Wednesday, December 5, 2007

AdilSembang With Nat

Just came back from a personal invitation of Adil Sembang, a mamak stall talk organized by Nathaniel Tan (interestingly, it's his birthday today, so free drinks anyhow.)

It's worth a discussion of many things including a word of mouth that Kerisman received another SMS saying that he and Khairy is planning to start ruckus at Kampung Baru.

It's cupcakes and two mugs of tea for me. For Free.

I also get to meet his girl, Polytikus and Nik Nazmi, Anwar's personal assistant. Told me a few things about Facebook, something which I should be thinking about, now that my friends are inviting me to join the site....

It took me a while to figure out where Maju Curry House was but it was just at a small lane alongside A&W and Shah's Village Hotel. I arrived there one hour early, so I spent time to walk around the area, or in Thief's term, casing the joint....

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