Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is Anwar Ibrahim Behind The 8-Ball?

Former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim has only until tomorrow to hand over the complete 14 minute video that features the whistle-blowers of the Lingamtape to the ACA men. Despite clear cut assurance earlier from the month stating the edited 8-minute footage is deemed authentic by forensic experts brought in for authentication purposes, the ACA still believes that the copy is not convincing enough to say that the guy in the video is VK Lingam and the person he is talking to is Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz.

Now who the hell actually says that the edited video is insufficient? ACA Director Ahmad Said Hamdan? Special officer Chua Lay Choo? Or even Sazali Salbi, the chief men who visited Anwar yesterday? Let's rule Sazali out for he was acting on orders from the above. Above, who would that be?

As of just now, at 4.45 p.m, as according to a Malaysiakini article, Anwar has declared that he will not give that copy to the guys. A posting at his blog has requested people to show up at his office tomorrow morning at 10.30 a.m. to show protest and solidarity at the ACA men. The thing is that he is threatened of arrest under Section 22 of the ACA act 1997.

So now, Anwar is actually behind the 8-ball. There is a dilemma right now. The reasoning for refusing to hand over the video is simplified to a few factors:
  1. The assurance of protection of whistle-blowers of the Lingam tape by Nazri and the government is insufficient. Currently, there is no Witness Protection Act gazetted in the Constituition.
  2. The panel assigned to investigate the video is not trustworthy because Haidar Mohd. Noor is directly involved in the Salleh Abas sacking in 1988.
  3. There is a chance where the AG and the ACA and the ISM might dismiss the case immediately after viewing the footage, deeming it a forge. Then they might destroy the footage.
On the other hand, if Anwar doesn't hand it, he is risking a 2-year jail term and possibly being barred for another 5 years from politics. If he hands it though, he can contest in elections should there is a possibility that the election might possibly be postponed to say June 2008. This is taken to account to the fact that the at that time, the buzz and reaction of people from the price hikes would take about six months before it dies down.

I want to point the third point significantly mentioned just now.

That is what the ACA is likely to do behind our backs, without our attention. If that doesn't seem to be convincing, remember what happened to the three police offers who were charged for falsifying the reports / statements / framing the IGP. To some who knows about this, the ACA cannot be trusted right now because of that. Inspector Nordin Ahmad is the example of a victim of retribution by certain people who were angered by the fact that he figured the connection between higher authorities and the underworld.

Image by Mob's Crib

The catch line for them now is that if you squeal at the high and mighty, you will pay for it.

The Sun today reports another two more officers were charged for false statements. In truth, it is the other way round, sending the wrong message to the people, the public, and the readers. As you might be aware of, one of the two officers charged, ASP Hong is also involved together with Nordin in compiling information, testimonials and proofs that the top men including deputy ISM Joe Baharom and IGP Musa Hassan were paid by the underworld. An obviously, the businessman that is mentioned is the kingpin of Johor, running rackets and others known by some as the "Tengku".

The reason above is that the ACA turned the information of the profilers over to the higher authorities and the parties involve, which involves the people arrested. To keep a hush and sweep under the carpet, the turned the charges around them.

Now many people know that the independent panel and the ACA cannot be trusted right now, which is why the BAR and certain NGOs are pushing for a Royal Commission. Indirectly, this shows that the people are losing confidence of the Abdullah Badawi administration. At this time, it is unlikely there will be a snap election given of this situation.

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