Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turun Turun Minyak!

In the last two weeks, the price of oil dropped tremendously from the peak height of $147 per barrel. As of this time, the current price for September would be $124 per barrel.

A few hours ago Dollah Badawi said that Government ould look into lowering petrol prices by September. It can be said easily but can he do it seriously? To augment the lowering of petrol prices, they should strengthened the ringgit against the dollar. It should be around 3.05 at this time. This would reduce the import costs and help to improve purchasing power among the people.

Don't be like Zimbabwe, Dollah!

Anwar's Safe Bet

After weeks of speculation of where Anwar would be contested, it was announced today that his wife Wan Azizah would step aside to let him contest at his home town of Permatang Pauh. Usually a man sacrifices for a woman that he loves but it is otherwise and Dr. Mahathir of course shared the same sentiment today as well.

Kulim was originally the best choice but according to him, the waiting time for the petition over the Kulim seat would be taking too long as the decision would only be announced on the 19th. It would be a safe bet as there could be an arrest in the next 48 hours or so.

If a by-election goes fair and clean, I bet Anwar would win the seat easily.

I am pretty excited to see who would be his opponent. I have a hunch as Khalid Ibrahim said that Ezam should challenge Anwar.

It would be a nice climax to a soap drama right now. Boy, the whole nation political scenario is like a reality-level soap drama!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today is All Of A.R.N.O.L.D

It's not celebrating Neville. It's not celebrating Ginny's pygmy puff..

Today is on celebrating need to explain further.

And Governator has just racked up another kill to get people to in shape like him:

California bans trans-fats in restaurants from 2010 onwards.

See this piece here.

Abdullah Badawi's Very Own Operation Grandslam!

If Operation Grandslam is Auric Goldfinger's ultimate plan for world domination, then notice that Abdullah Badawi has a grand plan in his hands with the ultimate objective: to stay in power, eliminating the competition! Yes...if you have been observing some of the events recently and if you are curious kind of person, piecing together it will give his very own grand plan!

But then, don't say that it's the bloggers that brought down the plan to ruin, but people who know, who love the country so much that they do not want zealots and despots running things around!

The bottom line of this so called Grand Slam is to still remain in power and then in future give the post of PM to Khairy. And in the process, he controls UMNO, eliminate his enemies including Najib, Musa, Gani and Anwar..etc and putting back in full effect of what is rejected called Racial politics. Now let's get straight to the point. Last week, at a secret meeting held at Jalan Bellamy in Kuala Lumpur was held and participating in this meeting among them was the Rembau division...of course you can smell Khairy is also helping to come out with this Grand Slam plan.

Like a four-act story, from what I pieced if I am correct in chronological order, the plan consists of four phases that kicks off by coincidence and from there it goes towards meeting his objective, disregarding of how the nation will suffer in the coming economic tsunami.

Phase 1: Taking Anwar Ibrahim off the Equation

This matter was premeditated between Saiful and Najib. As the leaked medical records implies that Saiful was never sodomized at all and just made a non-existent report to the police indicating that Anwar sodomized him. Of course the effect of the scandal would derail him from going for the crossovers. This would psychologically make the people in BN and PR doubt over his credibility to lead the government given with a man that has the knack of commiting sodomy in the past and present.

BN knew that people still do not know much of the truth until Anwar comes and exposes the wrongdoings of the present governments. Many knew through him that there are some in the government were forced to support policies against their personal opinion or risked facing the whip. They hoped to cover their dirt and sins by taking him out. Since Anwar is now in a bitter fight with Najib, accusing Najib over shady deals, Altantuya murder and the man behind the sodomy case, it will likely divert the people's attention over from BN.

Anwar has successfully put in DAP, PKR and PAS into a coaltion that still remains new yet sucessfully capturing 82 seats in the general elections. It was his incredible revelations and orations in series of speeches nationwide that influeced the outcome of the election.

The Malaysian Insider reported what exactly BN had in mind in August - charge Anwar over a non-existent report. As planned, the police will based the medical report that was taken from the KL General Hospital, and will proceed to charge Anwar over sodomy.

The bottom line is that the sodomy scandal, although non-existent, Abdullah wants to weaken Pakatan Rakyat by casting the PR associates in doubt with the scandal on Anwar. But, at this phase, they would not put Anwar at the will be at after Phase 3.

The KLH medical report doesn't exist at all!!!!

Phase 2: To Weaken Pakatan Rakyat via PAS

Sometime last week, Abdullah Badawi dropped a bombshell that UMNO had met PAS on occasions to form a joint-government in states. Khir Toyo lamented and blamed Anwar for the obstacle behind the talks. There were some in PAS who were part of the rounds of talks there - those who opened the backdoor. Some admit now that they had second thoughts of jumping over to UMNO. There were a few noted including some who met Najib in his London trip. Those who were opening the backdoor were the ones who were reaching the twilight of their time in PAS, particularly like Mustafa Ali, Hasan Ali.

Some have observed of remarks by Tajol Rosli over forming the pact or heard of Ezam in Perak to woo PAS members to join over UMNO and form another state government. The grassroots level people are not likely to buy into that idea. What is true is that UMNO does that because they are getting desperate for the support among the new generation of Malays seems to wane among them.

The purpose of doing so is that to make others cast their doubts over their decisions on being part of Pakatan Rakyat. When ominous rumors of some PAS members decide to leave and join BN, the effect would attract others to join them, thus weakening - then the implication. When PAS joins UMNO, there would be another snap election by September and after the snap elections, PAS would realize that they were expendable, used for UMNO's greed, for the sake of the so called defending the Malays.

The media is also helping in making the lie -

Phase 3: Aufwiedersehen Najib!

Najib had a lifeline in the 2004 elections. And the whole idea of a transition plan is to make sure that no one, not even Najib challenges Abdullah. But the whole thing is a hoax indeed. Abdullah secretly wants Najib out and the implication of Najib with the Altantuya / sodomy thing is likely going to throw him off the window and politcally assassinate him.

All things on Altantuya and the sodomy thing is all related to him. He wishes to use PAS to gain trust on Anwar and when that happens, ACA will go after Musa and Gani and then Abdullah sacks Najib. By that time, Anwar will be vulnerable and Abdullah can come in and checkmate him with the sodomy charge. After these two things that's where PAS will become expendable and maybe PAS people will regret of going with UMNO.

Phase 4: Beat the Competition In Elections

When Najib is taken off the board, the only competitors remaining would be Tengku Razaleigh and Muhiyiddin Yassin. Of course, Abdullah would want to beat the competion and of course, he would pay people's money to them to get them vote him and no one else. Those under his patronage - contractors, cronies etc..would help his cause of buying votes because if Abdullah would lose - that will be the end of them, economically. Yeah...dirty tactics that is. The real person that is intending to be handing the PM post over is not Ali Rustam, not Mike Tyson but Khairy.

After that - well, he can start back the ancient thing that is wrong called racial politics.

He'll definitely flip-flop over the transition plan thing!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's One Secret...

There was something which I was tight-lipped about and never mentioned to anyone at all. I heard that there's a cool phone in town, I thought maybe I'd share one to get it...!

Sometime in August 2002, I spent my two weeks semester break back home in Ipoh. One afternoon, I decided to go out to buy some groceries and fetch my brother who finished late at school. At that time, I was too excited to have the chance to drive my own car. It was a hand's me down Toyota LE 1.3 Corolla, which looks brand new despite a very old age. I only got my driving license in April, so every time I want to go out, it's kind of exciting.

I started the car and reversed it. I thought there was no car behind, but I was awaken by a small bump sound. Little I had forgotten that I reversed and hit the right-back of my neighbor's car, a white Proton Saga. The new neighbor moved into our neighborhood for about two months or so.

Shit..while I was reversing my car, my late granny saw me hit the car. I knew I'm gonna get grilled. But the neighbor didn't show up at their front door.

After I picked my brother and buying the groceries, I came back, and while inspecting how big the dent could be in the car, granny impatiently asked me a lot of questions and was scolding me for being careless. Shit...I made a stupid mistake and dented a very pristine but old junk! She told me that she was keeping an eye on the neighbor in case he appears out the door anytime looking at her while I was out.

But she was covering for me. No one, not including the other neighbors had witnessed my mistake. It was one of those secrets that we kept until today even after she was gone already. The neighbor opposite today still never knew who did it, I felt a bit guilty a few months after that thing happened.

Sometimes, hushing up is something that could save a person's ass and dignity...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anwar's eeny meany miny mo

According to Malaysiakini, Anwar Ibrahim has already started campaigning unofficially but right now, he's looking to contest on the Kulim seat.

But a week ago, it was eeny meany miny mo for him. It was something that makes people guessing. He was juggling on contesting either in Kulim, Permatang Pauh or Bandar Tun Razak.

The power base in Permatang Pauh is quite strong for PKR and if Azizah simply relinquishes the seat, you can bet that BN will do all it can to take the seat away from PKR - spending millions and millions. That seat is counted as indispensable thing.

It is also a waste to throw Bandar Tun Razak away. Khalid Ibrahim was quite fortunate to win that seat by 2000 + votes. But the concern here is that Anwar might not be familiar with the people there and even Tan Chai Ho lost the seat, support for him is still popular since he has been helping a lot of people there. To relinquish and then contesting there is a risky case since Anwar's effort ends with nothing if he simply loses there.

Let's remember that the MPs crossing over wants him to win a Parliamentary seat first.

So that's why Kulim is the safe bet. Just take a look at the above screenshot of Google Maps. Geographically speaking, Bukit Mertajam is between Permatang Pauh and Kulim. And the distance is about 20-30 kms from Permatang. Kulim is noted to be an industrial park area where Intel has setup a base there. It is also part of the so called NCER that Dollah Badawi has put into. Since he has spoken to investors on economy and investment, Anwar might indicate them to set up shop at Kulim.

Let's say if the Election Court declares the Kulim seat null, chances are the BN candidate would of course be the same one Abdul Aziz Sheikh Fadzir, Kadir's brother. It would be a double whammy for him: non Malay voters are very angry over his remarks 8 years ago saying that he wanted 'to burn the Chinese down' there. See my fellow Ipoh man James' posting on Aziz here. The Chinese assembly hall does not want him there.

Even if The Riding MP wins the case, he would gladly give way for him to take over. Support for PKR in Kulim is at high for non-Malays, which is likely to form the 33% percent of the votes.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Are You Looking Closely At This Liwat Thing?

Are you looking closely? - Alfred Borden, The Prestige

After some time, people are totally convinced, including the world that Anwar can never do that sodomy thing at Saiful. The reasoning is simply because of his age - and the injuries that he suffered at the hands of the gangster called Rahim Noor. No way he can force this thing on Saiful.

There was something that prompted me to look closer at the picture between the lawyer and the man believed to be an 'uncle' of Saiful. But from far, I thought it was a woman or a transversitite, given of his appearance. And I also had second thoughts of that person as a homosexual.

It was shocking to find that Saiful was indeed sodomized but...the twist (in the latest revelation) is that the person who did it - was the man in the picture! This was part of the act to show people convincingly that Saiful was indeed really in pain of sodomy. As said, people wanted to be awed and to be fooled, but the first act of magic called The Turn was not shown there. Only the final act - the Prestige was shown instead.

The proof? When the doctors first examine Saiful's ass, the real truth is that the semen specimen inside there is not Anwar but the so called 'transverstite' relative of Saiful. How did Saiful meet Najib? The answer was there...Rosmah and her trade partner.

Now that you're looking closer than ever, does sound of attempt of political assassination of Anwar?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Latest Intelligence Report: Snap Elections On September 13

Abdullah Badawi like to flip-flop countless of times. Most flip-flops have drew public anger, especially on petrol hikes. Five times during his five years as PM. And his BN cohorts can't simply cannot accept the outcome of the 12th general election results and would do anything to restore the 2/3rd majority.

Here comes....

The latest intelligence report indicates that Abdullah Badawi will attempt to dissolve the Parliament on September 1st since he has now gotten the nods from the Yes Men Ministers today at behind doors. Following that, the nomination day will be on the 4th of September and the 13th General elections would be held on 13th September.

The reasoning is simple: UMNO intelligence has discovered that the Anwar's promise of crossover of MPs by 16 September is no hoax and no joke. This has shocked the BN top level echelon people to the core and they are trying one last attempt to cling on to power, especially UMNO.

However, for Abdullah, there is one obstacle that stands: the Agong. The Agong must agree to the disolvement of Parliament but this time he will not agree for the new Parliament is not even less than one year. If the Agong refuses then either the entire cabinet or the PM must resign.

The snap election could be looming around at the wrong time. Anwar has repeatedly said that by September / October, global economic slowdown can be seen with actual effect.

More Whining On Cars!?

I am not sure whether to laugh or to be serious on this.

The Terengganu state government ditches the Proton Perdana V6 in favor of a Mercedes E 200 Kompressor. That simply is a slap to Proton's face or in other words that is violating the BN policy of using Proton cars. And this shows the wolf in the sheep's clothing. But little have they forgotten that the money used is not their own money, but the people's money - state level money and spending a few hundred thousand more on a car.

Let's see, buying a Mercedes here is like robbing people. The actual price of buying a Mercedes of this model is about $250K (calculating together with sales tax and actual conversion from either EURO or USD), but the final price here is about doubled because of the import duty levied by Customs department, so the final price is at RM400K to 500K. If I buy a Proton Perdana, I'd pay XXXXX and that's never includes import duty.

Yes, the cost to maintain a Proton car is quite high simply because of the frequency of times required to take the car to a workshop to do the maintenance job. But if you do that in a BMW / or whatever workshop, the cost to do one time is high but the frequency number of times required to do so is quite seldom - and you actually save a lot of money. Maybe you need to do a maintenance once every 10000 km or 20000km, depending on motor oil type and oil filter used.

First batches of new Proton cars tend to show many signs of problems, despite having an excellent air-condition system. My mother has been driving a hunch Proton Saga for the last seven years and running; the thing that she often laments is always the car making unusual sounds. The first car that I drove was a Toyota Corolla 1.3 LE. The car is almost at my age right now and it served me well for two years before I changed to my current car. It performed well when driving at town but of course it didn't do well at highways so I changed it. But what impressed me is that I didn't really spend much on doing maintenance just like those Proton cars.

I just simply agreed with Mat Sabu's warning. It's clearly a reminder that the money that is used is not their own but people's money. But I figured that people's money could have been saved if the import duty is reduced tremendously. Maybe getting a Toyota Camry would be the better alternative. It costs less and it performs well as Mercedes. Why do they need Mercedes to go up and down? To show how prestige they are or what?

The bottom line? Proton needs to improve their defects. And now, Customs Department need to reduce import duties for buying other cars. Maybe 10 percent would do... It's inflation right now and not reducing that kind of price is like robbing the people some more, makes people hard to get favorite cars.

And I just loved the latest flip-flop by Abdullah Badawi. Usually, it's a must to buy Proton cars but giving exception to Ahmad Said behaving as if he is above the law and being king...but hey he's gone above the line of the Agong!!!

Boy, if I just get to run as Prime Minister for one day alone, I would be turning things upside down. APs, cut import duties..hahaha.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You Preparing To Revise Oil Price, BN?

According to some news and NYMEX, the current oil price stands at $124 per barrel USD, felling more than $15 since last week due to most likely a weak demand for oil and various adjustments made to cushion the high cost. Additional factors contributing to the recent decline of prices including slowdown of demand by China and a much higher output of soy.

In relation to this, the Central Bank of Malaysia has reported that the Consumer Price Index inflation rate has shot up to 7.7% instead of the forecasted 6% due to the announcement of increase of fuel prices from June 5 onwards. As a result, there is a high chance that the OPR will be increased to contain inflation. that the oil prices are way below the $130 line excuse that is said by the BN government, are you ready to reduce the prices by another 20-30 cents? Well, price has dropped. And when the price at the low level, start improving the exchange rate between ringgit and USD to 3.00 as fast because it is likely that the prices will go back by 3rd quarter or so.

Well, the window of opportunity is up so reduce it. Do you remember of you people in BN saying price will be revised from time to time? Shahrir, were you the one saying that? Or was it Abdullah? DO IT NOW!

You better do it or your ass is next...! If I hear one more 'Many Boleh' by any of you BN people, get ready to be whacked from all directions....turun -turun BN

Why Cristiano Ronaldo Should Not Go To Real Madrid

The guy has stated that his wish is to play for Real Madrid. But it is not the right time to do so.

Numerous reasons:

1. He can't get the consistency that is seen in Man Utd. Wesley Sneijder said before that he will try to outdo him at everything if he happens to move to the club. Learn the lesson from David Beckham. He achieved great success at Man Utd. When he moved to Madrid, he won nothing, sometimes at bench and only won one league title.

2. Madrid has a chairman that doesn't really understand football totally like the Glazers / or Martin Edwards. Ramon Calderon made some fatal mistakes in the past, including throwing coaches like Fabio Capello, Vincente Del Bosque and Guus Hiddink despite leading to club to silverware like league titles and Champions League.

3. They still do not learn the lesson from the Perez mess. Fiorentino Perez spent a lot of money to build Galaticos but they get silverware but stardom.

4. Ronaldo still has more medals to be added. Coming in December, he will get his chance to win an Intercontinental Cup medal / World Club Championship (so to speak) and he has the chance to win more.

5. 42 Goals and the chance to become European / World Footballer of the Year...very good! He'll be needed badly for the next campaign to hold off challengers like Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal.

6. He has signed a deal until 2012 since 2007. He should commit himself until 2010 and then move. Doing so is violating your promise to the club. By the time 2010, the contract protection period is over and he is welcome to talk to other club without asking permission.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Things Point To Najib - Now Behind The 8-Ball

Actor Nick Nolte was once called the King of Lies because of his tendency to do lies in his youth. And now it so happens in the Malaysian society scenario, the one that tends to lie many times is right now Najib Tun Razak.

Many people start to feel that Najib is simply not the right person to run the country from June 2010 - if the transition plan remains in place. His style is very similar to Mahathir except what he might do is worse than Mahathir. Some of us may know back in 1987 he made a racial statement as the UMNO Youth Chief that he will bathe the dagger with Chinese blood. Or sometimes you do recall that he does intimidate people saying that 'there will be a repeat of 1969' and recently before the elections kept saying that Malaysia goes bankrupt if it reduces petrol what Anwar said, he doesn't know much of economics. He's just a university dropout, just finishing up to year 2.

There were lots of political scandals running around the country and most of it all directly points back to Najib. When all cards hit the deck sooner or later, Najib will realize that no matter how much he tries to lie to the general public, denying this and that, he will wind up behind the 8-ball.

The first priority he's doing now is to go out of the mire that is the Altantuya murderer. The Shah Alam High Court today rejected Karpal Singh's request (source: Malaysiakini) to have P. Balasubramaniam and Najib to be included as provide testimony. It seems that the judge and the court is trying to cover for Najib and proceeding along with the pre-meditated script - which is Razak Baginda, Sirul and the other bloke guilty in the murder to the Mongolian woman. They would follow Gani Patail's script of only three people involved. But then, the trial is a disgrace. Balasubramaniam and Pete's SDs are enough to say that Najib had an affair with Altantuya, in which Rosmah knew, and when Razak Baginda came to see Najib on the trouble, Rosmah seized the advantage to get rid of the woman being the center of the 'illegitimate' love triangle once and for all.

It could be a theory or when Najib knew when something went out of hiscontrol, he went all out to deny the knowledge and to cover the truth because his reputation could take a beating because if that is not covered, thankfully it was aided by spin-doctors and Abdullah himself - hence the military report. He had generals in his pocket, being MOD, so military intelligence issued a statement denying of the existence of the report...Just a wishful thinking: is it going to be exactly what I would guess soon?

That thing became everyone's knowledge already and Anwar is exploiting it, to expose his wrongdoings. Anwar wanted to become the next prime minister - his name could fill up the RAHMAN name thing, besides Najib. That would be a threat to Najib and of course the timing of the sodomy scandal. So we were right after all: Saiful is a mole and he was never sodomized at all. He was just implanted there by UMNO goons to stop Anwar at all costs.

There were other things...all pointing to Najib, which includes huge postal army votes, awarding contracts to military generals, military vehicle huge amount of commissions, well you name it. And it's Najib that takes heat being the director for the BN election camp - being responsible for losing 5 states already.

Well, Najib is absolutely finished already. KAPOOF. SAYONARA. Hasta La Vista Baby ! Maybe by end of the year. There are lot of potential witnesses that will come out and said that Najib is involved with Altantuya. Then, Pete recently videotaped a confession from a friend of the chicken coward called Saiful admitting that Saiful was not sodomized at all, he was talking to Najib on how to incriminate the sodomy thing on Anwar. So this will supplment the SDs and things that Pete might say in trials. Coming October, when Pakatan takes over, Barisan is humilated - and then Najib could be humiliated a few more times. At that time, what he aimed for (not by hardwork but by just mere inheritance) is all gone down to the drain - simply because he lied to the public.

Maybe that reinforced by assurance that picking Anwar was the sanest choice of all, if I am asked to pick the lesser of two evils.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chemistry Department Manipulating Evidence Against Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim was right after all for refusing to give his latest DNA sample.

There has been an intelligence report written by my acquaintance blog buddy and known to others that BN is trying to repeat the 1998 script all over again. Although people can take comfort that Musa Hassan and Gani Patail were barred from this sodomy investigation, the police are attempting to play on the script by forcing Anwar to give his latest sample of DNA to them - hence the attempt to get the court order. There is one more loophole that they can exploit upon and this time they used the Chemistry Department.

The latest intelligence report revealed that the Chemistry Department was given an assignment to implant the semen (being the Anwar's 1998 DNA) into Saiful's pants as to make people and the court believe that Anwar sodomized Saiful. The evidence is airtight all ready and a few days ago, a mystery man paid $25000 for a department party. Another notable point found is that the doctor who examined Saiful did not find any traces of Anwar sodomizing Saiful at all. He was detained by the police for three days and was told to change the report to say that Anwar did it, which today he refused to doctor it at all.

The Abdullah Badawi's comment that Anwar's DNA sample being too old is a mere lie. A DNA sample can last for hundreds of years or so. For instance, Grand Duke George Alexandrovich's DNA, extracted nearly 100 years after his death proved to be a matched result when compared to the bones believed to be his older brother Nicholas II, in the seven years after exhumation in 1991. This means, that his younger brother had proven to be of service even beyond the grave. Anwar had stated that his sample is taken every year during his 6 years in prison.

On the other hand, DNA - if misused can be implanted and passed as a false thing.

The whole episode can be ruined if Anwar brings in an independent expert (as what Ibrahim Ali said) on DNA to audit the sample. This would verify that there is a case of incriminating the person by planting DNA onto a underpants of Saiful. The expert can verify that the sample on the semen can be the 10 year old sample, not the latest 2008 sample.

For those of you who are not convinced, if you attempt to simulate a sodomy scenario between a 60 year old man who had suffered previous injuries and a healthy 23-year old, of course Saiful is able to break out and run away. A theory of how Saiful could feel the real effects of sodomy is that he could either had to agree to the suggestion from a notable person to get sodomized from an associate of that notable person and then planting Anwar's DNA on the pants...

See...BN wants to lie, eh?

If this episode failed, then the next episode is what you heard yesterday...Musa filing suit at Anwar.

Further reading:

Doc Maverick's Faking DNA Evidence: Case Study
Pete's Fabricating Evidence Against Anwar

Monday, July 21, 2008

BN Playing Dirty Again.....Naughty Naughty!

The buzz is around town that high-level dialogue sessions between UMNO and PAS could cause a rift in Pakatan Rakyat. Not only it is true, but it is an attempt of provocation by Barisan Nasional to cause 'another emergency'.

PAS...We Need Your Help To Save Islam and Malays - UMNO

PAS Spiritual leader TG Nik Aziz had disagreed totally to those dialogue sessions and called for a stop to those unity talks, convinced that it is a trap set by UMNO to split the rival coalition apart and to court them to join them. Barisan still remains sulking in defeat although it has been already 133 days since the March 8 elections. And they wanted to recapture Selangor, one of the five states ended up in opposition by engineering provocation tactics that involves racial sentiments. Having suffered once back in 1969 as a then preacher for PAS, Nik Aziz was certain that UMNO will repeat that feat again.

The dialogue sessions is a part of the operation that is conducted by Barisan. UMNO knew that PAS could throw the dialogue agains the brick wall, and exposing them to the papers by Abdullah is to show doubts and discomfort to those who picked Pakatan Rakyat. Early on, UMNO approached prominent figures from PAS with possibility of them to join the coaltion for the sake of defending the Malay rights which they believed to be eradicated.

Najib had approached notable figures such as Mustafa Ali, Nasaruddin Isa in London. Even Sharir's brother, Khalid Samad was also mentioned as another PAS figures being courted by UMNO. Two interesting offers from them includes a second DPM posting in the Federal government assured by the BN and five Ministerial positions.

The controversial pig farm in Selangor is also one of the early parts of the operation but that part had to be scrapped when it was exposed that UMNO themselves approved the pig farming project.

No Need to Join (A Entity Called UMNOPAS?)!

My buddy Wattahack once told me of an idea of going to Kelantan with me and Howsy to visit Kickdefella there for a weekend, but we couldn't do so because of poor timings. But then I was pointed to his recent posting that PAS can handle themselves and did said of some present track records by leaders that shows that they do not need UMNO / BN to do so:


PAS kini mempunyai rakan kongsi yang prihatin dan menyanjung satu sama lain. PKR dan DAP bersama PAS didalam Pakatan Rakyat telah membuktikan ianya adalah satu resipi yang berjaya,

• Lim Guan Eng, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dari DAP sendiri menerima teknik-teknik pemerintahan tokoh Islam dan beberapa kali membuktikan bahawa dia jauh lebih prihatin terhadap orang-orang Islam di bawah pemerintahannya berbanding dengan UMNO sendiri.
• Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor dari PKR membuktikan beliau mengutamakan ketelusan sambil mengambil berat tentang masyarakat Cina dan India dibawah pemerintahannya.
• Di negeri Perak, walaupun PAS adalah minoriti tetapi PAS berjaya membuktikan kewibawaan Menteri Besar Nizar dari PAS dengan bakat kepimpinan tinggi dan amat prihatin dan amat disanjung oleh masyarakat bukan Islam.

It is also no point of joining them because UMNO would treat them as mere entities or toys and sooner or later, they can be expendable, which means PAS goes kapoof, it's still UMNO's gain.

Husam Musa also shared the same sentiment as Nik Aziz and Mat Sabu with his posting .

That's right, Abdullah Badawi and Najib are fishing the other end...with notable figures at PAS.

Update - 11.30 p.m: According to Malaysiakini, Khir Toyo is another player involved in the fishing game, offering various deals to notable PAS figures and the deal also involves invoking racial games with DAP....>!

Another Taman Medan Incident?

The parallel running of this dialogue session; being another part of the sabotage operation engineered by UMNO - Bedol and gang - case is the misunderstanding event where Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne was punched by an aide of Nik Nazmi on Friday evening. Now, the thing according to an interesting source is that the building of the mosque was approved by the state government with consent from residents there sometime ago, but the appearance of protesters despite the approval could indicate that BN brought protesters (with money) to do the dirty job: to provoke Malay sentiment.

Notice the timing where after the incident, Mike Tyson Taib said that this shows a problem in Pakatan Rakyat Selangor? Do I notice that he could be the one behind that thing given that his territory being Selangor and the capacity as UMNO Information man? Later on, Khalid Ibrahim said that the problem was solved. But I think that the punch was deliberately done so to ruse the protesters, to tell Gwo Burne that he got misled by saboteurs? As the source said, the plan was thwarted, so BN has to try other alternatives.

The alternative is the still debatable sodomy case of Anwar Ibrahim...a dirty trick which will be revealed in the next posting. Please stay tune.

See also: Pakatan Rakyat, Beware of BN's Provocation

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Reason Why The 'Unholy' Trinity Must Go

My blog buddies Hawkeye and Zorro have mentioned of their call for the suspension of Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail. See their pieces:

1. The Unholy Trinity Must Go!
2. CALL For Suspension

Well, at least there's a relieve with Dollah Badawi has announced that Gani and Musa cannot interfere with Anwar's sodomy probe. While both gentlemen cannot touch Anwar for now, they can still do that on Pete. But still, Gani is the worst of the two and he will have to double go!

If you are a faithful follower and true believer of Pete's The Corridors of Power series, perhaps you are aware that Musa and Gani are no strange bedfellows with the underworld. Our own Prime Minister is also a 'unholy patron' of the underworld, apparently he was paid $20 million. Of course, in the complicated stories, Ramli Yusuff was setup by them, Johari Baharom was gagged and framed plus...

Well, some high influential figures behind the scenes are fearful that if Musa and Gani were removed due to the crossovers or something, their positions will be in threat and their 'investment' by their high-hand or illegal means will be wiped out in a big stroke. That's why they felt that the need to stop Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat from advancing further..and that means using their apparats = Musa / Gani.

No matter what happens to Anwar, the forthcoming economic tsunami would destroy everyone as well. It's no point of holding US Dollars now, it's better to reduce the reserves of USD and start stocking more on the Euros. If the government doesn't do that, Malaysia WILL BE IN DEEP SHIT. And the first phrase that people will utter if that economic tsunami destroys the nation will be either UMNO or BARISAN NASIONAL.

Informants Are No Longer Safeguarded

Bringing Johor Mentality Into Leadership

Some people described that the Johor mentality, especially those who are from the political background or royalties are 'those looking at four walls' or, depending on others as 'cannon fodders', taking everything for granted and last but not least, tend to exhibit their arrogance and vanity.

In the current Malaysian cabinet, there are seven ministers who are from Johor. I was reminded by a friend of mine that having those from Johor reminded me of the known sick mentality there, notorious reputations and common thuggery there, as well as the bringing the 'sekatan' over to the people there. Since UMNO is born from there in 1946, they have been putting more fear than anywhere on people there. Many there viewed Johor as not part of Malaysia but being an extension of Singapore. Such kinds of mentality there is why the opposition will give up on vooing people there to vote, because the UMNO influence is too strong.

I was told of a story by Flyer that in the past, involving his two children and the Tengku Bendahara. I won't go further but to say that this is indeed similar to the current ruler Tengku Mahmood (who had a notorious reputation in the past). Coming back to the point, having seven Ministers from Johor is what I believe is bringing their 'look at just four walls' and arrogance mentality known from there to other parts of Malaysia.

The evidence of how they speak high and mighty was the remark which is considered to be insensible - they told the non-Malays that voting against BN is betraying and not showing their appreciation to them for they are the ones that allow non-Malays as citizens of Malaysia.

Many perceive that PAS would usually make complaints on something that is illogical and against common sense, but have you look at how UMNO too makes complaints and not allowing Hindu temples in Kelantan? Or what about this 'Close One Eye' MP that moans of having women as chancellors in universities? PORAH!

Hishamuddin is a common example that many can be drawn upon. I do not need to reiteriate that the dagger antics at the 2006 assembly is an example of the state-style arrogance. Yes, the current education system is run by Johor ministers except that two out of four deputy ministers were not from Johor to ensure that they do not screw the education system. Does it do a difference? No, but still there are many students lacking and the system is still far behind from the acceptable international standards.

Syed Hamid Albar took the spotlight throughout the week...he ordered roadblocks for what he believed to be a rally by Pakatan Rakyat over the no-confidence vote. But it didn't happened and people owed him an apology. Given from what he said, he implies of subtle arrogance. People, whose loved ones in ISA wanted him to let those go and abolish it but he said no for they still cling on old believes. (hint: look at one of Zorro's entries here. He's bashing Albar for the last few days!)

I also remembered that days before the Bersih rally where Noraini Ahmad, a Johorean makes complaints of blogs being seditious..this is the result of the looking just at four walls mentality in which thankfully many blasted her to kingdom come. Not only that, there's Tomboy Azalina - of course you can see the vanity in the air - she feels when she won uncontested, but many knew that she 'bought the opponent' over. Another bloke that lambasts on blogs, and ended up with many throwing the pie at her.

Again, I am simply too concerned that bringing the kind of mentality over to the national level of leadership could pose a problem. The spreading out is like favouring one state over the another. Look at how Sabah and Sarawak were complaining after the elections saying that they were not given higher ranking posts in the government.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Police Forced to Charge Pete?

It was the second time in this week that I was invited to the Wharf for dinner and it was the second time that I had dinner with bloggers and with our big friend Pete and Marina. I overheard that apparently the reason he posted bail after yesterday's charging was because that he was invited for dinner with people again and couldn't afford to break the promise ever since he ended up three days in prison!


But in my past readings of Pete's postings in his site Malaysia Today, he hardly lies at all or why else would his writings get thousands of visitors or feedbacks from netizens from around the world? The reason of why he would be charged of defamation and sedition act is because of high influential figures are ordering and demanding the police that the avenues of investigations is blocked and they cannot go through those politicians. I think some have seen Pete's writing on the wall that sounds familiar.

You should be blaming Dollah Badawi (or Khairy) and Gani Patail. When Abdullah defends Najib, it means that he is instructing the police that no way that they can investigate him or Najib since the SD states that Khairy is kept a military intelligence report of the alleged murder of Altantuya. And then Gani Patail has always insisted that there were only three people invovled in the murder...the two police officers and Razak Baginda, but there were more than three people involved. When Gani Patail insists that three were only involved, that means that he is also intefering with police investigations and immediately said : SD is false

That leads to the Pete's investigation at Sentul police station on July 5. And when he absolutely refuses to elaborate further...he ends up charged with criminal defamation.

If you are not convinced, there is proof that Najib buys the generals, being the Defence Minister in the form of rewarding contracts. Therefore, he is able to get their cooperation in whatever he needs. This can be evident in which Military Intelligence denied of the existence of a report confirming exactly what has Pete said.

All and all above suggests that the police WERE forced (or as Anwar said...orders from above) to accept the Gani's declaration that the SD was false (although it was correct..correct...correct)

Whatever the thing is, Najib is trying to fight of Anwar with his sodomy allegation and he is trying to intimidate people with presence of police. But somehow, Rosmah is hated by his mother really. Whatever the case is, Najib might not survive that long.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar's Arrest: Hidden Hand Rocking The Cradle?

It was shocking to hear that Anwar Ibrahim was taken away (read: arrest) from the house with one hour before the deadline given by the police in which he was required to provide his statement over his sodomy case. I believed he was trying to proof to them that he is keeping his word but arrested before his deadline is contradicting the agreement that he agreed upon with the police, esp. DSP Jude Pereira. But the police had something otherwise.

There was something amiss in the rules of engagement with their intention of getting statements from suspected persons although Bakri Zinin refuted that they were following guidelines. They could have called him and remind him to come, in case he has forgotten or something. The top brass has something to answer really of the rationale of the decision. In the past few days, the government is in paranoia mode. And, in Malay politics, you need to choose your allies carefully for trust is something that kills a person, especially if you are a high ranking politician.

Note: Bakri Zinin was responsible in 2001 for assaulting Pete and Marina in detention.

At the Parliament in the afternoon, the deputy Home Minister, Wan Farid Salleh, a known proxy of Khairy said something of :
Wan Ahmad Farid said Anwar should not have returned home after giving his statement to the Anti-Corruption Agency today, but should instead have gone straight to the Kuala Lumpur police contingent headquarters (IPK KL) before 2pm.
"What is the difference, 20-30 minutes? But the warrant of arrest had been issued," he said on Anwar's arrest before 2pm, the time given by police for Anwar to appear at the IPK KL to assist in the investigations into the sodomy allegation against him
......whereas the Opposition suspects Khairy of firsthand knowledge of the report while they do not know before the police asked for DNA samples from Anwar (which was turned down by him).

From the speech patterns and the timing it seems that the police were forced the hand by maybe shadow figures. There seemed to be traces of Khairy's shadowy hand that moved the events today given by his suggestion of DNA sampling from Anwar. Wan Farid could be the one executing the order. The statement by Wan Farid seems to sound a hint of political manipulation. The question I have is with the update of Anwar leaving Putrajaya after making a partial statement to the ACA, who was the one calling the shot? Someone surely must have saw it and notified either Khairy or Wan Farid...then they in turn ordered the police to stop him and forget about waiting at 2 p.m....

Whatever the case, is that the two giants, Anwar and Najib have awoken from slumber and they are pitted to fight against each other by shadowy hands. In the end, while Najib and Anwar fight out, the real winner would be none other than Abdullah and Khairy.

Speaking of which, Bedol Napoleon has violated his tenets of Islam Hadhari. Syed Husin Ali said:
"He was giving his statement at the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) office in the morning. He decided to go home for a meal and his prayers. Zohor is at 1.30pm. The police scheduled the meeting at 2pm, don't they have respect for prayers? What Islam Hadhari is this?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Anwar vs Shabery Review

I was at the Wharf yesterday with my colleague at the request of Gus Gan who needed some help to build a Flash-based website. I was simply told that the usual suspects will be there. Pete Kamaruddin with his wife Marina were invited to come to the pub as well. We were awaiting with excitement as the debate on fuel price between Anwar Ibrahim and Shabery Cheek commencing at 9 p.m.

After watching the proceedings, we felt that both of the men debated quite well, but in the end, Anwar edges past Shabery. Both men started well, but Anwar did well because he had the facts and numbers ready at hand. Shabery also has that, but he delineated at the first-third of the show by making statements that refer to character assassination. The turning point that Anwar said was that while oil-exporting nations only need to handle inflation, Malaysia faced a double-whammy in handling inflation and high-cost of living.

We can judge who is the winner for that debate in terms of audience reaction. When Shabery presents his points, the supporters, mostly UMNO loyalists cheered, but the amount can be around 35 percent most, while most of them cheered for Anwar. Even MPs were there as well including Loh Gwo-Burne or MP Wee. We tried messaging him during the break but seems that he didn't pick up...

Yes, the show went on smoothly apart from the Malaysiakini reported mayhem at the media room and after that, we received an SMS from Ku Li himself, that Pete showed to us:

"I am quite ashamed. He used to work in my office!"

Of course, it refers to Shabery being Ku Li's information secretary. Another guy from Sabah jokingly told us by phone that there is now a vacancy for the post of Information Minister. Well, some calls came in from what everyone said, Anwar edges Shabery like winning by a single goal. I think the debate, being represented by Ku Li's ex, Shabery gives a leverage for him in the upcoming UMNO elections.

We had rounds of drinks with food. I was asked a few questions on servers by Pete himself chatted with the usual lot until 1 a.m and even met famed rally driver, Karamjit Singh! We also had photo sessions so, it was kind of an incredible night there.

The real advantage from that debate is in fact the people gets a chance to listen to both views at the same time.

Further reading:

Anwar Edges Shabery

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I had a torrid time in the morning, the traffic going to KL Sentral via Jalan Mahameru was quite jam and unusual, no thanks to the unnecessary roadblocks placed by the police - with an excuse of saying that Opposition was planning a rally in anticipation of the shot-down motion of no-confidence. Took me close to an hour to reach office because of the police.


That roadblocks has cost vehicle fuel, as Tun Mahathir said and of course, questioning from the superiors of why many people ended up very very late in the office. Now's here's one excuse for the boss, and it's an exception that all the delays is faulted at Syed Hamid Albar!! Yes, if my manager had asked that question today, I would have tell him that it is Syed Hamid's fault.

Another hundreds of thousands of tax-payers money were wasted on policemen doing roadblocks and inspections since Saturday afternoon. They could have be utilized for crime beat but the priority was screwed badly by the top brass and the politicians. If Syed Hamid repeatedly says that he did it because of security purposes, then it is either Najib's agents or the police provacateurs that had lied to the people of such 'apparent' intelligence reports. So the word 'sorry' isn't going to be something that I will accept from you.

There are some people who harboured grudges against you, particularly those who wanted their family members arrested under ISA to be let off. You were bashed because you were too slow to let a ISA detainee out to see a comatose child of his and he ended up too late to reach the child.

Alright, Hamid, the proof you have on the so-called plan for rally.

If none, shut your mouth!

I now turn the attention to the police.


We should sack some of the top ranking officers. Musa's one them...this Sabtu Osman and of course this Zulkarnain Rahman - these guys are suppose to hunt down criminals, not to spook the public, not to intimidate the public, not to go down and arrest people who are doing the right thing! Or better, the entire police top brass should be replaced by more competent ones as they lack the foresight and they have too much short sight in brutality. They go to people's house, intimidate them any time they wish so as if they are high and mighty and if they own a place or something.

So, they claimed that they won today with the use of roadblocks. Next time, it might be different so don't brag because what they have done is wrong!


Bedol Badawi kept pointing fingers at the wrong parties. Like in the elections, he blamed others but not himself. And now he pointed at the opposition, not at himself, still not realizing that the root of all the problems is himself. He failed to keep control in the country. He just wants to be PM in name, and give the jobs to others to do it.

When he said today that Malaysia's economy is stable, I wasn't convinced of his statement. Obviously he's still thinking that there's nothing happening around. One main motive I kept talking about this matter in the last few days is simply about the economy. The economy collapse will be happening soon and Dollah Badawi is not doing anything. He's had a band of misfit advisers telling him the crap and bullshit that he should not be taking it. If he can't do it, then we'll get people to remove Bedol from the board. He doesn't have the foresight at all!


If the economy crisis happens and Malaysia is caught off guard, we will be going back to square one just as what happened in 1998. When that happens, everyone will not be very happy and public anger hits more than ever. The first phrase that will come out of their mouths would eventually be : "UMNO's FAULT!"


BN is in the paranoia mode right now. Some said that they are afraid of shadows, even if it's their own shadows. Right now, they too are scared on ensuring they get the right allies and buying the appropriate trusts like Ezam. So it was Najib who bought Ezam at the price of $2 million so that he can play the game against Anwar. So it's Najib and his agents playing today's game using defense resources.

To BN, they have gone into a stance whereby that they had to look around and be careful for sometimes, trust can be something that kills for them.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Form of Communism in Malaysia

I just got back from Ipoh about 3 hours ago and there was a roadblock at the Jalan Duta toll house. At first I thought it was a manhunt for some assassins (similar to the one in Simpang Pulai), but later I found out that the one in Simpang Pulai was not the one in town. Minutes ago, I went to check the latest news to say that the roadblock was borne out of a wrong facts that Anwar was trying to organize a rally in conjunction to an upcoming decision on the no-confidence motion against Abdullah Badawi. The roadblock is part of Abdullah's Ops Padam, a plan close to Ops Lalang but it is indirectly trying to gag public dissent against government.

Can you imagine an old man doing his scriptwriting in the bathroom?

Famed leftist, screenwriter Dalton Trumbo (one of the Hollywood 10 Blacklisted ) included most of his experiences of McCarthyism in his screenplay, Spartacus. The film, together with another film that he wrote (from Leon Uris' novel) Exodus marked the end of Hollywood Blacklisting by the form of proper credition. The most interesting part in Spartacus is that it shows themes of communism. Slavery was the early form of communism, now subversion is the new variation of communism.

What is seen in the movie mirrors what is happening now in Malaysia, in the political scenario. While the government has constantly repeated its stance (mostly by Nazri Aziz) as a guided-democracy nation, it is slowly (through observartions) moving its stance towards communism by clamping down of freedom (as most human rights activists perceive) , making arrests of public people for just witnessing, intimidating people of not coming into rallies that seem to show the last-resort of dissent against ridiculous policies and worst of all, subverting people into their policies, gag people with court orders.... Little have they forgotten, that people pick the government, not government forcing onto people.

Here are a few scenes in Malaysia that shows of the new form of 'communism' in Malaysia.

1. Brainwashed! The one element that both entities have in common is there are race elements shown in one of their modules. In BTN, the Malays are taught to hate in secret of the Chinese and Indians, particularly in Chinese because we control the Malaysian economy. The remnants of the 1969 hate trails remain linger here, which is still taught till today. I was dismayed by how things turned up in the NS. They too were taught / brainwashed of believing things that are not logical and contains racial sentiments in Malaysia.

This clearly reminded me of Hitler Youth regime, something that Zorro brought up a few days ago. We could be heading towards the direction whereby how US youths were brainwashed to fight in Vietnam and the Iraq wars, all ended in many body bags and dismal showings.

In the education aspect of Malaysia, as Jeff pointed, the hands of education are in the hands of Johoreans. I was told of many stories by some friends (who provide their accounts of their years in Johor) of those politicians, special men, and even royalties from Johor. All ends in one conclusion: they behave like a pampered child, relying on cannon fodders to do their bidding and behave like little Napoleons.

2. Force acception - Bung Mokthar, the MP under scrutiny the entire week issued a warning to the renegade entity called SAPP: if you vote for the motion, you end up in the whip. This, together with the motion on price increase a few weeks ago shows that the fools are forcing everyone to accept and subvert to their opinions although some will not agree to that proposal. That is the price of being the longkang MP of the Barisan Nasional, as some said -which rings true. MCA MPs are their lapdogs after all, because apart from UMNO, they won 15 MP seats.

Another case of point is this from Muhammad son of Muhammad that says - accept the transition plan. Indirectly, democracy in UMNO and in Malaysia is dead, except for elections.

3. Bullshit, Lies, Intimidation - This is more of the apartheid in South Africa. For example, when people ask how a black man / woman is killed, the agency in South Africa will provide something else through the official wordpiece, but it is totally untrue. For instance, people asked how Steve Biko, famed S.A activist was killed, the Afikaaners said that he died of hunger strike...but the thing is that he was beaten and killed by police men in South Africa. Does that sound like Anwar beaten by Rahim Noor to near death?

Now look at how the lapdog Health Minister claimed that Anwar is introducing Hudud Law. Hello, have you forgotten that you need more than 148 votes in parliament to introduce that? The worst of the lot is not on Liow, but on Musa who intimidated people by saying that military will be deployed at the PROTES rally, but nothing turns up, except people DI BOHONG!

Today at Utusan, many Johorean Ministers have claimed that efforts for motion and dissent have failed. Don't brag,'s the vanity that will kill you eventually.

See also: Khalid Nordin tells...from the UMNO mouthpiece.

4. No way through - Nazri Aziz thinks Parliament (in his capacity of Parliament affairs) is his grandfather's place. I wonder if the people in Padang Rengas were hoodwinked by BN into still believing in him. In arrogance, he said 'Motion will be shot down' - referring to the no confidence motion against Abdullah Badawi. I'm not referring to that one, but how he said that Parliament is closed to public view if it is BN's property. BN's paranoia about people power had got them to the wrong end. People are actually excited to see the drama unfold whether if the motion is approved or not.

I think the motion would be shot down and the next thing as Lentulus Batiatus calls *revolution* or more public dissent against tyrants. Well, additional tax money were spent on police manpower, roadblocks this and that...

Sadly, the government still doesn't have a clue to be prepared for sure of the coming economic collapse. They still keep big reserves of US Dollars, ringgit is still undervalued, etc..BN / UMNO still dwindles in political arena whereas the real problem is not on politics but economics.

Clearly from most of the things I've seen, it reminded me of forcing people to gobble rubbish down to their throats. The BN politicians, mostly have become 'communists' themselves after they had fought for 12 years against the PKM in the struggle against communism. I guess, Fukuyama's words about fall of communism had backfired.

Postscript: I just viewed the map of the 5-km gag there. The police is creating a major problem tomorrow morning as people will have trouble travel in and out of KL to go to work. If there is a boss that will ask you why you are late tomorrow, what will be your answer? I will simply answer, it is UMNO, Nazri and police fault!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Everyone Is Fooled By His 2010 Retirement Plan

Online news portal Malaysian Insider first carried the news in the morning from UMNO insiders that Abdullah Badawi will be handing over reins to Najib in June 2010. This was no surprise as everyone was asking of a timetable (particularly by Abdullah loyalists) of when he should resign following the March 8 disaster.

But the handover plan has shows that Abdullah and his gang have numerous ulterior motives:

1. By declaring that there is no contest for the top two, Abdullah is forcing the ground-root level members to support him and Najib unanimously for the roles for President and Deputy-President. This effectively shuts off Team B, which is Ku-Li and Muhyiddin. If Muhyiddin persists of contesting, he will be branded as a traitor to UMNO.

2. To put a slap on Mahathir (who celebrates his actual birthday today) saying that whatever he did could not unseat him off UMNO.

3. Another way to restraint Najib from the possibility of contesting against him for the post of President.

4. Another way to throw Najib since of his involvment in the Altantuya murder. When he throws Najib out, he will pick a loyalist to take over his place. The loyalist could admit that he wasn't capable to running the post, thereby he'd say that I will fill in for the mean time. In other words, he could throw Najib out like Mahathir did to Anwar and then continue until 2013.

5. It is predicted that by the world economic meltdown will hit the highest point in June 15 2010 when the New York stock market will have its greatest crash since 1929 depression period. After he leaves, whoever takes over will have a hard time to stimulate the national economy. At that time, the funds of the treasury could be emptied out by Abdullah's cronies and corrupt yes men.

6. Ahmad Shabery is one of Abdullah's cannon fodder. He's been made as a sacrificial lamb in next week's debate with Anwar Ibrahim. And he has declared that he could quit if he fails to tell the people on government policy of fuel management. Let the slaughter begin.....

Well, not all of the Malaysian citizens are fooled by this soap opera / red herring but instead they believe that Dollah Badawi will flip-flop again, particularly when you see #4. In the last 5 years, the price of petrol in Malaysia has doubled, which means, what we pay for the cost of living could be by another 50% more than what it was before. Sometimes politcal games can be fun to watch from the citizen's view. It will be a incredible clash recreated in Spartacus, between Gracchus (think Mahathir) against Crassus (like Dollah Badawi)... but the ante is up and more dangerous than the movie itself!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Image by Mob

I came across an interesting letter written to Malaysiakini by a man who recently hired two fresh graduates to join his company as an entry-level engineer with a basic pay of RM 1600 per month. Seeing that letter reminded me of my first job, in which I was paid RM 1800 per month. At that time I was hired, it was the second quarter of 2006. At the end of February that year, the Abdullah Badawi government increased fuel prices for the second time by another 30 cents to the previous rate of $1.92.

Towards the end of the month, where we usually get our monthly pay, I was wondering whether the money was suffice to carry me throughout the month. The money that we get is after EPF deductions and SOSCO contributions. So my nett at that time was less than $1600. I knew that I had to set aside about $400 for transportation alone - which includes the monthly fuel bills including Touch and Go thing. Given of the food costs in Subang Jaya as well as buying groceries for the whole week, I calculated that I either saved less than $100 per month or it's clean - no spare left.

Finally there was a chance for me to move to another company and I was paid slightly better, which is about another 10 percent with bonuses and claims. It was slightly better, but still the same as the first scenario. In November, around the same time the HINDRAF rally occured, I was in Singapore for the weekend, and throughout the three days, I observed that Singaporeans had much buying power than Malaysians. We were forced to cut down our comfort that every citizen should be deserving. They are able to buy things that we should be entitled to. One night, I was with my dad's friend, Francis and his son, Benjamin for dinner and assuming I used their money, the price to pay there is much cheaper and better than paying in Malaysia.

A $1600 dollar pay in Singapore is equivalent to $3200 here in Malaysia. The think tanks there knew of the economic meltdown from the US anytime and they would try to encouraged the appreciation of their currency to minimize the inflation. With that, people there are still able to enjoy great things and keeping their comfort zone intact. If $1600 in Singapore is satisfying the basic needs of a working professional, in Malaysia, it is no longer satisfying the essentials or essentials have been sacrificed.

If this is 1980s, $1800 is almost as the lifestyle in Singapore; I am able to buy many things and equipment for comfort, but sadly after the 1998 Asian financial crisis, we never recovered from that and as the result, a person working there is earning three times than the capital in Malaysia.

Quoting further from the letter:

To compound the effect of inflation, the ringgit has depreciated greatly against all major currencies. The real income of most Malaysians has moved backwards.

This is why many Malaysians suffer under the petrol hike. The root of the problem is that our real incomes have shrunk in the face of inflation and depreciated currency. Malaysians have not been spoiled by subsidy but are unable to move out of the time lock of stagnated and depreciated incomes.

The BN leadership never bothered to pay attention seriously to the economic aspect, not thoroughly. Saying that the US Treasury report as crap, according to Dollah Badawi was the biggest mistake and insult that the people took from him, on the economic side.

We seem to be sliding down a slippery slope, further down with each passing year of BN's rule. Another five years of BN rule and we’ll be at Indonesia’s standard under Suharto. Another 10 years and we’ll be touching the African standard. What a way to greet 2020.

I fear it might happen sooner and Malaysia could be like another Indonesia. I let the letter say more and covering of what I want to say. I look at the money available, it forced people to go for those sometimes cheap but low-quality products but it could sacrifice a person's healthbeing in the long run. It's like instead of eating the proper food and gaining the proper nutrition, the BN government is asking people to eat something that is ridiculous, like eating grass. We are humans, not cows. We are omnivores, not carnivores nor herbivores.

I remembered Syed Syahir said during the rally in the morning that the MTUC will keep pressuring the government to give them COLA or a minimum wage. It that's the case, everyone should be earning at least double of what they are earning now. A fresh-grad professional should be earning $3000, not $1500! I should be earning at least $6000 now.

Right now, I work for a multi-national company and I realize that professionals there earn within $5000 and $7000 ringgit per month. The rate I earned is roughly what a fresh grad should earn right now, but instead it is around those professionals who work at local companies for about 3 years plus. They are in the losing end, and I had a pity for earning less for a high amount of effort put in.

If the prices went up but salary never goes up because Dollah Badawi says no, then it is like BN telling people to sleep at the streets, eat trash, eat grass, walk long distance to offices, sacrifice hygeine, and etc..He once arrogantly said "don't compare Malaysia to Singapore" - WRONG. We should be earning as much as Singapore.

Disregarding of the letting the market decide the rate, I should be paying: 2.5 for 1 USD, 3.X for an EURO, 1.8 for SGD, and 4.0 for a UK pound right now. Not double the rate...The time of depending on exports will have to be shorten out. This plan is about surviving for the next 15 years or something.

If you are a working professional like myself getting stuck in those things, what will you do then?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As expected from yesterday's discussion with some bloggers at the stadium, the MSM papers and the spin-doctors of the Bagabe regime had hammered out at the PROTES rally, calling that event a failure (Najib echoed that too), saying that nobody would give much attention to such rally and some called that an extremist event.

Najib boasted that the event was a failure, not many showed up, bla...bla...bla..and I remembered that you said that the nation will go bankrupt if they reduce the prices.


Malaysia is still a net exporter, let's give ourselves another 5 years to enjoy while it lasts and at this time, a portion of the money should be spent on R&D to determine the feasibility of using electrical cars. We should go and defy using the market standards and use our unique style of controls, pegging rates. They outsiders may be angry but it will serve well in later.

Well, let's not forget that the according to event co-ordinator Hatta Ramli, the main reason of why the turnover was even less than 10 percent was due to a very simple reason: people intimidation. We were duped to believe by Musa Hassan that the military will be having a join patrol operations on that day. The word military gives an intimidation manner since they have different rules of engagement than the police. They carry rifles, their orders are different from the blue men. When we were on the road yesterday, we saw no military presence at all...Not a single military personnel. But the damage was done, it scared many people away.


A few days ago the state police top brass butt heads with Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid said the event in the stadium is a private affair, no permit but the police insisted that the rally is illegal. And since they lost the argument they sulked by having SB's using communication jamming equipment on every mobile phone in the stadium, created more traffic jams by placing roadblocks around PJ, KJ and SJ, doing some unnecessary snooping on people..and in one day, Syed Hamid Albar, Musa Hassan and some BN people had wasted around a million ringgit in tax money (read: our money) in the operations cost by having extra policemen to do something that is not logical and against human conscience.

Now on to Syed Hamid. In today's Star paper, he was quoted of saying:

"Street demonstrations are not the way of the country. The Opposition must seek police approval and permits to organise any rally or protests.

"They should put public interest way ahead of everything else. Street demonstrations are not the answer to everything and this is certainly not the way to channel their wishes to the Government," he told reporters after meeting with representatives from the Bangladeshi High Commission office at the Parliament lobby Monday.

I think he must be assuming that everyone is still as dumb and the top brass is smarter than everyone. But then again, in this age, not all are stupid than what was in 1969. And I quote another line from RPK in Brickfields 4 months ago..."Year 1969, we were stupid, duped. We were told that if the Malays do not stand together, the Chinese and the Indians will kill us all...BOHONG!"

Further quoting:
Syed Hamid also described a recent meeting he had with the three Hindraf detainees under the Internal Security Act as "warm and friendly".

"During the meeting, all of them expressed their desire to be freed," he said, adding that another detainee P. Uthayakumar was not present.

Uthayakumar knew that Syed Hamid could not be trusted, and so does his brother, Waythamoorthy in London. They knew Syed Hamid could u-turn on Uthaya or have Waytha to be arrested under ISA the moment he steps into Malaysia.

THAT IS A LIE!....not every Malaysians are stupid as BN thinks they are.

Yes, it's just like father and son. Syed Jaafar Albar was an ultra-nationalist like Harun Idris back in the 1960s and through him, his lies and allegations was the main reason why Singapore split from Malaysia in 1965. According to Wikipedia, the guy is rapped because he was one those besides Tan Siew Sin that refuses to accept a Bangsa Malaysia concept. Harun Idris was also another bloke; his house was the focal point of the May 13 incident, he told the naive people there that the Chinese and Indians were to kill them, which was a lie after all. From those patterns, it seems that ultra-nationalism attitude will kill them physically or by reputation someday.

Here we are, another intended lie by the Rogue Banker Yackop. He claimed that Penang is entitled for just $1.4 billion out of $4.7 promised and Guan Eng was smart enough to see that it was a mere shadow play, instead it is part of Dollah Badawi's gang enacting punishment on Penang for voting the opposition. But some of the people knew of his involvement in the 1994 Bank Negara scandal in which Malaysia lost $30 billion via foreign exchange and he was the prime suspect behind it.


Which brings us finally to Finance Minister #1 or PM or whatsover, Bedol Napoleon. Earlier he admitted that BN lost the cyber war to bloggers and blogosphere and one moment he flip-flopped - look at what he said today: bloggers to be blamed for rumors and speculation.

Anybody there? Wake up, my sleeping emperor, there are things that BN lied to the people with your spin-doctors. We are not bullshitting, instead you are bullshiting us. You said that there is nothing wrong, but you are saying otherwise. No one trusts you anymore, Bedol Napoleon. Game is up. The song 'Take A Bow' has line about you - The Show Is Over, Say Goodbye.


Please go!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Red PROTES Rally

The PROTES rally was held today at Kelana Jaya stadium. I came with the usual denizens of the Wharf, (Gus, Benny and Art). We had reports from everywhere saying that there are roadblocks within the vicinity of in and out of the stadium in Kelana Jaya, but we did not see any military vehicles or personnel on the way there.

We thought that Anwar would be there in the morning, and so we decided to be there after the speech. But we were told that Anwar would only be there at night and in his place is the rally co-coordinator and PKR man, Chegubard. Also, we learned that night time, the Pakatan heads with the Chief Ministers from the 5 states would be participating in the rally with some MPs.

The usual suspects of bloggers were there including Old Sea Dog, who lives behind the stadium and of course Capt. Lokman. Haris came with Michelle and some others later at 1.30 p.m but left early. When we first came, we noticed that the number was around 7 to 10 thousand as according to the media.

Throughout the whole day, there has been constant chants of 'Turun, turun' and 'Hidup Rakyat'. We encountered several politicians including Gwo Burne, William Leong, Arutchelvam, Mat Sabu, Azmin Ali and Nasir Hashim. At around 3.15 p.m, the numbers started to swell, with the arrival of Sabu and Azmin.

The color red reminded me of the Bolshelvik Revolution and it's PSM pamphlet contains similar themes that concentrate on the socialism, a dirty word in the current world of capitalism.

Capt. Lokman spotted some SB men up on the GLOMAC 3 building and we suspected that those men are using communications jamming equipment to prevent people from sending text messages. This could one of the factors that the rally didn't meet most of the objectives, in which I explain later. Later on, there was a helicopter circling around the stadium and at the third circling, the helicopter went low and everyone in the stadium reacted at the chopper as if the other police officers wanted to snoop on them.

We didn't stay until nightfall, but we left at around 5 p.m, with most of us gone back already. It's already turned into a fun fair since it is confined into just one place.

At night, apart from the main event, some incidents occured in which :

1. 700 Unit Amal men quit in disgust over the rock band antics (strip show)
2. A man attempts to reach Anwar after he finishes his speech.

Here's me and with Capt. Lokman and other bloggers: (pic by Capt. Yusof)

Notes and observations

1. GERAMM set an unrealistic objective of 1 million people. They should have set lower than that. Today marks the first day of the Malaysian Mega Sale, which is why people go for shopping today. Also, the news (which is a lie) that military vehicles placed along the vicinity of the stadium is an act of intimidating people from attending the rally. The planning wasn't as meticulous than the one made during the Bersih rally, November 10.

2. The time given is way dragging too long. We observed that by the time of afternoon prayers, the momentum is lost. I thought it would be more appropriate if they reduce it to a 6 hour timeslot to accomodate everything.

3. You tend to feel different if this is held in a stadium instead of in the streets. Of course doing it in the streets would cause massive jams but it ropes in people who feel that they should they have a valid point of going for their cause. It also attracts much better attention than doing it in SMSes.

4. Again, Syed Hamid Albar and the gang misused tax payer's money and misuing resources in calling police, military and equipement just for this rally itself. They could have done something better than wasting a million ringgit for today's show.

5. WE WERE DUPED by MSM and Musa Hassan. Remember of 'military presence' as join exercise. There was no military presence at all there.

Additional photos can be viewed at my Facebook photo album here.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

100 Days MPs Party

Last night at Blog House, a big party with most bloggers together with some notable MPs was held to commermorate the 100 Days post March 8 elections . It also hosts a fund raising event in which funds (at the end, it was close to $45K, 90% of the target) will be donated to All-Blogs. Also, LG was also promoting some of its gadgets including the upcoming model called SECRET.

Food was graciously provided by Gus of the Wharf together while satay was provided by a restaurant in Lucky Garden. Drinks..not sure. I came over from the Sentul police station picking up two people who did not have transport to go over there. I met a photo-journalist whom I helped to introduce to some notable people including TV Smith.

Apart from the usual suspects of bloggers and denizens, notable lawmakers who arrived there include Nurul Izzah, Loh Gwo Burne, Mr. Screenshots Jeff Ooi, Ronnie Liu (who was there at the police station) surprisingly, Marina's brother, Mukhriz and the last one to came was Wee Choo Keong (who made only after 12.30 a.m). Notable celebrity Erra Fazira (with her husband Engku Emran of SURIA FM) came there as well.

Raja Petra, who was questioned in Sentul Police Station, came 5 minutes after me with his wife Marina and his lawyer, Amarjit. He had a small talk with everyone. MPs were also asked a question or two by some numerous people but Mukhriz gave a very good answer on rejuvenating UMNO which drew applause from the crowd.

There was a lucky draw where one of the prizes include a LG Secret and a auction in which most of the things were purchased by Amarjit. Captain Lokman tried to buy one item but was outbid mostly by Amarjit! I missed out on bidding for a SECRET. Should have offered more than $900 since it's less than the market rate of $1400. :(

I was there, having drinks beer, wine and some liquor until 1 a.m where I went back because I need some sleep before covering the next event, the PROTES rally.

For further pictures you can view the photo album for this event at my Facebook link here.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

A-G Chambers Could Charge RPK

Here I am reporting live at Blog House during the middle of the 100 Days party. I was at the Sentul police station together with bloggers Zorro, Haris and Rocky in regards of Raja Petra taken to the police station since 5 p.m this morning.

It took 2.5 hours to wait before he came out of the building and according to him, he was served with 112 compelling him to provide a statement. Clearly according to him (providing the answers after coming out) Gani Patail and the gang has decided to file a police report that he made a false SD (after MI declared SD false) and an officer from Bukit Aman, ACP Azizi handled the questioning.

The police are forced to look at him to find out who are his informers that provide information in the SD mentioned last month.

At this time, Raja Petra is presenting his talk.

See Malaysiakini's report on this.

Update: 1.25 a.m:

We learned that the police wanted to look for Mr. Biggum Dogmannsteinberg because they knew that he was the first person who posted the SD on the blog before RPK. See Star's posting and Hard-T's posting.


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