Friday, July 25, 2008

Latest Intelligence Report: Snap Elections On September 13

Abdullah Badawi like to flip-flop countless of times. Most flip-flops have drew public anger, especially on petrol hikes. Five times during his five years as PM. And his BN cohorts can't simply cannot accept the outcome of the 12th general election results and would do anything to restore the 2/3rd majority.

Here comes....

The latest intelligence report indicates that Abdullah Badawi will attempt to dissolve the Parliament on September 1st since he has now gotten the nods from the Yes Men Ministers today at behind doors. Following that, the nomination day will be on the 4th of September and the 13th General elections would be held on 13th September.

The reasoning is simple: UMNO intelligence has discovered that the Anwar's promise of crossover of MPs by 16 September is no hoax and no joke. This has shocked the BN top level echelon people to the core and they are trying one last attempt to cling on to power, especially UMNO.

However, for Abdullah, there is one obstacle that stands: the Agong. The Agong must agree to the disolvement of Parliament but this time he will not agree for the new Parliament is not even less than one year. If the Agong refuses then either the entire cabinet or the PM must resign.

The snap election could be looming around at the wrong time. Anwar has repeatedly said that by September / October, global economic slowdown can be seen with actual effect.


  1. Ho my gawd.. if what i read was true, the country is probably gonna be in turmoil again!

    *flashes back on march 8th*


    Wah, it wud be interesting to see what happens if the Agong disagrees. the WHOLE cabinet resign? That is a MUST SEE! lol.

    I swung by from somewhere, oh, innit, and came here. come to mine la, if you hav time.

    Thanks for the post. good one. :-D

  2. of course the five pr state govt will not dissolve their state assemblies.... and in a new parliamentary elections the biggest loser will be PKR. Pas and DAP have their own contituencies.


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