Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Big Mistake, Kiddo!

The march for fair and clean elections has received a severe setback as according to Malaysiakini and Bernama the police with advisement from the Internal Security Ministry has rejected a permit to hold this Saturday's rally and retaliated with the threat to arrest whoever is at the square participating in this illegal assembly.

It seems that the rejection is definitely part of the pressure by some senior politicians to block the move, fearing that it will cause panic and concern to the ruling government. So, it seems that Bedol Napoleon and his cronies are panic over the fact that it can undo their intentions of a Zero Opposition target. And this do imply that the police are their cannon fodder and number two, there is guilt in them that they wish to hide by preventing such assembly. Another thing is that I find that is unfair for them to hold an assembly whenever they wish but not to the others who do want to hold a non-violent assembly.

However, the organizers have received news that the King is interested in attending to this matter, and unless His Majesty steps in personally to instruct the police to give them time to do so, there will be likely a huge number of arrests and perhaps a repeat of the Batu Burok incident instigated by Special Branch.

A very bad mistake made by government and the police. This is indeed the lesser of the two evils as the greater evil lies in letting the corrupt and the hypocrite rig the elections and do the same thing that plunges Malaysia into an irredeemable abyss.

On a side note, since this side note fits the title, you will need to learn to hate the surveillance cameras installed around the city and perhaps in municipal cities later on, as these cameras can be used to put you into trouble over top driving offenses. IMHO, I have no objection to the latter four, but not on speeding. Because the constraints and exceptions are not mentioned definitely. For instance, does this apply to those who have to go to work everyday in the morning? I'm sure that it is manually observed and control, right? Secondly, there is a Chinese saying: Speed defines the winner. If you are fast enough provided you're able to control your vehicle well, you can save time, and can concentrate on doing other things. It will be more appropriate if the speed limit in every stretch of the road is increased by another 10 km/h. This was suggested many times but was ignored many times.

This week marks the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, which at the same time is the start of the UMNO General Assembly. On the 10th, it's the BERSIH march for fair elections.

If the might of people surpasses the number of government hypocrites and the police, this means that the people had won the battle in the quest to clean the judiciary crisis and the call for clean and fair elections. The police might not be able to contain or even detain despite the warning of illegal participation the expected turnover of 100000 this Saturday.

Anyone who had seen this Warren Beatty Russian Revolution epic Reds can notice in this scene, the march bearing a similar resemblance and outcome of what could be expected
this Saturday.

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