Friday, December 28, 2007

Tis' The Spirit of Christmas

In layman, we say Happy Birthday Jesus!

I got invited by my aunt for Christmas dinner. Boy, this was the first time since 98 where I had dinner with the same group of people and relatives. Except this time, there's no turkey, since the price of the halal ones shot up tremendously than those non-halal. (some of them were held by Customs in ports).

I thought I could not make it there since there was a bad jam on the highway (the first half of the journey) I got delayed by about 15 minutes or so due to the traffic there. I supposed it's either the rain or police roadblock that causes that, but it was due to the former.

It was easy for me to find my aunt's house as I was given the address a week before. Everybody was there. There are Christmas presents lying at one corner of the house.

I remembered that while my aunt was in Ipoh visiting my grandfather, she took one alley cat home and raised that bloke. That bloke is called Patches and he has grown up. Now he weighs a ton!

There's the great sense of camaraderie among the family before dinner kicked off at 8 pm.

Look at that dinner. Rice salad, fruit juices, wine, roast lambs, roast chicken, fruit salad....can't finish it all!

The desert...dark chocolate log cake bought at Coffee Bean.

While we're resting. I just tested shooting it at the compressed size and in sepia tones.

Time for presents. That's what I got. T-shirt, Adidas toiletries, CDs, socks and shirts.

There's chit chat...with all the jokes....!

That's what Christmas is all about. I just loved it. They said that they wanted to have my brother being part of the show next year. They know that he's studying in Cyberjaya coming February...


  1. where is ur bro studyin? what is he studyin?

  2. Actually nobody ever really says Happy Birthday Jesus since Christmas really has nothing to do with Jesus at all. It was a pagan festival that was later taken over by the Official Roman Church (or Christendom). It was in fact, the birth-date of many, many pagan deities but definitely not the birthday of Jesus Christ.

  3. Haha...

    During that Christmas party, my nephew was the only kid in the dinner and sometimes he might find it a bit tough to understand Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus is a joke and something that my uncle came up to help him understand what this day is all about!


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