Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brandon Sanderson Will Finish Wheel of Time

Word has hit out that last week, TOR has announced that Brandon Sanderson will finish the last chapter of Wheel of Time entitled A Memory of Light. He was personally approached and selected by Robert Jordan's wife, Harriet for his work on the Mistborn trilogy. The outline is already out when Robert was in treatment, he actually dictated the whole thing in event of his death.
So, I didn't send in a request--or even a question--about the future of The Wheel of Time. I was dumbfounded and honored when--a month or so after the death--Harriet called me on the phone to inquire if I was interested. I got the impression that she was calling several authors (I don't know how many) and making sure that they were willing before she invested the time in reading their work.
James died on September 16.

Sanderson once said that Mistborn is the complete opposite of Wheel of Time - which is about kings becoming peasants while Wheel of Time is about peasants becoming Kings.

The condition stipulates that Sanderson must finish the writing draft by December 2008 with publication coming out by Fall 2009. Currently, he's on the copy edit of Alcatraz 2.

Brandon's official site


  1. Have you read anything by this Brandon guy? I don't really know if anyone would want to read anymore Wheel Of Time novels. The last several books by Robert Jordan were not very good... :(

  2. I didn't read any of Brandon's stuff, but like I said, you might one to check out his Mistborn trilogy, if you happen to find it at bookstores.

    It's not really true that recent few books by Wheel of Time books had taken a hit. The thing that is a let down is actually the 10th book, Crossroads of Twilight. As I've explained before, the book was rushed through publication without proper revisions and that has resulted in criticism by them. Knife of Dreams is a fixing by Robert. He personally intervened to ensure that thorough editing is done and it is far improvement than Crossroads. Everyone says that Knife is good because it is leading towards A Memory of Light.

    True, the first nine books is quite a smash, but Fires of Heaven is at the peak of the pinnacle. If you really want a more political content Wheel of Time, The Path of Daggers fits the bill.

    I know that everyone is quite frustrated of how long it takes to read Wheel of Time, particularly when you are somewhere in books 4 to 6. But Jordan emphasizes on good characterization and let its pace dictated its own story. But then, The Dragon Reborn is somewhat a fast pace action thing.

    It's no harm to buy the set back, but the Tor cover has the nice piece of cover art. And you can scour around the net to look for images of scenes. Some are well drawn.

  3. Borders and Pay Less Books both carry the Wheel Of Time series in hardcovers with the original painted cover-leafs. I felt that the series was kinda like an overgrown Christmas Tree. Jordan kept hanging ornaments on it over and over until the original tree was barely recognizable. I think that was the reason for the complaints.


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