Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As expected from yesterday's discussion with some bloggers at the stadium, the MSM papers and the spin-doctors of the Bagabe regime had hammered out at the PROTES rally, calling that event a failure (Najib echoed that too), saying that nobody would give much attention to such rally and some called that an extremist event.

Najib boasted that the event was a failure, not many showed up, bla...bla...bla..and I remembered that you said that the nation will go bankrupt if they reduce the prices.


Malaysia is still a net exporter, let's give ourselves another 5 years to enjoy while it lasts and at this time, a portion of the money should be spent on R&D to determine the feasibility of using electrical cars. We should go and defy using the market standards and use our unique style of control...capital controls, pegging rates. They outsiders may be angry but it will serve well in later.

Well, let's not forget that the according to event co-ordinator Hatta Ramli, the main reason of why the turnover was even less than 10 percent was due to a very simple reason: people intimidation. We were duped to believe by Musa Hassan that the military will be having a join patrol operations on that day. The word military gives an intimidation manner since they have different rules of engagement than the police. They carry rifles, their orders are different from the blue men. When we were on the road yesterday, we saw no military presence at all...Not a single military personnel. But the damage was done, it scared many people away.


A few days ago the state police top brass butt heads with Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid said the event in the stadium is a private affair, no permit but the police insisted that the rally is illegal. And since they lost the argument they sulked by having SB's using communication jamming equipment on every mobile phone in the stadium, created more traffic jams by placing roadblocks around PJ, KJ and SJ, doing some unnecessary snooping on people..and in one day, Syed Hamid Albar, Musa Hassan and some BN people had wasted around a million ringgit in tax money (read: our money) in the operations cost by having extra policemen to do something that is not logical and against human conscience.

Now on to Syed Hamid. In today's Star paper, he was quoted of saying:

"Street demonstrations are not the way of the country. The Opposition must seek police approval and permits to organise any rally or protests.

"They should put public interest way ahead of everything else. Street demonstrations are not the answer to everything and this is certainly not the way to channel their wishes to the Government," he told reporters after meeting with representatives from the Bangladeshi High Commission office at the Parliament lobby Monday.

I think he must be assuming that everyone is still as dumb and the top brass is smarter than everyone. But then again, in this age, not all are stupid than what was in 1969. And I quote another line from RPK in Brickfields 4 months ago..."Year 1969, we were stupid, duped. We were told that if the Malays do not stand together, the Chinese and the Indians will kill us all...BOHONG!"

Further quoting:
Syed Hamid also described a recent meeting he had with the three Hindraf detainees under the Internal Security Act as "warm and friendly".

"During the meeting, all of them expressed their desire to be freed," he said, adding that another detainee P. Uthayakumar was not present.

Uthayakumar knew that Syed Hamid could not be trusted, and so does his brother, Waythamoorthy in London. They knew Syed Hamid could u-turn on Uthaya or have Waytha to be arrested under ISA the moment he steps into Malaysia.

THAT IS A LIE!....not every Malaysians are stupid as BN thinks they are.

Yes, it's just like father and son. Syed Jaafar Albar was an ultra-nationalist like Harun Idris back in the 1960s and through him, his lies and allegations was the main reason why Singapore split from Malaysia in 1965. According to Wikipedia, the guy is rapped because he was one those besides Tan Siew Sin that refuses to accept a Bangsa Malaysia concept. Harun Idris was also another bloke; his house was the focal point of the May 13 incident, he told the naive people there that the Chinese and Indians were to kill them, which was a lie after all. From those patterns, it seems that ultra-nationalism attitude will kill them physically or by reputation someday.

Here we are, another intended lie by the Rogue Banker Yackop. He claimed that Penang is entitled for just $1.4 billion out of $4.7 promised and Guan Eng was smart enough to see that it was a mere shadow play, instead it is part of Dollah Badawi's gang enacting punishment on Penang for voting the opposition. But some of the people knew of his involvement in the 1994 Bank Negara scandal in which Malaysia lost $30 billion via foreign exchange and he was the prime suspect behind it.


Which brings us finally to Finance Minister #1 or PM or whatsover, Bedol Napoleon. Earlier he admitted that BN lost the cyber war to bloggers and blogosphere and one moment he flip-flopped - look at what he said today: bloggers to be blamed for rumors and speculation.

Anybody there? Wake up, my sleeping emperor, there are things that BN lied to the people with your spin-doctors. We are not bullshitting, instead you are bullshiting us. You said that there is nothing wrong, but you are saying otherwise. No one trusts you anymore, Bedol Napoleon. Game is up. The song 'Take A Bow' has line about you - The Show Is Over, Say Goodbye.


Please go!


  1. Greetings from Stockholm, Sweden...

    Interesting post and I like your take on the way things are.

    I hope that more Malaysians open their eyes to the predicament they're in (especially those without access to the internet).


  2. Hope all the BN inbreeders burn in hell.

  3. It's timely to educate those policemen that their effort is useless as their superior or 'leaders' NEVER recognised what they hv contributed!. dont tell me they have more than enough for not suffer with current cost of living..


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