Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All Things Point To Najib - Now Behind The 8-Ball

Actor Nick Nolte was once called the King of Lies because of his tendency to do lies in his youth. And now it so happens in the Malaysian society scenario, the one that tends to lie many times is right now Najib Tun Razak.

Many people start to feel that Najib is simply not the right person to run the country from June 2010 - if the transition plan remains in place. His style is very similar to Mahathir except what he might do is worse than Mahathir. Some of us may know back in 1987 he made a racial statement as the UMNO Youth Chief that he will bathe the dagger with Chinese blood. Or sometimes you do recall that he does intimidate people saying that 'there will be a repeat of 1969' and recently before the elections kept saying that Malaysia goes bankrupt if it reduces petrol what Anwar said, he doesn't know much of economics. He's just a university dropout, just finishing up to year 2.

There were lots of political scandals running around the country and most of it all directly points back to Najib. When all cards hit the deck sooner or later, Najib will realize that no matter how much he tries to lie to the general public, denying this and that, he will wind up behind the 8-ball.

The first priority he's doing now is to go out of the mire that is the Altantuya murderer. The Shah Alam High Court today rejected Karpal Singh's request (source: Malaysiakini) to have P. Balasubramaniam and Najib to be included as provide testimony. It seems that the judge and the court is trying to cover for Najib and proceeding along with the pre-meditated script - which is Razak Baginda, Sirul and the other bloke guilty in the murder to the Mongolian woman. They would follow Gani Patail's script of only three people involved. But then, the trial is a disgrace. Balasubramaniam and Pete's SDs are enough to say that Najib had an affair with Altantuya, in which Rosmah knew, and when Razak Baginda came to see Najib on the trouble, Rosmah seized the advantage to get rid of the woman being the center of the 'illegitimate' love triangle once and for all.

It could be a theory or when Najib knew when something went out of hiscontrol, he went all out to deny the knowledge and to cover the truth because his reputation could take a beating because if that is not covered, thankfully it was aided by spin-doctors and Abdullah himself - hence the military report. He had generals in his pocket, being MOD, so military intelligence issued a statement denying of the existence of the report...Just a wishful thinking: is it going to be exactly what I would guess soon?

That thing became everyone's knowledge already and Anwar is exploiting it, to expose his wrongdoings. Anwar wanted to become the next prime minister - his name could fill up the RAHMAN name thing, besides Najib. That would be a threat to Najib and of course the timing of the sodomy scandal. So we were right after all: Saiful is a mole and he was never sodomized at all. He was just implanted there by UMNO goons to stop Anwar at all costs.

There were other things...all pointing to Najib, which includes huge postal army votes, awarding contracts to military generals, military vehicle huge amount of commissions, well you name it. And it's Najib that takes heat being the director for the BN election camp - being responsible for losing 5 states already.

Well, Najib is absolutely finished already. KAPOOF. SAYONARA. Hasta La Vista Baby ! Maybe by end of the year. There are lot of potential witnesses that will come out and said that Najib is involved with Altantuya. Then, Pete recently videotaped a confession from a friend of the chicken coward called Saiful admitting that Saiful was not sodomized at all, he was talking to Najib on how to incriminate the sodomy thing on Anwar. So this will supplment the SDs and things that Pete might say in trials. Coming October, when Pakatan takes over, Barisan is humilated - and then Najib could be humiliated a few more times. At that time, what he aimed for (not by hardwork but by just mere inheritance) is all gone down to the drain - simply because he lied to the public.

Maybe that reinforced by assurance that picking Anwar was the sanest choice of all, if I am asked to pick the lesser of two evils.

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  1. Dear Melvin,

    A very good analysis - congratulations.
    Remember our discussions at the Press Club ?
    Just stretch your mind a little....

    Scenario 1: My God those Running Dog "Buffoons" must be really "Zombied" by Fat Mama including the PDRM people who went to her house to take notes, probably had a drink & some makan, etc....No wonder they did what they did & said what they said....No?

    Scenario 2: Now, as they say...if one is cursed by 40 people it will affect the person sooner or a few HUNDRED Thousand people are CURSING them "Scumbag Running Dogs"....

    So can you imagine...the Guilty ones & all the Running Dogs getting stressed out (trying to Fabricate , Substantiate, etc for their Masters) suddenly suffer an "attack of the heart" or a stroke one by one....wonder what Fat Mama will do....Possible...?

    Scenario 3: Supposing being a Mummy's boy when he was younger always getting what he wants from daddy, mummy, etc & the Big Fat Mama's boy now ala "Destination Seri Perdana" at all cost, by Hook or by Crook.....

    Supposing if he had been Honest & a Man...been prepared to share the "LOOT" with Big Fat Mama (knowing she will want her cut!) & said the TRUTH...that Altantunya wants her "Commission" instead of "She is Blackmailing us....."

    THE HISTORY OF MALAYSIA would have taken a "DIFFERENT DIMENSION" without a "Murder" of an innocent "Mother"....possible ?????

    Oh Shit, better wake up from my terrible dream !

    Cheers & keep up your great Blog Bro !


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