Saturday, April 30, 2011

Secret Tournament Video 2002

This ad was famous on the round up to the 2002 world cup in Korea and Japan that I found it amusing when I went through the team names and tag lines. For instance, Funk Seoul Brothers, consisting of Denilson, Ronaldinho and Seol, the tag line was "Who Wants To Get Funked Up?", and the interesting thing was Denilson playing stupid tricks against compatriots Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo of Os Tornados. The eventual winner, Triple Espresso has a tagline that matches the trio's overall qualities: "If Speed Kills,You're Dead" - which a trick was pulled at the abrupt finale.

There used to be a joke that if Eric Cantona manages a team, he would make the team train in a cage. And this is the allegory to the joke.

It's just one of the weekend videos to watch before I start a three day break in Penang. Need one really!

Superman threatens to renounce US citizenship

“I’m tired of having my actions construed as instruments of US policy,” Superman said in a short story in the issue, Action Comics No. 900 from the Time Warner Inc unit DC Comics.

People have been asking why Superman would suddenly said that , but the line above clear clarifies it all.

Sometimes after a while you would notice that you are a blunt instrument of somebody or something. James Bond will always be the MI6's blunt instrument to do the jobs all around the world. For Superman, the realization is that it's a global scale job for him, not for one side of the continent and not doing for the other. It's the realization that you don't want to be a stooge for life and that's the blessing of having an own mind to think.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behaving With The "Militant" Tag

John Malott in last July described Perkasa as militant, which he later clarified that the his meaning of militant refers to how aggressive they are in behavior. Their appearances in newspapers and various media - screaming over many subject matters seem to proved Malott's description. You just look at how they behave like school children. The moment if someone says something even the slightest that relates to the Malay rights, they start screaming like crazy or hopping like mad. 

The "schoolchildren" hopping at the U.S embassy wasn't the only case. A few days ago, they are exhibiting but unknowingly what exactly Malott described with that tag. They have staged a protest at MCA headquarters in Jalan Ampang demanding (demand, order) MCA to stop criticizing Utusan, thinking (as what Zahid was saying today) that Utusan represents the voice of Malays

Perkasa declared its intention to spearhead the “1Malay, 1Bumi” campaign and warned MCA that it would “face the consequences” if it did not stop its criticism against Utusan.

The Malay right-wing group also demanded MCA to retract its call for a boycott on the Malay daily, which Perkasa described as the “sole defender of the Malay voice”.

The demand was made in a four-point memorandum handed to a MCA delegate by Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali under the watchful eyes of the police.  - FMT, 25 April

This was what Arman said during the NGOs visit to the DAP headquarters in KL. Zahid would later echo that statement.

“Jangan begitu angkuh memfitnah dan memburukkan Utusan Malaysia. Akhbar ini adalah suara hak-hak orang Melayu. - Arman Hanifah, ex-Wira Perkasa head (from FMT, 25 April)

On Tuesday, Malaysiakini has reported that Perkasa has formed its own special unit comprising of Rela members. Many people think that it is more or less like another paramilitary unit of the organization. Many people voiced opinions unfavorable to forming that own unit. For instance:

1. It is dangerous to allow extremist groups to wear military outfit and assume a militant role. We should stop this nonsense immediately before things get out of hand while the future generation suffer the consequence.

2. Will there later be an official Perkasa component of PDRM, the army and civil service, teachers, etc. I say again, Rela members can be anything they want to be during their own free time, but there cannot be a Perkasa component of Rela.

Rela members are given firearms, does that mean that when they assume the role of Perkasa, they carry their weapons? This is madness.

3. When Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim proposed that Selangor form its own auxiliary police force to look after its citizenries, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said "no." But when it comes to Perkasa to form the Briged Setia Negara, Hishammuddin said it is "okay".

You only need to look at the sequence of events above to tell that they are behaving with the militant tag although they do not know that they are doing it. 

Perkasa and hardcore people say that Malays are always under threat from the Chinese over political power. This is the false mindset that has been implanted over the last 30 years or so, which factually doesn't exist at all. But if we want to justify that claim above, then there is a need of explanation of how some Chinese-own conglomerates are seen cooperating with UMNO over projects. Sounds baffling, right? But before they could rant out further, they only need to go back to see how many Chinese candidates contest in Parliamentary levels (both BN and opposition sides) to see if the numbers exceed that of the Malays.

The numbers don't lie at all. Which means, the whole thing was wrong. And yes, in visiting the point that Utusan represents all Malays, that is a wrong assumption because as according to the history books, even on their own history, there is hardly a unity on one roof. Maybe for a while because of external circumstances but generally it doesn't happen forever. 

One of my Malay friends pointed out sometime back that Perkasa is like a salt to a soup. Put too much and the soup becomes salty, meaning, the more they start screaming and bulldoze things around  (taking too many things for granted) the non-Malay partners, they peeve the other people are and would do more damage to their own self, unknowingly. 

While all the time people like those scream about those trying to challenge their standing in politics, Malaysia is heading towards a possible state of nowhere recovery from disaster. Despite tax money from people, there is hardly progress in social, education and economy, coupled with high cost of living not being offset by high income over the last decade. Indeed, despite tons of promises to people, there has yet to be a vast result that fits those needs above. Instead there are petty squabbles and obsession of sex over higher priorities. The main priorities got screwed mainly because of the dirty, obsessive nature of the political games that keeps going on.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wikileaks - Malaysian Government Barely Helped On Forced Labor Case

Recently, Wikileaks has released three cables in regards to the F5 engine. Yesterday, another cable was released yesterday which points out to the Malaysian government's - alluding to human resources and SOSCO -  little assistance rendered in the forced labor case of a Finnish electronic company.

This case was dated back on 24 October 2008.

Summary: Finnish electronics company Polar Electro Group had to pay compensation and provided repatriation for its 40 Vietnamese workers based in the Penang plant when they eventually found out via complaints that their Malaysian partner in the join-venture had committed forced labor practices (withholding passport, paying wages lower than stipulated than contracts and restricting movement of workers) 


2. (SBU) Post, working in conjunction with the Finnish Embassy, was able to facilitate the compensation and 
repatriation of approximately 40 mostly Vietnamese workers from conditions of forced labor in a Penang electronics 
assembly factory.  Polar Electro Group, a Finnish electronics company, holds 60 percent share in Polar Twin Advance, the 
local Malaysian company operating Polar Electro's Malaysian factory in Penang.  Boat People SOS (BPSOS) informed us on 
July 1 that Vietnamese employed by Polar Twin Advance were allegedly working in conditions of forced labor.  Malaysian 
plant managers reportedly had paid the workers at rates far below those in their original contracts; confiscated workers' 
passports; and denied salaries and intimidated workers who complained.  Poloff informed the Finnish Embassy about the 
allegations, provided background information on labor trafficking, and offered suggestions on a course of action. 
As a result, the Finnish Ambassador personally contacted Polar Electro's CEO to brief him on the reports of forced 
labor.  Polar Electro took quick steps to address the situation, including sending an inspection team to the 
factory the following week.  However, the Malaysian joint-owner of the factory refused to allow the inspection 
team onto the factory's premises.  When Finnish executives eventually confronted Malaysian plant managers with the 
allegations of labor exploitation, the plant managers were both confounded and angered that the Finnish parent company 
would raise such issues. 

On 1 July 2008,  the US Embassy was notified of the alleged force labor by the Boat People SOS. The Finnish embassy was in turn notified about the series of events - which was then reported to the CEO of Polar Electro Group (Jorma Kallio). HQ sent an inspection to the Penang plant to investigate and suspicions confirmed when the team was refused entry by its join-venture partner. When Finnish executives confronted the Malaysian plant managers on the allegations of labour exploitation, the plant managers were confounded and angered that the Finnish parent company would raise such issues.

The workers were given legal counsel and advice. In September, a compensation package was worked out and the workers were given a compensation of a total of RM300 000 and paid repatriation of workers back to Vietnam and Indonesia. On October 20, Polcouns and Poloff were briefed on the case by the Finnish executives involved in the problem solving matter. The executives were very frustrated over the lack of cooperation and information sharing by its Malaysian partner - resulting in the decision to divest shareholdings in the Malaysian company and filing a lawsuit against its partner Polar Twin Advance.

Engaging with Government - Little assistance, according to them, but Polar Electro admitted that they had not file any complaint with the relevant authorities. However, a Polar Electro executive described an event of intimidation hinting the Penang police protecting their Malaysian partner: a police officer came into the hotel room the executive was in and questioned him. But they have kept the door with government open with options of communication laid out.

Engagement With Other Parties - Many including the Bar Council being the active party, MICCI and other relevant parties:

Extract below:

6.  (SBU) Besides Post's active involvement in the Polar Electro case, we are engaging the corporate community and 
civil society through an outreach program designed to raise awareness of forced labor and trafficking in persons for 
labor exploitation.  On June 18, Poloff met with the human resource manager committee of the Malaysian International 
Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MICCI) to discuss reports of forced labor in Malaysia and the possible ramifications in 
the international community.  The business executives responded very positively and MICCI requested a follow-up 
presentation, which is set for November 13.  In conjunction with the release of the 2008 TIP report in June, Post briefed 
the Malaysian Bar Council's human rights committee on forced labor and how the Malaysia's 2007 anti-TIP law could be used 
to prosecute forced labor cases.  The Bar Council is an active partner, providing its members with internal training 
on the new TIP law and providing a Bar Council representative to speak at both MICCI outreach events.  In September, Poloff 
discussed labor trafficking and forced labor with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament and officials from the Malaysian Trade 
Union Congress in Sarawak, East Malaysia. 
The full cable on Forced Labor case: (Read here)

Carta Organisasi Eee

For laughs! (found it somewhere else)

News Reporting Turning Into Trouble Making?

It's nice to have Pete to account things straight away on his yesterday's Bangkok drama in regards to why Bukit Aman wanted to take a statement over his TV3 interview. According to most sources, the police were in Bangkok because there was a police report made against him in accordance to Section 203 over alleged false statement made in TV3 interview.

A much further explanation revealed that the police report made was made base on the Utusan report that was related to the TV3 interview. Whoever reported this had made several conclusions, proven to be inaccurate as what Utusan had wrote. This is the only logical conclusion that is made base on the turn of events that is happening right now. 

This is what Pete had said in regards to Utusan:

My lawyers demanded to know what the whole thing is about. ACP Aziz appeared evasive and said that it is about my statement. “Which statement?” my lawyers asked, and they were told it is about the Utusan Malaysia report.

It seems Utusan Malaysia carried a news report on my TV3 interview and a police report had been made by someone relating to this Utusan Malaysia report. So it was not about my June 2008 SD. It was also not about my TV3 interview. It was about the Utusan Malaysia news report.

My lawyers then asked under which section of the law they are taking my statement. The police said it is under Section 203.

This is not the only thing that Utusan has stirred up in the last few days or so. Mid-week, Utusan, from the weekly column by Zaini Hassan, has called for the 1Bumi, 1Melayu thing that Perkasa was so glad to take it up that it was willing to go ahead disregarding of any other parties who disagreed with it. Of course, fearing another possible racial spillover, Dr. M had to come in and say no, even Najib has to come in and do the damage control by saying it's Utusan's personal opinion.

To this day, Perkasa and even some UMNO hardline people would tell MCA to shut up and toe the line. Do you notice that MCA is now class 2 party instead of same class 1 as once it was?

Notice these pieces to see for themselves:

But that doesn't stop there. They keep repeating the DAP being racist party and Kit Siang liable if there are any racial spill overs.

But that doesn't make the difference to say that Utusan is an UMNO-owned paper and the weekly editorial column reflects the hardline UMNO people's stance against the issues in Malaysia. Coupled with similar things mentioned by columnists like Zaini or Ridhuan Tee, you get a paper that is ultra-in-nature and something that is tantamount to violating the present Sedition laws that could put them in jail. The problem is if as Najib puts them into jail over that, hardline party members ain't going to be happy isn't it? 

And in all above, the Perkasa and UMNO vs MCA role was actually incited by Utusan. If not, why are there war of words now? If Utusan didn't say it, then it would be a different situation right now. What, are they now gone into making trouble as part of sensationalize news?

He said that many were unwilling to criticise the government as they felt that they should support it all the way.

Mahathir said the mainstream media also practised self-censorship, and this had given the wrong impression that they were being censored by the government.

“So, the government sometimes gets lopsided views about what the public is thinking. They (media) think that they should self-censor. - Bernama 24 April 2011

Indeed as Dr. M said today's MSM don't really get critical on the present government and instead all the time supporting throughout it. That is the main problem right now. And that's where the government gets complacent and get lopsided , inaccurate views and wrong impression from the people. Perhaps it's the effect from the restriction imposed since Ops Lalang by Dr.M himself that gets news companies into this kind of mindset that is going on till now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sarawak's Post-Election Good and Bad

If I am to go into campaigning in Sarawak for the elections, there is a baseline rule that you need to keep in mind before I even start any campaign speeches - which is to understand the race mindset. It is important to establish the fact that a voter's mindset varies on races. From my basic understanding, the voter mindset pattern is at:
1. The Malays would always think back of the past as past histories - which implies of unwillingness to change out of possible repercussions.
2. The Chinese are the opposite: they would try to think ahead in the future.
3. In the Peninsular - the Indians are minding more on the present issues.

The base rule above is basically how you approach the target of voters in a voting area.

It took me a while to go through the whole news post Sarawak state-election, which is why I was not ready to comment on this immediately after the last week elections. On the night of the results, a friend of mine asked me of my comment and opinion on the results. From the first glance, when I saw the results shown, my first impression on the results was that I remarked, "People succumbing to the Devil's Temptation." 

Why would I say that is simply although there is a strong sentiment on "Hate Taib", but people are not willing to change, particularly those in the rural areas. Most of them would vote the same line out of fear of repercussions. Secondly, since Sarawak is mostly comprises of a Christian community, I was sure that they do believe in the stories of Temptation, being the third main canon (sequential order) of the life of Jesus. There are similar lines running along the story of Temptation and what happens during the campaigning period of Sarawak.
However, the results is a good and bad thing. A double-edge sword. The good thing is that Taib, being a wily man have managed to prevent UMNO from taking over Sarawak - i.e Kuala Lumpur intervening with one of the autonomous states of Malaysia. In the process, Taib has shown himself that he's a wily man and no pushover for Najib. Secondly, as predicted, the number of opposition presence in the state is higher, no thanks to DAP's sweeping almost the urban area spots that they have contested (80% success rate), although I admit that giving them 3 more seats could give them a better chance. Thirdly, it shown that there tag of "fixed deposit" doesn't work anymore, with the walls of divisive politics starting to crumble, if not broken yet.

Obviously the bad thing is that there's still money and threats playing the big part of the wins - since some of the seats contested and won by BN are based on bags of money offered to voters and threats, notably the case of Alfred Jabu's constituency that according to the longhouse chief, they voted because they were told that if Jabu finds that one of them do not support him, they risk losing assistance. Secondly, it clearly demonstrates that voters, particularly in the areas of Malay-Melanau popularity are not keen for change -hence the mindset point that I mentioned above. Third, it clearly shows that PKR's approach towards contesting the areas is inadeaquate, ill-prepared, lack resources and wrong.

Anwar's maverick approaches that I've watched in some speech videos that I've watched can work well in urban areas partly because of the Chinese population there, in whom my friend Aspan said that are people who are realistic and dare to take the risk of what will happen, unlike the other communities there. As the result SUPP, got whacked up badly in the Chinese areas, except for Meluan and Bawang Assan. 

However, Anwar's approach don't work in rural areas mainly because people don't understand well on the scandals, sensational issues and so on, but on B n B. (bread and butter matters). Look in contrast of how Najib goes down to those areas and used subtle approaches and concentrating on the B n B approach. Because the mindsets are in contrast with those urbanites, people might not be able to buy to Anwar's idea of governing a.l.a Penang / Selangor model.

Obviously throughout the show, the credit must go to DAP who have done adequately well in campaigning and winning. Of course the risk from threats posed by BN parties saying that the Chinese would be sidelined do not work on them. The Penang model seems to have impressed urbanites desire of changing things in addition to hating Taib Mahmud. 

I obviously thought that the opposition can go scramble a few more seats by a possible chance of re-election since there are countless of police reports reported over voting irregularities. For the case of Senadin and in Muara Tuang, the fault was lying on the EC's side. In Senadin, the EC official refused to sign the returning form, and hence provides implications of rigging of votes there - with the 58 razor thin margin. In Muara Tuang, the BN candidate came late to submit the nomination papers although nomination time ends at 11 a.m, thus violating own rules. 

In several other places like in Tamin and Layar, voters are subjected to intimidation, where there should be police cases of vote buying. If the EC doesn't act at all, it still doesn't change the perception that EC is BN's unofficial component party and a stooge. Jabu's case clearly mirrors to the same way Tengku Adnan did that in Putrajaya. If you recall how voters in Putrajaya were told of sack threats for voting against BN by Ku Nan personally, then Jabu's one is no different matter. (See also the case of Joseph Muah's vote buying by fraud here as well)

The fault actually lies on the people themselves. The bad news and implication is that  by refusing to change they are willing to enslave themselve for 5 more years, risking more daylight theft of lands, false promises and discrimination, coupled with risk of more increment in cost of living by voting for the wrong party - partly because they have succcumbed to the temptations of not changing things.

PKR in particular have misjudged many things and in this case, perhaps Anwar may want to take a step back personally and let the rest of people help his work out rather than stressing himself out by doing double-duty work as MP and party head. As for PAS, many still think PAS as a Taliban-style party particuarly with Hadi and Nasaruddin running the organization, and as what Husam said recently, there is a need for refresh. 

I still believe that in the battle for which political fronts, neither side wins. - a stale mate Both sides win on several aspects, but BN still have internal squabbles that are never reported in particular out of fear of Home Ministry calling in. In the end, it's the voter mindset that determines the election outcomes.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy Piano Playing

It's some crazy piano playing here featring Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anything Short of Total Victory is Capitulation

I recalled on Sunday when Utusan's panel of editors, under the pseudonym of Awang Selamat called on the loss of Chinese votes to the BN and tell BN not to be too "generous" to the Chinese. 

This was what was recapped in Hishamuddin's statement on Monday:

The columnist, whose pseudonym is used by Utusan editors, said the BN state government could no longer be too generous to give place to the representatives from the community.

He added that the Sarawak cabinet must be reflective of the decisions and the attitude of the voters.

Similarly, later on, Dr. M in his usual tirade said that Sarawak got infected by the DAP virus of bringing the racist policy to Sarawak. I don't seem to see the logic behind the argument except that the statement makes people believe that all should unite under one party front, even if the minds are totally different. This ends in forcing people to think into the believes of BN's making. In his recent posting on his blog, Dr M states this in the following paragraphs:

6. The DAP will talk about Malaysian Malaysia i.e. Malaysia for all Malaysians. But its appeal had always been to the racialist sentiments of the Chinese. Those Chinese who reject the DAP seem to be considered as non-Chinese by the DAP.

7. Malaysia faces a grave danger of being divided by two parties - one Malay dominated by default and the other Chinese by choice. This will not be good for Malaysia. But this is what the DAP is striving for. A two-party system based on race will not contribute to stability much less national unity.

8. The presence of a few Malays in the DAP is just window dressing. It is the same as in Singapore where the PAP Government side lined their Malay supporters completely. The Malays make up 15 per cent of the island's population but their share of political power and wealth of this very prosperous nation is about one per cent. Of course Singapore is ruled by Singaporeans. The same would happen in Malaysia should the DAP rule this country. It would be ostensibly Malaysian.

9. I will be called a racist for pointing this out. For more than half a century the races in Malaysia had worked together to build the nation. The world saw stable BN Governments with power and wealth being shared by all races quite fairly. None of the races got everything that they considered they were entitled to - not the Malays, nor the Chinese, nor Indians, nor Ibans, Kadazans etc. All had to give up something. That is the essence of sharing.

I am sure that this is paranoia and the fear of the past is the state of the mind of some politicians there. Of course, "Melayu Mudah Lupa", as Dr. M first said in 2001 is also reflective in there. For instance, "got everything they considered", does that mean on preferential treatment in terms of getting jobs, student grants, etc? Was this never taken into account or something else?

On background, Zairil is a young professional and of course by rep, the stepson of the late Khir Johari - who is an UMNO man until retirement. If you recall what Zairil said of his late father having no objection to join the party of his choosing during his joining speech, then I am sure Zairil and others have a freewill that can be exercised.

What Dr. M clearly implies and doesn't hide in fact is that there is wish of the main races united under a single party. In this case, they rave of Malays being under the UMNO umbrella, and not other parties. This of course goes against the history where there will always be people in several factions. Look at how Zairil rebuked Dr. M - Malay to Malay - this of course points and underscores that a group of people, will be in several factions, if given the freewill to decide.

What both Utusan and Dr. M illustrate above in common illustrating of the mindset that can be modeled after some groups, like the IRA in Ireland. (Note: IRA is the military wing of Sinn Fein, mostly stopped after the Good Friday 1998 agreement). The mindset they have in there is requiring total victory in particular. Similar to the IRA, both Dr. M and Utusan believe that DAP's win and Chinese votes to the opposition means BN is still capitulating. The question is to who and the parties? From there, such delusion and dementia would crop up and so forth.

Being 54 years in power, BN has the tendency to believe of no one but they that will run the nation. This of course goes against history that civilizations and governments would fall someday, don't they? And now what will Najib do? Keep quiet at the expense of saving the ass or intervene, but with Dr. M coming in to blabber again? Sadly he's in a sitting duck position.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Don't Even Need So Many E-mail Accounts!

I am just simply baffled by whoever in Pemandu was proposing that every Malaysian gets an e-mail account although most of them are already tech-savvy and have their own e-mail accounts. My first impression is that those buggers there didn't think deep and instead it is merely a dangling carrot and a mileage for political support.

Many people have asked the question of who is this company Tricubes. Apart from the knowledge that they develop the MyKad reader that are used by many government departments, they are in a very precarious financial position such as Bursa Malaysia can delist them in the space of six months of so. 

Pitching this idea also brings back of the illogical explanation of not having automated registration of voters. It simply defies logic really. Actually the approach is that you straight away register the voters automatically, and then if the person who wants to vote in the area of choosing which does not match with the one in the database, they just have to go to the Election Commission office. It is far better in that way rather with those many excuses that prop out from the commissioner's mouth or so.

RM 50 million of people's money on this project is a waste. It could have been done to expand the broadband penetration in Malaysia. They can do it in Sarawak now that the BN government manage to defend it in the state elections. If they don't, don't you think that it counts as a violation of promises? But the rate still remains slow, no large thanks to Telekom's monopoly over the wires they have to increase broadband, coupled with high monthly fees.

Even without the proposal above, I always have a hard time when communicating with government departments as they keep redirecting my calls to other departments here and there. It's pretty hard when they can't even understand what I wish to convey although I speak to them in Malay! Then what's the point of having this kind of stupid idea? Bailout Tricubes? 

Hey..look at some of the tweets and it's easy to say no to that idea - unless Pemandu wants to bulldoze it over:

“RM50 million for email?? existing MP published email also can’t reply efficiently, What level of confident such will improve the effective or efficiency in communication? 1malaysia only for who? actually?” said one fan.

“Please use OUR money in the correct way, upgrade our broadband, subsidy gasoline, remove credit card tax or whatsoever! We already have our own email account (gmail/yahoo/hotmail/etc) which is free, we no need 1Malaysia email account. Totally disappointed to your motto and actions,” said another fan.

A third said: “It’s astonishing how the gov is able to frequently come out with nonsensical plans to waste our money. Malaysia Boleh!!”

I am also very much against privacy so, it is always a concern where you can be contacted without consent in regards of e-mail. If you remember being one of those that receive SMSes or e-mail greetings from Najib (the former in particular)  without your knowledge, know that your privacy is at the risk of being used by third-parties with no consent.
At least a person has an e-mail account, and Gmail's space that increases exponentially for each user means they can be stored as long as you want, so why need more e-mail accounts to juggle for anyway? Nothing better to do huh?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking Back: On Poco-Poco

If you recall sometime back that Harussani Zakaria, the Perak State Mufti has been making noises about the Poco-Poco dance, I noticed that most of the calls made are based on incorrect assumptions or on worse case, they never bothered to do extensive read work before making the decision.

Poco-Poco originated from Sulawesi, which is part of Indonesia. Since Indonesia is by right the country with the largest Muslim population, but largely performed there, therefore it is legitimately performed. Many actions have been done just because with the excuse of "recruiting God" for work. But it speaks otherwise.

According to the Minahasa, Poco-poco originates from the Muluccas. Specifically from Ambon. Whereas Tebe-tebe originates from Timor. Sajojo is from Irian. Ofcourse these three dances have their specific properties in accordance with their place of origin. They in fact are folk dances?” said Jery.

All three have a happy character. Specific to the Poco-poco are the steps broken into alternately changing directions. The count goes as 1-2-3-4. Tebe-tebe is almost the same and starts with the right foot. “But Poco-poco is more broken” clarifies Jery.

Many websites that I've looked upon for some basic understanding reveals that the dance is more or less for group aerobics. I am pretty sure that some of us have participated in physical exercises, and this can be one of them. Why must this be used as a religious excuse?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Now You Get The Idea!

Well, credit to Haris on dissecting the TV3 news report and the Bernama adapted reports that appeared on other papers, far better than anyone else.

See the video for further elaboration.

Now you get the idea of why I want to push for the identities of Bernama reporters to be revealed in whenever articles that they write. Look at how it got spun.

The Two Emma(s) Day

April 15 is always known as, well by coincidence. I have already blogged about it a few times, that every year the year would come by.

The Two Emma(s) Day

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Variations on RPK Article, One Misleading So Much

I have compared through the three spins of the RPK article on his column and noticed that the three variations different in the more content that is revealed there.

To be sure of that, I had reread the SD that he wrote in 2008. If you look at the paragraph that starts with "The purpose of this declaration...", read it as many times to get it drilling in the head, you can get the picture.

Now on to the spin:

On comparison, the Bernama and Malay Mail adapted Bernama is very identical, except on the words of the interview on TV3's Buletin Utama. 

The interview was aired through TV3's primetime news, Buletin Utama, Wednesday night. (Bernama)

The interview was aired through TV3's primetime news, Buletin Utama, tonight. (Malay Mail variation)

Wednesday and tonight meaning that Wednesday was in event if this was published in newspapers the next day. While 'tonight' was used since it written today itself.

However, look at the Star's variation. The first few paragraphs was manipulated far more than the original adaptation, hence giving the wrong meaning. 

Look at the Star's adaptation:

Malaysia Today founder and editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin says he was not responsible for accusations linking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor to the murder of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

He said he himself doubted the accusations when he made a statutory declaration (SD) on June 18, 2008, in which he had stated that he received information from several individuals claiming Rosmah was at the scene where Altantuya was murdered.

He claimed that several politicians close to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had put pressure on him to do what he did to prevent Najib from becoming Prime Minister.

In a sensational interview aired over TV3 Wednesday night, he said he no longer believed the story of these individuals.

"And I've mentioned the names of these people. I mentioned their names during the police investigation," he said, claiming the three were Nik Azmi Nik Daud, John Pang and blogger Din Merican.

1. On first paragraph - "he was not responsible" can give meaning that he accused but not responsible", whereas the actual words were "he never accused"

2. The second paragraph never existed at all from the original text.

3. The third paragraph was pointed wrongly. Here it says "several politicians", whereas it actually says "several individuals related to politicians" (this is the biggest mislead)

4. The phrase claiming the three were is actually identifying the individuals.

5. Paragraphs 12-17 in the original text was never mentioned at all - starting from "meeting with Nik Azmi"

6. The words "claim" was used instead of "said"

Arguably, the Star was the one found to manipulate the entire story. Since it's one of the biggest English dailies in Malaysia, this has already been considered as manipulating the original agency text with their own and passed off as the agency's. What does it mean?

So who in the Star really turned it the other way round? 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recruiting God for Politics

It's only that that the Peninsular MCA has come over to Sarawak to help George Chan and co to get Chinese support that seems to be heading towards the DAP. The writing is already on the wall for George for they are about to be whacked very hard enough on the elections, except that they don't even know about it. 

But what was funny yesterday is was about the emcee for Wong Soon Koh's dinner in Sibu started to talk about BN being "God", righteous and the only savior of Sarawak. How pathetic that guy is. 

Excerpt from Malaysiakini:

8.30pm: Sibu Wong Soon Koh arrives at the SUPP dinner, with the crowd shouting in support and chanting "1 Malaysia".

The over excited emcee keeps on praising the BN government as "God of Righteousness", the only government that can serve the people.

I too also find Pornstar Chua's statement of Chinese vs Chinese statement a little illogical or nonsense. The statement seems to fall in the lines of the sentiment of  "UMNO represents all Malays and Islam" thing, although it is actually not. This is what Khalid Samad said yesterday:

“Umno is trying to make Islam look more Malay,” he said to shouts of agreement from the floor. “And this is when you get funny rules like the stamping of the BM bible.”

“They are going about the ‘Allah’ issue as though Malay is an Islamic language. Umno is creating the impression that Islam and Malay are synonymous and that Malay is even more Islamic than Islam.”

“They say non-Muslims should be banned from using the word ‘Allah’ so as not to create confusion. Don’t tell me that God only understands one language. But these are the idiocyncracies in BN."

This is what Malaysiakini reported on Pornstar said in Kuching:

8.45pm: Kuching Chua Soi Lek accuses DAP of being a party that pits the Chinese against one another. He said that by contesting only 15 out of 71 seats, DAP was on a mission to reduce Chinese representation in the state government.

He also claimed that DAP's purpose was to prop up PAS, citing the example of how DAP had helped install a menteri besar from PAS in Perak, despite PAS being a minority party in the then state government.

"If I had 18 seats (the majority) I would tell PAS 'Lim Pek is the boss'," he said.

If you look above - it's the indirect statement of only MCA and SUPP represents all Chinese in Malaysia. But defending against who or representing who really? World War II was over 65 years ago, Communist insurgency was over 50 years ago, then what?

Does that above mean recruiting God for political purposes? To point out of holier than thou?

No Fear: Wading Through BN's Repression

 The rakyat are fearful of the instruments of repression.

The presence of army personnel or police near and around long houses are sufficient to induce pliant behavior.

But let the people of Sarawak be reminded – you have the greatest weapon of all – YOUR VOTE.

You also have the law on your side.

Sarawakians must celebrate the victory of the 640 villagers from Kuala Nyalau and Ulu Nyalau who were awarded RM66.75 million by the Bintulu High Court recently.

The laws can’t be twisted forever by the powerful oligarchy – for that is what the Sarawak government has become.

It’s no longer a party for the people. It’s a party for the elite and the rich.

The people of Kuala Nyalau and Ulu Nyalau are just common people, driven by the desire to correct an injustice.

Sarawakians have only to focus on this mission – to correct the injustices brought upon them by Taib’s government.

They have nothing to lose excerpt a Taib’s brutish rule.

I have read several instances which points to how BN politicians use their way of coercing the Sarawakians for votes, in the most common form used - intimidation in speeches. These politicians have been threatening people of withdrawing goodies if the people would vote for the opposition instead of BN. Intimidation is not a new tactic really. The only thing from here is that people do not know that they have the right and the freedom to decide who they want without being threatened by either side of the political divide.

In Peninsular Malaysia, the one case of point above would be testimonies from several civil servants voting in Putrajaya back in 2008. They have revealed how the BN candidate, Tengku Adnan had visited several government departments there and said that their votes are being traced and whoever found to vote for the opposition risk being moved cold storage or sacked. (Note: this was affirmed by the PAS candidate contesting there and it was documented in Malaysia Today, except the archive link was lost to me at time of writing)

Back now then, there were a few instances to that thing that includes:

1. Peter Nyarok, SPDP No 2, said "useless for the Indian to be here, kill him then he knows”, referring to Xavier Jeyakumar, the Selangor Exco member. He was also caught uttering intimidating things about voting quoting from Free Malaysia Today:

Nyarok, feeling the heat of campaign against him, is warning longhouse chiefs that if their ‘anembiaks’ (followers) choose to vote for the opposition, he will use his ministerial power to withdraw minor rural projects promised to the longhouses.

He is suspicious of every one including civil servants, teachers and pensioners if they do not express their open support for him.

Six civil servants have been transferred from Saratok to other parts of Sarawak as a warning to others. He is also threatening pensioners that their pensions will be withdrawn.

“Nyarok never behaved like this in previous elections. The reason is that he has not kept the many promises he made to the people.

“In the 2006 state election he promised a number of projects including road repair projects in Ulu Krian and sent three trucks to deliver the stones and promised to send more if he were to win the election.

“However, after winning the election, he failed to keep his promises. The stones were removed and taken back,” said Bungan.

He also promised to deliver rubber sheet machines, chainsaws and work tools, but at the end of the day the people did not receive anything.

2. MCA's common battle-cry for support is basically calling those who vote for opposition as ungrateful. True, I have a few friends who used to tell me of how party people would chastise people for not being grateful to the party for protecting the Chinese. Question is protecting and representing Chinese against who? 
I really want the name of the reporter from Bernama who wrote this thing because it is basically a right to know as a citizen - I have stated several times the need of the agency to reveal their names of reporters who wrote it, in the light of the Penang state government getting the wrong picture due to wrong writing by that person.

"A Chinese district officer is unheard of in any other part of the country. Ande nowhere else in Malaysia do you have a Chinese mayor," Kong noted, alluding to the administrative structure where Chinese hold positions not open to them in other states.

"And it is only in Sarawak that you have a Chinese ketua kampung, penghulu, pemancar and Kapitam," Kong said in reference to the community leadership set-up.

They have to understand that should they decide not to give their votes to the Chinese representatives, the other parties in the ruling coalition may use the defeat of SUPP as an excuse to change everything."

Kong said the opposition will not be able to form the next Sarawak state government.

"They may succeed in getting rid of SUPP in some constituencies, but this would only mean diluting Chinese representation in the government," he added. The Chinese make up 20 per cent of the population of Sarawak. SUPP, the Chinese-dominated BN party, is contesting 19 of the 71 seats.

SUPP lost six of the 19 seats it contested in the last election to the DAP, one to PKR and another to a SNAP candidate, who later joined SUPP.

SUPP publicity chief Daniel Ngieng said:"Whether you like it or not, BN is going to form the government after April 16, with or without Chinese representation as the Bumiputras are solidly behind them," he said.

"The Chinese have to vote BN-SUPP for representation in the government. We (SUPP) have shortcomings, but we are changing," he said.

My response? Fuck you.  

Teresa Kok called him a "narrow" - which is what he is.

Today, the bigwigs from MCA have come over, and Chua Soi Lek is singing the same tune as Kong's.

3. Even the Iban longhouse chiefs are too not spared from this kind of scenario. A tuai rumah elected must be pro-BN or else all benefits will be stripped. Quoting from this blog - Broken Shield:

Today, the criteria for Tuai Rumah have changed; he must be educated at least up to Form Three, be pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) and not necessary having deep knowledge of Iban Adat (this he can learn from The Tusun Tunggu, a book containing all the customs, traditions, taboos, fines, etc.).

After being elected, his appointment must be endorsed by the government so that an allowance of RM450 per month can be given to him. His duties include being “eyes and ears” of the BN government, a judge, a law enforcer, tax collector, consultant, and chairman of JKKK (Village Security and Development Committee) through which government funds are being channeled.

During election times, he is much wanted by the BN parties. This has become very pronounced in the 2006 State and 2008 parliamentary elections.

As concluded - But the worst effect is that the system will create a government full of corrupted and dishonest elected representatives as well as inculcating into the people or voters a culture of corruption and a dishonest syndrome where money determines the election.

It is very comforting to listen to what Sak was saying above because the decision of voting is no one but yourself and the very assuring thing is that no one is actually intimidating you to vote for that person or not. The whole thing is a bluff, like playing poker in casinos. You can actually snub the hand that feeds you if the hand is not proven to help you a lot and if you think you need change after so many years sticking to the same old person, then you are welcome to do so. The choices are spread out on the table -  in front of us. 

We can actually wade through BN's tools and methods of repression. 

This has become a dilemma. How can we get out of it really?

Ok, the first thing is just to be who you really are by yourself and choose wisely as you are in control of deciding whether suffer another 5 more years under the same party that robs and cheats you all or go for something that will put back things properly like in Penang and Selangor. No one demands you on this.

Sometimes you have to do something a little evil, being the little devil, all for a better good.

An eye for an eye perhaps? 

Remember how Berita Harian got embarassed over the Ultraman cartoon

Remember how Rosmah was quoted that Japan was negligent over the nuclear plants - A statement that is considered an insult to the morals of the Japanese?

How both things ended up on international press that in turn makes Malaysia a laughing stock online? They are both shown on CNN's iReport. The point here is to tell to the international press about the truths. With video and audio testimony from witnesses, you have solid proof of voter intimidation. Of course since CNN is being watched worldwide, it will attract mass attention.

I know that some people and politicians would describe this as badmouthing the country, but sometimes you have to do that for a better good if our own institutions is unwilling to buckle up or do nothing even being promising people of fixing things.

That's number 2.

The third thing is doing the opposite of silence presumes consent. If we are quiet don't do anything, then bad would triumph over evil - Edmund Burke's famous saying. It's worth of holding the fact that there are justice loving-people that will help out if things go south.

As I have mentioned in my recent Robin Hood post: you can be any of  Robin Hood's merry men and take on the quest to rid corruption and tyranny on Sarawak that is Nottingham - your adventure in the making that you should seize the advantage. This time, there is no more - "Another 5 years then change" thing. By that time, it will be already too late, never to go back and take what would be lost.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sarawak's Time To Wake Up

 There is only message to be conveyed: Don't be tempted by the Devil for they promised you 30 years but you don't reap what you should earn and deserved.

The Flip-Flop Statements

On Sunday, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa told Christians not to test their patience, for "the Malays have been patient for far too long and have allowed non-Malays to make excessive demands". To further add to his elaboration, (as quoted in The Malaysian Insider:)

“How many Malays are Christian? Why do you have to have bibles in Bahasa? Why not use bahasa Iban, or Kadazan?

“This is a problem of national security ... we (Malays) have been far too giving, I want to remind them to not be excessive in their demands,” said Ibrahim.

“They are not the majority of the country,” he stressed.

The Pasir Mas MP said that the reason why the Christian community were making demands now was because Sarawak elections were underway.

“They are taking advantage of the elections, they raise these things and we cannot object ... they are trying to exploit sensitive issues,” added Ibrahim.

“We have not brought up the issue of our rights,” he said.

This statement above has the clear shades of those things that were written below. Back in 2008, just before the general election, this is are the common things that the real Malaysian menaces would talk about. Take a look at the list below, and you would find that Ibrahim Ali's statement is just like one of those below.
  1. Do not provoke us! The Malays know how to amok!
  2. Don't mess with our rights! Time has come for us to act against those who question Malay special privileges!
  3. There is no religion above Islam, don't challenge us! Whatever is required for Malay development, we will push for it!
  4. Bangsa Malaysia is the Malaysians with Malay as the pivotal race!
  5. Malays are marginalised in Penang and they have the right to express their feelings!
  6. New Economy Policy (NEP) is the social contract, it will never end!
  7. Do not question and challenge the position of the Malays and Islam in this country!
  8. Use the Internal Security Act (ISA) to jail those who question our rights!
  9. Raise the bumiputera equity target to 70% to reflect the actual population ratio!
  10. They (the non-Malays) are manipulating the bumiputera equity figures. If we want to use the ASLI figures, let’s set a new target.
  11. Let’s make it 70% for the Malay equity!
  12. We want to rotate the post of the Penang Chief Minister! We know who they are. We know where they are and what they say!
  13. Force the government-linked companies (GLCs) to set-up Malay special-purpose-vehicles (SPVs) to break the monopoly chain of
  14. the Chinese companies!
  15. Since the racial riots in 13th May 1969, UMNO and the Malays have been too patient and tolerant!
  16. We should defend Malay rights to the last drop of our blood!
  17. We warn against anyone who attempted to incite religious and racial sentiments!
  18. When tension rises, the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins! UMNO willing to bathe in blood!
If you are one of those who feel that People's Declaration is what you need, BN's answer is definitely no to Bangsa Malaysia. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman mooted the idea of Bangsa Malaysia but was objected by the late MCA president Tan Siew Sin. This was shown in the list of quotes mentioned by BN:
  1. - BN can easily solve the people’s problems
  2. - BN will protect the rights of everyone
  3. - BN needs more time to develop the country
  4. - BN is very fair to everyone, is the best choice
  5. - The Chinese should be grateful - (This is what Kong Cho Ha said today)
  6. - Vote for BN for your own future
  7. - The bloggers are liars, opposition are liars
  8. - If you don’t like Islam Hadhari, get out!
  9. - We are Islamic state, never been a secular state
  10. - BN cares for the people
  11. - We can never accept Bangsa Malaysia
  12. - PM is the saviour of Chinese schools
I noticed that the day after that, Muhyiddin would try to deny that BN is anti-Christian. If you can look at some of the text excerpts there, it is as if it is trying to cover up many things. For instance:

“When have we ever been anti-Christian or anti-religion? It’s all a big lie. The Barisan Nasional has always upheld the Rukun Negara.

Look closely - the religion dispute where the husband or spouse converted without the knowledge of the others or children converted without consent, what does that tell you? If there is another case in point, you can see at times how indiscriminate religious officials would go raiding public places just because it was alleged reported of proximity? Isn't actions speaking louder than words that they are thumbing down on other minorities? Al-kitab - isn't that against your statement, Malikul Sembab?
“What they are spreading is provocation because they know people will be worked up and angry. We have resolved it (the dispute) through the BN spirit,” Muhyiddin (picture) told reporters during a Sarawak election campaign stop here.

Here, this is wrong as well. If MCA and MIC is Class 2 party, Class 1 is UMNO, Gerakan and others are Class 3. This is unlike in the pre-Mahathir years where there is no class 1, class 2, but in the same pool. So who's really lying now? Or are the bigwigs being misadvised?

In actual fact - the reality will speak for themselves, all would point to the shades of Ibrahim Ali's statement on Sunday. So what Muhyiddin said doesn't make sense, if you are that smart enough and not to be fooled.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The New Robin Hood Playground: Sarawak!

I have read many exposes of the corruption and mismanagement under the Taib Mahmud administration in Sarawak, that Sarawak Report has prominently spoke of. Someone called Taib as somewhat "immune" or in Malay "kebal" meaning that no one, not even the MACC nor even Najib is able to touch Taib Mahmud mainly because he amasses more money that could even match the amount of reserves available in Malaysia alone.

I find this state elections very interesting though it brings back memories of the 2008 election campaign though not as big as it is right now. It also allows to test the change effect that will happen with the main factor being the "Hate Taib" factor. After all, people have pointed Taib in many parallels to the deposed Hosni Mubarak, with two things in common: both men have been running the state for 30 years and have amassed a huge fortune that gets stashed in other places including the Swiss bank. The "Hate Pak Lah" factor was the main reason why PR won unprecedentedly that year, and denied Barisan Nasional 2/3rds.

It has become public knowledge that Taib used bomohs (read black magic) as a part of the play dirty way to win elections. Even one of his relatives, Salleh Jafaruddin have started to make noise the moment the blonde bomoh, which was brought in by Raziah Mahmud to her brother Taib makes the appearance last night. This too, not only does seen in Taib's circle, but in Alfred Jabu's. Whenever a PR ceramah that happens in Jabu's territory, the police was hell bent on stopping ceramahs there. It gives a tell-tale sign that they were acting under Jabu's directive - a baruah, shall I say.

No, that's not the main point I would want to say. I came to notice, that as we've gone into the second day of campaigning in Sarawak, it has already started to become the playground that harks to the days of the legend of Robin Hood and Nottingham. In Sarawak, it is very similar to the legend, where the people of Sarawak must undertake the quest to free the country from the tyranny of despots. In this case, Taib Mahmud was very similar to King John himself. And as the story goes like John, Taib would robbed the natives land rights, people's wealth, and give it to the rich barons allied to him and in the process, people were poor and the state never prospered where people would reap its rewards. Not at all.

A conventional main villain always has its number twos and Taib always has his deputies - George Chan, also one of his brother-in-laws, and Alfred Jabu whom is very similar in role, capacity like the Sheriff of Nottingham. Any child or those who remembered stories and tales would know that the Sheriff would do the dirty work, going out with crew under him to harass the poor people, rob the riches and whack people who do not conform to their definition of norms.

George Chan and SUPP recently said the Chinese that they would lose representation if Pakatan Rakyat were voted into power. DAP there's it down, saying it is equivalent to harassment. Don't you notice that George Chan is like the Sheriff? Like MCA, SUPP are playing second fiddle behind PBB, which means if SUPP gets whacked out all together (29 seats) - there will be no 2/3rd majority that Taib wants. DAP is right on one thing - SUPP is selling out the Chinese as it was reported here.

And this of course leaves to the Sarawakians that they can play stock characters from the protagonist faction. People can play Robin Hood, Little John or the other merry men, Christians, recently muddled in the Al-Kitab bible crisis with the federal government can play as Friar Tuck if required, while the ladies can play as Marion. But as the story goes, the struggle to win the fight against King John's army and the bandits cannot be done alone - it must be done in the unified fashion, and in this case - a 60 seat win for PR would be very much convincing, and overwhelmingly send a message to Najib and Co that 54 years of BN is enough already, and at the same time Taib could end up the same fate as Hosni Mubarak. Again, it only happens if people are not swayed by BN's words and temptations (some might mirror it as the Devil's temptation).

The Magna Carta signing in 1215 is very unique as it is a starting point of a charter and it also points out that the role of king is not absolute like an Egyptian Pharoah. It is only through the struggle of Robin Hood, as the story says that the Magna Carta was finally forced on John to sign it, explicitly saying that no man can be punished by other means except by the law of the land.

If you see from top to down, it is very same. The only problem is there are people who are not willing to listen and would want to keep it again and again. No, the conventions have changed, that kind of mentality must be stopped and shed. I have observed how the campaigning is going on the first two days and PR's campaign was very similar as to Robin Hood leading citizens. It is also agreed and noted that PR is very hard in debunking such claims that BN would say here and as to answer the claim that "Opposition has no track record" the answer is clear: they can't show the record because they were never put into office for once and remained in opposition. If you want to see it, you have to put them to judge it!

Oh, it's going to be a Robin Hood style play right now in Sarawak!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

U Turns in PPSMI

Hold on, it's the MCA Youth Chief that said it before! On 18 January 2011, Wee Ka Siong said clearly that the Education Ministry is not going to take a u-turn on abolishing PPSMI. This excerpt from The Malaysian Insider on that day (note it is in BM) said as follows: 

Keputusan mengkaji semula PPSMI dibuat menerusi perbincangan meja bulat, selepas perbincangan panjang lebar, keputusan dibuat berasaskan hasil penemuan,” kata beliau kepada The Malaysian Insider.

“Tidak, tidak. Malah sekolah-sekolah aliran Cina juga mahukan pengajaran subjek-subjek ini dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Ambil contoh yang mudah dan dapatkan komen daripada kumpulan-kumpulan profesional, dan anda akan tahu,” katanya.

Wee berkata pihaknya menyedari kempen Page yang mahu mengenakan tekanan ke atas kerajaan agar PPSMI diperkenalkan semula tetapi menambah, Kabinet tiada rancangan untuk berbuat demikian.

“Ini keputusan Kabinet. Kita perlu mematuhi apa yang telah diputuskan oleh Kabinet,” katanya lagi.

On the 5 April, the MCA big man himself Chua Soi Lek wanted English for Maths and Science "in selected schools". In actual fact, there is no such thing as select schools. It's kind of saying it is picky. If Chua Soi Lek says that statement above, it clearly means two things: that it seems there is another u-turn coming up on the PPSMI, which is not even 6 months after Wee Ka Siong and Muhyiddin said no; and there is actually a clash between Soi Lek and Ka Siong on this policy, even both are MCA and from the same state of origin.

This is what Soi Lek said from the excerpt on The Malaysian Insider:

“We should adopt a more forward looking perspective with regards to education instead of taking the retrogressive approach in opposing the use of English.

“The teaching of the two subjects in English should be allowed to continue, especially in select urban schools where there is already a demand for it,” he said.

I am not really bothered of who's better between those two Chinamen but I feel the sense of flip-flops with one now saying "I want back", reversing the decision of  "No, I don't really want." It is indeed confusing people already including parents who have school children. There has no unanimous agreement from the officials and the general public over whether to cancel PPSMI or not. PAGE is a group that wanted PPSMI for schools because of the language application in its workings when working on jobs involving technology. 

Dr. Mahathir misjudged himself in the early 70s on having BM as main medium of instruction only to regret and want PPSMI before his retirement in 2003. I bet there would be some arguments between some parties again with this issue being reignited again. I do no doubt can see Chua being reprimanded by Muhyiddin, in capacity as Education Minister by saying "issue is final - no more discussion". 

We shall see how it unfolds then.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

High Time in Revealing Reporters From Bernama

I just read a press statement (one mirror here) by the Penang CM, Guan Eng in response to Koh Tsu Koon's statement about Najib never expressed confidence that BN could recapture Penang. Guan Eng continued on to say that:

I find it hard to believe that the national news agency Bernama would dare to misreport the Prime Minister, no matter how excited or enthusiastic the reporter is. As the national news agency, Bernama would have access to the Prime Minister that is not normally available to other media.

The public would never believe that Bernama dares to misreport the Prime Minister, unless the offending Bernama reporter is sacked for such unprofessional conduct and incompetence. Any failure to act against Bernama shows that BN is carrying out a “smoke and mirrors” campaign to recapture Penang by confusing PR and conceal BN’s real strategy of winning back Penang by stealth and subterfuge.

The highlighted statement in bold is the point I want to mention out. Every day there have been countless of spins, with directives from the Home Ministry to make it more feel good for BN. The number of spins are even around the same as with those Malay dailies. Clearly, with some digging of information and sources elsewhere, it comes conclusive that Najib is mislead and misinformed by his own BN people in Penang, thinking that at this point, BN can recapture Penang. However, I can see that it brings false hope, nothing more.

Any article that is written and circulated by Bernama does not have the name of the reporter that writes it. What is the name of the reporter that wrote Article A or so. In this case above, who was the reporter from the agency that was writing that Guan Eng was referring to? This is the matter of accountability and taking proper responsibility of the actions undertaken, in this thing, writing the correct information that happens at that time. I have thought for a few years that it is high time for Bernama to start revealing who are the writers. For example, for that above, you should say "By Reporter X from Bernama", because if they do not reveal that, the whole agency, even those who are not involved in the article process cycle will take the blame because an article authoring will refer to the collective group, not individually. 

Therefore, Yong Soo Heong, as in capacity as E.I.C of Bernama has a big question lying ahead to be answered, from Guan Eng's statement. But from here, I can see that there's not much effect that can be achieved if there is a need to launch a legal case against Bernama for fraud. It is now turning to the people to exercise the right to know, the right to authenticate, the right to compare. The period of hush hush thing that used to happen 30 years ago is fading to time because of the availability and accessibility of information over a platform called the Internet. 

The two paragraphs quoted sums up my point. You can decide if you think you should know who (the reporter that wrote it) or you turn a blind eye away from it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finding 90s Music

I've heard some music of the 90s on the radio particularly on the weekends and if that is hardly played so often on radio, so I managed to dig up about three tracks in the 90s. You may say that I tend to listen more to the 90s, since my own jukebox has most of it and I am a little unconventional.

People's Right To Know Refused To Make People Stupid?

1. First of all, I applaud the Selangor state government for putting in the FOI bill which surely will answer what the people want. If the people wants to the breakdown of costs for each project, it will be an obligation of the state government to reveal it, without showing bullshit to the people. In other way, it also eliminates the presence of Mr. 30 percent (those who want an extra cut from the project). And it lives to the billing of the PR Selangor of the SELCAT concept (similar to the one in Penang).

2. What I am appalled though is that none of the BN assemblymen support the FOI Bill. If I am not mistaken, Gerakan called the Penang FOI bill like OSA. Perhaps this is the same opinion that was taken by the BN. According to Free Malaysia Today, not even one person from BN came in, though invited to show support for the bill. With that it clearly implies that it is not willing to make things known for people as part of the right to know thing.

3. Times have changed. With the power of the Internet, people know start to exercise the right to know more than what is served in the platter. If the platter is the newspaper, is whatever is there enough or they need to more specifics if the newspaper doesn't cover it? I agree that people's awareness is getting much better on, but still there are many people that has no clue over what is happening or so because of the impasse on the information to be given out.

4. "Will cause problems to the public" is the main excuse for not revealing information to people. I suppose because of high-profile scandals that will impact the public that information is stopped before it's out of the door. But the problem, is without more clarity and specific information, how will other parties promptly respond to the problems that they are facing without adequate input?

5. Therefore, the common bullshit above must be stopped. It has already making people look stupid and it insults people intelligence thinking that people have no right to know whatever that is necessary.

6. There are actually many entities that are actually owned by the public. Petronas is an example. Bank Simpanan Nasional, and a few other entities are government-owned, which is actually chosen by the people. Therefore, people have the right to know all the information of what the government is doing especially, what they are planning to do with our money. As of this time, because of the OSA tag, it simply prevents people from knowing. Sometimes, out of keeping people out from what could be potentially damaging, the OSA has been simply misused.

7. For example, crime statistics access, in which women are entitled to know got blocked by the police. Why would the IGP Ismail Omar classify that as a secret document? Is it that if the real statistics hit out, that the Home Ministry or the police could be embarrassed because the statistics don't match the NKRA set? If this is the fear factor, then maybe it's okay to spill it out and get help from outside. You can't bottle up alone.

8. There is always a struggle of whether divulging sensitive information would be beneficial or not. The bad side of not having the FOI is that it can be used to cover-up heinous acts particularly if committed by a politician. And it also raises suspicion that the project cost could go more than usual because of the presence of the Mr. 30 Percent. All in all, people of the 21st century are not like people before and they have the right to know. Britain, previously introduced the OSA has now showed a turn of attitude than it was 60 years ago and with the introduction of their own equivalent of the FOI act, people at least get the knowledge of where is their money, as taxpayers. We too are taxpayers. Even if we do not pay income tax, we still pay the 6% service tax. All of us. That's where the right to know comes in!


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