Sunday, December 2, 2007

Yo, Mamak! That's Enough...

This would be the second time and counting of an occasion where Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin (ZAM) got pissed off and chastised a leading newspaper (can't remember which one) for reporting based on a Malaysiakini article that the BAR Council is planning another protest march next Sunday.

If you remember during last month's UMNO assembly, the Mamak of Merbok apparently got ticked off when someone answered his question, in which the reporter's answer was Malaysiakini.

"You People Are Nonsense!"

I am not sure who was that reporter who wrote the newspaper article but I felt that it is an unfair reprimand against a person, a human being, asshole! despite the clear fact that he is doing the right thing of reporting something that people will definitely lend their ears upon.

Let's go through the Bernama article carefully:
He said street rallies, regardless of whatever reasons given, should not be permitted.

The Minister was responding to the Bar Council's plan to organise a "People's Freedom Walk on Dec 9 in conjunction with the World Human Rights Day.

Bar Council president Ambiga Sreneevasan had said they met the police on Friday to discuss how best to organise the Human Rights Day march.

Zainuddin questioned the Bar Council's real motive to organise the walk, which according to him was "only a front under the guise of human rights."

"Any form of street rallies for whatever reasons should not be allowed now as they will only tarnish the nation's image in the eyes of the international community.

"I believe the Bar Council's intention to hold the People's Freedom Walk is to condemn the government under the guise of human rights," he told Bernama.

Zainnuddin said for whatever reason or excuse the Bar Council wants to hold the walk, the people knew the hidden agenda behind the move.

"Solutions cannot be found to human rights issues merely by staging street protests. Moreover, such protests will only worsen the current situation in the country," he said.

  • First question: Is he really a police man or not? Is his name is Zulhasnan or Musa Hassan?
  • Second question: Is he aware that the BAR Council is discussing with the police on that matter?
  • Third question: Protests are done because they are FORCED to when the government turns a blind hand against them.
  • Fourth question: Did he read the Federal Constitution, that citizens are entitled to a peaceful rally to voice out their sorrows and questions? Article 5 of the constitution....

And finally, he has this principle: Trust is something that kills.

The bottom line is that this guy is pissing many people off. Early in the year, he has been on the path of walking one step backwards with the proposition of blogger classification. Later on, he blames Al-Jazeera for providing an accurate account on the Bersih Rally. Then he calls people stupid, Sun paper as opposition paper..then what else?

Tan Sri Mat Rahmat doesn't do like what ZAM does, but I have no words to say that even though he has the experience as a reporter and editor of Utusan Malaysia, Mr. Maidin (as Jeff would call it) is taking one step backwards f aby refusing to blog, despite being given many chances by all of us to get him understand the perspective o blogger.

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  1. these mamak's must either be in KIMMA or MIC la. Thats where they belong.

    Sudah lah Zam, melayu tak ketandusan pemimpin.......... balik India la..........


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