Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rank 124 of 169, That's Abysmal!

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad once spoke of Vision 2020, in which Malaysia will reach great heights in terms of awareness, education, technology, social and economics. But then, we are now in 2007, and it seems that the statistics shown in each of the 5 aspects above reveals that there is not much of improvement and much has to be done in order to catch up.

Malaysia now ranks 124 of 169 of the World Press Freedom Index of 2007, which is a big drop compared to last year, which we are ranked at 96, the best ever in the space of 5 years. This means that something unexplained has been the cause of the rot in the Abdullah Badawi administration. It was noted in the RSF report that in Malaysia, bloggers are harassed by the high-ranking people including corporate figures and politicians.

Jeff has consented to have all readers get a copy of this report that can be downloaded at his site

There are a few possibilities of why the drop.

1. The spin-doctors of the 4th Floor Putrajaya including the Internal Security Ministry has directed mainstream media not to publish news that are non-pro government, despite it is proven to be a true fact. The fact is not all articles are shown in the mainstream media or some where in fact the inverted version of the truth.

2. The NST top men especially Kalimullah Hassan has filed a lawsuit against top bloggers Jeff and Rocky over defamation, whereas it was discovered that Jeff and Rocky had cracked the code of connection between the three of them and the S.I.L. A pity that Kalimullah is wasting the money of the NST shareholders just as to delay things in the lawsuit.

3. The war between bloggers and politicians including ZAM calling for classification, Nazri Aziz accusing bloggers for spreading slanders, Shaziman Mansor accusing bloggers as snipers and etc..

4. The public was not shown the truth of the judiciary rot , the Lingamtape scandal entirely as this was the orchestrated by the spin-doctors.

5. Mat Tyson Taib had filed a police report over a simple suggestion against RPK and Nathaniel Tan was arrested under the OSA for a supposedly possession of information that could put IGP and Joe Baharom to their knees.

The press law is now obsolete and according to Malaysiakini, few quarters have pressured for the law to be reviewed again to cater the current scenario and age. However, we might want to consider Malaysia as the lesser evil compared to the evils of other nations like China and Burma!

Another reason of why this is because of one key grim fact that I will be discussing in the next posting or so...which compares and analyzes of the level of understanding and education between the Muslims and other races.

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  1. Melvin, Haris and I and a few All Blogs council members will be in Ipoh on 2nd Nov before we proceed to Penang for Malam Bangsa Malaysia on 3rd Nov. We intend to march up to the EC office in Ipoh. If you can, help mobilise and keep in touch with People's Parliament for updates.


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