Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh What A Lovely Day!: Final Part

Continuing the adventures of Chinese New Year, it was low key compared to last year but the best part was how I enjoyed the time for the next three days after from the 4th lunar day until the 6th lunar day. I looked at the calendar and noticed how every night back there was eat and drink thing.

Almost everyday, I would meet with ex-schoolmates to have our nightly drink sessions and some food. On Thursday, we went all the way to Tanjung Tualang for prawns and seafood. Wednesday, it was...Wednesday, it was pizza and drinks. Friday..Old Town Coffee

Ah..forget it.

The Hog and Hawaiian Pizza at a Pizza shop - not Pizza hut

Bread with condensed Milk for a friend of mine...

Pappa Rich opened one in Ipoh, just across my home. No wonder the neighbors were complaining of how loud the sounds are from the other side.

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