Monday, November 5, 2007

Race Factor or Illegal Land?

In this past week, Selangor Chief Minister, Dr. Khir Toyo is one subject that is vilified by the non-Muslims of the state. Yes, last week, the Shah Alam Municipal Council, perhaps under his jurisdiction and direction demolished an old Hindu temple in the state itself, despite protests from the Indian community over the excuse of the site being on the unapproved land.

The actions of the municipal council has drew anger from the community and even the Indian cabinet ministers themselves including Samy Vellu over the fact that nobody even Khir Toyo would not bother listening to their pleas before proceeding with the demolition work. I'm sure this means that they have no respect for the Malaysian minority community. Two weeks ago, a question has been raised over why municipal councils imposed the bumi quota over number houses to be allocated to them in each housing estate, that is not stated in law. Why would municipal councils do that?

If people are not happy, there would be a fracas, in which 14 people got remanded. But then the argument of illegal land seems legit, and the timing of the MIC stepping in shows that they are not sincere and not really showing their true intentions of representing the Indian community. All in all, they are just the same as the MCA, enjoying money and privileges, while the big community suffered. Beatings were reported on the day and the municipal council is blamed for the ruckus started. It's just like the police supposed to safeguard the welfare of all only to foment ways to create trouble out with the ordinary.

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Lawyers are not spared from the beatings. And now the MBSA will paying for it with damages of up to $100 million as they and the police are being sued by them. Then, as to show how Khir is vilified, they (MIC) decided not to throw a state Deepavali open house, only to retract it later on finding it is too harsh over one decision as what Malaysiakini says.

Some say that Khir Toyo boasted that Selangor was the first state in Malaysia to have a pork free zone. No more pig farms to beat river pollution. No exporting of pork to other states. The latter statement seems to show the sentiment of disrespect for the Chinese. Maybe it's because Singapore generates a high demand for pork, I supposed. But then, maybe logically it's a temporary reprieve until a centralized facility is built. Then again, building one facility has its own cons: just like a computer network, the risk of site down is high if all data is centralized into one machine. Maybe not, for we have forgotten about the east coast states. What about there?

Khir wasn't the only one that is vilified. Last week, Malacca CM, Mohd. Ali Rustam got into the spat with the PPP over the allocation of seats. There was famous remark. And then UMNO didn't bother to go deeper over his remark and found him nothing wrong. Four months ago, he got into the spat with pig farmers with demands to reduce output of pigs maximum in the state only to agree to the 48000 with the intervention of the MCA.


I came to notice that many of commentators here have clarified and updated some info regarding the incident above as of this time. First, thanks for the feedback. Secondly, I've made some revisions of taking the last piece of portion out to get things to the point.

Well, let's pay more attention to the potential election matter as we, citizens, have the right to say who is fit to run the state or the nation. If you do not like how things are in Malaysia right now, then don't vote for the incumbents!


  1. I think you are missing the point here...

    A Surau was also demolished.. and why arent anybody harping on that?

    It is not about being racist.. The structure (both temple and surau) was build illegally, so stop this racist issue.

    Did you know that the temple have got a new site now.. whereas the surau has not?

    Mind me... there are more hindu temple per capita than a mosque and surau in Malaysia.

    Stop harping the issue...

  2. Who says there are more hindu temples per capita than a mosque or surau in Malaysia? Any credible studies done on that?

    There is a gag on building of religious buildings other than mosque. Every housing estate in Malaysia has a surau,how then temples can be more? A church had to wait 25 years to be built in Shah Alam. How long does it take to build a surau or mosque?

    How did the land became illegal to be occuppied? Were the occuppants who pionneered the settlement given the 1st preference for ownership? What project is being slated for the area? How would it benefit the community?

    It's known that, the temple was willing to be relocated and was under discussion. An a reprieve was asked till deepavali, a structure as a temple can't be relocated in one day, unless its demolished like what MBSA did. Why such high handness in this matter? Whose interest is MBSA is serving?

    A thing that could be discussed and amicable settled was handled wrongly.



  3. In my recent trip to very big cities of Mumbai & Chennai in India, which are densely populated I am surprised that i hardly notice many Hindu temples. In contrast to Malaysia, whereby in within one (1) kilometre there a few hindu temples!! & kept growing in numbers & sizes. Thanks to not much action by authority until it is too late..


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