Friday, November 9, 2007

Long on Brutality, Short on Foresight

I can have a good guess that the police will do everything under the orders of the UMNO thugs to stop this Saturday's rally from going on. I wondered whether is it really because of the fear of the cronies on the above that prompted them to act. What good is a policeman if he is ordered to behave like a terrorist?

Malaysiakini and Bernama reported that IGP Musa Hassan has shot off a warning and threat of arrest to anybody including the public if found to be at the place. As of a few hours ago, there were roadblocks placed around Gombak, Jalan Pahang, Jalan Kuching and roads from the east coast leading towards the capital, as the police will anticipate tons of opposition followers from the east coast, especially the PAS people will be coming down in readiness for Saturday's march.

In most occasions nowadays, the police seems to foment troubles instead of ensuring order and security to the nation. Crime rate still remains at high, and there are cases of splinter cell wars between the CID and CCID, Special Branch is accused of starting the ruckus at Batu Buruk. The police reputation has taken another severe setback, resulting in tarnish of public relations, when they were judged responsible for the abuse of ISA detainee Malik Hussain and this has resulted the government having to pay $2.5 million in damages to Malik. What more are they going to push for what they know that they cannot win?

According to some reports, some 4000 police personnel will be deployed around Merdeka Square ready to pounce on anybody. Now the question is, suppose if there is a total of 100 thousand people against 4000 policemen, how are they going to arrest all of them, unless if they have the balls to shoot every innocent unarmed person including women and children on the street. Like the march of Lawyers in September, the FRU and the police are likely to come with those big trucks, shields, batons, and those tear gas, water hoses ready.... The police think they are able to repeat the formula in stopping the Indian forum but what if things turn the other way round? Should the police decides to make things personal by hitting an unarmed person who has nothing to hide, this means it's a grudge of the citizens against the police for they are provoked and threatened of their lives. And that means massive damages. Do they really want a April 1992 LA Riots here, K.L style?

Let's face it, the RFS index is at 124 compared to 92 in 2006. What more can it be worse with such brutality taken into consideration. The police are just like the gangs fighting for the Five Corners of New York from the 19th century until to the late 70s. They are short of foresight but long on brutality. Don't forget that each police personnel are citizens of Malaysia too, not robots. They too have the right to take part in a general election. If they are not aware of the current situation now, including the judiciary crisis, why do they call themselves policemen if they don't use their common sense and their conscience to wake themselves up from the slumber and ignorance? You see, they should let them go, because if they do not do so, a greater comes in the form of hegemony by iron-fist, politicians who may strip us the freedom as Malaysians in the not so distant future. It might not be now, it will happen someday though. This is the foresight that sadly the policemen did not take into account.

I would like the authorities to step into the shoes of being a normal Malaysian citizen being in that scenario as to understand the other perspective of being a part of the assembly. This sad thing here is that many accusations are made from one side of view, without looking at the other, just as what Puteri UMNO does now, repeating the Wee saga and seeing from only one side.

I will repeat again, no more. This week marks the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. And we are likely to see the Yellow Revolution this Saturday. If the people particularly those who could not make it on that day realize how brutal the police are, then this is likely a sign that the support of BN is likely to erode badly, considering how they are done. There are some who has to do the job of telling world what is happening here. Unless, the King, being the Supreme Military Commander of Malaysia decides to overrule the police and let the soldiers help the country-loving citizens in marching peacefully...something that I wish it would be tomorrow.

I also would like readers here to take a look at some video clips on Youtube of Warren Beatty's Russian Revolution epic, Reds which has the similar context to what is likely to be expected this Saturday. As for me, I am unlikely to attend this due to an appointment elsewhere, but my spirit will be together with this march - unless by stroke of luck I am available.

After all, it's time for citizens to learn how powerful you are in deciding the government of choice.

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