Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing The Card Called Race

I had a talk at lunchtime with a friend of mine, who admittedly said that there is nothing worthwhile or glorifying by sending a man from Malaysia to space. But as while we are having food, he did raise an interesting subject of what will happen in the next 10 years even before Vision 2020 with this kind of political situation in Malaysia.

I as a non-majority Malaysian together with other loving Malaysians will end up being squeezed by the corrupt people of the Bolehland and the so called UMNO shadow policy of 'Malay Dominance'. I wondered where would I be right now in the society that is ruled by people that has third world mentality. I wondered if we should blame ourselves for picking the wrong person to run Malaysia by choosing Abdullah Badawi in the post-Mahathir period.

The summary of problems in Malaysia: (with help from Malaysiakini)

You have many problems here, judicial, economy, poverty, citizen discomfort and everything. While the public suffered, those in the elite corrupt rich group are the ones that tend to drink the blood money of the people - tax payer's money. Ronnie Liu asked a question the other day, why an F grade contractor who was found to be non pro-government affiliate to be blacklisted? A senator by the name of Puad Zakarshi is an example of a racist man that wants to kick candidates out by the alignment card. Tenders offered should be given to the best of the lot! NOT by race, not by money, not by alignment, but the ability to get the job done.

One bullet named for that guy!

We had a hunch that after Raya, the government might consider increasing the price of petrol, toll and any other things that will tax us a lot in future. Come on. Only once in the Mahathir period that the petrol price went up to 1.42. How many times in Bedol? Thrice! $80 million of tax payer's money were used for sending a man up to space and then tax more from the people?

The Bolehland guys knew that Anwar Ibrahim is free to enter back to the political arena after April 2008, which is why the BN is kind of desperate of throwing a snap election probably by March after the forum meet was delayed. The idea of having a BN rep forum initially scheduled for next Sunday was part to discuss the strategy for election and to counter blogs that can say be posing a threat to the coalition. Blogs are just one side, but opposition is another side too.

Previously, I've mentioned that Malaysia is losing out to other nations in Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia and even India. The main reason is clear: because of the economical policies, some of them are race-based and some are ridiculous. The pure example is the affirmative action policy like NEP. It can be a tool that can benefit or cause injustice to the others. To get a job in Shell or to get a Shell franchise license, I discovered from someone, that the way of selecting candidates is by the unfair quota they set over minorities. When I finished university, I tried applying to Shell, but was rejected in the second round because of that. When it comes to selecting the two finalists, the other third man, an Indian was taken aside in favor of our final two candidates. In jobs, why not RapidKL offer jobs to other people in Malaysia instead of bringing in Indonesian workers and offering them PRs?

Back to economics, Singapore's founding father Harry Lee felt that Malaysia can improve if the economic and social policies are based on meritocracy, disregarding of race and creed. To award the contract or a tender to person who can't do the job but because he's got a special privilege over a person who has a solid reputation of getting it done and correct is to show how ignorance and lack of awareness by the corrupt ministers and officials can plunge Malaysia into an irredeemable abyss.

They have got all the resources. If they would just educate the Chinese and Indians, use them and treat them as their citizens, they can equal us and even do better than us and we would be happy to rejoin them. - Harry Lee
I felt that it is an embarrassment and a disappointment for people who really looked forward to watch Beyonce performing in Malaysia only to have her shooed away by Muslim student groups who make much more excuses in dress code than those in Indonesia. People especially youngsters are much more flexible and no longer strictly rely on the rules of religion. The rules of the religion is just a guide to life and many perceived it to be laws of country. These idiots out there also demonstrated the lack of respect for other people who wanted to go for a concert. The answer is simple: if you don't like, don't go and don't hear. Let the others go, watch and listen. Simple. But instead, the race card was played and the mob mentality was shown by idiots - Idiots who simply think that Wee Ming Chee, who produced the Negarakuku video is mocking them whereas the message conveyed to them is to realize of their mistakes and rectify them. They want to play hero, that's the answer for that.

The solution to counter this racial polarization and the so called 'Malay Dominance Principle' by UMNO and BN that seems to affect every loyal Malaysian is that every other BN component parties join together, stand up and pushing for the change within the ruling condition. The shooting of the idea is somewhat a bullshit response. They have to remind together what BN is actually for. Not by race, but Malaysians - Bangsa Malaysia. A good word from Dr. Toh Kim Woon is the admittance that BN is in this situation - hard to convince them to change for the better. But there are at least three major obstacles in that possible solution:

1. UMNO decides the role of BN Component parties.

2. The MCA and MIC is not doing their job of protecting the interests of non-Malays in Malaysia. All they did is just to acknowledge and kowtow to the edicts and orders of UMNO. No wonder we felt that MCA is just all about cocks!

3. We still remember what the Kerisman warning is all about.

Another bullet named for him!

The world has gone upside down. How on earth are we living as loving Malaysians if the rot continues and the idiots are still running the show badly?


  1. interesting blog.. popping by to say hello!!! feel free to visit thank u!!

  2. Our local ministers are just ignorant. Wat Lee Kuan Yew said is to pay more attention to the minorities in M'sia.... but the minister gave a reply: "We cannot neglect the Malays because the Malays are in the majority" which sounds sickening to me... cause Mr Lee didn't ask them to ignore or neglect..


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