Monday, December 31, 2007

Beyond The Looking Glass

So here we are, the final day of 2007. Tomorrow, 2007 is history and a new chapter in the form of Year 2008 approaches.

True, there are many challenges that lie ahead. I will be putting up my wish list in the next posting, but there is something that I discovered through talking that I felt that we, who love Malaysia so much should stop for a while and ponder our actions as well as having a little chat for what we've done.

I came into talking things actively about Malaysia in the past few months because of our role and position as bloggers are threatened when the Mamak of Merbok said something of classification back in May. My fear was that if there is no action taken against a group of spinsters and powerful ones, there is no freedom to talk as it pleases. The worst of the lot that could be affected are those teens who like to talk about their past times. What if the bureaucrats are watching those who talk their own things? Do you see a sense of breach of privacy? In other words, the whole cyber community of Malaysia could be controlled by bureaucrats. So that's why I decided to contribute in my opinion.

A friend of mine close to 10 years had spoken to me online three weeks ago and he brought up some interesting points that I believe that everyone should consider. He had looked some of the posting and I must admit that he sincerely told me that I've crossed the line of what I supposed to say. He understands that the I wasn't the kind of person that use to say those things before.

There are a few things he brought up that we should consider that:

1. While we criticize some because we want Malaysia to be a better place, perhaps we should consider that some things that we chose to say are part of the opposition's agenda to possibly stir up trouble that could create chaos.

2. If you are one of those who are caught in the illegal assembly that is successful, who tends to benefit ultimately in the end? Those who are behind the assembly.

3. He also tried to tell me that since there are also many of those like myself, with zeal and passion in making Malaysia a better place to save our strength for the future and not to let our futures ruined with just one arrest.

4. He also brought up message of remembering the past history of Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim. We have to be careful that there could a possibility of Malaysia destroyed if DSAI becomes the next prime Minister or something.

You may wonder why the sudden shift of stance in my post this time, but I felt that while we keep talking about the problems in Malaysia, we could exploited by opportunists. Therefore, I felt that maybe we should pause and consider our actions lest we see the country that we dream of destroyed by failed promises.

So, in the next General Elections, who should we pick? Blue Wave? Opposition or abstain from voting? It is typically a lose-lose-lose situation thing, but we need to pick the choice that is the least of the three evils. If we abstain, we would not be able to shape how things go out because we decide who goes into Parliament or not. If we pick the Blue Wave, we can expect the corruption thing and all sorts of issues that we've witnessed in 2007 to continue on to next year. If we pick the opposition, we fear that the opposition in the end will end up never fulfilling our promises and drag the nation further down.

Now, the first sign of deciding the choice that we make in General Elections is at hand. SMSes had been circulated as well as a small newsflash in Malaysiakini saying that the price of fuel will go up to $2.32 from tomorrow onwards. So much for kicking off the new year. If you see this, what will you do then? Now whose fault is it? The government? The oil speculators? Fuel hike is inevitable already, as I've said back in October. There will be finger pointing saying that the government had misused its tax payer money. Will Malaysia go bankrupt if there is a slash of oil prices? Hell No! The answer lies in the current exchange rate. If we can make the ringgit back to 2.5 as during the pre-Asian financial crisis, we end up paying less money for a barrel of oil.

Anyhow, it's Happy New Year 2008!


  1. When we make comments that are constructive
    Let us not be wrongly accused of being desgtructive
    Only when we can have leaders who are positively receptive
    Then there is hope for them to prove their worth by being productive

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Mon. 31st Dec. 2007.

  2. Happy New Year, Melvin.

    May God prosper thy way all the days of your life.


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