Saturday, April 30, 2011

Secret Tournament Video 2002

This ad was famous on the round up to the 2002 world cup in Korea and Japan that I found it amusing when I went through the team names and tag lines. For instance, Funk Seoul Brothers, consisting of Denilson, Ronaldinho and Seol, the tag line was "Who Wants To Get Funked Up?", and the interesting thing was Denilson playing stupid tricks against compatriots Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo of Os Tornados. The eventual winner, Triple Espresso has a tagline that matches the trio's overall qualities: "If Speed Kills,You're Dead" - which a trick was pulled at the abrupt finale.

There used to be a joke that if Eric Cantona manages a team, he would make the team train in a cage. And this is the allegory to the joke.

It's just one of the weekend videos to watch before I start a three day break in Penang. Need one really!

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