Sunday, February 28, 2010

Duh....Not Another Bonfire!

Burning of books that is believed to be part of sin / narcissism, that was the main activity that was prominently seen in the Bonfire of Vanities event. Even during the height of the Nazi's in power they do have that kind of activity.

Today burning of books is no longer like that seen prominently in the past but instead we are seeing confiscation of books instead which is deemed illegal or otherwise, which by official reason is considering a potential threat to national security. Sounds pre-emptive in tone, right? That's more of the right-wing politics in play there.

The Malaysian Maverick book is one example, where the Home Ministry simply puts the book into its prison - not Sungai Buloh prison, but withholding. Perhaps officials there are a bit scared of Dr. M that they are unwilling to put it out despite the man's insistence of releasing it with nothing to lose?

Okay, back now, the cops recently confiscated copies of books like Justice for Malaysia, but the more important one would be the political satire comics of Malaysia - that is perceived by some of making a mockery out of the present government - like Zunar's published ones are confiscated. In the States, political satire is an acceptable subject and sometimes can be funny. For example, there are thousands of political comics, pictures - alternative to convetional commentary - on Arnold Schwazenegger alone as governor, not on the entire federal government.

These are merely comic reliefs, not mockery and should not be cast into the bonfire.

The satire pages of Rosmah and Najib in the Kartun magazine was perceived to scare those walking in the corridors of power in viewing that as truth although they are merely satirical and humorus in nature.

As for that Malaysian Maverick book there, I would really want to pick up a copy in bookstore in KL, read it and be the judge for myself. If Dr. M wants that book released without fear, please by all means put that book for sale and let people judge or compare Mr. Wain's findings with Dr. M views and let them draw the conclusions.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

It Ain't Over. It Will Happen Again

The front page of the Star Paper yesterday proudly displayed Najib's boasting that the worst is over for the Malaysian economy based on the statistics of the 4th quarter of 2009. I have always anticipated that the statement is more or less a remission of the disease and it could relapse again sometime later.

Anwar was quite fast in responding back to Najib's statement by insisting that the situation is not over yet and part of the reason why the 4th quarter was performing well is due to a monthly pump in of RM1 billion. Why that? What is not known to most people is that the RM1 billion monthly is actually the money that was pumped in by former finance Minister Daim Zainuddin. Off the record, Najib actually visited Daim in Hong Kong over the money problem and solicited Daim's assistance. How would you explain why Najib's announcement last year that RM 1 billion is pumped in every month?

Speaking of relapse, it could happen in within the space of the next six months or so. Sometime back, it was predicted that another black Friday is about to happen in Wall Street by around 14 June 2010, where investors start cashing out investments from Wall Street. This will cause a global economic collapse overnight and no nation is spared from the catastrophe that could be happening.

That is why Malaysia should not boast about it. And to have GST at this time is inappropriate, inconvenient timing and so forth. Are our officials actually doing to what advisors cum Economic Hit Men would advise them to do really?

Comical Sideshows in the USA

Previously, Anifah Aman's stunt with Hilary Clinton in the States last year was a laughing sideshow at Malaysia so far that it has become an embarrassment to the nation. And now the thing of Nazri Aziz and Mr. 'Raba Raba Bontot' Jarjis stunt of the CSIS thing seminar - becoming an off record is the latest comical sideshow the world has ever seen.

Sure, the MSM will not say that lest the Home Ministry hauls them to Putrajaya as what happened this week over Gunasegaran's article.

APCO - the PR company brought in to improve Najib Razak's image and the 1Malaysia concept helped organized the event and when it was told to people of how the event went including what happened to Gani Patail and the ex-Chief Justice, things went sour and whatever that was expected never happened out there - which is why Lim Kit Siang went with guns blazing at Nazri. So APCO's lobbying of this stunt went disastrous.

Still, this presents the thing that Malaysia's present weakness is the impression they are showing outside there. The nation has been embarassed by such sideshows as this. It seems from this including the updates on the Anwar sodomy II trial, that no other country is willing to buy what Malaysia intends to explain given it was found out that Nazri lied in his teeth. They knew it's political hegemony from United Malays National Organization.

Since it has become a sideshow, Mr. Raba Bontot Jarjis decided to put this as an off-the-record matter. But hey, it's too late already. People know. And I just want to see how the guys at Barisan Nasional would react with more embarassments and criticism from the international media hit them like cream pies. If they love to criticize other nations for example Israel for their attack on the Palestinians, why Malaysia reacts like a spoilt child when other countries hit us for things that don't make sense like the trial, the caning and so forth?

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Immature Collection of Malaysia

P. Gunasegaran had some points made out. Compulsion cannot be used against people. It is forcing people to listen against what they wish, even what you say may not be totally right.

The caning incident doesn't make things and Malaysia better, instead it embarrasses more for Malaysia. People involved in that proceeding that caning has lack the sense of maturity like in the case where NGOs associated filing a report against Star paper and SIS. The main argument didn't really give much of persuasion to call off. Instead, it raises more doubts, and shows more of elements of compulsion. If you have a knowledge and think that there is somewhat inaccurate in their arguments, you are actually encouraged to go ahead!

This is the main attitude problem and wrong mentality that is visible and revealed by the NGOs involved.

As for the Star, they were called in by the Home Ministry and was told to put an apology and remove it online, well, it is simply because they are under the mercy of the Ministry simply because of the annual permits. The ministry simply buckled under the pressure of the NGOs without further consideration into the merits of Guna's saying.

The line of which law are we following is blurred already. If you are a Malay in particular, you are bound by two sets of laws, which is a secular and syariah laws. Sometimes two sets of laws can be confusing in particular, and looking at India, they are starting to become successful despite multiple faiths including Islam because they use secular laws only. Remember that during the independence, secular law is first, Tunku said that Malaysia is a secular country with Islam as official religion (by official definition), not an Islamic country as some leaders right now say. The latter declaration is possibly one reason why such charade is happening today.

Perhaps this mirrors to one saying that is a comparison of two religions. Submit or decide. Decide means that you can choose to accept it or not, is up to you. Submit is more on forcing, meaning to make you take that against your will. I am afraid that what Guna describes here could happen in future:

"We have all seen what happens when religion – no matter what religion – is carried to extremes and hijacked by bigots. We don’t want public flogging, we don’t want arms chopped off, we don’t want people to be stoned to death, and we don’t want people to be burned at the stake."

The real fault is actually lies in the immature people who hold high positions in organization. Educational qualifications is one side, the other side is approach not beyond the shell they have.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Where's The Other Two?

So, the Kugan case has just kicked off this week with a few witnesses providing testimonies against one Indian police officer accused of committing torture. But just only one? No!!!! You can't torture a person single handedly to make a suspected criminal dead like that! The logical thing is that you need more than one person to put a person like Kugan in suffering injuries in a short period of time! Doing it alone is will not achieve such effect within the short time of Kugan suffering massive injuries.

Which means, that in fact, there is actually more than one police officer involved. What was never revealed to the main press is that there are two other officers involved. And both of according to some insiders and revealed in the recent piece by Pete, revealed Malay officers. It is a not so secret thing really but one possible reason of why the other two were never revealed is the fear of the identities exposed and turning it into a racial issue if this issue is exploited or goes out of control.

And this case has revealed how vile the third degree interrogation methods are used on suspects, those who are not convicted of the crime yet!

You can call this as a speculation but anyhow, it could be revealed later when our current suspect testifies or being cross-examined in the court. Psychologically speaking, the officer in question could be revealing that thing later on if he feels that he can get out of the guilt of not telling it out.

And speaking of which, do you think that the testimony by today's witness is worth it or not?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Make The Wrong Choice And You Pay The Price Now

KUALA LUMPUR (Feb 21, 2010) : The government is expected to announce a price increase of 10sen a litre for RON95 petrol and diesel when the new fuel price mechanism is revealed in mid-March, Sin Chew Daily reported today.

The price of RON97 will also be increased but there is no decision yet on the quantum.
RON95 is currently retailed at RM1.80 a litre, RON97 and diesel at RM2.05 and RM1.70 a litre respectively.

Finance Ministry sources said the government has decided to raise fuel prices as it cannot provide more subsidy needed to maintain fuel prices at current levels following a spike in global crude oil prices.

The government believes an increase of 10sen a litre is acceptable to the public.

The sources also told the daily the government has yet to come up with a fuel price mechanism that is acceptable to all quarters, and as a result it may put off or may even be forced to abandon some new measures that are already in the pipeline.

“Plans were afoot for the registration of vehicle owners and their MyKad through Maybank and petrol kiosks to begin in April under the proposed ‘one vehicle owner, one subsidy’ fuel subsidy mechanism. It looks like the plan may not take off.”

The sources said the cap on selling 20 litres of petrol to foreign cars near Malaysian borders will continue to be implemented.

Meanwhile, Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia president Datuk Hashim Othman believes that foreign car owners will pay the market price when the new fuel price mechanism is introduced next month.

He said the government’s main intention is to provide subsidy to those who qualify for it, to protect the interest of the lower and middle-income groups as well as save on expenditures.

-The Sun - 21 Feb 2010


Most MSMs didn't bother to put this up, but Sin Chew and The Sun has published something that is believed to be pretty disturbing and is coming from some insiders of the Finance Ministry. Remember back last year, that the government is planning to move to using a new two-tier mechanism for petrol, as what Ayah Dafi Sabri said sometime back?

Well, the precursor prior to this is there is a high chance of increasing fuel by another 10 sen more by the middle of next month. But something is not right here. During Abdullah Badawi's final months prior to his retirement then, the then Domestic Consumer Affairs Minister, Shahrir Samad, said that the price of RM 1.80 is minus subsidy? Then later, after that the gomen said that RM 1.80 is inclusive of 30 sen subsidy.

See, I already mentioned from day one that you make the wrong choice and this is what you get. A few months after BN suffered a big loss in the general elections, the petrol price shot up to RM 2.70 only to go back to the present RM 1.80 in six months after that. But people got angry.

No...why in the first place you people make the wrong choice? That is the price you pay for that.

Reducing the subsidy again, is doing what the Economic Hitmen would tell the politicians to do. To take away our own resources, to cheat countries out the hard earn money they do and so forth. Maybe the best challenge is to try Anwar Ibrahim's solution of cutting down the IPP capacity and reducing the petrol price by 1/3rd. Hey, of course BN said before that if we follow Anwar Ibrahim's crazy idea, the country will go bankrupt. But it goes the other way round.

BN tries to show themselves as hero for the community but the reality is not helping their image, even if they have the PR company called APCO behind them. Ain't helping that much really.

The new planned petrol price mechanism is still incoherent, unstable because there are many loopholes that will have to be seen and discovered by many angles. To have two tiers of price is somewhat making things difficult to handle and maintain.

"Our economy is strong..." blah blah blah
Justify Full

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh What A Lovely Day!: Final Part

Continuing the adventures of Chinese New Year, it was low key compared to last year but the best part was how I enjoyed the time for the next three days after from the 4th lunar day until the 6th lunar day. I looked at the calendar and noticed how every night back there was eat and drink thing.

Almost everyday, I would meet with ex-schoolmates to have our nightly drink sessions and some food. On Thursday, we went all the way to Tanjung Tualang for prawns and seafood. Wednesday, it was...Wednesday, it was pizza and drinks. Friday..Old Town Coffee

Ah..forget it.

The Hog and Hawaiian Pizza at a Pizza shop - not Pizza hut

Bread with condensed Milk for a friend of mine...

Pappa Rich opened one in Ipoh, just across my home. No wonder the neighbors were complaining of how loud the sounds are from the other side.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh What A Lovely Day! : Part 2

This year I get to celebrate Chinese new year only from one side, the other is not as a mark of respect, well for personal reasons or so. And I really get to enjoy the real reunion dinner, which is eating at home. All of us gathered at my uncle's house in Cempaka for food and drinks, and of course I get to see my youngest cousins from Singapore.

First don't say it's political in nature, but it was by coincidence. I had lunch at Casuarina on First day of new year with someone and it was at around 12.30 when we finished our meals. So, I decided to go and see the open house at Mamak Zambry's place there. Hey..I would really want to find out who were there, and I see many kaki bodeks there including those who need the BN government connections (e.g, Chamber of Commerce, etc..)

I remembered that my ex-teacher quit teaching to move into politics and he became the Port Weld assemblyman during the Badawi years. So I happened to meet them. I tried not to make a big profile there, and of course the three frogs where there, but briefly. Hee was limping really and there were some prominent state UMNO bigwigs including deputy ministers.

It was surprising to have Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt showing up that day, but for a while. Maybe more or less a courtesy call or something. I only went to have a cooling cendol desert there. While lining up, it was the 'speaker haram', as some called shaking my hand.

I told a friend of mine, who was talking with me before bed on the phone about my CNY there, so I told him about this thing, maybe to see if he can comment or something.

Oh What A Lovely Day! : Part 1

Yes, I didn't get to write anything during the Chinese New Year period. I am really sorry, for I was still in a festive mood or so. Anyhow, there will be the usual talk later on, but let's cover the three days during that Chinese New Year week shall we?

Part 1 was talking about my good colleague buddy Arunbabu's last day in the company on last Friday. He went back to India one week ago and a colleague of mine with myself spent the last 2 weeks with discussion sessions as part of his handover plan.

I felt nervous and very nervous whenever if there are problems arising after he left so I spent those few days on Q&A. But it's to get a hang later on.

This was taken before Chinese New Year, so it's adieu to a friend and a punching bag. I guess two years here is pretty enough for him really.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Just Go Lar....MP Frog Jumping Tomorrow!

Got some info my Perak fellow blogger MSK that Zahrain and 3 other MPs are to jump ship back to UMNO. Could happen at around tomorrow afternoon.

I just remembered something though...Anwar once said that there are at least 30 MPs going to his side before 16/9/2008, but it didn't happen. If you look at just the Federal level, it's MPs going to Najib's coalition, which we can perceive as Jibby made the first hopping move. Someone said of Anwar starting the jumping game, but in this case, it is the other way round.

But anyhow, to our 4 buggers there, just jump lar. At least we can see that you can't stand to have your thing put aside for something better than yours. Why do you sulk over it? Is it money or prestige.

Be careful, the guys in your constituency could be whacking you kau kau for jumping ship...!

Signing off...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Musings on MB vs MB

Anything can go wrong and awry. That's why I did not offer my opinion on the outcome of Zambry vs Nizar thing as things can shift the other way round. Given of the past outcomes in cases in political nature, it seems that the win always favor the ruling elite, disregarding of the big actual picture and the foundation of the laws that have been established in the nation since 50+ years ago.

No one was screaming over the outcome of the trial. Most have anticipated of such bias outcome in favor of the mob organization that rules the roost. A 5-0 score was something that is thought to be a trampling, too harsh in nature thing. I thought it's around 3-2 for either side thing.

What The Lordships Imply
"Kini apa yang ditunggu oleh rakyat ialah sama ada Mahkamah kita akan berani dan bebas dalam membuat keputusan yang adil dan tepat dalam kes-kes “politik”. Kes-kes ini akan menentukan sama ada hakim-hakim akan benar-benar bebas atau masih terikat dengan cara lama waktu Mahathir"

- Zaid Ibrahim
This means we are still having judges that are stuck in the Mahathir period - disregarding the big picture in favor of giving what the political masters want.

It's unprecedented and they can now say that the rulers can sack prime ministers and his exco at their own whim.


Sometime back in early last month, there has been the buzz of talk among people believing that Nizar is winning the case given of the lapse of time of delivering the judgement by the bench of judges presiding on that hearing in November. At that time, there was a big speculation that outcome could be a 4-1 in favor of Nizar. The outcome has been augmented by news coming from the alternative news portal like Harakah whereby PAS was questioning and mentioning of secret deliniation exercise occuring in the state done by the state election commission. Also, they also asking of why Zambry happened to see Najib overseas - speculating that things are going bad to worse for them.

One thing that caught my attention was a pre-emptive statement by Hamidah Osman on 26 January - "Stop Speculating Nizar vs Zambry". Apparently, the blatant ranting by the woman is largely made the some people, particularly those in the corridors of power nervous that they had to alter the outcome to this trial. Perhaps that rant could prompt them to push for a shutout outcome.

Speaking of which let's look back at the 4th / 5th paragraph after the Ambiga statement here. Read that and you can feel that the trial here is fixed. Of course you would have read that Najib clearly denies his involvment and asking PR to respect the court outcome, but behind the scenes, you get the real idea about it.

Putting The Ruling To The Full Test
“This is a landmark ruling by the highest court of the land and will definitely be used as a precedent for Commonwealth countries. “We have developed our constitutional law in Malaysia to the extent that the case of Stephen Kalong Ningkan vs Tun Abang Haji Openg and Tawi Sli in Sarawak (in which the trial judge ruled that the Governor may dismiss ministers but may not dismiss the chief minister under any circumstances) -- is no longer good law,”
That's what UMNO lawyer man Hafarizam Harun said. It clearly means that a sultan can fire the chief minister and the executive council at their own whim, can say no to their request or so on. In other words, we are talking about giving them the new autonomy to do so whereas it has not happen before in the last 50 years or so in this country.

Read that one more time. It can give a picture that you chuck that law that is in the constituition out in favor of what they want.

If now, the ruling says that the Sultan can do so, we shall put this to the test. The Agong, if given the privilege can go ahead and replace Najib and his cabinet off with a replacement of his own choice, if he doesn't think our friend is suitable to continue on or has a feeling of having someone else to take over. As Nizar said, you're talking about absolute monarchy.
“BN leaders must be aware that the ruling in Nizar’s case has legitimised the monarchs’ power to dismiss a lawfully-elected mentri besar. Already he has the power to appoint anyone he chooses although not accepted by the party with the bigger majority as in Terengganu. Now he can also dismiss.
The problem will still not be over. The landmark ruling has open the floodgates of more problems, likely to come in the coming year - if it drags on.

Now that this thing has cause outrage particularly on Perakians like myself, perhaps it is time to blame and rethink ourselves for this thing. We pick the wrong people. We voted for the wrong party, particularly those who are having the blind faith perception. The people who are the tipping scales in the state are the Malays themselves. It's either free thinking or kaki bodek.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

eeeeee....Sudah Dimalukan


MALAYSIA on Monday warned foreign governments not to criticise its justice system or 'meddle' in the sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

The trial, which Anwar says is a political plot to undermine the opposition, is being closely watched by Western governments whose diplomats have attended the hearings that began last week.

'Foreign diplomats and missions must respect Malaysia's legal and judicial system,' deputy foreign minister A. Kohilan Pillay told AFP. 'They are welcome to follow Anwar's trial as closely as they want but they must observe our laws and not meddle in our internal affairs by hurling all sorts of accusations,' he said.

'The case has only just begun so these foreign countries should please leave it to Malaysia's judges to decide rather than creating their own trial by making damaging comments about our system.'

Mr Kohilan did not single out any countries for criticism but the government-linked New Straits Times on Monday reported a speech to Australia's parliament by Mr Michael Danby, chairman of its sub-committee on foreign affairs.

'The Malaysian legal system is being manipulated by supporters of the incumbent government to drive... Anwar Ibrahim out of national politics,' Mr Danby told parliament last week. 'Perverting the legal system for political ends by charging Anwar with sexual offences is an affront to human rights,' he added.

The New Straits Times quoted Mr Kohilan as saying he would summon representatives of countries deemed to be interfering in the Anwar affair. --

This is what Associate Press mentioned about the international media covering the sodomy trial thing. So much that things were revealed to the international press that Malaysia started to get shamed over many themes including manipulation of the judiciary, corruption, clinging to power and being not practicing the real democracy as they were advocating.

The problem is that Kohilan is somewhat like most of the BN politicians who don't really understand the stark reality that is happening to this country. The most prominent of them are those from the Abdullah Badawi regime like Zam Maidin and some ministers whom many people love to whack today. That is why to this day, many people are still covered from the real truth by the print media. If anything bad happens, e.g. something that implicates a politician, they would be colluding with the accused by covering them up, either writing something inaccurate or not publishing at all, for the damage from publishing could be great.

This is the achilles heel of the current Malaysian state - international press embarassment.

The more people are covered with the blatant lie, the more it becomes a truth - a lie in disguised.

Flashback: 6 August 2008

The Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II trial has drawn much of attention from local and international media, with each sides portraying Anwar in a contrasting matter. In the western print, the international media like the Washington Post, Al-Jazeera, has portrayed Anwar as a victim of political persecution, a frame-up victim and many things that indicate of his innocence. They also did mention of the same script from Sodomy I being reused again for the plot of the decade.

The local media, including the hawk media of Utusan has portrayed Anwar as a liar, charlatan, and many other things likewise as to say he is actually lying in his teeth and guilty of the sodomy outright. As a reader reading both sides of the story, you would be definitely be confused over which story to trust - either the local BN-controlled media or the international press.

I have already mentioned this many times that I am not a Anwarista or a loyalist to the man, but sometimes, there are some opinions and facts that are hurled against the man seemed to be incorrect in logic and moral aspects.

Utusan did a mistake last week, having published photos of the visit to the condominium. As a result, this was exploited by Anwar in today's call for the recusal of the judge, citing bias decisions that the judge made in the past.

What's my opinion on this? So far neither, until more things unfold later on. But at the beginning of the trial, I was reminded something which was 18 months back.

Exactly 18 months ago, there was an article that surfaced on Malaysia today entitled "Sodomologist Extraordinaire". What was written contains a very interesting line which details notes and charts to incriminate Raja Petra and Anwar Ibrahim. According to that piece, the sodomy plan II was also conceptualized there as well. Of course this eventually led to the suit against Pete by Shafee on 15 August 2008.

What is to say is that piece written 18 months ago gives a hint and orientation of how the trial, if it goes as it is planned , the trial of Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy II would go. You don't need to be an idiot to figure it out eventually.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Pride of Nation Propaganda Short

One man vs many. Hmmm....isn't that propaganda?

Your Sunday weekend viewing pleasure...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Hello Sally!"

"Hi Sally..."

What's above is a blooper reel for Inglourious Basterds. At the end of each take, actors and crew would face the camera and say "Hi Sally!" Of course, this means end of take and it is refers to the editor Sally Menke. This has been the practice in some other Quentin Tarantino movies like Kill Bill and Death Proof.

For the weekend pleasure.

Friday, February 5, 2010

For Ipoh Readers and Friends Back Home, Be There!

Yes, just do a favor, spend half day tomorrow to be there. I've been there in the KL edition and there are many things very informative that you should know about what's the social scenario in Malaysia and in Perak!

Just go there, fellas!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

That Reminds Me Two Years Ago...

This was two years ago. I was out of a job. I left at the end of January. So I literally spent one month plus minus between interviews and doing whatever I fancied. It was a time where I had to put tight on money. At that time, there was the Lingam tape inquiry thing. As to satisfy my curiosity, I went to the courthouse a few times. The first time was in the afternoon, in which I had to wait to see if any body wants to surrender the pass or had enough with it. Chances, at the time, the enthusiasm of witnessing the trial was so high that the public passes were pretty limited at that time.

For a few days or so, whenever I was free, I would line up like mad at around 7 30 in the morning to be among the first few to get the pass. If you were early on the line, congratulations, you can get a chance to go in and see it. Of course, there will be breaks of course, and I would go down and have breakfast and tea before going up / or lunch.

At least going there once or twice was worth it. One afternoon, there was a interview with the press outside the courtroom and there were people asking questions on some lawyers. I in fact had seen the PKR man from Brickfields prominently during those days. We had a cup of tea together and he told me of his time at the first Reformasi. And then there was the ANN cameraman during those trips. The last time I saw him was on the Bagan Pinang polling day.

Of course, you can't be there all the time because you would get bored or so, and seeing now that how Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy II trial going on, reminds me of those few days back two years ago, when I was out of a job. I just thought of being there for one day or so. Anyhow I noticed that the prosecution team is firing the first salvo, berating with many things as it seems to force a guilty verdict on Anwar. But there prosecution is banking on Saiful's testimony and the semen. Speaking of the semen, they said that it was deliberately planted to convict him and it seems that are unwilling to hand it over to the independent chemist to analyze if Anwar succeeds in getting the prosecution to hand over the other stuff to them.

I guess that's why this is what is happening on now. An independent chemist could find that the DNA planted there is the old one, not the new sample or so. And that will screw the ace in the hole.

One more thing: you can try to google the images with the keyword "sodomy trial" and you would notice that the dailies around the world, like in American and Europe are covering this. And this time, there could be some things coming out from them that could embarass Malaysia - like the Anifah Aman episode in the White House. I rather not want to hear or read that what was covered by the foreign press gets scorned by our immature leaders like Zam back in Bersih.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Come On, It's Just Cheer and Support, Not a Mob Fight!

Police warn against illegal gathering today

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 1 — Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Wira Muhammad Sabtu Osman today warned groups against holding any illegal gathering here to show support for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is facing a sodomy charge.

He said police received information last week through SMS sent by irresponsible individuals asking people to gather and listen to the hearing of the case involving the opposition leader at the Kuala Lumpur High Court.

“So far, police have not received any application from any quarters for a permit to hold a mass gathering...if it takes place tomorrow, it is deemed an illegal gathering under Section 27 of the Police Act 1967,” he told reporters at his office here.

Muhammad Sabtu urged the people not to be taken in by the SMS to attend the gathering as it would cause traffic congestion and could threaten public order and safety.

He said such a gathering could also prevent the smooth process of the law. He added that police would not hesitate to act against those taking part in such an illegal gathering.

“Please listen and work with us (the police). Don’t get involved tomorrow (in the planned illegal gathering) as it is an unwise move and will cause incovenience to others,” he said.

National News Agency

I don't really know who the hell from the agency wrote this but it is more of a propaganda in tone. (feeling is like there's a government directive to write that). Go deeper and, it's like in the night before Batu Caves in Thaipusam where people would wait and gather to greet people like Najib who are like celebrities. For some, it's a once a lifetime event thing there to cheer and support someone like a fans supporting their favorite teams and players.

But to call an event where people who wants show support and perhaps meet / greet Anwar as an illegal assembly is somewhat inconsistent to what was in at the night at Batu Caves. Though I am no fan of the man himself, I somewhat think that every side should get the same chance and not a game of monopoly of one side, right?

I do note that the KL police chief Mohd. Sabtu Osman was mentioned prominently in media in regards to some 'illegal' gatherings in KL like the Bersih, anti-ISA, anti-hike petrol fuel price, and so forth. Of course it's according to the Police Act which is starting to become unfit in the current age and scenario, as what Khalid Samad said about the Selangor state religious enactment thing.

But thankfully, at least you have some police people helping to jaga things in order, thankfully nothing happens throughout the day. But again, come on, the crowd control methods thing is like making a public place a school , reminds people of school days. But a public place is not a school, by definition, and environment, so you can't expect to use 'school' style rules outside, right?

And then, people want to come and hear the trial live at the scene, so why not put that live feed outside the courtroom and in some places there so that people can watch it. It's public interest really. I too had the same thing and excitement of covering the Lingamtape inquiry 2 years ago.


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