Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visiting St. Michael's

Last Friday I went back to St. Michael's on the pretext of enquiring about my brother's leave certificate. I was told that it was only to be issued when the SPM results are out in February.

Someone next door there saw me and asked me whether if I am Melvin Mah or not. Then I realized that the man I was talking to was Peter Khiew, an afternoon session teacher who is in charge of the school blog here. Couldn't remember the face, but somehow the name was familiar. He started teaching here since 1999, but never in class.

So that started a long chat and he showed me around for a few changes in school. As you can see, there has been a staircase added that allows faster access to the office. The old 4 Science 3 classroom has been replaced with a brand new meeting room. I also managed to get an explanation of him over why the new bathroom was never used at all despite having the thing built. Told me about the water piping that was inadequate and not ready for the thing. They could have done it faster by having everyone told as soon as possible.

The primary school block has been completely demolished and something is up on the way.

We managed to get on friendly terms and I didn't know that Peter started to say that I was there and some other die-hard younger Michaelians making comments on his blog. I wasn't interested in their remarks. Told my piece about some teachers here and asking them to handle that thing.

A lot of top figures come from missionary schools and I felt that the two MPs making remarks over removal of religious imagery shows the lack of respect for other races. Sack'em!

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