Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chemistry Department Manipulating Evidence Against Anwar

Anwar Ibrahim was right after all for refusing to give his latest DNA sample.

There has been an intelligence report written by my acquaintance blog buddy and known to others that BN is trying to repeat the 1998 script all over again. Although people can take comfort that Musa Hassan and Gani Patail were barred from this sodomy investigation, the police are attempting to play on the script by forcing Anwar to give his latest sample of DNA to them - hence the attempt to get the court order. There is one more loophole that they can exploit upon and this time they used the Chemistry Department.

The latest intelligence report revealed that the Chemistry Department was given an assignment to implant the semen (being the Anwar's 1998 DNA) into Saiful's pants as to make people and the court believe that Anwar sodomized Saiful. The evidence is airtight all ready and a few days ago, a mystery man paid $25000 for a department party. Another notable point found is that the doctor who examined Saiful did not find any traces of Anwar sodomizing Saiful at all. He was detained by the police for three days and was told to change the report to say that Anwar did it, which today he refused to doctor it at all.

The Abdullah Badawi's comment that Anwar's DNA sample being too old is a mere lie. A DNA sample can last for hundreds of years or so. For instance, Grand Duke George Alexandrovich's DNA, extracted nearly 100 years after his death proved to be a matched result when compared to the bones believed to be his older brother Nicholas II, in the seven years after exhumation in 1991. This means, that his younger brother had proven to be of service even beyond the grave. Anwar had stated that his sample is taken every year during his 6 years in prison.

On the other hand, DNA - if misused can be implanted and passed as a false thing.

The whole episode can be ruined if Anwar brings in an independent expert (as what Ibrahim Ali said) on DNA to audit the sample. This would verify that there is a case of incriminating the person by planting DNA onto a underpants of Saiful. The expert can verify that the sample on the semen can be the 10 year old sample, not the latest 2008 sample.

For those of you who are not convinced, if you attempt to simulate a sodomy scenario between a 60 year old man who had suffered previous injuries and a healthy 23-year old, of course Saiful is able to break out and run away. A theory of how Saiful could feel the real effects of sodomy is that he could either had to agree to the suggestion from a notable person to get sodomized from an associate of that notable person and then planting Anwar's DNA on the pants...

See...BN wants to lie, eh?

If this episode failed, then the next episode is what you heard yesterday...Musa filing suit at Anwar.

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