Saturday, July 19, 2008

Police Forced to Charge Pete?

It was the second time in this week that I was invited to the Wharf for dinner and it was the second time that I had dinner with bloggers and with our big friend Pete and Marina. I overheard that apparently the reason he posted bail after yesterday's charging was because that he was invited for dinner with people again and couldn't afford to break the promise ever since he ended up three days in prison!


But in my past readings of Pete's postings in his site Malaysia Today, he hardly lies at all or why else would his writings get thousands of visitors or feedbacks from netizens from around the world? The reason of why he would be charged of defamation and sedition act is because of high influential figures are ordering and demanding the police that the avenues of investigations is blocked and they cannot go through those politicians. I think some have seen Pete's writing on the wall that sounds familiar.

You should be blaming Dollah Badawi (or Khairy) and Gani Patail. When Abdullah defends Najib, it means that he is instructing the police that no way that they can investigate him or Najib since the SD states that Khairy is kept a military intelligence report of the alleged murder of Altantuya. And then Gani Patail has always insisted that there were only three people invovled in the murder...the two police officers and Razak Baginda, but there were more than three people involved. When Gani Patail insists that three were only involved, that means that he is also intefering with police investigations and immediately said : SD is false

That leads to the Pete's investigation at Sentul police station on July 5. And when he absolutely refuses to elaborate further...he ends up charged with criminal defamation.

If you are not convinced, there is proof that Najib buys the generals, being the Defence Minister in the form of rewarding contracts. Therefore, he is able to get their cooperation in whatever he needs. This can be evident in which Military Intelligence denied of the existence of a report confirming exactly what has Pete said.

All and all above suggests that the police WERE forced (or as Anwar said...orders from above) to accept the Gani's declaration that the SD was false (although it was correct..correct...correct)

Whatever the thing is, Najib is trying to fight of Anwar with his sodomy allegation and he is trying to intimidate people with presence of police. But somehow, Rosmah is hated by his mother really. Whatever the case is, Najib might not survive that long.

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