Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nazri Isn't Capable. He Should Quit

When it was learned that the Bar Council had marched to the PM's office to hand over the memorandum, the de facto Law Minister, the Nazi from Padang Rengas was making kinds of various statements and *denials* that people, comprising of lawyers, socio-political community and the opposition party find it unconvincing and crap.

The first denial, according to Malaysiakini quotes that Nazri says there was no crisis at all. That's the first mistake he made. He thinks the judiciary crisis as no crisis. Just go through this line a few times saying it out loud:
There's no need for such a judicial commission as there is no crisis in our judiciary.
No crisis, no problems. I don't see any scandal.
This are all efforts by the opposition to create distrust and erode public confidence in the judiciary.
You idiot! Are you trying to ignore this thing that is plunging the country into abyss? Nobody has the confidence as before to trust the law system of Malaysia already. And you try to make that statement as an excuse? The hell with it! And you blame the opposition for the problems that arise in this country? The opposition did it? You did it first, pal! That's your mistake.

You are supposed to clean up the mess and shows us that you did fix the problem. It's not leaving the pile of mess and blaming the others for the problem. That is the problem with mentality of idiots of the Bolehland. If Wee makes a video that makes people think and points out the mistakes that Malaysia did, you should understand the criticism and not shooting back like a troll! You are exactly like Chuck Austen! Period! Lame trolls, assholes, call whatever you want, but we have the knowledge and confidence that it's not our fault to point out.

The claim was then refuted by people. Second mistake is to call lawyers as opposition parties. Hey, lawyers are there to work base on the law, not politics. It seems that this idiot Nazri cannot differentiate the meaning of talking law and politics. He doesn't know the line well. Law and politics have different meanings. This is not election. OMG!

This is not the only occasion that he makes mistakes. The famous video footage of that Gestapo man calling people stupid and asshole in the Parliament on 21 June is still the main highlight that shows his arrogance as the de facto Law Minister. This guy at times can find the use of law to be manipulated on folks. Remember the day where he said that the Child Act could be used against Nurin's parents for negligence?

Is he playing the hero so that everyone thinks of how great this El Balachi is?


This guy should quit. He's not doing what he's supposed to do as a Law Minister. A loudmouth and then make noises, making mistakes, pointing fingers at people for the mess...that's it! People had enough of this guy. The guy tries to hide mistakes by denying this. The guy blaming the Bar Council for not calling him over for the memorandum...his reputation spells it out to the people which is why they don't hand it to him.

The antics is enough for me to say in the face that he is not capable to be the Law Minister. Instead he should quit and give the post to a better person who knows the Malaysian law better. Hey they are a few great people who is good in the Malaysian law. And some of them are bloggers too. Why not give to our Raja Nazrin?

Should I stop here? I would love too, but then who knows, El Balachi might go bashing against bloggers for "why you write about me....point to Jeff, ask the question...point to Zorro...ask him the same thing..., point to June...why you bash me!?...point to stupid bloggers..."

This is one sucker punch from Uncle Lim, saying Nazri is unbecoming. Beautiful punch!

Another problem here is that ISM guys are just issuing directives to the paper editors of not turning that to the front news page. I think it's scary for them to see it in front. The ISM is telling them first step this second step that...that's not freedom of the press! That's subversion! I have no opinion on this ISM rep Che Din Yusof who issues directives but I think it is insensible and wrong mentality to issue a directive against the press instincts. You might blame it on the idiots like FAK or Joe Baharom (a S.I.L crony).

Just give that thing to new batch of people who are subject experts and can able to run the country well. I remembered Anwar Ibrahim said in his MEA paper that Malaysia is still run by old dinosaurs who know nothing about new improvements to the world. As Susan's tagline says: May the truth save us all.

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  1. Nazri Aziz... should take a flying leap off the Petronas Towers and straight into a fermentation tank of warm manure. Then he could make a real contribution to the earth.

    I miss Susan's cat. With the machinegun.


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