Monday, October 22, 2007

Internet Marketing Bootcamp

I didn't have time to write posts over here, as I was attending the Asia Internet Marketing Bootcamp downtown last weekend.

I really wanted to make extra money to support my current income rather than depending on financial support from relatives or family members. Unfortunately, I had no idea of how to do so as there was no one to tell me the pitfalls and the right approach in doing that thing.

I felt my feet warm and decided to go for the course, sponsoring myself for that. It may costs a lot of money (after rate conversion to Ringgit) but it's worth the experience and it really gave me a sense of renewal to take the shot again!

So I was there the whole two days in Mariott Hotel in a conference room, listening, taking notes and paying attention to what the I.M guru said. Of course there's breaks but on the first day the internet connection there was a letdown. The routers were down and things got delayed until the service is back. Eventually, we had to use a line connection in place of a wireless.

Everyone was shown through how to set up a blog...shame on you government dinosaurs, being an Amazon affiliate and the bolts and nuts of webpage. But I won't go more - as part of the pack - and it is up to you to find out yourself.

All the while, it was a worthy two-day experience there.

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