Monday, September 8, 2008

Boy, You Got It All Wrong, Mat!

Ahmad Ismail has gone one more step hopping madness, or sort of. From Malaysiakini: He told the Chinese that they should not follow the American Jews because of ....then it ends up with him tearing the picture of Koh Tsu Koon and screaming Hidup Melayu.

This is a sort a person who lacks the education and the insight to know that what they do hastens the end of their own party. For the sake of the party and in the name of religion - even though they have been misused it for the end, this is how far they would do. They also have forgotten that there would not be things that we have now if not for the success of some famous people. And incidentally, these famous people are American Jews.

My, oh, my the show is over say goodbye! - Madonna - Take A Bow

Boy, you got it wrong! Even if they are Jews, some of these American Jews are among the world's famous and very successful people. If you are telling them not to follow Steven Spielberg, an American Jew, you will not be seeing Jurassic Park or Jaws. There will not be a new generation of filmmakers if we follow that idiot's sayings! If you are telling them not to follow Harrison Ford, a half-Russian American Jew, Han Solo or Indiana Jones doesn't exist at all and people will stare blankly at you if you try to ask them about Star Wars or who the hell is he?

Some of them developed things that save mankind. If you say don't follow Jonas Salk, an American Jew, you don't the polio vaccine. You will not get any Dell computers, Oracle databases, Hepatitis B vaccine, no Levis jeans, no Starbucks, no Dunkin donuts, no Baskin Robbins ice-cream almost nothing if not for them.

Such kind of success has proven that Dr. Farukh Saleem's theory of Why Muslims are Powerless true. The main reason of why people like Ahmad Ismail and the Penang UMNO lag behind is because of the education level - note that there is a stark contrast of the level of achievement between Malays and non-Malays.

If that is not enough, the history of the Muslims, tracing from the years after the Prophet's death was full of bloodshed. What the Prophet had envisioned of tribes living as a people of a single religion turned into tatters. Each of the lives of the Caliphs that replaced the Prophet after his death ended with treachery - killed at the hands of his enemies. The thing of killing one another as if the famous Cain and Abel fable still goes on 1400 years until now. The reason is simple: refusal to accept was it shown in a person's hands.

Suddenly when I start saying some will think why I start talking about religion. Simple, it is not religion but the history even in the religion that allows us to draw the morals out of it for people to learn. UMNO in this state has become like the Irish mob fighting the Five Corners in New York against other groups. Just for a piece of soil, they would fight for it. But that is history and we have already been freed of the past. Just look at the Irish Civil war when we have one side of Catholics fighting against the Protestant British. Dublin vs Belfast. It was over, there's the truce in hand...well.

Gerakan has moved one more step further at this. My buddy Hawkeye told me that they have issued an ultimatum at Dollah Badawi. One more miscalculated move by Ahmad Ismail and BN is history.

Speaking of which, Mat, read that history piece and know that were it not for the success of these people, although they are American Jews, there are things that you would see it today.

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