Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Judicial Crisis Scoreline: People 1 Government 0

In the match called the judiciary crisis, the match between the people and the government kicked off with the people scoring the first blood.

At 7.10 p.m, the conference of Rulers have rejected Ahmad Fairuz's request for extension by another six months. This means that Fairuz will have the mandatory retirement by tomorrow.

A check on the mainstream dailies in regards to this matter at this time of writing shows there is a media blackout on this matter. NST, The Star, Bernama, Sun...none has it reporting.

Next two moves:

The government is planning to even the score by having UMNO judge Zaki Azmi to take over the vacant post of Chief Justice. But the thing is that he is party adviser for UMNO meaning that he might have a partisan view for UMNO.

The lawyers are planning a boycott against the judiciary, according to Malaysiakini. An interesting remark by them is that Bedol is not interested in cleaning the mess, based on the analysis of the keynote speech delivered at the law conference.

There is a likelihood that given the scenarios of BERSIH march on the 10th of November and the delivery of transparent boxes to state election commissions, it seems that the election might be held as sooner as possible which is 25th November. All that remains for that to come is the announcement by Abdullah at the UMNO assembly and the king's consent.

The king must decide in whether to consent in dissolving the Parliament in order for the elections to roll in. However, he has the power to decide whether to reject, accept or postpone to a further notice (still under 5 years) the recommendation to dissolve Parliament. If he decides on rejecting or delaying it, it still considers as third goal of the match.

Who will score the next two goals?
Or what will be the next scoreline?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cell War: ISM and CCID vs ACA and CID

CCID chief Ramli Yusof today broke silence revealing that he was the man that the ACA is investigating over the allegation that he had assets of $27 million undeclared. Today, he produced a three page statement made to the press declaring that the police and the ACA had failed to give solid protection to whistle-blowers who provide information in beating the numbers and gambling scandal in Johor which led to the current banishment and arrest of the kingpin of Johor, Goh Cheng Poh @ The Tengku.

Yes, this news was already out with the report by RPK saying that there is a connection between the underworld and the police department months before the event arrives at last here. And it is in this case inside that setups the close attempt whereby deputy Internal Security Minister Joe Baharom was allegedly offered a $5 million bribe and cleared by the AG. So it is true, Joe and CCID are trying to figure out the connection between a police cell echelon and underworld, and in the end, Ramli and his subordinates ended up as the victim of the beat.

A check on the dailies on this scope shows that the mainstream media has a blackout on this, except for the Sun (the only one that covers it) and of course the independent online daily Malaysiakini.

One part of the three page statement released by Ramli confirms our suspicions from the beginning. The ACA had gone probing for the identities of whistle blowers who provide information on the underworld activities. The confidentiality has been blown off, when they tracked them and obtained their statements. This is done by circumventing the standard standing orders of the Inspector General. Who would order for the location and targeting of witnesses? According to the rank of protocols, the rank of director of ACA, is higher than the IGP, meaning that Ahmad Said Hamdan can overrule certain decisions made by Musa Hassan. Does that mean that this was the factor?

Which leads to several arrests of CCID officers last week.

The confirmation is there: ACA has flouted the law to obtain identities of those who had sworn to secrecy. So this explains why the other CID department and possibly, those who are arrested knew who are those people who provided the information and who is digging around for information for capture. Which is why, nobody right now would want to co-operate with them including those whistle-blowers of the Lingam tape scandal. Because of one reason: no protection. The admittance by Ramli is that the police had failed to protect them and his officers.

When the identities got out, some quarters who invert statements and used against the officers investigating them, which of course I would say our three men, ASP Hong, DSP Bahrain and Inspector Nordin Ahmad. And according to Ramli, his lawyer, Rosli Dahlan was also arrested by the other police cell and the ACA for CBT before Raya.

You see, The Tengku is first, according to the knowledge of some informants and profiling by the CCID / ISM, the kingpin of Johor; he owns several Magnum 4D shops in Johor and secondly, he is one of the right hand men of the "Godfather". If this man is captured, everything would be done, to finding the right person to secure the release of the man out. And "Godfather" has many connections...well known connections. When the word gets out that the names of people trying to put him down, he would hit back, and false accusations against the three officers is one of the retribution acts executed.

In the statement, Ramli is acting on orders by the Internal Security Ministry, which is run by Joe Baharom and Abdullah Badawi but these two men never meet each other to face. The three officers are acting under him. Now, the CID and the ACA are acting under the allegations by the Tengku that CCID misused their powers. Now, it's kind of a tag team match between these two cells. Seems like a rift to me, but Musa Hassan, claims there isn't.

So this is indeed matches what I'm been repeat quoting over the last few days: if you squeal at the high and mighty, you will pay for it.

Strangely, Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today were barred from the press conference. Maybe they knew too much and wanted the mainstream media to have the share of the coverage, which they hadn't.

Another reason why Bolehland government is still rotting now. AAB still isn't doing his job!

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Truth As A Ploy?

The Bolehland government still continues to deny things although there are some things out there that is indeed the truth as if wants to keep things under a carpet and hush hoping that nobody will notice.

The first thing is the judiciary crisis right now. Former Lord President and Perak Sultan Azlan Shah has today admitted that the current crisis has triggered erosion of public confidence in the system. This indeed concurs with Tun Suffian's statement that if given the current situation, he will not go to a trial even though there is a strong conviction that a person is innocent. It is merely because the trial has been rigged according to political pressure.

Unfortunately, this admission was shot down by de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz himself, with the line from the news: We are looking from the summit of a mountain but they are looking from their eye point of view. are still blind. You better quit. That's strike two.

On the other hand, yes, as what Malaysiakini reported, the probe by the 3 man panel has been completed, but frankly, nobody feels that they will accept the report because of the constraints that are placed on the panel including witness security, something that fell short.

Secondly, I still cannot understand whether if the ACA is playing games with Anwar Ibrahim over the handing over of the Lingam tape. Anwar personally waited for the three men to come and collect it only to receive a call that the meet got cancelled. The next day, ACA said that Anwar did hand over the video as demanded. Is Ahmad Said Hamdan playing a game of chicken with Anwar? There is a report by Jeffrey Kitingan that Hamdan is paid money by Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman over hush hush with the state police head in title reward, which means that it is likely a game of chicken. The ACA is looking at the wrong end of the investigation, which is looking for exposers rather than the guilty one. Fool. How will the public co-operate over this matter?

Let's recall the recent arrests of the officers, ASP Hong, DSP Bahrain, Inspector Nordin Ahmad, etc.. All three of them worked under CCID headed by Ramli Yusuff. What they have uncovered is the shocking truth that involves the higher echelons and those who walked the corridors of power. They have figured out the puzzle and instead they are charged by false statements by witnesses, victims of a something they intend to expose. To them they are being told of the message: if you squeal about the high and mighty, you will pay. Those responsible are desperate to cover the truth, which is why I've mentioned that Ramli Yusuff is in deep trouble over this frame-up. Truth as a ploy by opposition? Not for me.

Is everything that is the truth all the time points to the opposition? Not all of them. Some are discovered by truth, some are spoken out by those who cannot tolerate injustices anymore. And yet, the opposition is constantly accused for saying that. When will ZAM learn of knowing the right person who says that? The media is playing spin-doctors, meaning certain words will present the wrong identity and sending the wrong message to the people. Now at least I understand why the Star never uses V.K Lingam instead using "prominent lawyer". Mainly to avoid a repeat of the October 29 1987 thing, post Ops-Lalang.

They can't hide the truth sooner or later. They are now facing public anger over the possible prospect of price hikes and this together with the current problems that they are facing mean that the election will have to be put on hold until middle next year at least. By that time, they might not be able to stop Anwar from competing, if he gets the chance unless they figure out various dirty tricks in their sleeves.

Ramli The Partisan Speaker

Former Perak chief minister Ramli Ngah Talib, currently the Dewan Rakyat speaker seems to be a person tilting to the BN alignment.

Last week, he had rejected twice the motion by the opposition to discuss the Lingam tape that currently affects the judiciary system in Malaysia. The decision by Ramli too was slammed by the human rights watchdog SUARAM as well.

Saying not urgent or technical reason as an excuse is actually unacceptable. As a Speaker, you must give allowances to both sides, opposition and pro-government to discuss their points. By doing so, this shows that Ramli is a partisan of the pro-alliance. Let's consider the fact that he too was an pro-alliance MB during the 90s. Secondly, it shows that the pro-alliance is monopolizing the parliament as well.

During the ear-squat scandal that hit the police force, Ramli also rejected calls to have the motion discussed in the Parliament. And the recent PKFZ scandal motion to be discussed in the parliament was also rejected by him. Why? Why? The 4.6 billion bill, which ballooned is public tax-payer money. Not ministers money, not politicians money, not government money.

There are countless of rejections of motions to be discussed, motions that could affect the integrity of the nation, and Ramli chose to turn a blind eye of it? Is he politcally pressured by his ex-BN men there? If he is put in that scenario, it seems that the BN wants to keep those things hush hush.

There has been a call shown in a Malaysiakini letter, in which I concur that Ramli should quit.
But I feel a bit strange from the kind of reaction that Ramli posed when he noticed that not many MPs showing up today, and berating the absentees for not showing up for debates or so.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nazri - Still In Denial Mode

The Sunday Times has published a three-part interview with the de facto Law Minister Nazri Aziz that covers the current judiciary scandal, the Lingam tape, the BAR Council and especially the most important part...bloggers.

The first part literally covers of the bloggers, but given the kind of explanation that he provides, it seems that he does not have more points to support it or he refuses to elaborate more on the questions posed by the reporter.

And know, I would like to cover the interview segment on bloggers; the following are the direct replies by Nazri on the blogging issue. Note: so far there hasn't been a review or a similar analysis by Malaysiakini or so:

1. If there are no newspapers, no blogs, then it is chit-chat at the coffee shop that's all.
2. But because of these technological developments, they are able to chit-chat. To me, it's just chit-chat.
3. Why do you put much importance on these bloggers? You know what rubbish has been written on the blogs?
4. Our bloggers are really not up to the standard. When they put up something, it's not something that they want to discuss in the very much intellectual way.
5. Bloggers don't need to be helped. They are merely throwing rubbish into the blog.

The remarks above shows that Malaysia is in the second option of the three options that the government can act against the online community: suppression, denial and acceptance. By saying that, it means the Bedol government is denying the truth that is spoken out.

The main reason why people blog is that the main stream media is politically controlled and censored heavily. They find it an embarassment to tell the truth to the public, fearing erosion of confidence if there is a report of government misconduct and scandal that could plunge the nation. With that in mind, where else can they go when one of the options is blogging. After all, whatever they pose is does not have to go through government channels.

The more significant point in the first part of the interview is Nazri's boasting that the appeal for the revamp of the judiciary by the people and the BAR Council will fall into deaf ears. This is something that is remarked by a person that doesn't know the law extensively.

Indonesia, a nation that is lacking severely behind Malaysia in all-round aspects is somewhat better on two fronts, which is flexibility, not like those Muslim groups hounding Beyonce. The even declared 27 October as the National Bloggers Day, an event to show appreciation and respect to local bloggers that they believe to contribute much to the nation in decision making process. But when we have these two idiots, Nazri and ZAM running the show, it is no wonder why Malaysia is still lacking behind because of one reason: level of education among the ruling elite is lower than the minority.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ringgit To Hit 3.00 by 1st Quarter 2008?

Bernama has reported that the ringgit has a high probability of hitting a 3.00 mark against the U.S dollar by the first quarter of 2008. The number one reason is likely because of the credit crunch at the U.S and the dollar has reached the record low against the euro.

The fact of the ringgit is still languishing behind the Sing dollar still remains a point unacceptable. If the MAS - Monetary Authority of Singapore puts a heavy intervention on the strength of the currency, there is still a chance of the ringgit to reduce its undervalue, currently at 21%.

But then ex-political secretary for Mahathir, Matthias Chang has warned that the U.S dollar is likely to end up with zero value, in other words holding paper money in the next few years, with the possibility of financial chaos to begin somewhere around 2009. This has been predicted by many financial experts particularly Clemen Chiang.

From that, it is a domino effect, it leads to chaos across the world.

Has Malaysia been preparing for the scenario, the worst case scenario? From the interviews with the Central Bank, there is but I find that there is more work cut out to prepare for this scenario, that is unless the Bedol administration is willing to accept the fact and stop their political blickering.

Internet Line Blues Again!

I'm writing this from a cafe. The home wireless internet line is down again.

Not sure what went wrong, but I will try again to have the line back on the latest by midnight.


Friday, October 26, 2007

I Expect An Apology!

Hari Raya is one of the days in Muslim culture where a person seeks forgiveness of all his sins from the father and mother. It does coincide with one of the Ten Commandments - Honor Thy Mother and Father.

On 22nd October, a pro-government MP by the name of Badruddin Amiruldin has called Karpal Singh, an opposition MP - "Now you sitting on a wheelchair. God has punished you."

I really find that this remark covers every disabled Malaysian in Malaysia as if they are being punished for their sins. But I imagine of what about those who got struck by polio by their young age. Take Dr. Chandra Muzaffar an example. A successful analyst who holds a Ph.d despite bound to wheelchair due to polio. How about Roosevelt, who became one of the most successful US Presidents in history despite being struck by polio?

The world has witnessed successful people despite being handicapped. Ray Charles is an example of a successful musician despite being blind. My office colleague Shafiri is a first-degree holder and holds a job despite being blind. Why did this man make that remark so offending to disabled citizens in Malaysia?

One of the traditional Malay culture principals that the elders impart to the young is to respect the elderly and the disabled. It seems that this man has forgotten or old habits die hard, after all, Maaf Zahir Batin is being used already during Raya.

I wonder what happens to my 85-year old man who was to rely on a wheelchair at times when he goes out. I appreciated that there are some good Samaritans that are willing to give space for the disabled to go without left behind for an extended period of time. At the Hari Raya open house, there are some elderly are given preference because of their disabilities and age.

Like many out there who have disabled friends or family members, Badaruddin Amirluddin will have to show his face and apologize to every disabled person. Because, if he doesn't, expect people not to vote for him or jeer him everytime we hear him in the news.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is Anwar Ibrahim Behind The 8-Ball?

Former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim has only until tomorrow to hand over the complete 14 minute video that features the whistle-blowers of the Lingamtape to the ACA men. Despite clear cut assurance earlier from the month stating the edited 8-minute footage is deemed authentic by forensic experts brought in for authentication purposes, the ACA still believes that the copy is not convincing enough to say that the guy in the video is VK Lingam and the person he is talking to is Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz.

Now who the hell actually says that the edited video is insufficient? ACA Director Ahmad Said Hamdan? Special officer Chua Lay Choo? Or even Sazali Salbi, the chief men who visited Anwar yesterday? Let's rule Sazali out for he was acting on orders from the above. Above, who would that be?

As of just now, at 4.45 p.m, as according to a Malaysiakini article, Anwar has declared that he will not give that copy to the guys. A posting at his blog has requested people to show up at his office tomorrow morning at 10.30 a.m. to show protest and solidarity at the ACA men. The thing is that he is threatened of arrest under Section 22 of the ACA act 1997.

So now, Anwar is actually behind the 8-ball. There is a dilemma right now. The reasoning for refusing to hand over the video is simplified to a few factors:
  1. The assurance of protection of whistle-blowers of the Lingam tape by Nazri and the government is insufficient. Currently, there is no Witness Protection Act gazetted in the Constituition.
  2. The panel assigned to investigate the video is not trustworthy because Haidar Mohd. Noor is directly involved in the Salleh Abas sacking in 1988.
  3. There is a chance where the AG and the ACA and the ISM might dismiss the case immediately after viewing the footage, deeming it a forge. Then they might destroy the footage.
On the other hand, if Anwar doesn't hand it, he is risking a 2-year jail term and possibly being barred for another 5 years from politics. If he hands it though, he can contest in elections should there is a possibility that the election might possibly be postponed to say June 2008. This is taken to account to the fact that the at that time, the buzz and reaction of people from the price hikes would take about six months before it dies down.

I want to point the third point significantly mentioned just now.

That is what the ACA is likely to do behind our backs, without our attention. If that doesn't seem to be convincing, remember what happened to the three police offers who were charged for falsifying the reports / statements / framing the IGP. To some who knows about this, the ACA cannot be trusted right now because of that. Inspector Nordin Ahmad is the example of a victim of retribution by certain people who were angered by the fact that he figured the connection between higher authorities and the underworld.

Image by Mob's Crib

The catch line for them now is that if you squeal at the high and mighty, you will pay for it.

The Sun today reports another two more officers were charged for false statements. In truth, it is the other way round, sending the wrong message to the people, the public, and the readers. As you might be aware of, one of the two officers charged, ASP Hong is also involved together with Nordin in compiling information, testimonials and proofs that the top men including deputy ISM Joe Baharom and IGP Musa Hassan were paid by the underworld. An obviously, the businessman that is mentioned is the kingpin of Johor, running rackets and others known by some as the "Tengku".

The reason above is that the ACA turned the information of the profilers over to the higher authorities and the parties involve, which involves the people arrested. To keep a hush and sweep under the carpet, the turned the charges around them.

Now many people know that the independent panel and the ACA cannot be trusted right now, which is why the BAR and certain NGOs are pushing for a Royal Commission. Indirectly, this shows that the people are losing confidence of the Abdullah Badawi administration. At this time, it is unlikely there will be a snap election given of this situation.

A Cure For The Sick

I am down with flu right now, in which I had to take a medical leave today.

At least there's a video that can make a person laugh. This was taken back in 2002. Enjoy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Asia Internet Congress 2007

Just to inform you readers who might drop by that you could be interested in participating the Asia Internet Congress 2007 that is going to be held in Singapore next month, 28-30.

Three days there, with the first day is entirely devoted for newbies and there are expert professionals there to show you from start to finish of getting your basics up.

Visit this site from time to time:

Internet Marketing Bootcamp

I didn't have time to write posts over here, as I was attending the Asia Internet Marketing Bootcamp downtown last weekend.

I really wanted to make extra money to support my current income rather than depending on financial support from relatives or family members. Unfortunately, I had no idea of how to do so as there was no one to tell me the pitfalls and the right approach in doing that thing.

I felt my feet warm and decided to go for the course, sponsoring myself for that. It may costs a lot of money (after rate conversion to Ringgit) but it's worth the experience and it really gave me a sense of renewal to take the shot again!

So I was there the whole two days in Mariott Hotel in a conference room, listening, taking notes and paying attention to what the I.M guru said. Of course there's breaks but on the first day the internet connection there was a letdown. The routers were down and things got delayed until the service is back. Eventually, we had to use a line connection in place of a wireless.

Everyone was shown through how to set up a blog...shame on you government dinosaurs, being an Amazon affiliate and the bolts and nuts of webpage. But I won't go more - as part of the pack - and it is up to you to find out yourself.

All the while, it was a worthy two-day experience there.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Oil Price Hike: Where Will We Be?

DCA Minister Shafie Apdal said on Thursday that an oil price hike is imminent given the fact that the latest crude oil prices has spiked up to $90 per barrel, given of the demand by the U.S in facing its winter season and the current face off between the Turks and the renegade Kurds at the border town of Turkey-Iraq.

This will be the fourth time in four years in the Abdullah Badawi administration that the government has raised the price of oil given the fact that the amount of subsidies forked out by Petronas and the government themselves ballooned according to the latest price of crude oil. To most of us, it means more money has to be forked out for food and transportation, the core two needs that a working man will have to pay out for. There is also a possibility, according to Petronas CEO Hassan Merican that Malaysia could be a net importer of oil by 2010 if the demand of oil increases 4 percent each year until 2010.

A Malaysiakini comment has clearly spelt out of what is to be expected in the next six months. Just be prepared for the worst has come. Secondly, with this scenario, the possibility of throwing general elections to stop Anwar Ibrahim, particularly cannot be done by this year itself.

A question is borne out of this scenario: with the price of oil going up, which are path we going to pick? The path of the common man, or the path towards better quality of living?

The Common Man's Path

To a common working-class man working in Malaysia, fuel hike means had to squeeze some more of necessity usage for use of food and transportation. And this can be a domino effect to their daily routine. Eventually it would builds up to creating more stress and tension to a person so much, if uncontrolled, it could destroy what is inside of a human being.

Just imagine, had the price of fuel remain at the price of before 2002, people do not have to pay that much to enjoy a bowl of noodles, regardless of anywhere we stay in Malaysia. Let's say back in 1999, the price of a bowl of noodles is at $2.80, in 2008, the price could be at $3.80 or so. The inflation rate is $1.00 per 10 years. Right now, just imagine what can you do if you can save $1.00 out of the price above? You can use it for other purposes such as accumulated savings for future use or something else you can name for yourself.

Some may blame the price hike of oil at oil players like those at Haliburton, NYME and investors for being greedy and speculative. You can say that those big fat rich men enjoyed the riches after playing the mercantile market, reaping the big profits while the others suffer. Are we going to result to being Mr. Payback, a vigilante fighting for a common man or calling for Michael Moore to save the day? Elite capitalism?

Back to the Malaysian context, the ex-journalist whom I met at Hari Raya Open House the other day pointed fingers at Mohamad Yackop for the problems of limited growth of Malaysia economy. He accused the government for not being proactive in improving the economy, saying that the progress was hampered by some ridiculous policies especially the NEP. He also poked a question at Yackop himself: The Sing dollar value is 2.3 times more than the ringgit, which is about 22% undervalued than the value before the pre-Asian financial crisis but worth 1.5 against the dollar. Why has no effort be done to strengthened the ringgit? The ringgit should be at $2.92 against the dollar right now (in his words) And Yackop's answer was just one line: Let the market decide.

To him, it was an answer that he could not accept. A common man would be convinced that having a strong ringgit would reduce the cost of imports of various products, including oil. Coupled with reduced tariffs - sure, I would be spending $263 against $302 to buy a barrel of oil. Imagine the amount of savings per barrel, $40! I can use $40 for other things....!

The next person he poked at is Shafie Apdal with another question, why all things go up but nothing has gone down? Shouldn't there be a review of price for people to enjoy? Shafie never answered the his disappointment.

Well, looking at the common man's perspective has many points, and the conclusion is that the government's failure to go more proactive approach in improving the economy, not relying on FDI and Economic Corridors and other things is dragging the people's feet down.

But have you look at the other side of the coin?

The Path of Better Quality of Living

I had a dinner chat with a schoolmate of mine during my secondary school days yesterday over this matter, and he seems to prove a point, with an aim to help people going towards a better quality of life, in terms of how society progresses into a better one, in context of reaching the Vision 2020 goal.

Have we look at how Singapore people had a higher quality of living than we do? If yes, the answer is because that the government is constantly encouraging them to stand on both of their feet. Sadly, this is what many people are unaware of: the government is trying to get them not to rely on them any much longer. The truth is subsidies, when viewed at a long run can be a crutch, shortcut that people would cling on. Imagine the amount of subsidies, if taken off can be used to other things for development. For example, according to my friend who stayed in UK for four months, the card machine there still uses a magnetic stripe card, whereas in Malaysia, we have the privilege of using a chip-based card. At least a billion ringgit has been spent for the financial sector as to improve productivity in financial services...with unused subsidies!

Perhaps this also encourages people to be more aggressive in achieving success in business without assistance. You see that almost every Singaporean at least owns a high-end level of a car and at least an apartment on their own, without government assistance to help them. This is because of that methodology that their government introduced...self-sufficient, self-reliance to achieve better good.

Inevitably, prices go up and up and it never goes down at all. Let's take a look comparing the price in 1993 and as of now. Sure, it went up, but what is the probability or a better question, how many occasions do we see prices going down? I mean, we are talking of consumerism here!

Now, in the current situation, is Malaysia prepared to take better path of living or merely sticking back to the common man's path? It seems that given the population status and average of amount they earn, we are still clinging onto the common man's path.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rank 124 of 169, That's Abysmal!

Former premier Mahathir Mohamad once spoke of Vision 2020, in which Malaysia will reach great heights in terms of awareness, education, technology, social and economics. But then, we are now in 2007, and it seems that the statistics shown in each of the 5 aspects above reveals that there is not much of improvement and much has to be done in order to catch up.

Malaysia now ranks 124 of 169 of the World Press Freedom Index of 2007, which is a big drop compared to last year, which we are ranked at 96, the best ever in the space of 5 years. This means that something unexplained has been the cause of the rot in the Abdullah Badawi administration. It was noted in the RSF report that in Malaysia, bloggers are harassed by the high-ranking people including corporate figures and politicians.

Jeff has consented to have all readers get a copy of this report that can be downloaded at his site

There are a few possibilities of why the drop.

1. The spin-doctors of the 4th Floor Putrajaya including the Internal Security Ministry has directed mainstream media not to publish news that are non-pro government, despite it is proven to be a true fact. The fact is not all articles are shown in the mainstream media or some where in fact the inverted version of the truth.

2. The NST top men especially Kalimullah Hassan has filed a lawsuit against top bloggers Jeff and Rocky over defamation, whereas it was discovered that Jeff and Rocky had cracked the code of connection between the three of them and the S.I.L. A pity that Kalimullah is wasting the money of the NST shareholders just as to delay things in the lawsuit.

3. The war between bloggers and politicians including ZAM calling for classification, Nazri Aziz accusing bloggers for spreading slanders, Shaziman Mansor accusing bloggers as snipers and etc..

4. The public was not shown the truth of the judiciary rot , the Lingamtape scandal entirely as this was the orchestrated by the spin-doctors.

5. Mat Tyson Taib had filed a police report over a simple suggestion against RPK and Nathaniel Tan was arrested under the OSA for a supposedly possession of information that could put IGP and Joe Baharom to their knees.

The press law is now obsolete and according to Malaysiakini, few quarters have pressured for the law to be reviewed again to cater the current scenario and age. However, we might want to consider Malaysia as the lesser evil compared to the evils of other nations like China and Burma!

Another reason of why this is because of one key grim fact that I will be discussing in the next posting or so...which compares and analyzes of the level of understanding and education between the Muslims and other races.

G-Mail: Biggest Space Ever

I was alerted by Jeff via his post today that Google Mail has officially increased its standard user mailbox size to 3.6 GB for free to everybody.

I only signed up for G-Mail since late April and I was astonished of the initial size given - 2.8 GB given.

This was part of Google's Infinity+1 plan that is the size keeps expanding as time goes on.

The size is about twice more than Yahoo or Hotmail mailbox capacity.

Maybe I made the right choice after all!

Wikimapia - A hybrid of Google Maps?

Just now, I was introduced to Wikimapia by my dad. According to Wikipedia on this tool, it is a combination of Google Earth coupled together with a marking tool that allows a user to create a landmark (point of interest for people to see.)

The model remains free meaning that any person can come and add as they please.

Now here's a screenshot that I've taken - a bird's eye view of my Ipoh house using the tool in conjunction with Screencapture.

Justify FullThe bottom square is the OMPH church whereas the house is just above the crosshair inside the picture.

It is also possible to slap an HTML code to the blog. Select Wikimapia > Map To Your Page, drag and resize your desired mark. The code is there for you to copy and paste here.

You would find later that my blog has added something new...worth to try.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Election, but When?

Yes, there is a clear speculation that the next general elections are coming around the corner. But the question remains of when it is likely to be held.

The first sign of election is coming soon is that there is an UMNO assembly from 7-9 November which is likely to discuss of postponing of party elections for the sake of this. The second sign is that there is a one-day forum that includes all BN MPs and state assemblymen all in one roof, a postponed meet that was delayed at the very last minute.

Interestingly, as according to RPK, the BN has upped the ante for the next general election. Their main aim is to achieve victory, zero opposition, meaning a clean sweep of 219 parliamentary seats and a total sweep of state seats. Their focus is likely on Kelantan and Terangganu with the former more attention as they wanted to regain the state that fell to PAS hands since 1990. Johor is a unique exception for it is the only state in Malaysia to achieve clean sweep in the past election - of course UMNO originated from Johor!

In this case, they are preparing to play dirty together with the Election Commission. As part of the BN's double helix program called Blue Wave and Zero Opposition, the commission has moved voters, foreign voters from elsewhere into key states like Sabah, and the Eastern Peninsular. If that is not enough, in Perak, this is also the case. The case in point is that 5159 out of 8463 voters are added to the total number of eligible voters for the Ipoh Timur Parliamentary seat. Clearly, the BN want to cash Lim Kit Siang out, with part of it is due to the fact that BN lost Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat and some seats to the DAP. And I am caught inside it because I am one of the 8463 new voters of Ipoh Timur!

So you can see that the election is rigged. Coupled with the black boxes where votes are kept. Who knows that the box can be swapped for another box somewhere else?

Now back to the dates. As Big Pete further added, the dates of elections are auspicious ones because Bedol had got the consultation from a feng shui master. Funny? No, for it was the same man who suggested March 21 2004 as the election date.

The dates suggested were either 25 November, 15 December and 15 March 2008 (March of Ides, anyone?). I don't really know whether 15 March is a good date or not, for on this date many things happened like Caesar's assassination, the abdication of the Nicholas II and so on.

At least we get to be relieved that a report by Malaysiakini states that election is unlikely to be held by this year. Simple, the MCA and Gerakan are not ready to put their minds into election. Maybe it's after Chinese New Year, then it is likely AAB is going to throw a snap election. But then, to dissolve a Parliament requires consent of the king. The king has the right to defer or say no if the 5 year term is not up yet. But the BN is pressuring the king for consent.

Simple thinking:

1. They know Anwar Ibrahim is eligible for politics after April 2008. They hope to keep him out by holding it before April.
2. They want to make sure that the next government will not be challenged by anybody, meaning that they can do whatever they feel like it after that.
3. They want to win back the hearts and confidence of the Chinese, for they know that their support of the government is deteriorating. So does the Indians.

So what are you going to do now? In response to Zorro and Haris' latest posting, which also calls me out as an Ipoh Timur voter, seems like I need to write a mail to the EC for proof - as soon as possible.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hari Raya Open House PWTC

The plan to meet up with a few friends took a bad turn when neither of them showed up in time, one of them was in an engagement somewhere else, whereas the other one did not return any calls until today, as of this time of writing.

I thought at the beginning to park somewhere else outside PWTC as they might charge people many for parking, however, I was surprised to find out that it was free parking at PWTC yesterday.

The turnover was over 100 thousand people and the final cost of this open house was at $1.5 mil.

You need to queue about three times before you get to meet the ministers and go into the banquet hall to get your food.

This is the first queue, whereby there are to ways of going. The right path up ahead will let you skip the shaking hands and two more queues, and you can go and take food all you want. The left side will allow you to go to the second queue.

You will go up and you will stop at the second queue. Another flight of escalator steps.

Finally, the last queue before you get to meet the ministers!

Yum..yum food, chicken, biscuits, noodles, cakes...all you can eat. Saved my money for lunch and dinner!

I shall tell you of something I felt when I met the ministers. The people that I shook hands were:

1) Jeanne - Mrs. Rosebud, slightly warm, but AAB wasn't there - must have gone off for a nap.
2) Mustapha Mohammad - Higher Ed. Minister - okay, with his wife.
3) Azalina - Now, here I felt kind of cold when shaking her hands. After all, she's in charge of the UMNO youth cybertrooper division. Out to make trouble on the blogging community. I managed to take a picture of her, but it's blurred as I was in a desperation.
4) Azmi Khalid - the Eco. Minister and his ex-newscaster wife Normala. Okay lar.

I also bumped into Mohamed Yakcop when I met the ex-journalist who was sharing his views.

Last year, I met the PM, Najib and the Kerisman.

While I had food, I get to meet a local celebrity, Angeline Tan, I know her as playing the role of Gina in Gerak Khas TV series. I still took many pictures, but not on my usual camera as my camera ran out of battery.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Kuala Lumpur on Hari Raya First Day

First of all, Selamat Hari Raya Eid-ur-Fitri to the Muslim readers dropping by this website. I am sorry for not writing for I had just recovered from a nasty bout of flu (happened yesterday afternoon), apart from the previous post.

It was said in the papers that the traffic in the capital was quite smooth and the place looked like a ghost town on the first day.

When I drove along Jalan Pahang, this was the first sign of what I was thinking:

Later, when I drove along the main road towards Merdeka Square, the traffic was also the same. Shopping malls and most shops running along the main road were closed yesterday.

Usually, in the morning, the traffic would not look like what you see here, but a lot of cars. Going in to town is quite bad unlike going out to the outer side of town for work.

Coming next: Open House!

Pet Names For My Bullets

Blondie: One, two, three, four, five, six. Six. The perfect number.
Angel Eyes: I thought three was the perfect number.
Blondie: I've got six more bullets in my gun.

-The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
I had a talk with an ex-journalist at the Raya open house at PWTC yesterday, who brought up an interesting subject yesterday about the things that idiots at Bolehland did that makes Malaysia losing out to other nations. His interests clicked together with my interests and since a magnum had a six-bullet chamber, I have pet names of my six bullets for a magnum, if I have one.

My pet names are (from order of less to the highest notoriety):

6. Nor Mohamaed Yakcop - According to the ex-journalist that I've spoken to, this man (currently the Second Finance Minister) was directly implicated in the Central Bank scandal in 1992, whereby account inconsistencies had resulted in the loss of $9 billion and the eventual sacking of then governor, the late Jaffar Hussein in 1994. He told me that he actually spoke to the man himself when he was in the front portion of the banquet hall - I bumped into him after following him -. He actually asked a question of economical matter to him: how come the Sing dollar is now valued twice as the ringgit whereas they only need to pay $1.46 for a USD. $1.46 against $3.36? That's more than twice the value. The answer he got from Yakcop was "time will tell" - which implicitly means that the administrators of Bolehland are not doing proactively to stimulate the economy. Sure, everyone knows that a higher ringgit means lesser expenses with imports particularly the current oil price hitting $83 per barrel! Expect a hike in the coming months or even after 2008!

5. Muhammad B. Muhd. Taib - The former Chief Minister of Selangor, now UMNO information czar has hit headlines with on two occasions: one, failing to declare $1.2 Aussie Dollars at Brisbane in 1996 and recently added fuel to the war against bloggers by making a police report against bloggers over a remark made at Malaysia Today. He needs followers to go with him to make the report! But what is the truth is that the remark is not an offensive, but a suggestion. Unfortunately, the man with two Muhammads misintepreted the meaning of the remark, thanks to his illiteracy in English. He's one of the monolingual idiots in Malaysia. But hey, we've got tons of proof of him breaching conduct including marrying the daughter of the late Sultan of Selangor and mismanaging the KDE funds. And now, in a desperation to avoid further embarassment with RPK, who challenged him to an UMNO open debate, live of TV, he cancelled it! Simple, he's got no guts to face him because of the proof against him. You now have him as the UMNO information chief, which means, he decides, with the ISM what is to show up in the Malay dailies and what is not. After all, Utusan is the mouth of UMNO, right?

4. Abdullah Badawi - Ah...our current Prime Minister. I was wondering whether he actually went off for a nap late afternoon yesterday at Hari Raya open house yesterday or not? The latest mistake by him was to ignore calls for the Royal Commission over the Lingamtape scandal that has put the judiciary system in Malaysia to another low point. Now, let's go back to 2004, when he came up with a BN manifesto, where a core point is to get rid of corruption. But did his administration fulfilled all the four points in the manifesto? Only one. Corruption in the administration is still running rampant and the Islam Hadhari principle is still not working well.
Then again, he is not doing his job well. I doubt he can last for another term. It was said that Abdullah never talk eye-to-eye with Najib over matters, which means that it is possible to say "enemy of my enemy is my enemy or my friend?"

3. Hishamuddin Hussein - The Kerisman comes from a family of political figures or shall I say one of the silver spoons. Father is third prime minister Hussein Onn, grandfather is the founding father of UMNO, Onn Jaafar. Educationists may find his policies and how he runs the Education Ministry as a disgrace. I don't have much points to elaborate on education matters, but seems that he's not right for the Education post. The other point is about how (according to Malaysiakini) he said "shut up" against the MCA and Gerakan over the remarks of "secular state". Truth to be told, Malaysia is a secular state, but the UMNO Bolehland idiots called Malaysia as "Islamic State". At the UMNO assembly, he was waving the dagger at the audience, threatening to bath with "minority blood" as so to speak. At the recent Gerakan assembly, while everyone was applauding, he was the only one not applauding, a sign that he doesn't take it well.

2. Nazri Abdul Aziz - El Balachi ("Crony") is the BN's loudmouth. This taxi driver from Padang Renggas has been making numerous statements, some dubious in the point to claim fame as the so called de facto Law Minister. First thing was on 21 June, he made racist remarks and calling people "stupid" against opposition leader Lim Kit Siang. Second mistake is that he insisted to have the Child Act charge against the parents of Nurin for negligence. Not enough, there's more. Following the march of the lawyers last month, Nazri denied Malaysia has having a judiciary crisis and called the BAR Council lawyers marching there as another UMNO Youth assembly. Later he assured people that there is a Witness Protection Act that protects whistleblowers of the Lingamtape scandal. The truth is there is no Witness Protection Act.

There are many things he states which are mistakes, even trying to gag Wee for making a mockery of the National Anthem. He makes statements simply because he wants to play hero. Nuff said.

And now,

1. Zainuddin Maidin - The Mamak from Merbok, Information Minister has been the scourge of bloggers over the entire year. No doubt, with what is said, Malaysia is moving another step backwards to the primitive age with the kind of decision making. Why I put him as the number one bullet is because what he said can be a threat to bloggers - even those who talked about food, other subjects than those who are social-political writers. First mistake he made was the idea of classifcation of bloggers. There is no such thing as classification in blogosphere. Later he calls bloggers as "stupid" a remark which I take it as a very offending manner. We all know that most newspapers in Malaysia are politically owned except for the Sun in which Lim Keng Yaik admitted is the only one that portrays the true Citizen Malaysia spirit. But instead we get an third-world mentality remark from ZAM. He proudly announced Bernama radio as the authoritative source, but then what he does not aware about is that with the Publications Act in place, newspapers cannot publish all articles and it must be pro-government. Where does the newspaper get its update on Dr. M's condition? Marina's blog of course! Talk about authoritative that is...

And then he makes this mistake: no need to tell the PM the truth. Is he trying to cover up for the government? Remember that he was implicated or involved in the murder case of a GRO sometime back. How did he get the $6 million to build a banglo back in Kedah, whereas the family runs a roti canai stall? Mysteries, mysteries.

I fear that as long as these six bigshots and others counting running the administration of the country, Malaysia can never progress further and it will tax the people further of burden. As my ex-journalist friend asked Shafie Apdal, when are prices going to be lowered? None and up all the time!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing The Card Called Race

I had a talk at lunchtime with a friend of mine, who admittedly said that there is nothing worthwhile or glorifying by sending a man from Malaysia to space. But as while we are having food, he did raise an interesting subject of what will happen in the next 10 years even before Vision 2020 with this kind of political situation in Malaysia.

I as a non-majority Malaysian together with other loving Malaysians will end up being squeezed by the corrupt people of the Bolehland and the so called UMNO shadow policy of 'Malay Dominance'. I wondered where would I be right now in the society that is ruled by people that has third world mentality. I wondered if we should blame ourselves for picking the wrong person to run Malaysia by choosing Abdullah Badawi in the post-Mahathir period.

The summary of problems in Malaysia: (with help from Malaysiakini)

You have many problems here, judicial, economy, poverty, citizen discomfort and everything. While the public suffered, those in the elite corrupt rich group are the ones that tend to drink the blood money of the people - tax payer's money. Ronnie Liu asked a question the other day, why an F grade contractor who was found to be non pro-government affiliate to be blacklisted? A senator by the name of Puad Zakarshi is an example of a racist man that wants to kick candidates out by the alignment card. Tenders offered should be given to the best of the lot! NOT by race, not by money, not by alignment, but the ability to get the job done.

One bullet named for that guy!

We had a hunch that after Raya, the government might consider increasing the price of petrol, toll and any other things that will tax us a lot in future. Come on. Only once in the Mahathir period that the petrol price went up to 1.42. How many times in Bedol? Thrice! $80 million of tax payer's money were used for sending a man up to space and then tax more from the people?

The Bolehland guys knew that Anwar Ibrahim is free to enter back to the political arena after April 2008, which is why the BN is kind of desperate of throwing a snap election probably by March after the forum meet was delayed. The idea of having a BN rep forum initially scheduled for next Sunday was part to discuss the strategy for election and to counter blogs that can say be posing a threat to the coalition. Blogs are just one side, but opposition is another side too.

Previously, I've mentioned that Malaysia is losing out to other nations in Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Australia and even India. The main reason is clear: because of the economical policies, some of them are race-based and some are ridiculous. The pure example is the affirmative action policy like NEP. It can be a tool that can benefit or cause injustice to the others. To get a job in Shell or to get a Shell franchise license, I discovered from someone, that the way of selecting candidates is by the unfair quota they set over minorities. When I finished university, I tried applying to Shell, but was rejected in the second round because of that. When it comes to selecting the two finalists, the other third man, an Indian was taken aside in favor of our final two candidates. In jobs, why not RapidKL offer jobs to other people in Malaysia instead of bringing in Indonesian workers and offering them PRs?

Back to economics, Singapore's founding father Harry Lee felt that Malaysia can improve if the economic and social policies are based on meritocracy, disregarding of race and creed. To award the contract or a tender to person who can't do the job but because he's got a special privilege over a person who has a solid reputation of getting it done and correct is to show how ignorance and lack of awareness by the corrupt ministers and officials can plunge Malaysia into an irredeemable abyss.

They have got all the resources. If they would just educate the Chinese and Indians, use them and treat them as their citizens, they can equal us and even do better than us and we would be happy to rejoin them. - Harry Lee
I felt that it is an embarrassment and a disappointment for people who really looked forward to watch Beyonce performing in Malaysia only to have her shooed away by Muslim student groups who make much more excuses in dress code than those in Indonesia. People especially youngsters are much more flexible and no longer strictly rely on the rules of religion. The rules of the religion is just a guide to life and many perceived it to be laws of country. These idiots out there also demonstrated the lack of respect for other people who wanted to go for a concert. The answer is simple: if you don't like, don't go and don't hear. Let the others go, watch and listen. Simple. But instead, the race card was played and the mob mentality was shown by idiots - Idiots who simply think that Wee Ming Chee, who produced the Negarakuku video is mocking them whereas the message conveyed to them is to realize of their mistakes and rectify them. They want to play hero, that's the answer for that.

The solution to counter this racial polarization and the so called 'Malay Dominance Principle' by UMNO and BN that seems to affect every loyal Malaysian is that every other BN component parties join together, stand up and pushing for the change within the ruling condition. The shooting of the idea is somewhat a bullshit response. They have to remind together what BN is actually for. Not by race, but Malaysians - Bangsa Malaysia. A good word from Dr. Toh Kim Woon is the admittance that BN is in this situation - hard to convince them to change for the better. But there are at least three major obstacles in that possible solution:

1. UMNO decides the role of BN Component parties.

2. The MCA and MIC is not doing their job of protecting the interests of non-Malays in Malaysia. All they did is just to acknowledge and kowtow to the edicts and orders of UMNO. No wonder we felt that MCA is just all about cocks!

3. We still remember what the Kerisman warning is all about.

Another bullet named for him!

The world has gone upside down. How on earth are we living as loving Malaysians if the rot continues and the idiots are still running the show badly?

What's Worth of $80 Million?

Yeah, of course Malaysia has made history with its first participant going up to space yesterday. The launch to space was broadcast live on national TV and hey, even Malaysiakini yesterday.

Today's mainstream media papers seem to glorify that event in the main page instead of paying attention to covering what is important in Malaysia. On the other hand, some perceive that having that thing is to divert the reader and people's attention from looking into problems brewing inside here that can cause loss of confidence - crisis of confidence that is.

If you read some of the main stream articles from the Star, NST and other dailies like Bernama, you can find that the feeling of the writers glorifying the event and it will take your eyes away from the naked truth for this. Reading it the second time and again can give you the impression already.

But to send someone to space at the price of $80 million ringgit is somewhat a waste of public tax payer's money. Perhaps many have forgotten of the price tag and many think that funding comes from the national treasury. And that is indeed wrong. People have been misled. Spending $80 million alone to send a person up is not something that can be deemed as greatest achievements. Instead, spending $80 million to get a crew of Malaysian engineers building a spacecraft to go up to space is much more appropriate and better way to say a great achievement in the history of Malaysia.

Poster by Mob's Crib

$80 million of TAX PAYER's money used on this?

That's another example of mismanagement of the money by the Abdullah Badawi administration that people trusted them a lot in the previous general elections. Earlier, they've got a rap from PAC and the A-G - not Abdul Gani Patail - for handling the money at the wrong hand.

What is actually worth $80 million to a person?

$80 million can actually be used to do good. If I am in the shoes of people who are concerned with the welfare of Malaysia or a good Samaritan for example, I would use the money to either support top orphanages, maybe build temples for our fellow Chinese and Indian Malaysians or perhaps help the poor people i ways like education or getting them a decent place to stay. Why? Simple: they are being ignored and it seems clearly that the others are by the race-cards that UMNO wields in every macro economy policy or development policies that are in Malaysia.

Example: What is the ratio of mosques vs temples? or Why is Khir Toyo happily declaring that Selangor is the first halal state in Malaysia?

The sad thing here is that while the poor and the minority suffered, the fat corrupt pigs and those who lived by the 'Malay Dominance' principle are the ones that are walking away scott free. They tend to drink and live by the blood money of the public.

Pet names for bullets, perhaps?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Production Day Disrupted

I came to office today keen to continue my work yesterday, but things took a bad turn today.

In the morning, the entire department could not access the server hosting the MSSQL database. I thought it was got to do with the expiry of license period and just fixing it by changing dates. But when I traced the error logs into the system, I found out something more horrifying than before.

The error code 5180 of the database indicates that the master database in the SQL Server has been corrupted. The database serves as the registry of databases for the server and cannot be removed from the server. As a result, we all could not access the bug tracking system until late evening.

I had to move the database of the bug tracking program to the secondary server as a temporary measure and it took me close to 5.30 to get the thing done. One hour was spent on restoring the data for the system and it was something I wished it did not happen. I think it explained why I did not get any testing results for the Search Agent program that I worked yesterday. I think the database was corrupted, which explains it. Strangely though it works at the home machine.

Tomorrow will be another hectic day for me. I will need to restore the database integrity in the main database server. Seems like the work will require me to drop the previous work given and work on doing that as soon as possible. But I wonder where has that thing gone wrong?

Neverwinter Nights 2 Fighter Tales

I continued my single-player campaign of Neverwinter Nights 2, completing Act II of the game, which literally ends at Jerro Haven and started Act III act Castle Neverwinter.

The Stronghold keeping is kind of a bit hard. The thing is that more should be focused on finding minerals and ores to upgrade men of arms and improving security of the road.

I wanted to get Frenzied Berserker when I reached level 20, but I was not allowed to do so because of my alignment. I had to switch from Lawful to either Neutral or Chaotic. Chaotic was my choice, but I had to play lawful as to gain influence with some characters as they will play a part in how the people will be at the climax of the game.

I thought it would be cool to change to that prestige class but I had no other choice to pick as the Neverwinter Nine...something that was offered since I joined the City Watch to stop the bandits. Admittingly, playing the other side, bandits against watch is somewhat easier but sneakier to be done.

I got spoiled of choice when deciding who to come during adventures. But I realized that having Neeshka the rogue is indispensable when travelling indoors, useful when disarming traps and gaining points. Maybe I should play again the next time I have a much more powerful machine.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another 'Dalil' Why Nazri Should Quit

El Balachi was saying this morning that the whistleblowers of the Lingamtape can be put into the Witness Protection Act by having identities altered!?

But many people from the lawyer profession did not find any act that is called Witness Protection in the law books. The actual fact is that the fact is still tabled in the Parliament and it hasn't been gazetted and approved by the Rulers.

I am not trying to say about the contents but I feel that the government's idea of having an independent panel to review the video is not good enough. First reason, as Haris mentioned that Haidar was implicated in the sacking of Salleh Abas, directly.

Second thing, let's recall the affidavit that C. Vijaya Kumar filed to the A-G chambers on behalf of CCID chief Ramli Yusuff. Remember I said that the identities of the whistleblowers were compromised when they are forced to make statements by the ACA? This having the Chinese Underworld figuring out who are making the point to go against them?

The Nazi man asked one question, "...if you don't believe in the government, who do you trust?"

The answer is there and in Malaysiakini: royal commission! What a dumb ass he is.

That's another mistake made by the taxi man. Not versed in law. He should quit now.

Or do you want another 'dalil' more as of '50 Dalil'?

Chewing Like a Candy

Monthly trips back to Ipoh have given a nostalgic feeling for me. It would make me feel that I really wanted to go back to the point where I had my childhood. I fear that might not see it again in the next 30 years or so as Ipoh had gone tremendous landscape changes particularly during my previous visit in September. Who knows that I might be working overseas or whatsoever. I really wanted to go back and savor an extra day at the house where I grew up with.

I read some articles from my fellow town man James Wong who named his blog Clare Street after the street opposite Central Market now called as Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri. The nostalgic feeling is in the air!

Alright..alright. Almost every time I am back at Ipoh, my mother would buy a big number of Kampar Road coconut buns that are fresh from the oven. I can't remember which shop is it in town that sells that, but there are two things that I know about the bun:

  • You can't get it on Sundays.
  • It's my dad's favorite bun.
The bun's filling has scraped coconut mixed together with Gula Melaka baked with in a wholemeal bun. On Saturday, I took two. I started to love having the bun, after my mother insisted that I have try when I was a kid. Dad had lived in Ipoh for more than I do, he would go there sometimes while dating my mother in the late 70s.

Ah...the memories. I in fact gave one bun to my colleague at sales department, K.K. I just drove back from Ipoh 6.30 in the morning. Couldn't go that fast because today was day 2 of Ops Sikap, the hardworking period of police officers in conjunction with the Raya celebration. I met him at the carpark of my office, went up the lift together and handed one to him. I wanted to give my finance manager William another one, but he doesn't take buns too much. But we would talk about hometown as well sometimes at lunch, William was from Pusing, surely I would remember of Tanjung Tualang seafood and of course, claypot braised pork with salted fish - the famous dish in Pusing. Pusing would be right after Lahat and further to Lumut, where my poor mother would have to go very early in the morning. She's not taking it for long. She wanted to stop in July next year.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Informants are No Longer Safeguarded!

By law of any country, the witness who provides information to could swing the trial to prove a person either guilty or innocent, take your pick has to be protected at all costs through various means such of confidentiality. An example of the thing is of former mob-informant Henry Hill (who made famous with the film Goodfellas) who had to join the FBI's WITSEC program to ensure his safety from potential threats of backlash from Jimmy Burke and his associates.

Now, back to here, the recent arrest of Inspector Nordin Ahmad was by a dirty trick by the ACA. Against the Standing Orders of the IGP, the ACA actually circumvented the standing order and elicited statements made by informants (which of course contains) the identities of the informants. By doing that, this means, that the men from the other side can figure out who actually builds the case against the detainee.

Indirectly, this leads to the security of an informant together with the immediate ones compromised and no longer secured.

An affidavit prepared by lawyer C. Vijaya Kumar on behalf of Commercial Crimes Division Chief, Ramli Yusuff shows that the officers involved in profiling the Chinese Underworld are no longer safe because of the ACA's dirty tricks. And they are forced to recant the statements, review the identities of the informants and various things.

Big Pete's assessment now is that the ACA has the impunity to serve the Section 22B order of the ACA Act 1997 against a person, thus clearly disregarding the OSA Act 1972 and other provisions entitled to an informant. Now, not even the public is also spared from this brutal issue of order. Malaysiakini reports that lawyer R. Sivarasa and a worker of PKR were demanded to reveal the identity of the person who took the footage of the Lingamtape or risked facing jail time for obstructing justice.

The video footage shows that Siva was shown the notice of order by an ACA officer by the name of Chuah Lay Choo. This person was the second witness who testified in the Government vs Hoi Kam Fatt bribery case in 2000 - see case archive here.

This provides the clear clarity that informants in Malaysia as still yet to be safe from hounds.

Do you see now why a Royal Commission is needed badly?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Telling The Wrong Tale

I remembered Anwar Ibrahim said the other day that the mainstream media should not be *owned* by the politics group and none of them has the capability to operate and report news by their own devices and whim. You do not need to have mathematics to deduce it. UMNO simply owns (through substantial shares) of Media Prima (all private TV stations) Berita Publishing Group (NST, Malay Mail and Utusan) whereas the MCA politically owns The Star (hence the name MaChAi) paper.

So how about Malaysiakini or The Sun? I don't know but Malaysiakini remains the independent media reporting thing in Malaysia. Don't count the opposition media but it remains the only neutral alignment paper that reports both ends - pro and the opposition.

Okay, now to the point. It was something that I've been anticipating in the past few days when Zorro and Big Sir Pete reported that two police whistle-blowers were hung out to dry in front of the mainstream media and they were formally charged by the rigged ACA on 14 counts of manipulating testimonies with sole purpose of framing Musa Hassan.

I don't know whether the reporters were charged of taking this news item down to be published to the public by the top police brass or not. In fact I remembered the name of the reporter in The Star who wrote it, coincidentally was my senior back in my St. Michael days. But the bottom line is that the police top brass and the mainstream media (indirectly) is deliberately telling the wrong story to the public. Indirectly, some Barisan Najis stooges (as Mob would coin it) and police wants the public to perceive the top brass, now allegedly to be linked with Chinese underworld as the heroes that save Malaysia at the end of a day. Furthermore, the ACA was hit by criticism that it is not doing their job and this can be a chance for them to do it right (as what they think).

Again, the people are being told the wrong side of the story.

The truth is that the police top brass and some underworld groups has figured out and panicked with the revelation that the two whistle-blowers had actually cracked the puzzle that connects both of sides and shows their association that the public does not know. As Big Pete said, there's a turf style conflict with two cells that is the government and the police. And to prevent things from further spilling out that could trigger panic of confidence to the public, the police with ACA had to turn the tables around and tell the other side of story with conviction.

How they did it was not mentioned in the mainstream media but instead a dirty tactic revealed by Big Pete: the ACA had 'kidnapped' the family of an inspector named Nordin Ahmad, demanding him to show up at their office in Kuantan in exchange for his family. Remember that the ACA was the one who cleared both Joe Baharom and Musa of corruption allegations as well as AG.

What both men Nordin and Kpl. Wong had in common is that both men had gathered intelligence and profiled the organization of the Chinese underworld, its connection with the police top brass and the sufficient proof that could bring Musa Hassan down in disgrace via interviews and statements with prominent underworld figures detained. Nordin's work alone was more than sufficient to paint the entire picture. The picture that he paints is enough to squeal to those who are interested to hear that PDRM has been corrupted.

The arrest made against both men is actually a hidden message intended to be conveyed to the other police officers and the public as well: if you squeal on those you know to be corrupted, you will suffer retribution. The result? Nobody dared to show up to testify which of course points to the Altatunya case right now. And a whistle-blower is likely to be hunted by corrupt people for screwing them up. But on the other hand, the police needs somebody on the other side to understand the mechanics and workaround of how underworld people operate. Without the mutual person, how are they going understand the mechanics?

The slight hint of truth was actually hinted out a few days ago at The Star when the police force gets sophisticated equipment and an e-police solution that is worth millions of ringgit developed by a firm that Musa recommended.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Semi-Value Story

I've been living Ipoh for all my youth - 23 years already and still counting. I still know the tales of the Toupee man from Sungai Siput - Samy Vellu. Incidentally, when I read a bit of Burgess' A Clockwork Orange, I came to understand that the story was based on the his own experience of his wife being a rape victim in Sungai Siput as well! Coincidence.

The newspaper man who would always come to our house to collect the monthly bill always shows his disdain of this guy. Not on the job thing but the fact that he remains the only big race leader to yet hand over the leadership to the younger generation. People have praised Ling Liong Sik, Lim Keng Yaik and even Mahathir for handing the mantle of leadership over to the younger leaders.

But not him.

My 85-year old man too had a disdain of him. Every moment when he sees Samy in the papers he kept saying to me..."That bloody bastard!" That phrase keeps ringing in my head whenever I see a paper article even from the mainstream media that features our guy

So, the latest article is entirely not a rumor but what I've anticipated and in the manner of speaking a not very good way to kick off 2008.

Every time when we hear the same thing every three years or so, the man will say that if I don't do that, the government will have to compensate the concessionaires.

But I heard something different from Anwar Ibrahim on the forum last Saturday. In the past 8 years as Finance Minister before his sacking in 1998, the government never raised a single toll fee at all. After sacking, I can count no less than 3 times the toll goes up.

Of course this announcement has triggered some furor and questioning by the consumer association collective. This is one of the series of price hikes for the coming 2008. If that is the case, then it is likely that private sectors are demanding for extra pay already. The bank staff is starting for one, the government has already give out extra but what about the private sector?

I knew that Malaysiakini would definitely to go for the coverage of the forum. Sure, there are some reporters there, and one of them they have documented is that Anwar was told by Cabinet guys to "bugger off". The revelation that I found from DSAI (he said) is that the extra increase according to the concessionaire agreement was just a mere cover to additional "red packet money" demanded by top state politicians of the west coast starting from Perlis down the way to Johor! In summary, the highways that involve two or more states.

When that thing above happens, I can start laughing off at Samy. Base on the poster above by Mob, it clearly shows how I become more and more sick of reading that name anywhere at papers or seeing his photo everywhere. The only thing I wish right now is for this fellow to give the mantle of leadership to a younger able leader, rather than clinging on. The mere excuse of the right person unavailable to take over is definitely unacceptable.


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