Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bedol Presents: Operation Padam

Let's recount the tally of people arrested from last month until as of yesterday:

1. 245 people arrested during the November 10 rally.
2. 31 people arrested at the HINDRAF rally.
3. 9 people arrested at the Lawyer's Walk for Freedom
4. 17 figureheads from the BERSIH rally
5. 26 people from BERSIH's handing of memorandum to the parliament.

Total count: 328.

The recent clamping down on people who wish to express the voice of freedom is part of Abdullah Badawi's plan called Operation Padam (Erase). It was used on several occasions. It is a plan to arrest and charge those who would be opposing or challenging him at any turn. Example would be given the recent problems arose in Malaysia including judiciary crisis and the call for electoral reforms as well as the grieving by the Indians. Of course this is the direct response at those who remained defiant at the "Saya Pantang Dicabar" (I Cannot Be Challenged!) warning that he mentioned of at the UMNO assembly last month.

His remark on yesterday's major newspapers, "sacrificing public freedom for public safety" is part of the cover and excuse of using his plan to catch all of his oppressors. But then, Ops Padam is just one or two steps short of 1987's Ops Lalang, in which 106 people were held under the ISA. Of course, Bedol and the mainstream media are trying to build the use of ISA against future rallies such as this above. The flaw of the plan is that the operation was conceived without the views of other cabinet ministers including Najib or government officials, just those 4th floor boys including the SIL. Secondly, it was aimed on the exteriors.

But then, having such plot in motion has more dangerous consequences and also it brews more enemies from in and out. The in refers to certain members of the UMNO party and the out refers to certain members of the police force and the public community which I will break up shortly.

On the inside, there are some members of UMNO knew that Abdullah personally violated the ethics of the society by deliberately withholding three pages of the minutes of report that is a gameplan to make sure that Mahathir does not win the representative seat of Kubang Pasu in last years' UMNO assembly. Many are prepared to testify to the court if the police decides to act on the report.

You also have three other problems on the outside:

1. As I have mentioned before, the police is now split apart with one camp supporting Musa, ACA, and perhaps Christopher Wan. The other one is in camp with the suspended CCID head Ramli Yusuff. Many of the police had deep admiration and respect of Ramli for he did most of the work along with Inspector Nordin, and ASP Hong against the Chinese underworld. Should AG Patail with consent from Bedol issues a release order at Joe Baharom, to release one Goh Cheng Poh from the Restrict Ordinance, the police will be more angry and disgusted for a criminal wanted for supposedly many crimes of vice and underworld activities walked out free.

What about Ramli? While the supposedly underworld kingpin gets off scot free, Ramli will be the one in the charge of using government property to his own end and on the losing side. But have we forgotten that Abdullah did use government property for private trips to Australia?

2. Today, former Sabah CM Chong Kah Kiat has filed an appeal against the Kudat town board of the withdrawal of approval to construct the tallest Mazu statue. Yes, it is true, but not all details were shown in the NST. Why? The Kudat Board was acting on a religious decree issued the state Mufti board under Ahmad Alawi Adnan. The decree states that Buddhist statues are illegal and must be torn down as because of "disrespect to Islam." When this thing breaks out, the Chinese will definitely be very angry over the decree. Shows that government has no respect of freedom of religion to the other people.

3. The fabrication of the accusation of attempted murder of a police officer at the 31 detainees of the HINDRAF rally provokes more anger from the Hindus.

4. Some quarters are objecting to the selection of the Royal commission members proposed by Bedol, as in Malaysiakini. If the members decided that there is nothing worth in the Lingam tape, it will spark more anger among the public.

It will require trust from people of both camps if they think Abdullah should be out for the mess that he has created. With more anger from the public and his opponents and his actions violating his tenets of Civilization Islam, you can say that he might last for just one term.

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