Friday, November 30, 2007

Who The Hell is Harv Eker?

Who the hell is he?

He's the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind in which I attended last week. I came down to Singapore last week to attend this course that is offered for free. It was fortunate for me to have a place to stay because all hotels down there were fully booked.

Now I know why he has a T. initial included in his name. The T symbolizes as "The One and Only". He said, in this world, there is only one and only person that is yourself. There is no one else in the world that is a duplicate of you, which was why he deliberately put a T there.

The first day was frustrating because I did not have proper sleep after arriving in Singapore. I thought of cursing the other guy Rob as I didn't feel the humor and excitement than Harv does. But it all changed during the second day.

That seminar intensive was teaching us of how Millionaires think. There are of course hilarious and excitement moments including dancing sessions, but the climax of the show is a stunt called "The Leap of Faith."

The Leap of Faith serves as a metaphor that various challenges will not be attempted if you mind says "What IF". The stunt was dangerous; someone pushes the arrow the V bone at your throat and it is your challenge to move one step forward, breaking the arrow that represents your fear.

You want to see it? This kind of arrow can kill a grizzly bear, but the shaft was broken into two because of the challenge.

While I was taking pictures, I found a shot that looks like if the person /subject is glowing or ethereal. This was an accident shot...

I heard that they are coming over to Kuala Lumpur in May'08 so it would be great for them to come over here to teach others. After all, there has been a case of mismanagement of funds among the government. Harv was contracted to teach here for 1 full year so it would be full circle by the time he finishes the seminar in December 08.

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