Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is the Mainstream Media Sulking?

I am wondering whether following the anger and mob reaction by the government and some quarters of over the Bersih rally last Saturday, the spin-doctors have instructed the mainstream media under the control of the BN-component parties to write the post about the so-called another Bersih rally at the Batu Buruk.

Well, for those who fight for press freedom and those who believe that the country is in turmoil would say that Bersih has accomplished its Saturday objective. But those in the Bolehland ruling elite are cursing under their breaths over their latest defeat against the people.

So childish and sulking over the defeat that they, the spin-doctors have instructed the newspapers to show this articles in the papers.

NST: No Show at Batu Buruk
The Star: Planned Assembly Fails to Materialize

I supposed that ZAM was embarrassed over the fact that the international community was shocked to hear his remarks over the live Al-Jazeera interview following Bersih rally. Still being humiliated, he and the 4th floor boys decided to mislead the people again with the news article above. But, the question is, were they mislead by others and boasted their thing by having their underlings to write that in the paper? I guess it's a taste of their own medicine for trying to mislead the public over the Bersih rally matter.

A check on the Bersih site has no indication that there was an assembly at Batu Buruk. A check at Anwar Ibrahim's blog reviews that there was no agenda at Batu Buruk, but at Mecca.

All in the end, according to Malaysiakini is that the Malaysian Human Rights commission decided to launch a public inquiry against the incident in September.

The bottom line? The spin-doctors of the AAB administration are sulking over the defeat at the Rally. I supposed that they lost badly instead of expecting a win as what the Son-In-Law wanted. When the PM said, "Saya pantang dicabar!" last Friday, all he got was "Rakyat Pantang Dicabar!" on Saturday.

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  1. MSM's sulking big time coz the G-man ain't giving them room to spin on their own.

    I've met a couple of MSM journos who are quite sympathetic to the bloggers' cause on some issues, not all, and will attempt to put it on their paper AFTER bloggers broke the news. According to Rocky, this is an old tactic practiced by all journos in the past between the various newspapers but of course, the blogging community is rather unique and there will be a transition towards synergistic news reports in the future. Getting to know the MSM people personally helps to provide a better perspective on what we can achieve on the blogs.

    10-Eleven was a reality beyond everybody's expectations including the government and the opposition. A civil society initiative which transgressed racial, religious and political affiliations. It should remain as such i.e. an apolitical platform.

    On the latest B. Buruk non-event? Could be a red herring from the other side or spun as such by the MSM. Am glad it did not materialise coz it would have diluted the significance of 10-Eleven.


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