Friday, September 21, 2007

God Loves Man Kills

The recent and supposedly murder of missing victim Nurin Jazlin Jazimin has triggered the outrage from everyone, including the media and various people over how despicable the acts of the murderers who did it. See this Malaysiakini report in the link above.

But somehow, I believe that the conviction above should be placed as the second reason.

You can also take a look at the video courtesy of the 'MaChAi' paper (as some called).

Parent Negligence

I am still convinced that the main cause of the missing was due to parent negligence. This shows that Nurin's parents still lack of parental control over the children. Sometimes, if I were to walk around shopping malls I would notice that parents sometimes are quite careless in handling children. They *should* keep the eye all the time, not turn one eye blind against small kids that are under 10 years.

Where were the family at during the time where Nurin went missing? The mall?

Hence the people should not put the entire blame on to the mental-sick killer but instead of themselves, as the role of parents. Right now the world is not as before - one wrong move and poof - the end of something. Sometimes, being one second late can spell many bad consequences to whoever is involved in a scenario.

In The Killer's Mind

Perhaps the motive behind rape is that the person has suffered rejection of the past such as his offer of love being declined. It is likely that women are too picky over their men and will need some tough persuasion to get the permission of love. What happens, as a men, if you get your proposal of love rejected? Psychologically, you tend to feel demoralized.

That is a possibility of why a rapist would do that. Another reason could be that of in my previous post of The Widowmaker, you get to see what the reason of why Tim Barutto would rape Jenny Cesare day after day non-stop. It's just merely for one reason, to satisfy the hunger that can never be filled up.

To see people suffer is a possibility but a long shot.

And now, what is to be summarized?

This events that just happened after the 50th anniversary of Merdeka celebrations shows that the Abdullah Badawi administration has only accomplished 30% of its objectives as dictated by the manifesto. The remaining things that has failed to be accomplished encompasses of corruption - judicial and law-enforcement, the racial polarization between the majority and the minority. The nation's economy can actually go further and as equal as Singapore but the misuse of the NEP and the mentality of the big group hampers Malaysia's progress in reaching 2020.

It may seem to be against the topic, but a point from that shows that the police are not doing their job properly as mandated by the people. And the administration is failing the people, particularly the those middle and lower class people by the corruption and the ridiculous policies that limits progress.

As for the Nurin case, if the police can no longer provide the security for the people, perhaps the people will be forced to result to vigilantism, taking law into their own hands, perhaps carrying a gun to defend themselves or stop innocents from the bloodshed of criminals.

The world isn't nice anymore and it has gone upside down, black becomes white.

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