Syed Hamid Albar’s allegations against me as well as justifying him not apologising but ordering my detention under the ISA.

Further to that, the Government appears to be trying to get a second bite of the cherry. I am already facing one sedition charge for the article, “lets send the Altanthuya murderers to hell” plus three charges of criminal defamation. My interrogation in the hands of the SB officers is also about that article and the statutory declaration.

Assuming I win my cases in October and November, they can still hold me under the ISA. Either way I will still remain under detention; heads they win, tails I lose.
Botak has been sweating over this thing and so to buy time and to claim that it is ridiculing Islam, Botak decided to send him away to the camp. Special Branch reported nothing that is ridiculing Islam. But Botak decides to push for the matter because of that thing above. And that fact is never revealed to the rest of the public.

So David Eick's theory is indeed ringing true: Abdullah is taking the George Bush prescription. The prescription that has been running for 8 years that says that if you are dissenting and against the government stance, even though you know is right, you are 'DEEMED AS A TERRORIST" - I think that is what Malaysia is following the US right now in the sense of paranoia fashion. Perhaps the next time the tables are turned around, Botak and the radicals could get the real taste of what is like to be in their own Detention camp.

Even if Botak manages to put a man like Pete into a dirty cell like Kamunting, Botak has lost part of his job. In the UMNO elections, he lost his division post in Kota Tinggi. And if Abdullah loses in the December elections, Botak could be out of the job, perhaps. If Ku Li takes over, then we could see a different case. If Anwar takes over, then Botak could end up beaten at his own game, who knows, right?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cross Your Fingers

I was in Penang on Saturday, and before I left for the airport to there, I stopped by my brother's house since he lives in Cyberjaya, maybe he could give a lift or so. I saw the main headlines of NST saying of Tiong King Sing claiming that opposition wooing MPs with money. But I felt that Tiong is deceiving readers with this so called lie.

I only told Kevin one thing that not to believe what NST says before I left for Penang.

Anyhow, September 16 has past and some of us are very impatient of how things are running for the opposition front. The nationalist front is bragging that Anwar's plan has failed but never ever discount the fact that it could happen after Anwar has declared that the plan has been delayed.

One thing I can be sure is that the composition of MPs will make everyone satisfied and no UMNO shouting claiming that Malays have lost power or something. No way. Most of them are from Sabah and Sarawak, and I think there could be a reason of certain people saying no way as to convince the BN that it doesn't happen..or otherwise.

Bedol Napoleon is losing a few hands in Poker, of course he knew that what happened is true and he will try to call bluff to Anwar's call. Now that things happen in stalemate, only the King can break the deadlock. At least Anwar's playing the legal way to prove to everyone that he's not playing cheat as what Tiong is saying about.

Let's just wait and see how it goes. It could happen all in this week itself.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bedol Napoleon's Waterloo Has Begun!

Facing pressure from everywhere in and out, Abdullah Badawi is planning his something drastic in order to save his political career, even if it means of sacrificing the national needs for his own personal purposes. This one would be the winner-takes-all fight between Badawi and Anwar. And there is no turning back.

If you have read the history of Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's final campaign against the European states, it ends with a crushing defeat for him and led to his permanent exile to St. Helena until his death in 1821. But in this scenario, following a phone conversation with a friend of mine, it seems that situation looks bleak in the coming few days.

1. First of all, the idea of Najib and Abdullah under the pretence of power transition swapping posts is to isolate Najib from his assets: Millitary Inteligence and his Generals. This will make Najib being the target of responsible for the national economy woes that is happening whereas Abdullah himself with the FFB boys are actually responsible for the national mess. One thing that caught my eye, wasn't the King notified of the swapping of posts?

2. Anwar will likely try to gain an audience with the king. However, getting to His Majesty will not be easy or not at all. Beyond the walls of the National Palace there are people who are eyes and ears of Abdullah. I fear that the King could be a prisoner against his own will. With Abdullah taking over the Defence Ministry, he wants to control all of the military so that he can give the order of National Emergency etc.. This also gives ECM Libra..KJ and his boys control over that instead of Najib.

3. Bank Negara Governor Zeti Aziz had tried resigning because Abdullah refused to consent her to raise the OPR to reduce the inflation rate. As many people said, keeping the present OPR rate bleeds more of the national economy.

4. In Malaysiakini, Abdullah says that Anwar is a threat to the economy and to national security. He had hinted in the Star that he will not reveal his plan and the notion of someone being a threat to the economy and security. Wrong. This entire thing is fabricated by Abdullah and his honchos. This is to make people believe that Anwar is the enemy and blah...blah..blah. A cliche really.

“So what is he saying? He is exploiting the trust the people have in him by saying all these things which is not helpful,” he said, adding that although there was no tremendous economic development in Malaysia there was still some significant progress.

Speaking to reporters at his office on Wednesday, Abdullah said Anwar did not take into account the positive development but criticised the Government’s moves to get the rakyat to believe him and to be on his side.

When asked on the Government’s action, Abdullah said he could not say but anything done would be in the best interest of the country and its people.

The part of the letter that was submitted, I believe was either deliberately omitted out of it, or it is deleted before it reaches Abdullah.

5. As reported just now, he ordered the ACA to start investigating the BN MPs who crossover to PR for allegedly being offered money although PR has clearly stated that there is no money offered for them to crossover.

6. Napoleon now had two military options. Fight a defensive war or fight an offensive one.[33] A defensive war would entail repeating the 1814 campaign in France but with much larger numbers of troops at his disposal. France's chief cities, Paris and Lyons, would be fortified and two great French armies, the larger before Paris and the smaller before Lyons, would protect these and francs-tireurs would be encouraged giving the Coalition armies their very own taste of guerrilla warfare courtesy of the French.[34]

Napoleon chose the latter option, which entailed a pre-emptive strike at his enemies before they were all fully assembled and able to co-operate and aid one another. By destroying some of the major Coalition armies, Napoleon believed he would then be able to bring the governments of the Seventh Coalition to the peace table [34] to discuss results favourable to himself, namely peace for France with himself remaining in power as its head. If peace was rejected by the allies despite any pre-emptive military success he may have achieved using the offensive military option available to him, then the war would continue, and as far as Napoleon's military situation would be concerned, half the job would have already been accomplished and he would then turn his attention to defeating the rest of the Coalition armies.

That's what Dollah intends to do. Start an Emergency, creating national havoc and point the blame on Anwar and Najib in the name of national security. Since Anwar is more dangerous than Najib, he will attempt to get Anwar arrested in ISA.

When I Squeak, Tikus Squeaks Its Last.

I almost could not talk for three days since Sunday. It began on Friday afternoon after I finished my lunch break. Then I started coughing. At nights, I have been coughing, had some headaches and fever until on Sunday morning, I could not talk at all. My throat was real sore. Real pain. At first it was just nothing serious but holding for a day or so.

Sunday: Almost could not speak at all. So I had to see a doctor and on medication. I had to restrict myself from speaking, I could only move my mouth and sometimes people had to ask me what I'm trying to say. Of course I had to shown them signs that I had a sore throat that I can't talk but I can hear what they say. The only time I had to talk is when I am ordering food.

Food though, the last three days was on liquid based food, with soup.

Monday: Throat not as sore on Sunday but this time I coughed up phlegm a few times. I could not speak. My suspicion was right. It was a viral infection. I could not talk on this morning.

Today: I can at least squeak, but couldn't speak at the usual tone. I went to see another doctor. Cough still remains but fever, migraine and flu were gone.

At this time, throat is not longer pretty sore, but a bit. Still coughing up. Able to speak as usual.

When I was able to squeak, I was shocked to read that Polytikus has already quit blogging and squeaks its last. Sigh :(

Monday, September 15, 2008

Pembohong-Pembohong Yang Dikenalpasti Sebagai Khir Toyo dan Utusan Melayu

Ever trying to find out why Teresa was sent to the ISA? Looks like that my guessing was right: Khir Toyo was responsible for the mess as well as the Pro-UMNO newspaper called Utusan Melayu.

There was a statement by the nazir, Ustaz Hassan Basri that says as follows:

Adalah saya selaku nazir Masjid Kota Damansara dan jawatankuasa ingin merujuk kepada isu larangan penggunaan azan oleh orang bukan islam yang kononnya didalangi oleh Teresa Kok @ DAP seperti yang diwar oleh Melayu Net dalam laman ini dan juga kenyataan Bekas Menteri Besar Selangor (Khir Toyo) dalam Utusan Malaysia bertarikh 9.9.2008.

Pihak jawatankuasa masjid melihat isu yang sengaja ditimbulkan oleh pihak yang kecewa ini berniat jahat, fitnah dan cuba menimbulkan suasana tidak harmonis dan prajudis dikalangan pelbagai bangsa di Kota Damansara.

Adalah amat malang lagi dangkal seorang bekas Menteri Besar (Khir Toyo) boleh mengutip khabar angin (berita sampah) lalu bersedia untuk menjadi jaguh mempertahankan islam. Walhal sejarah telah terpahat tentang isu menutup surau, menangkap penceramah, mengadakan pelbagai sekatan terhadap perkembangan syiar islam, zakat dijadikan senjata mengugut pelajar Al-azhar yang tidak sehaluan (banyak lagi) sewaktu beliau berkuasa di Selangor dulu.

Sebenarnya apa yang berlaku bukan atas tekanan dan bantahan oleh orang bukan islam, tetapi sistem pembesar suara masjid dalam proses ujian oleh pihak kontraktor. Untuk makluman semua Masjid Kota Damansara baru 2 minggu digunakan. Sudah pasti terdapat kekurangan dan kelemahan disana sini. Masih dalam jaminan pihak kontraktor selama setahun. Disamping itu, berlaku masalah elektrikal pada pembesar suara ekoran masalah cuaca baru-baru ini.

Bagi mengatasi untuk tujuan kuliah, tarawikh, tazkirah dsbnya, pihak masjid berterima kasih kepada Pengurusan Sekolah Menengah Seksyen 10 Kota Damansara yang bersedia meminjamkan PA Sistemnya. dan telah digunakan dengan sempurna. Insya-Allah sistem pembesar suara masjid dalam proses pembaikan dan dijangka siap pada hari ini (9.9.2008) mengikut janji kontraktor. Namun untuk mengatakan azan tidak kedengaran langsung adalah satu pembohongan kerana pihak masjid menyambug sistem tersebut ke menara.

Justeri itu, pihak masjid meminta Melayu net dan pihak berkenaan memohon maaf diatas fitnah jahat tersebut yang menyebabkan timbul sipa prajudis dikalangan umat islam KOta Damansara.


That is actual account where Teresa was involved. If you look at Utusan's piece, there's a lot of spinning done and they easily taken down Khir Toyo's accusations, which is indeed a lie. This was written last week:

Ada usaha larang azan di masjid-masjid Selangor

SHAH ALAM 8 Sept. - Kerajaan campuran negeri Selangor diingatkan agar bersikap tegas dengan tidak melayan mana-mana pihak mendesak yang mahukan azan solat di surau dan masjid di negeri itu tidak lagi menggunakan pembesar suara.

Bekas Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo membuat desakan ekoran ada usaha pihak yang dipercayai didalangi salah sebuah parti yang membentuk kerajaan negeri itu, membuat petisyen membantah azan di Puchong dan Kota Damansara.

”Bagi UMNO, kita mahukan kerajaan negeri bertegas, jangan mudah mengalah kerana apa yang kelihatan ketika ini PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) seolah-olah mengalah membiarkan sahaja perkara itu berlaku, manakala Pas pula tidak memainkan peranan.

”Ini sesuatu yang menghina Islam sedangkan Islam adalah agama rasmi, mempunyai peruntukan menggunakan Kumpulan Wang Disatukan untuk pembangunan,” katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Beliau diminta mengulas beberapa laporan mendakwa azan di Masjid Seksyen 5, Kota Damansara yang baru siap dan digunakan menjelang Ramadan lalu, tidak menggunakan pembesar suara dipercayai mempunyai kaitan dengan bantahan penduduk kawasan berkenaan.

Selain itu, katanya, usaha menyediakan petisyen membantah azan seperti itu juga pernah dilakukan sekumpulan penduduk di Puchong sejak Mei lalu.

”Di Puchong dan Kota Damansara, ada pihak mahu azan di kawasan itu dihentikan atas alasan menganggu penduduk.

”Tetapi saya percaya kalau penduduk yang membuat petisyen itu, mesti ada pihak-pihak yang mendorong mereka untuk berbuat demikian.

”Sedangkan kita mengamalkan kebebasan beragama, apabila ada penganut agama tertentu meraikan perayaan mereka sehingga membawa kepada penutupan jalan, orang Islam tidak membantah,” ujar beliau.


Note that both stories had different meanings, but the bottom one is spinned by the 4th floor boys / Utusan to portray that Teresa was responsible whereas the real person at fault is Khir Toyo.

Because of the wrong information, several Muslim NGOs had filed a report against Teresa.

Will someone start telling them that Khir Toyo and Utusan had mislead and lied to us?


1. Teresa's parents and lawyer S.N Nair came over to visit her in Bukit Aman. She was in poor health and food was lousy as she said. A $30 million lawsuit was filed against Utusan.

2. The remand order for her was extended for another 28 days by unknown people.

Candlelight Vigil At Blog House

Despite being a rainy night, many people turned up at Blog House to hold vigil for Teresa and Raja Petra who still remains in ISA. I only got to know about that from Rocky's posting when I got back to my house from the city centre at around 9.00 p.m. Without delay...I went straight away there.

Each one of us is given a candle to light on and we had a three minutes of silence there. That's me with Nat above, standing in for Tony who has to man the video camera for documentation in YEW TUBE.

Notable people had given their speeches, including BAR head Ambiga, MPs Sivarasa and Wee Choo Keong. Also people who wished to express themselves are welcomed to go there. Despite having a loss of speech due to my very sore throat, I managed to give a few words or so.

When I was there, there had been a few policemen in uniforms with a few patrol cars and some Special Branch men in unmarked vehicles ordered to spy on them. However, since it is a private event, they are not allowed to come in without permission, as the law mentioned.

Many had agreed that the police had misused their resources for wrongful purposes. Instead of concentrating on catching criminals who roamed the streets, they are being ordered by the top brass or people like Botak or Wan Farid Salleh to spy on the opposition. They believe that vigils are protests (note of a different meaning) and those involved are the opposition, whereas it is mostly NGOs involved.

Haris was not allowed to be here for safety reasons. However, he told us via posting that Pete is on hunger strike again and chances are authorities are not likely to allow his lawyers or family to come in to see him. This likely will irked the royal family of Selangor and unless there is a divine intervention like change of government or the Sultan steps in or something.

If the week of 7-13 is where the dark forces hit back by arresting them in ISA, then this week we might see the conclusion of the September saga with victory over BN. Can we see the parallels as in Star Wars?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Candlelight Vigil At Bukit Aman

There will be a candlelight vigil held in front of the gates at Bukit Aman tonight at 8.30 p.m with leading the pack would be the NUJ journalists and the netizens. So do come along.

Another thing that you need to know is the clear definition between a vigil and a protest march:


1.wakefulness maintained for any reason during the normal hours for sleeping.
2.a watch or a period of watchful attention maintained at night or at other times: The nurse kept her vigil at the bedside of the dying man.
3.a period of wakefulness from inability to sleep.
a.a devotional watching, or keeping awake, during the customary hours of sleep.
b.Sometimes, vigils. a nocturnal devotional exercise or service, esp. on the eve before a church festival.
c.the eve, or day and night, before a church festival, esp. an eve that is a fast.


1.an expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid: a protest against increased taxation.
a.a formal notarial certificate attesting the fact that a check, note, or bill of exchange has been presented for acceptance or payment and that it has been refused.
b.the action taken to fix the liability for a dishonored bill of exchange or note.
a.(upon one's payment of a tax or other state or city exaction) a formal statement disputing the legality of the demand.
b.a written and attested declaration made by the master of a ship stating the circumstances under which some damage has happened to the ship or cargo, or other circumstances involving the liability of the officers, crew, etc.
4.Sports. a formal objection or complaint made to an official.
–verb (used without object)
5.to give manifest expression to objection or disapproval; remonstrate.
6.to make solemn or earnest declaration.
–verb (used with object)
7.to make a protest or remonstrance against; object to.
8.to say in protest or remonstrance.
9.to declare solemnly or earnestly; affirm; assert.
10.to make a formal declaration of the nonacceptance or nonpayment of (a bill of exchange or note).
11.Obsolete. to call to witness.

Before the authorities ever think of arresting people gathering in front, clearly differentiate between vigil and protest. I mean this. The problem is that the definition between these two words could be blurred and authorities might decide to take every one in..another bad comments in the report card.

So do watch this space if there are updates from there.


Yep, you bet it, the police never understood the meaning of vigil and protest. They keep thinking that group gathering is a protest and an illegal assembly. I wish if I have bullhorn to bark back at them! :)

The entrance point to Bukit Aman is blocked with police. No one is allowed to enter in. As I was some of the bloggers, the crowd came out - I think roughly 300. And later, this OCPD, Zulkarnain's lapdog (can't remember his name) was pushing for everyone to disperse. As things goes, they started bringing the FRUs with batons and gas grenade launchers.

At one point they gathered at one circle and they were chanting 'Mansuh ISA'.

Seperated by the rest, I was with Howsy throughout the vigil, and walked using the route towards the National Mosque. But this would be the stop point and the lead organizer gave a speech before we walked back. While walking everyone was instructed to put off their candles.

The police was tailing everyone from behind - both directions in their cars, and the OCPD bastard (third from left) was pursuing them with intimidation messages. 'Disperse or we will take action'. Here above, is that while we're going back to the turning entrance.

Anyhow, this OCPD fellow should be sacked or transferred elsewhere.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ISA: The Malaysian McCarthyism Blitz Has Begun!

Shooting The Messengers
Three people. That's three including RPK, a journalist and MP Teresa Kok were put under the ISA detention for merely debating and speaking out their arguments that involves Islam. I remembered Teresa was talking about the azan, the journalist covered the Ahmad Ismail thing accurately and Pete talking about the truths on the Islam History. Apparently what they have written doesn't bode well with those walking in the corridors of power and decided that they must be arrested.

The Fourth Floor Boys and the media baron by the name of Kalimullah Hassan are also not happy of how the real naked truth hit out as reported by Sin Chew, The Sun and Suara Keadilan and decided that these dailies who are fighting for the truth to be taken action. This was far in contrast with Dollah Badawi saying on Wednesday that media must be truthful. But of course, that thing was a lie as what Botak Albar said the next day.

Hicklings Laments In His Grave.
The ISA was conceived in 1960 by the late Reginald Hicklings as a successor to the 1948 Emergency Ordinance. Hicklings sole purpose of drafting this ISA is to ensure that communism will be suppressed even after the Emergency is declared over in 1960 in the event that the insurgency returned and secondly, against organized violence. The point of ISA is now rendered useless in 1989 when the Communist Party of Malaya has announced as ceasefire treaty with the government. Communism is officially over in Malaysia. Why do you need that further?

Hickling later lamented that leaders had misused the ISA saying that:

"I could not imagine then that the time would come when the power of detention, carefully and deliberately interlocked with Article 149 of the Constitution, would be used against political opponents, welfare workers and others dedicated to non-violent, peaceful activities."


"Organised violence" was the key to the preamble of the ISA and that I had drafted to detain communist insurgents without trial, but in later years, a lot of people were being arrested who had nothing to do with organised violence (communist insurgencies) at all."

Siapa Betul Sebenar? Bedol atau Botak?
Last Wednesday, Bedol Napoleon said (excerpt):

PUTRAJAYA: The media must not be afraid to report the truth while upholding justice, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He said the media should also not feel apologetic when reporting the facts.

He added that the credibility of an institution relies on its strength to stand by the truth while ensuring that justice prevailed.

"Hold strongly to the principles of truth as the credibility of an institution depends on it," he said, reminding that communication technology and channels could be used both constructively and destructively.

Abdullah said the two could be used as instruments to uphold principles of justice while spreading only the facts.

"News contents with negative elements such as spreading lies and slander will only bring about disunity and destruction," he said Wednesday at the Prime Minister's Office here when launching the Bernama Web TV, which is said to be South-East Asia's first live Internet news channel.

But on Thursday, Botak said:

Media Practitioners Served With Reminder, Says Syed Hamid

The Home Ministry on Thursday served a reminder on all media practitioners in the country to follow the guidelines stipulated by the government.

Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the reminder was issued shortly after the Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) withdrew the ban on several websites including Malaysia-Today.com.

“Most importantly, while we want freedom and openness, we must also bear the responsibility as Malaysians to ensure peace and public order and prevent people from inciting and humiliating others and breaking the law.

“So, it is a warning or a reminder and after it has been served, I hope it will raise the awareness because the power of the media be it blogs, in prints or electronic to influence the society in general is very deep and significant.”

Syed Hamid said the move to restrict access to several websites was not intended as a penalty but a just careful measure because of a concern that they could bring about tension and undermine public order.

He said the ministry had also served show-cause letters to several media firms bent on creating tension among the people.

“Any media which we see have breached the conditions and guidelines, will be told to show cause and the reply must be made within a week. They should not consider the show-cause letter as our attempt to impose a restriction.

“We owe the responsibility to the society in general to ensure conflicts do not occur and anger is not prompted as a result of what we write about race, religion or even culture,” Syed Hamid .

So who is really right? But the Home Minister, falls under the purview of the PM's department. The hidden thing in those two pieces is that the Home Minister or the Fourth Floor Boys will decide whether the piece is right or wrong even thought the piece written is factually accurate and truthful. Botak is just merely the executioner but the real person that tends to spark another round of Ops Lalang is the top brass - you know who I mean. Then again, nobody trusts the PM anymore because of his flip-flops and being a filthy liar.
You Are Indeed Wrong But You Are Declaring That The Other One Is Wrong

Teresa Kok was arrested following the accusation by Khir Toyo. The journalist was arrested because some powerful people don't like what came out. RPK was arrested following complaints by Muslim groups. I've already told you that they tell the truth, but the dilemma is that if the person telling is true and the real fact is that the groups they are pointing are wrong, then what? The groups are in the wrong already.
End word

So who could be the next 7 people being our very own Hollywood Top 10 Blacklist? I know a few like Dalton Trumbo or Edward Dymytryk but my buddy told me that he could be the next on the list. But I am curious to find out who was the person behind it?

I remembered going to the church service and I heard a church elder said that God declared that Malaysia will ride the winds of change regardless of the persecution of righteous people by those who claimed to be holier than thou, half-baked and so on.

What if those who had used the extinct draconian tool being the victims of their own medicine in the future? Let's find out how it plays in the next few days. In the mean time, these series of events are meant to draw all of us out so there can be another May 13 thing. So, stay calm and be cool. Just hang on, buddy.!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

Anwar's sodomy case postponed to Sept 24 (update 5)
KUALA LUMPUR: The prosecution wants to transfer Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy case from the Sessions Court where he was charged last month to the High Court.

But the defence objected to the move saying it was unnecessary and that the transfer certificate had been signed by Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, who was to have no involvement in the case.

Lead counsel Sulaiman Abdullah complained about the shabby treatment by the prosecution, who only informed the defence about the transfer application at the eleventh hour.

“We asked them what was the plan and up to Tuesday, we were told that there was no decision.

“On Tuesday afternoon, senior DPP (and AG’s Chambers head of prosecution) Datuk Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden was kind enough to call me to say that they most probably would ask for a transfer.

“Only 10 minutes ago when DPP Mohd Yusof appeared in court were we informed that they were indeed going to ask for a transfer,” the veteran lawyer said.

Describing the move as an “ambush”, Sulaiman said it left the defence to argue “practically out of the air.”

“In any case, we are objecting to the transfer,” he said.

DPP Mohd Yusof pointed out that the prosecution had already indicated the possibility of the transfer when the Opposition Leader was charged on Aug 7 and that the matter was only decided upon late Tuesday evening.

Sulaiman rebutted saying: “Just like a young lady saying ‘I may marry you”, similarly they said ‘we may transfer’.”

“We need to prepare,” he said.

Sulaiman said the defence had been informed through a statement by the Prime Minister that Abdul Gani would play no part in the case following a police report Anwar lodged against him and Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan alleging that they fabricated evidence in the investigation into the 1998 incident where he (Anwar) was punched in a lock-up by then IGP Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Noor.

The veteran lawyer said the AG would have to apply his mind to the circumstances of the case before he could sign the transfer certificate.

“He’s the one who decides if it involved public interest and to transfer this case to the High Court and delay other cases where the accused persons face capital punishment,” he said.

Komathy then interjected and asked Sulaiman if the defence required more time to debate the matter, to which the lawyer replied that he would appreciate it as it was an important issue.

The judge then turned to DPP Mohd Yusof to ask if he had any objections to a two-week adjournment.

“I’ve read law reports in which judges from the High Court and the Court of Appeal paid tribute to you saying you’re a fair DPP. I’m sure you have no objections to this,” she said, drawing some laughter. Sulaiman agreed.

However, DPP Mohd Yusof argued that two weeks was too long but the judge was firm in her decision, saying all parties needed to be given sufficient time to prepare.

After Komathy fixed Sept 24 to hear the arguments, Sulaiman said the defence had no qualms about the case being heard before her.

The lawyer pointed out that the courts were of the same size, and that Komathy, who said she had been in service for 26 years, was an experienced and competent judge.

Police presence in the court complex was at a maximum Wednesday, with several truckloads of Federal Reserve Unit personnel being put on standby apart from armed policemen.

Compared to Aug 7, the police were more prepared to handle the anticipated crowd this time, vetting everyone who went up to level 4 where the Sessions Court was located.

However, there were unconfirmed reports of lawyers having difficulty getting to the other courts on the same level as a result of the tight security measures.

Anwar, who turned up in court at 9.30am with his family, PKR leaders and supporters, appeared relaxed, smiling the entire time.

After the proceedings, the PKR de facto leader described the prosecution’s move as a “trial by ambush” as his defence team was only told about the transfer 10 minutes before the start of Wednesday’s hearing.

He said it showed that the prosecution was waiting for instructions from their political masters.

Anwar also said Abdul Gani had signed the transfer certificate to “select a judge at their pleasure” because he did not trust the Sessions Court.*


In this episode, Anwar Ibrahim was 80 percent correct. He had hit all the points home and has a good idea of the trial being a sham further if it is transferred to the high court.

As mentioned, UMNO has two more tries to go in order to put Anwar Ibrahim out for good. The first one is the DNA Bill, which has hit numerous criticisms from all camps, including a BN MP. Syed Hamid Albar was determined to have it accelerated without thinking of fail-safe scenarios in order to force Anwar Ibrahim to hand over his sample for the BN fools to plant the evidence at Saiful's underwear. Secondly, part of the plan, engineered by the Police and Shafee Abdullah has all of UMNO's assets in the judiciary section play a part in making sure Anwar doesn't go scott free in Sodomy II.

UMNO is desperate, with another 5-9 days left before the so-called change of hands in the government. UMNO is banking that people are stupid and their agents, including Gani Patail would transfer the case to high court - the herring is matter of importance - but as Anwar said, Gani doesn't trust the Session courts.

If the case is transferred into court, Gani gets to select the judge at his pleasure, and the judge who could be presiding over the case is the missing piece of the fact that is not seen in the papers. Most probably it is not revealed to even journalists at all. Who would that be the person? Well, from numerous humming birds around and many sayings, the judge presiding in High Court could be Apandi Ali, an UMNO man.

Apandi Ali is a legal advisor for UMNO and a former Judicial Commissioner. He was involved in several occasions with Anwar Ibrahim. The recent piece of news that puts Anwar and Apandi together was back in end of November 2007:

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim may have gone to the wrong High Court to try to stop the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) from compelling him to hand over the controversial video clip which implicated lawyer Datuk V.K. Lingam.

Criminal division High Court judge Justice Mohamed Apandi Ali said he was of the opinion that the proper court was the Appellate and Special Powers High Court in the civil division.

“This court is strictly on criminal matters and this application has no relation to that, and it is not that I am avoiding to hear the application, but we must ensure that the application must follow proper procedures according to the law.

“Your client is not facing any criminal charges, and therefore instead of wasting time, it is better to go to the appropriate court,'' Justice Mohamed Apandi said.

Anwar's counsel M. Puravalen, however, informed the court that his client would like to pursue the application before the very court.

Apandi was also involved in the judgement and sentencing of Anwar in August 2000. Excerpt:

The Bar Council has received many queries from lawyers and members of the public regarding the comments attributed to Tuan Haji Mohamed Apandi Ali as reported in the local media on or around 14 August 2000 in relation to the judgement and sentence imposed on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on 8 August 2000. The Bar Council wishes to clarify that the opinion reported is the personal view of Tuan Haji Mohamed Apandi Ali and is certainly not the view of the Malaysian Bar.

Many were thought of the possibility of who presiding the trial if transferred. There is a high chance it could be Apandi. Anyhow, Komathy has at least one more shot to call for and we shall see what happens on the 24th. And somehow, if the takeover plan is successful and happens in reality, then it could be either the case being dropped or the tables turned against the conspirators.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Could Have Been To ISA

If the HINDRAF 5 is sent to ISA for allegedly holding extremist views, then why not Ahmad Ismail? Instead, he was suspended from all party posts for three years.

Arguably the suspicion is that Dollah Badawi faces retaliation from the state UMNO division of Penang. Also note that Ahamd Ismail holds some business contracts that could go kapoof if he's sent to Kamunting detention camp.

Here's one example, remember the Shell station in Island Glades - sometimes I used to stop there to see my best friend Adrian at Greenlane Heights? That's apparently the station owned by his family, or sort of. And there could be other government contracts that we do not know but owned by him that could end in trouble if he ends in ISA.

Abdullah is a little weak here, giving him a slap on the wrist instead of sacking him or sending him off to detention. But to others outside UMNO, it means that he's doing some double-standard, sending non-UMNO men like HINDRAF to ISA instead of sending his own camp there.

I think I lost appetite to talk more of this. Just kind of waiting for what will happen within 16 to 20th. I had some talk of the possibility of Ku Li contesting for the presidential post in UMNO. Someone told me to be vigilant over this thing. It may not be what as it seems though....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What About September 20?

The Tiong bird, being the head of the Backbencher's club has organized a trip for 50 MPs to Taiwan for agricultural knowledge gain. But many saw that as a way to force those BN MPs to stay away from a possibility of crossing over on the 16th, since many think is the deadline for Anwar Ibrahim to declare of the crossover of MPs to the People's Coalition.

Why Not Australia?

The answer is as good as mine. Many know that Abdullah Badawi's associate, Patrick Lim has a house and property in Australia. Earlier on, some said that one BN MP is sponsoring the entire trip but did mention that it is either Australia, China or Taiwan. If the Tiong bird suddenly let slip that it's in Australia, then the finger of suspicion would be pointed to Khairy or Abdullah since Australia means using Abdullah's private jet or using property owned by Patrick.

Close One Hole Open The Other

Looking at both sides of the coin, the trip, organized by Tiong actually buys time for both Anwar and Abdullah. For Abdullah, we can say that this buys time for him to bail out and put the country at the weakest point when Anwar takes over - taking the money out of national coffers to his cronies. For Anwar, it proves to be an acceptable excuse to say to all who have been asking the questions that the crossover will be delayed by a few more days because of this trip. The trip will be concluded between 17-19th.

There's One Out

I have a high suspicion that BN Youth Chief of Penang could be the first one to crossover. Someone said that, but let's wait and see.

Did BN Forget About September 20?

If BN merely thinks about September 16 as the day of BN crossovers, then you have forgotten to cover the other hold that is September 20. As Mahathir's saying parallels this, "Melayu Mudah Lupa". Did they forget that September 20 is Reformasi Day? That is the very day Anwar was arrested by SWAT teams and the biggest demonstration was held that day?

20 September 1998 was the day Malaysia saw its biggest demonstration in history. That was also the day Anwar Ibrahim was arrested by a SWAT team with faces hidden under balaclavas and armed to the teeth. It was not until a few days later that the world discovered Anwar had been beaten up by no less than Malaysia’s chief of police and left unconscious on the floor of his cell until the following morning -- where an alarmed police officer found him exactly where he had been left the night before, still unconscious.

The dates are merely red herrings just to confuse the BN parties. Anwar's aim is to hold the gun at BN's nose and if BN makes a sudden move, bang..there goes BN beyond recovery mode. So they are desperately playing the final card that is the Ahmad Ismail thing....and what the bird indirectly did, that is buying time for Abdullah Badawi ends with nothing gained.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Boy, You Got It All Wrong, Mat!

Ahmad Ismail has gone one more step hopping madness, or sort of. From Malaysiakini: He told the Chinese that they should not follow the American Jews because of ....then it ends up with him tearing the picture of Koh Tsu Koon and screaming Hidup Melayu.

This is a sort a person who lacks the education and the insight to know that what they do hastens the end of their own party. For the sake of the party and in the name of religion - even though they have been misused it for the end, this is how far they would do. They also have forgotten that there would not be things that we have now if not for the success of some famous people. And incidentally, these famous people are American Jews.

My, oh, my the show is over say goodbye! - Madonna - Take A Bow

Boy, you got it wrong! Even if they are Jews, some of these American Jews are among the world's famous and very successful people. If you are telling them not to follow Steven Spielberg, an American Jew, you will not be seeing Jurassic Park or Jaws. There will not be a new generation of filmmakers if we follow that idiot's sayings! If you are telling them not to follow Harrison Ford, a half-Russian American Jew, Han Solo or Indiana Jones doesn't exist at all and people will stare blankly at you if you try to ask them about Star Wars or who the hell is he?

Some of them developed things that save mankind. If you say don't follow Jonas Salk, an American Jew, you don't the polio vaccine. You will not get any Dell computers, Oracle databases, Hepatitis B vaccine, no Levis jeans, no Starbucks, no Dunkin donuts, no Baskin Robbins ice-cream almost nothing if not for them.

Such kind of success has proven that Dr. Farukh Saleem's theory of Why Muslims are Powerless true. The main reason of why people like Ahmad Ismail and the Penang UMNO lag behind is because of the education level - note that there is a stark contrast of the level of achievement between Malays and non-Malays.

If that is not enough, the history of the Muslims, tracing from the years after the Prophet's death was full of bloodshed. What the Prophet had envisioned of tribes living as a people of a single religion turned into tatters. Each of the lives of the Caliphs that replaced the Prophet after his death ended with treachery - killed at the hands of his enemies. The thing of killing one another as if the famous Cain and Abel fable still goes on 1400 years until now. The reason is simple: refusal to accept was it shown in a person's hands.

Suddenly when I start saying some will think why I start talking about religion. Simple, it is not religion but the history even in the religion that allows us to draw the morals out of it for people to learn. UMNO in this state has become like the Irish mob fighting the Five Corners in New York against other groups. Just for a piece of soil, they would fight for it. But that is history and we have already been freed of the past. Just look at the Irish Civil war when we have one side of Catholics fighting against the Protestant British. Dublin vs Belfast. It was over, there's the truce in hand...well.

Gerakan has moved one more step further at this. My buddy Hawkeye told me that they have issued an ultimatum at Dollah Badawi. One more miscalculated move by Ahmad Ismail and BN is history.

Speaking of which, Mat, read that history piece and know that were it not for the success of these people, although they are American Jews, there are things that you would see it today.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gerakan Should Jump First Before It's Too Late

Gerakan is now considering its position in BN coalition and there is a possibility that they would leave the coalition and return to its roots of having a truly multi-racial party objective since its inception 40 years ago.

It is a very good opportunity for them to jump of the sinking ship at first light.

Some of the Gerakan members, having fed up with the top brass still comitting to the rotten BN coalition had already jump ship to Pakatan Rakyat. The latest was being FT head Dr. Tan Kee Kwong and coming in the next two days, Rhina Bar, the ex-Wanita head could go over as well. An interesting line by Dr. Tan quoted by Malaysiakini: "We have to rubberstamp UMNO's decisions" sounds a very intersting and powerful line.

However, should Gerakan decides to leave, they are likely not to join Pakatan Rakyat but instead decided to remain independents. This is likely to show others that for those BN MPs who do not like the current political scenario in the coalition, they should emulate them. This also indeed is what Mr. Mahathir had said before...jump ship but remain independent and not in PR.

The iteration is that it is high time for them go now before the ship sinks like Titanic.

I also have an ex-teacher of my school, who was the ex-assemblyman for Port Weld. I would also advise him to jump ship before it's too late.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Abdullah's Yes Man Follows Bush: "IT IS EVIL"

Just last month, Abdullah Badawi has famously declared that certain bloggers as 'EVIL' since they raised the Malaysian flag upside down. Now, then, another of Abdullah's Yes Man is saying that "IT IS EVIL" but in an another scenario.

KUDAT, Sept 6 (Bernama) -- Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) has condemned Rakyat Rakyat's plan which its deputy president, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, describes as "evil" to overthrow the Barisan Nasional (BN) government through undemocratic means.

Ongkili said enticing elected BN representatives to cross over so that Pakatan Rakyat would seize power was shameful, unethical and downright dangerous because it would create political chaos and economic strife in the country.

"The people should reject this dirty politics propagated by the opposition and erase the notion that elected politicians in Malaysia can be bought and sold for a pot of political porage," he said at the opening of the annual general meetings of PBS Banggi and Tanjung Kapor divisions here.

Ongkili who is Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, said the strong mandate given to the BN by the people in the last general election must be respected and honoured by all.
Hey...the logic is actually wrong. It is okay to crossover, especially in the point where if you feel that you are at the wrong allegiance. It is democratic. Instead, to bar persons or parties from going over shows that it is indeed wrong. Now who's making the real mistake? Me or you?

The word evil is too strong to be used here. Instead, Ongkili should have said 'inappropriate or so'. When you said that word, you are following Dollah Badawi. You are also following George W. Bush which said 'evil' on January 29 2002. Now who's the real 'agen Amerika' that UMNO is fond of saying at?

*Sigh*You are still a machai / servant to a bad master...!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Chain of Crossovers Starts Today?

This is it. I came across a source site - which I will not put here - that spells that today is the first part of the crossover and perhaps triggering what will be a series of events to come. However, we have yet to see whether is it happening later on or not.

The first part of the crossover details of the MPs from Sabah and Sarawak crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat. This could happening today.

Tomorrow, the ones from Peninsular Malaysia will crossover. There is a high chance that no MCA and MIC people will go over because of clinging to loyalty to Abdullah Badawi.

On Sunday, another 10 BN MPs will crossover.

On Monday, 5 ministers and deputy ministers will announce their crossing over.

On Wednesday - PM could resign.

Next Monday night - Anwar could meet the King to announce the crossovers and new government is formed the next day.

I think that the news yesterday by Anifah Aman is a double-edge sword. It can be real or giving an illusion to the public.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Snippets

Ahmad Ismail

I am little surprised that the man hit back and refused to apologize to the other races for such remarks. To some, some believed if there are people like him that continues to make remarks of 'holier than thou' nature, BN will collapse soon. It indeed lost its identity as a multi-racial party and in its place it is Pakatan Rakyat.

As mentioned, if Najib, being the party whip suspends him, there would not be such hit-back remark as it is right now. Saying such remark again means walking another further step backwards and this warrants another bullet if I am a commissar. If I am to make him taste his own medicine e.g, telling him to go back to Indonesia or Riau, this remark would warrant a lot of ho ha ho ha from other people that says that I insult the other race.

There are better alternatives but an UMNO man like him is quite hard to be convinced of his mistakes since some members keep thinking that he's greater than anyone else. If we can't tell him directly of a mistake, being a good samritan, what else can we do to shake him up?

Pak Samad's Passing

Here, I would like to extend my personal condolences to Kak Ena for Bapak's passing. Her update posting at 5.30 p.m, was quite grim thing and I felt that it really mirrored what happened to my granny - the same thing but hers was just in 4 days.

Actually being 80+ is indeed a blessing from God himself. Perhaps it is good to consider yourself lucky the moment you hit 80 and going on. The average lifespan of a Malaysian is approximately 72 years, but consider 80 as a bonus from God.

Waiting for New Petrol Price

If there is a change of government, the petrol price review per month might not last that long. And the cost of subsidy even becomes worse as the ringgit value drags down to mid-2007. A very bad decision on Budget by Abdullah Badawi. If the ringgit goes the other way round..up instead of down, the import value and subsidy cost of operations could be reduced substantially. This the start of the sign of economic slowdown in Malaysia. Abdullah had too many yes men in his cabinet. Not enough of people who knows economics and practice pragmatism in nation welfare.

Dropping another 15 cents by next month doesn't do much to help alleviate people grievances. If the drop is bigger, say 50 cents, then people will start to cheer.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Apology Not Accepted!

I was at the Wharf watching the NTV 7 news just now and the segment posted a SMS poll of whether people should accept UMNO's apology on behalf of Ahmad Ismail whom many people whacked badly over the apparent racist remarks of the Chinese.

No surprises though as 95 percent of voters said that apology is not accepted even if UMNO offers one. As chief whip, Najib should have suspend or perhaps sack that guy. But then again, I though sacking that guy is over the top.

Anyhow, this joker by the name of Ahmad Ismail should have watched his word and should have not followed the UMNO Johor jokers that said: that non-Malays are unappreciative towards them. Simple common sense is enough to reason this thing out. Where would we go if these ultra-nationalists tell us in the face to 'go back Tong San', go back China or go back to India? But what about they themselves, huh? If the roles are reversed, I can tell them to go back to Indonesia or to Sulu Islands or whatsoever. Isn't that an eye for an eye if such thing happens?

Ahmad Ismail didn't watch his word well. Najib should have suspend that guy. If Zorro puts this guy into the Mexican Gas Chamber as what he used to do to people like Tomboy Azalina, then I'll just put a bullet at that guy. Simple: he just violated Order #227: NOT ONE STEP BACKWARDS!


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