Friday, November 30, 2007

Trust is Something That Kills

Everybody says that the police were the ones that started the trouble among the Indians during the HINDRAF rally last week. So now, Malaysiakini reports from today's SUHAKAM conference that there's plenty of body contact between the police and protesters, and targets more on Indian guys. This is indeed a stark contrast to what IGP Musa Hassan said the other day. Musa stills remains in active denial mode.

KL OCPD Zulhasnan Najib has committed a FATAL mistake for the second time by refusing a permit for peaceful rally. This, in conjunction with Bedol Napoleon and SIL, demanding police to arrest those who participate in the assembly shows that:

1. The police is just another extension of the Bolehland government that takes orders.
2. Trust is something that will kill a person.

The second indeed is what the police is believing right now.

Back in New York, during the gang wars long time ago, people get mistrustful of the others save for their close relatives or loved ones. I supposed that this kind of thing carried over in everyone's lives. Zulhasnan, at the time before the rally, was full of What If's, and was on the borrowed time. If he decides to go ahead and approve it himself, he gets backlash from high superiors and the interference from the government. Or he decides to lay low and play their games by refusing their permit.

There is no police independence here.

Harv Eker once said: "The only reason you believe is because it had credibility from past information and programming."

In this context, the police did not re-examine their believes based on who they are today and what they want to be tomorrow. That is why, to this day, the police remains untrustable towards people who want to hold rallies. To succeed in live, you need to put trust into those who you be involving them with. If there is no trust in the beginning, you are not likely to see the fruits of your new believes.

They could have gone ahead, and help to make sure things go well. Nuff said. But no, they decided against it. Just like the semi-literate ministers, long on brutality, short on foresight.

Alright, this coming few weeks, there is going to be another three more rallies. If Zulhasnan decides to turn down again, he's not taking care of others but saving his ass from the bureaucrats. How are they going to contain 100000 people in total, for example, if the cops, especially the CID department and Bedol Napoleon decide to arrest all participants? You can't fill everyone inside the detention cells in Kamunting, Simpang Renggam, or Sungai Buloh.

The problem is Bedol Napoleon is full of advisors intending to take advantage of the knowledge by misleading him. Some want him out by forcing his hand. The threat of using the ISA is one moment that would force him to do the unthinkable. When that happens, when the news spread out to the world, he will face great pressure from everyone.

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