Friday, December 21, 2007

Panggilan Khidmat 4

I don't really have a powerful $5000 machine that allows me to enjoy playing games on my own pace. Not even my notebook is capable of playing that kind of games, so that's why I had to go to the cybercafe near my house to play.

I recently quite got addicted into playing Call of Duty 4. I felt that it is far better than playing Medal of Honor Airborne. The engine is same as Call of Duty 2 but with vast improvements taking advantage of the new technology. Modern Warfare focuses on two fronts, that is in a Arab nation and then in a section of Russia.

I let you play the game to see how you would interpret your opinion on the game.

Some say that is fun to whack baddies here. I say yes.

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  1. I was reading Simon Winder's book on Bond/Brit history last night. It's probably the first real attempt to chronicle the effects of WW2 on the British psyche. Most WW2 books concentrate only on Hitler, Stalin and Churchill with the backdrop of fascism and communism - but we know next to nothing about the state of the UK mind apart from very sketchy descriptions.

    Winder went on to describe playing with Lego toys, Action Man and miniature soldiers, using hardback Ladybird books to recreate dams, tents, bunkers, etc. And then launching a glass marble from a Lego-constructed plane. All that just to recreate scenes in the war.

    Finally, he explained how all that embarrassing "indoor" games evolved into the highly-realized virtuality of today's war games like the "Medal of Honor" series that you just mentioned.

    Some say that it's fun to whack baddies here. Winder heartily applauds! :)


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