Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Yellow Revolution Part I

The Bersih Rally was concluded successfully with the memorandum handing over to the King at around 4,15 p.m, earlier than expected. However it was not without several incidents. Among notable incidents were:

1. 245 people were arrested, 23 were released as of 7.30 p.m, as confirmed by Azmi Sharom. Later, all were released after recording statements.
2. There was raining twice, just at noon and around 2.15 p.m.
3. Confirmed that the total turnover is around 50000, as what Anu (Galadriel) had expected.
4. Roadblock from routes to town, with complete roadblock at PJ (Armada Hotel).
5. There were rumors that the King had called on the military to protect the people who is in the rally. The rumors were deemed false as it was a deliberate intention of a person intending to start confusion among the supporters.

According to Malaysiakini, some journalists, including an Al-Jazeera journalist were attacked by the riot police for failure to disperse. According to Tony, the Al-Jazeera journalist was blinded by the tear gas attacked. Footage of the video from Al-Jazeera stopped after that point.

Some pictures of the clashing with police at the rally at Jalan Tun Perak (pics by Al-Jazeera):

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And you're saying?

The Al-Jazeera news article was by far the complete, non-partisan view of the rally. But then, the main stream media channel like TV3, RTM2 and etc were showing news that were totally contrast to what was seen live on location. So you can say that what the main stream media is saying is a lie and intends to mislead the people.

Bernama has misled the people thinking that only 4000 came, which is the actual number of police personal deployed throughout the city. In actual fact, it is at 50000.

We all knew that the Mamak of Merbok is likely to say something in response to today's rally and he did say something in response to the Al-Jazeera journalist being attacked by tear gas. This was recorded on Al-Jazeera but the idiot seems to dismiss the thing as a farce.

As for that man, he can shove the mainstream media back to his throat, asshole. It seems that people are not believing as what the government intends them to be. It will be sometime before the truth of the wrongdoing by the BN hits out the fan to the people. At the UMNO assembly, he claimed that not many people would show up but instead it's half-true with 50000 turned up. So, was he who told the mainstream that only 4000 showed up? How pathetic!

Someone asked where is Abdullah Badawi when today happened? He just disappeared. Period.
So, it means that he has NO BALLS to face the people in addressing this situation. Remember what he said before, "Work not for me, but work with me?" Well, this is against his principal. Where has Najib gone where this thing happened? Back in Pekan. So, the only cabinet minister that speaks up for today's rally was none other than the Mamak of Merbok. What about Nazri? He has remained silent since his last interview with the NST.

So, in summary:

1. The police is intimidating everyone of not coming for the show.
2. The government is afraid of such change happening soon.
3. Bernama and the mainstream media is misleading the people outside Kuala Lumpur with its account contrasting to the true account. This means that the trust in the media might wane soon enough...
4. We found out that the police force is divided. The approval of performing the security watch, deployment, dispersement paperwork and etc is done by the CCID, Commercial Crime Department. There is a splinter cell war between CCID and CID. Special Branch is caught in the middle. So, they are now siding with CCID, which seems to be right on just ensuring proper order of the show rather than go gung-ho and brutal as order by the other cell.
5. The government has scored an own goal!

Continue reading Part II of the account:

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