Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beware: Misleading and Distracting

I am not very surprised that the Bolehland government is attempting to tell the public that the HINDRAF coalition is in connection in Tamil Tigers or whatever other terrorist cell groups that is attempting to create anarchy. But somehow, I don't really believe of such claim, for it is an attempt the spin-doctors and even Musa Hassan to mislead the people into thinking that they are dangerous. In fact, such facts are just weaved out by some articles in foreign papers! It is also possible that the statement is a mere red herring by Bolehland to sidestep the problem, according to Malaysiakini.

Looking through whatever that was written by the international press and the local press, I would say that every party got misunderstood by the words that were written by the reporters. People got the wrong meaning of what HINDRAF did the other day. The words like "discrimination", "apartheid" and "anarchy" are kind of big words, but it doesn't fit in the kind of scale that HINDRAF posed.

Instead, the correct words that should be used by the reporters is that of "preferential", "unfair", "affirmative". True to say that most Malaysian Indians here are much more less fortunate than the rest of us are. It is the policies that tend to favor Bumiputeras over anyone else that tends to give an unfair advantage. If you are to buy a house and you are Bumiputera, you are given special rates, but not for others. To some, it seems as it is an unfair thing to people. In Singapore, you are never given that kind of preferential treatment, you need to work for it.
The affirmative policy has left many in an unfair advantage and to some, it is seen as a leverage, a crutch and a shortcut to getting things.

The government, with statements from Nazri and Musa over monitoring HINDRAF's activities indicates that they are starsunting to get paranoid enough. Again, the concept of trust is something that kills them is in their blood. To TRUST an unknown organization that they have never heard before in solving problems is something that will kill them or damages them in long term. No, it is their old believes and their short-sight thinking that ended up what they are today. The police was recently accused of starting up trouble. True, but they feared that the rep will go down some more that they had to do damage control.

It is a grim fact that the MIC has failed the Indian community. They could have averted such disaster if Samy Vellu acted sooner than rather waiting until the moment HINDRAF had its rally. In the end, people say that the MIC is just another running dog of UMNO. MCA is also another running dog for the UMNO led BN-goverment. How can a country progress when you have the lead party that is mostly consist of semi-literate people like ZAM or those two who complained about the crosses in missionary schools? True to be told, they rather enjoyed the riches they have rather than helping fellow Indians out there who are calling for help. Were there is help, there is no such statement as being manipulated as HINDRAF.

But then again, let us remind ourselves that while the nation is paying much attention to the HINDRAF aftermath, we have forgotten ourselves into looking back into the current judiciary crisis and the Lingamtape saga. You have the news that Bedol Napoleon has gotten Zaki to be the next Chief Justice in the next 10 months. Do you even trust what Nazri has to say? I fear that the appointment may result in cases against MPs will swing at their favor instead of proper justice delivered to the people. So, do not pay more attention to HINDRAF put look also at the current appointment of judges. So long the rot is still there, the nation can never progress or restore the success that Singapore currently enjoys now.


  1. Now we take a look at Bernama’s Report (December 06, 2007 21:59 PM) quoting that SIL
    “recent developments in the country even showed opportunities had improved for the non-Malays in the government service” (see details Go H E R E 1
    inter alia the Bashing of Hindraf & the revision of their Court Case)
    Is this a false report by Bernama? Is there any truth in what the SIL said? Or is it just his believe? Is there any Absolute truth in what he uttered?
    There is no absolute, everyone speaks from his or her own truth. The point is you speak from your own beliefs, your own expressed beliefs ( see previous post
    Go H E R E 2)
    So we can argue that Malaysiakini & the radio presenters from MINNALfm have reported & presented that information as accurately as possible and therefore expressing truth which represents accurately their awareness and believe of the termination.
    The official explanation is also their beliefs which are not absolute truths

  2. I'm not pro or anti-govt but Hindraf accusation of etnics cleansing in Malaysia is a step too far, no doubt it was an outright way out of line. My opinion also they shouldn't go to QE, instead like Tuanku Sultan Selangor rightfully stated, they should raised instead to our very own Yang DiPertuan Agong. At least giving a chance to our beloved Yang DiPertuan Agong. They should be very clear, they are still pretty much a Malaysian though they may see the current govt being unfair.

    Hindraf had made the wrong decision on both occasions. Hope its leader can make amend and fight for the right cause and the real objective, i.e. poverty, unjust distribution of wealth, instead of swaying away from undesired publicity in the wrong cause.


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