Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Production Day Disrupted

I came to office today keen to continue my work yesterday, but things took a bad turn today.

In the morning, the entire department could not access the server hosting the MSSQL database. I thought it was got to do with the expiry of license period and just fixing it by changing dates. But when I traced the error logs into the system, I found out something more horrifying than before.

The error code 5180 of the database indicates that the master database in the SQL Server has been corrupted. The database serves as the registry of databases for the server and cannot be removed from the server. As a result, we all could not access the bug tracking system until late evening.

I had to move the database of the bug tracking program to the secondary server as a temporary measure and it took me close to 5.30 to get the thing done. One hour was spent on restoring the data for the system and it was something I wished it did not happen. I think it explained why I did not get any testing results for the Search Agent program that I worked yesterday. I think the database was corrupted, which explains it. Strangely though it works at the home machine.

Tomorrow will be another hectic day for me. I will need to restore the database integrity in the main database server. Seems like the work will require me to drop the previous work given and work on doing that as soon as possible. But I wonder where has that thing gone wrong?

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