Thursday, October 11, 2007

What's Worth of $80 Million?

Yeah, of course Malaysia has made history with its first participant going up to space yesterday. The launch to space was broadcast live on national TV and hey, even Malaysiakini yesterday.

Today's mainstream media papers seem to glorify that event in the main page instead of paying attention to covering what is important in Malaysia. On the other hand, some perceive that having that thing is to divert the reader and people's attention from looking into problems brewing inside here that can cause loss of confidence - crisis of confidence that is.

If you read some of the main stream articles from the Star, NST and other dailies like Bernama, you can find that the feeling of the writers glorifying the event and it will take your eyes away from the naked truth for this. Reading it the second time and again can give you the impression already.

But to send someone to space at the price of $80 million ringgit is somewhat a waste of public tax payer's money. Perhaps many have forgotten of the price tag and many think that funding comes from the national treasury. And that is indeed wrong. People have been misled. Spending $80 million alone to send a person up is not something that can be deemed as greatest achievements. Instead, spending $80 million to get a crew of Malaysian engineers building a spacecraft to go up to space is much more appropriate and better way to say a great achievement in the history of Malaysia.

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$80 million of TAX PAYER's money used on this?

That's another example of mismanagement of the money by the Abdullah Badawi administration that people trusted them a lot in the previous general elections. Earlier, they've got a rap from PAC and the A-G - not Abdul Gani Patail - for handling the money at the wrong hand.

What is actually worth $80 million to a person?

$80 million can actually be used to do good. If I am in the shoes of people who are concerned with the welfare of Malaysia or a good Samaritan for example, I would use the money to either support top orphanages, maybe build temples for our fellow Chinese and Indian Malaysians or perhaps help the poor people i ways like education or getting them a decent place to stay. Why? Simple: they are being ignored and it seems clearly that the others are by the race-cards that UMNO wields in every macro economy policy or development policies that are in Malaysia.

Example: What is the ratio of mosques vs temples? or Why is Khir Toyo happily declaring that Selangor is the first halal state in Malaysia?

The sad thing here is that while the poor and the minority suffered, the fat corrupt pigs and those who lived by the 'Malay Dominance' principle are the ones that are walking away scott free. They tend to drink and live by the blood money of the public.

Pet names for bullets, perhaps?

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