Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You Preparing To Revise Oil Price, BN?

According to some news and NYMEX, the current oil price stands at $124 per barrel USD, felling more than $15 since last week due to most likely a weak demand for oil and various adjustments made to cushion the high cost. Additional factors contributing to the recent decline of prices including slowdown of demand by China and a much higher output of soy.

In relation to this, the Central Bank of Malaysia has reported that the Consumer Price Index inflation rate has shot up to 7.7% instead of the forecasted 6% due to the announcement of increase of fuel prices from June 5 onwards. As a result, there is a high chance that the OPR will be increased to contain inflation. that the oil prices are way below the $130 line excuse that is said by the BN government, are you ready to reduce the prices by another 20-30 cents? Well, price has dropped. And when the price at the low level, start improving the exchange rate between ringgit and USD to 3.00 as fast because it is likely that the prices will go back by 3rd quarter or so.

Well, the window of opportunity is up so reduce it. Do you remember of you people in BN saying price will be revised from time to time? Shahrir, were you the one saying that? Or was it Abdullah? DO IT NOW!

You better do it or your ass is next...! If I hear one more 'Many Boleh' by any of you BN people, get ready to be whacked from all directions....turun -turun BN

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