Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nazri - Still In Denial Mode

The Sunday Times has published a three-part interview with the de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz that covers the current judiciary scandal, the Lingam tape, the BAR Council and especially the most important part...bloggers.

The first part literally covers of the bloggers, but given the kind of explanation that he provides, it seems that he does not have more points to support it or he refuses to elaborate more on the questions posed by the reporter.

And know, I would like to cover the interview segment on bloggers; the following are the direct replies by Nazri on the blogging issue. Note: so far there hasn't been a review or a similar analysis by Malaysiakini or so:

1. If there are no newspapers, no blogs, then it is chit-chat at the coffee shop that's all.
2. But because of these technological developments, they are able to chit-chat. To me, it's just chit-chat.
3. Why do you put much importance on these bloggers? You know what rubbish has been written on the blogs?
4. Our bloggers are really not up to the standard. When they put up something, it's not something that they want to discuss in the very much intellectual way.
5. Bloggers don't need to be helped. They are merely throwing rubbish into the blog.

The remarks above shows that Malaysia is in the second option of the three options that the government can act against the online community: suppression, denial and acceptance. By saying that, it means the Bedol government is denying the truth that is spoken out.

The main reason why people blog is that the main stream media is politically controlled and censored heavily. They find it an embarassment to tell the truth to the public, fearing erosion of confidence if there is a report of government misconduct and scandal that could plunge the nation. With that in mind, where else can they go when one of the options is blogging. After all, whatever they pose is does not have to go through government channels.

The more significant point in the first part of the interview is Nazri's boasting that the appeal for the revamp of the judiciary by the people and the BAR Council will fall into deaf ears. This is something that is remarked by a person that doesn't know the law extensively.

Indonesia, a nation that is lacking severely behind Malaysia in all-round aspects is somewhat better on two fronts, which is flexibility, not like those Muslim groups hounding Beyonce. The even declared 27 October as the National Bloggers Day, an event to show appreciation and respect to local bloggers that they believe to contribute much to the nation in decision making process. But when we have these two idiots, Nazri and ZAM running the show, it is no wonder why Malaysia is still lacking behind because of one reason: level of education among the ruling elite is lower than the minority.

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