Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sunday Free Food Galore

Sunday was free food galore, with exception of breakfast.


Okay...Sunday afternoon was Coffee Bean's 10th Anniversary held at KL Plaza. There was a promotion of getting a cup of ice blend coffee for the price of $2 and you get to eat cakes and sandwiches displayed all day long until 3 p.m.

Just the price of $2 for lunch.

Night time: Remember I told you about the inter-faith prayers at the Blog House? There's dinner at 8.15 p.m. I've mentioned previously that the food there was equivalent to 200 people. Pok Ku Bustamann also noted and gave some compliments to me that I do not need to buy dinner for the next 5 days given the amount of food that I've taken back home for dinner.

He was right: I saved my money rather than using it for five nights!

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  1. You look like someone I know. Anyway I heard the food is yummy. Missed it, damn. :)


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