Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bye Bye...Home

Kevin drew that pic above and below it says:

Thanks for the 18 years of shelter,
You're always special to me.

Gone back to Ipoh over the weekend to help pack up a lot of things. We had to move out of the house latest by 10th of the month as it has been sold. Our family has been staying there for almost 36 years since the house was first built up by IGB - or Ipoh Garden Berhad it used to call though. Some family members came and go mainly because of having setting up their own family lives. And for 25 years, I've grew up there. So by the evening of today, most of the electrical equipment and light furniture were moved out except for the fridge.

Of course, as dad said, it's a chapter of a book that has to be closed. Since Kevin started studying after secondary school, there's no one to look after the house as my late grandfather was too weak to move around. Since then, upkeep is pretty troublesome and there's no one is in the house except that mom, who sometimes drop by every nightfall.

A will left by grandfather stipulates of the house to be sold after his death, well it had to be and some of us wish to retain the house but you can't break the rules really...heh.

The one thing I loved about the house is due to the geographical factor. You can easily go in and out of the town, for example you can go to the stadium in less than 5 minutes, go to Kampung Simee in about 5 minutes, reach Ipoh town in about 15 minutes and etc..and best you can walk with ease to Kinta City Shopping mall which is opposite the main road.

Well, after that, I could be moving to either another town called Bercham or in Gunung Rapat, depending on the what happens in the entire month or so.

There's too much memory to carry about in this house, so I took some pictures at least as mementos. I am sure that when the next owner comes to take over, the house would be completely renovated, but we won't be seeing it there. I don't know whether if some of my relatives want to remember what's the house look like, but there's some pics which I left at Facebook. Sorry folks, though as of now the pics access is purely for family and relatives lol. But I can share one or two pics over this page.

Boy I will miss the house badly. I think there are about at least three moments of life I could remember about that place, mainly the one fine afternoon 15 years ago, slipped in the dining room as a kid and of course hearing the sounds of mobile hawkers / salesman at the backlane when in the toilet....:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Barcelona vs Man Utd

The much awaited game between these two giants at the Roman gladiatorial arena will get to kick off at in an hours time. This once in a lifetime event, since the World Cup 1990 final will see everyone including Saints Peter and Paul coming over to the circus to watch the game that everyone is watching.

There was night that I saw in dreams of the dramatic moments of the match whereby victory was decided between the two teams with the jerseys exactly what I saw. That was sometime last week. I held believe that it was a sign from God (once of a lifetime) that it will happen eventually. I would tell some few friends that I knew who would win.

I held firm believe that Man Utd will win the match 1-0, with Berbatov to score in injury time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's A Folly To Think That RPK Is A Pushover Like Others

I spoke for a while with my usual friend, and we briefly mentioned of poor dear Zorro's loneliness for today. Mainly we were discussing mainly about the talk of our Malaysian cops getting help from the Interpol to help find Pete Kamaruddin and extradite him back to Malaysia for the trial, since a warrant of arrest was issued for his failure to attend the defamation trial today.

I was highlighted of a posting from MarGeeMar on our blogger in the spotlight Goh Wei Liang of A Piece of My Mind. I've also mentioned in my previous posting entitled Whose Law To Follow? Malaysia, International or Australia? and as mentioned previously, incidentally, he was my junior in school by two years. Two days after his posting hit the web, basically, out of the tally of 46 comments, many people would be hitting him hard and some said that he's just another Rusdi / BN lapdogs in the making.

Basically, what the Malaysian police wants to do is simply part of the big picture. The ulterior motive of all that is shown here (defamation trials, sedition trials) is that Najib and Rosmah in particular are hell bent of putting him out of action once and for all, because any evidence on Altantuya even from Pete is sufficient to bring both down. See my posting "Hell Bent for Punishment " Reading through the piece today from the Star, I thought I would want to add three more things to what is written around the cyberspace.


Firstly Pete is basically a no pushover guy that can be put into one corner. If it is claimed that he's in Australia, then in the first place how would the Australian immigration authorities allow him to go through without holding him back or suspecting him of some crime back home? It he's allowed entry into Australia without hindrance, it means that the Australian authorities do not see him as a wanted man or a threat to him.

Right after his credibility is established with those expose among the people's minds, he started with his writings on all kinds of stories without evidences.
But people hold true to it and believed it thanks to the earlier part where he established his credibility.

Given of his antics, despite the comment, Pete can be a smart cookie at certain scenarios warranted.

Secondly, given on his unique lineage (half-English) and him carrying a dual-citizenship (another being an English passport), this gives Pete a chance to be subjected to British laws, not Malaysian laws. Should Interpol decides to do an independent investigation / interrogation of themselves into finding out why Pete would be unwilling to be extradicted, he has the right to use the British law as the law being subjected to, not by Malaysian law.

Third, given of how the reputation of kangaroo courts in Malaysia as seen in the Zambry-Nizar appeal last week, this can give an advantage to play one game on a level field.

Political Asylum and Authority Boundaries

The term political asylum means of the right to stay in a sovereign country if the person is deemed to be persecuted for political reasons (among one) by the country of their origin.

Australia has its known sets of rules in its political asylum matter. If the Australian authorities find that Pete has a reason to be understood of being persecuted for nothing other than political reasons (in this case, yes it falls under that), then they do have the right to grant Pete and Marina the right of an asylum there. However, a fact that is known from that is that Malaysia does not have concrete evidence of telling Australia and Interpol of a valid reason of extraditing him. Raja Petra is not Carlos The Jackal, does he carry dangerous weapons like a terrorist? No! Of course not!

Should Malaysia insists on extraditing Pete from Australia (as it claims to be), under the politcal asylum rules, Australia, as the sovereign authority can state its conditions to Malaysia that must be fulfilled such as dropping the charges, ISA charges or so on since it is the party that grants the asylum thing.

Given of the past reputation, America, Australia and UK are among the top nations that plays fair by the rules and law and on the game of political asylum. If Malaysia is to present its case on the reason of taking Pete back to Malaysia, consider that a folly and other nations will laugh even if it also indirectly refers to Altantuya.

Here's another case of political asylum: Anwar Ibrahim seeked refuge at the Turkish assembly when he received info of a death threat. The Malaysian authorities wanted to take him out but under politcal asylum rules, Turkey will be the witness if something goes wrong with the refugee. This ultimately resulted in our police backing down from being hard or persecuting people.

Don't Be A Hero, Expendable You Would Become

There was a friendly advise gave by my friend during our talk which is basically don't be a hero. I went through most of the comments that readers sent to the guy Wei Liang for his posting it's noticed that people are absolutely unhappy over his stance. My friend even said that our guy is playing a wannabe hero or something.

First of all, given of the stance, it's like being somewhat like either some BN-bloggers that I knew and there was one remark I saw which simply says of another 'Barking Magpie' in the making...hahaha. Anyhow, it's like taking a dangling carrot to work for one organization realizing later that you're expendable and no longer needed. The desire of hitting fame and spotlight diminishes the moment of learning yourself expendable.

Hafidz Baharom's recent article is also a classic case of a wannabe hero but the caution is that he could be expendable someday that we may never know.

The prosecutors that were once part of prosecuting Pete are also paying the price and being expendable. In 'Hell Bent for Punishment', I've mentioned that the previous DPP for the sedition and defamation trials, Roslan Md. Noh was replaced by Gani Patail (read expendable) when they found out that they do not have enough evidence to convict Pete on both trials. Frankly, as long as Pete is out there, the real ones that are guilty in Altantuya murder are sweating and freaking like pigs.

Dear Wei Liang, don't get yourself carried away of being a wannabe hero and be expendable later on. That's what my friends and I want to say. Now there are many monikers on you that you'll see later on...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whose Law To Follow? Malaysia, International or Australia?

The Malaysian cops claimed that Pete is in Brisbane, Australia, while some claimed to be somewhere else but not in Australia. In this piece I'm writing, I will put in the scenario assuming that Pete is in Australia.

As mentioned by Pete earlier, he has mentioned that the main reason of not showing up for the sedition trial last month was the knowledge that he would be arrested on the spot and shipped to Kamunting Detention center with the government serving a second new ISA detention order - disregarding the first one. The sedition trial is unnecessary as given of evidence and so on, the prosecution will not be able to have sufficient evidence to win the case, in which Gani Patail and Najib is hell bent on sending Pete to prison.

Now then, I basically know the guy who wrote "A Piece of My Mind" blog (see his posting called "Place RPK on the Interpol List") - since he turned out to be my junior in school days. He said of getting Interpol to have Pete. The question is if Interpol wants to interrogate or take Pete, is he going to be subjected to International laws, or Australian laws or otherwise? No way that Malaysian laws can be used if he is in Australia. Instead it is either the Australian law or Interpol.

Second question is since Pete claims that he has tons of evidence that could incriminate Najib and Rosmah, will Interpol likely to take a serious consideration onto the piece of evidence that he might provide to them? The Altantuya murder has caught the attention internationally, Dr. Setev is considering of filing an appeal of the outcome at the International Court at the Hague. If you call the FBI to investigate or review the Altantuya investigations objectively, assuming your are third party, it is likely that what is said in documents, testimonials are true, authentic. But in that scenario, Malaysia cannot deny that such evidence does not exists.

Consider if Pete provides evidence to the International Court of Law, everything is a foregone conclusion and not even the kangaroo courts or moving the goalpost tactics in Malaysia by the regime can stop the International law and Malaysia will end up as a laughing stock all because of one woman and the ghosts of the past.

Penal Code 124

Penal Code 124:

“Whoever, with the intention of inducing or compelling or attempting to induce or compel a member of Parliament or of any legislative assembly or of any state executive council to exercise or refrain from exercising in any manner the lawful powers of such member, assaults or wrongfully restrains, or attempts wrongfully to restrain, or overawes by means of criminal force, or the show of criminal force, or attempts so to overawe, such member shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to a fine.”

Hmm...reading gives the impression of a policeman laying by force on an assemblyman or getting rough at them. I recalled of Janice Lee (I met her at Taiping for a late night dinner one Saturday by the way) getting arrested and roughed by the police twice this week, that she had to be remanded for two days at a police station.

I think the cops are getting illogical orders or directives by the top brass, IGP lapdog (likely) to clamp down on assembly gathering on various excuses. There is a problem with Malaysia and it seems the nation has gone upside down, black becoming white. It seems that there is a thinking that there is some hate for people who are smarter than the political masters fearing that they could turn against them due to their intelligence.

When I read the Penal Code 124, again, there is some sense of thinking that if the assemblyman, being part of a gathering being restrained by police, I think that they can use that Penal Code against the police. Remember Sivakumar warning State police Chief Zulkifli Abdullah of use of Penal Code 124 against the cops? It's like turning the tables against the oppressors. There was a Malaysiakini piece which said of police threatening to arrest all who are present at a vigil in Cheras, in which at the expense of people security, they decided to call it off. It's gone upside down, sending patriotic and innocent people instead of supposedly criminals.

I know it sounds jibberish, but if you, a casual reader read it a few times, it sounds like assemblymen or MPs can use that if they decide to sue the police. Unless the lawyers can point it out though that there are exceptions of that use of that piece of law.

Imagine if I get the chance to take part of a caretaker government position, the one thing that I would and other people in the group would to sack the top brass, because they have failed the people's trust.

May Days

There was one time during dinner with all relatives we said that the month of May is a month of many things happened in the family. Yes, we all agreed anyhow. Generally the riots happened on May 13.

Strangely though, my late grandparents were born in the month of May (by Gregorian calender). After my dear grandfather passed on, I managed to see a past record that he left behind and another moment I found was that they were married on May 18 1954. If that is not enough, my two older aunts were born in this month as well, the second one last Saturday and my oldest aunt is 58 today.

Incidentally, my newborn nephew Benjamin was born on Thursday, which means in total there are at least 6 May days for the family. Well, at meals, if we meet up might be asking or chit chat about this.

Oooh Ahhh Cantona! Oooh Ahhh Cantona!

Monsieur Cantona is 43 today, born on May 24 1966. He's now starring as himself in Looking for Eric - a contender in this edition's Cannes film festival.

Hmmm...can we see a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for him? Maybe...

Speaking of, Paul Ince used to say of him in a hotel wearing a shirt collar up and Eric said to Paul, "I am Cantona and I can do whatever I want."

"After his first training session in heaven, George Best, from his favourite right wing, turned the head of God who was filling in at left-back. I would love him to save me a place in his team - George Best that is, not God"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Premeditated Outcome In Court and Perak

It is predicted as many believe that the verdict of today's appeal will be 3-0 at best (agreed vs disagreed) over Mamak Zambry's appeal against the High Court declaration. I've already asked a lawyer friend of mine and no doubt he agreed with the outcome. I also asked him whether Nizar and his counsels are already aware of this premeditated outcome, the answer is a yes.

The outcome is no surprise. This outcome came from an instruction from Najib Razak himself which was relayed to Chief Justice Zaki, then relayed to the Court of Appeals head, Alauddin Sheriff to the three judges. The instruction is very simple: make sure the verdict is in favour of United Malays National Organisation, with the reason being that so that people see that the government is doing the right thing and fair and the opposition, particularly Anwar Ibrahim won't be able to whine or complain more, although it is clear that it is a deliberate attempt to steal his thunder.

This premeditated outcome precedes the next one coming next week. Under enormous pressure from partners and people, United Malays National Organisation relented into calling a statewide snap elections. And that's where the first outcome comes into place. It will Zambry that will call for a snap elections, with that declaration. And in the game field, the rules will be played according to United Malays National Organisation rules, other rules means they will lose the game outright regardless of how good they are.

Sadly not many people would able to know that this results are premeditated, except for those who understand well. The people that I refer to of unable to know is the common people, those who are merely convinced by what the MSM papers would say and not beyond that further. Right now, Najib Razak is playing something pretty dirty with Public Relations to help out. There are only two things in the world that will bring him down: Military Intelligence or the fact of being sandwiched of listening to Big Mama or Dr. M, either one is whammy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chickening Out In Penanti?

No second guesses that Barisan Nasional decided to pull out of the Penanti by-election. Maybe one reason is that Najib Razak is terribly afraid of the spectre of Altantuya (in fact Anifah Aman made a blunder of spilling the beans at Hillary Clinton, thus attracting the world's attention) and the name Aminah Abdullah who wants to contest reminds him of a past secret.

No. What really happened is that Barisan does not have enough money to contest at Penanti. They spent too much money in the five by-elections, 3 Parliamentary seats and lost all except Batang Ai. Every by-elections costs almost $30 million for each district. To entice voters to support them, $300 as red packet will not suffice this time, and it might take up to $1000 to convince a person to vote.

There are a few BN wannabes who wish to contest in there but was denied the chance to do so following the decision. Of course, this means of a slap in the face by the leader they had chosen back before Pak Lah decides to leave office. What good can they do if they do not have enough start up money to contest there? And if Najib wants really wants to contest there, chances are other parties are unlikely to give him money for the campaign. If that is the case, chances are he may have to go back to ask money from Nazir / CIMB to finance.

When Najib decides to say no to Penanti, Dr. M, who previously said that BN should contest there surely will not be happy of what happened. These kind of actions could be considered as a slap in the face for certain parties. In any case, more complications involving Najib could happen soon.

When Barisan pulls out, chances are EC might not conduct a by-election unless there's BN. But if they are fair enough, they should proceed otherwise in event they decide not to so is because political master says no, it would be a walkover for Pakatan. However, Anwar has made a blunder in the last 15 months of not having more associate (those with the forte) members in the PKR stable. Apart from his ex political secretary, Anwar simply does not have someone with a good forte to take over Fairus in Penanti. Talking of frogs but nothing happens, that was a decent backup plan that Anwar might have considered way back earlier.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Case of Second Guessing By MSM

“But mainstream media such as New Straits Times or Utusan Malaysia sort of second guessed what kind of things they want to print (about the leaders). Sometimes they were wrong. But this time it was more interesting because there was a supremo."

- Dr. M at Saturday's BUM 2009 gathering

It was on Friday where the BAR Council held an EGM meeting and decided that they want the IGP and Home Minister Hisham Hussein to resign over the row over their five fellow lawyers arrested for merely providing their legal counsel and services to those detained at the candlelight vigil at the Brickfields police station.

The piece of Malaysiakini is as follows:

An outraged Malaysia Bar today demanded the resignation of both the inspector-general of police and the home minister following the arrest of five lawyers on May 7.

However, as Hisham Rais of Tukar Tiub pointed out, the Malay daily Berita Harian showed a very different version, in this case, could point out of second guessing by the MSM. Berita Harian's one reads as:


Majlis Peguam bercadang menyaman Kerajaan Malaysia, Ketua Polis Negara dan Ketua Polis Daerah Brickfields, Asisten Komisioner Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid berikutan penahanan lima peguam di depan Balai Polis Daerah Brickfields, baru-baru ini.

Badan itu mendakwa, penahanan peguam terbabit adalah satu pencabulan mengikut Seksyen 28 (A)(4) Kanun Acara Jenayah.

Lima peguam berkenaan dilaporkan mahu membela 14 orang yang ditahan kerana mengadakan perhimpunan aman di balai polis berkenaan.

It's not a spot the difference game but it's a case of point of "second guessing" as what Dr. M said on Saturday. Read also a posting by Doc Maverick where NST's posting isn't as the exact as Malaysiakini's posting pointed out.

Snippets From Dr. M's Speech at BUM 2009

You Got It! You Got It! You Got It!

Finally tying up Liverpool's record of 18 league titles with yesterday's goalless draw with Arsenal.

Coming next week...Looking for Eric

Snippets From Dr. M's Speech at BUM 2009

At yesterday's Bloggers United Malaysia 2009 event in Subang Jaya, special guest Dr. M has no doubt blasted his successor, Abdullah Badawi as well as the former media baron Kalimullah Hassan over the blockade of the media in Malaysia and claimed that he did not instruct any media editors to limit their coverage / criticism.

Noted snippets from yesterday's speech:

1. “But mainstream media such as New Straits Times or Utusan Malaysia sort of second guessed what kind of things they want to print (about the leaders). Sometimes they were wrong. But this time it was more interesting because there was a supremo."

He keeps referring Kalimullah as the man with the Indian god name.

2. “I had at least 14 invitations from UMNO members to give a talk but these people were later told to withdraw their invitations, which they did. So I was cut off from being able to give my views even to members of my own party.”

3. "The Johor people asked for a bridge that will allow them to travel to and fro Singapore. This was agreed upon (including the water and sand deal) with the Singapore government. But then my successor decided to withdraw it."

4. Also a reference is also mentioned to Muhyiddin Yassin over the CIQ complex where in my opinion, the complex is worthless without the new bridge.

5. "The double-railway project from Johor Bahru to Padang Besar was originally costs at $14 billion, but now the cost from Ipoh to Padang Besar costs $12 billion, which we lost a lot of money."

6. "There were accusations thrown at me, saying that I was worse during my time. But I would like to say that newspaper editors are very sensitive people especially those in mainstream media.They self-censor because they believed I would not like (what they report) and that I would object – that was all. Other papers said nasty things about me but I never stopped them. "

“The situation was moving towards (racial riots of May 13) 1969″. “It was increasing to a point that UMNO wanted to have 500,000 people to show their strength and I thought it would escalate, that was why we had to take action. If I had told them not to, they would soon feel that I was not very supportive. The police have the guns and the power, and we don’t. When managing people with guns, you have to be very careful.”

7. "My biggest regret is that I am unable to convince the Malays to change their ways. I keep reminding them during every UMNO general assembly."

Majority of the points is on bashing Abdullah Badawi and Kalimullah Hassan.

He also gave his opinion on regulating Internet in Malaysia. But admittingly, he said that it is almost impossible to impose Internet censorship in Malaysia.

8. "If you wish to do so, then I wish you good luck."

Indirectly I admit that the point mentioned is a dig at Rais Yatim who earlier said "Self-Regulate or else" to bloggers (see Malaysiakini).

9. Last piece of advice - "Bloggers are VIPs and they should behave."

At BUM 2009

At BUM 2009

Still it's quite a good crowd turning up for BUM 2009 the annual event of bloggers and non-bloggers alike who wish to know those people. Following the success of last year's edition, the organizing team is making it bigger with three sessions, instead of one and of course more food....yum.

This time, the Perak Network bloggers, whom I met at Bukit Gantang also showed up.

Covering from morning to evening, it's the drinks and coffee that makes people awake although some skipped the BM session.

Well some of the speakers invited could not turn up but nonetheless most came. Many people awaited with bated breath when Dr. M showed up and talked for one hour followed by a press conference at a separate room.

Morning speakers with opening speeches by Dr. Lim Teck Ghee and Desi YL Chong:

Phillip Koh, Art Harun, Dr. K.J John

Afternoon speakers hosted by Helen Ang:

Datuk A.K Jasin, Fathi Aris Omar, Fahri Azzat and Faizal Mustaffa

Evening speakers hosted by Dr. Lim:

Steven Gan, Jeff Ooi, Nik Nazmi Ahmad, Rocky, Citizen Nades

A few things that were mostly discussed is regarding the anonymous identity on blogs dispute on whether to use your name or otherwise, then the quality of content in internet over popularity and of course, mainstream media failing the citizens with second guessing methods (as in Melayau) and NST, and finally, Dr M's message is that if the government chooses to regulate Internet, do it at their risk of violating the international laws agreed after the MSC.

A good head start is a piece by Sim Kwang Yang seen here.

Media coverage can be seen at either Malaysiakini or The Malaysian Insider.

I had taken a good deal of pictures there, and they showed up well minus flash, dang the noise

You can view the rest of the pics at my Facebook link here.

But do watch out later for a special posting on snippets of Dr. M's talk yesterday, seems a bit funny and interesting to hear about. (will update you when it's done.)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Perhaps Zambry Should Go Into Showbiz!

Earlier on, our macha Mamak Pangkor Pele was misquoted to say that he likened himself to Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela. But actually as mentioned in Malaysiakini, it was not likened to both of them.

But it was too late. Satu Malaysia is laughing over it, even at yesterday's forum.

Perhaps given of the new look that my buddy Mob did it, Pangkor Pele should consider going into show business instead of politics. But then he can't top Ben Kingsley in Gandhi but he might want to top Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects or Morgan Freeman!

Altantuya, Hollywood and Hong Kong

Look at these two posters. Both of them had the common theme of murder of a famous subject. But then the Black Dahlia remains Los Angeles's unsolved mystery of all time for the murderer was never found despite after 60 years.

Hong Kong is now creating a 20-40 episode TV series that mirrors to the murder of Altantuya. But then it is layered with characterization and whatever to make the story interesting. But the story is taken from the core concept of a murder and a connection to a high-ranking politician, in the real case was Najib and his associate Razak Baginda.

Apparently, this another case above has freaked someone special that I was told that they are now mulling of summoning the TVB in Hong Kong. But why there instead of the newspapers?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Perak: A Failed State In The Making

The term failed state is a term coined by journalists, political analysts and commentators to say of a state that has failed in basic conditions and the responsibilities of a sovereign government. The Fund for Peace has characterizes a failed state as:
The past event that occurred in Perak shows highlights the monopoly of legitimate use of physical force. The inability of the Federal government to respond to international newspaper reports that points Najib Razak and Rosmah to the murder of Altantuya and the constant denial of claims by other international parties despite clear facts of mistakes committed by Malaysia can give a tell-tale of the nation heading towards the failed state status.

The NGO by the name of Fund for Peace has a Failed State Index, measuring a nation in 12 categories in which each category is given a score from 1 to 10. There are four ranks of the index, which are:

1. Sustainable
2. Moderate
3. Warning
4. Alert

In the last three years, from 2006 to 2008, Malaysia still remained in the Warning status. A very interesting fact though that on the contrary, Mongolia remained in the Moderate status for the last three years!

The twelve factors /criterias that were taken into account for the index of a state is as follows:

Social indicators

  1. Demographic pressures: including the pressures deriving from high population density relative to food supply and other life-sustaining resources. The pressure from a population's settlement patterns and physical settings, including border disputes, ownership or occupancy of land, access to transportation outlets, control of religious or historical sites, and proximity to environmental hazards.
  2. Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples: forced uprooting of large communities as a result of random or targeted violence and/or repression, causing food shortages, disease, lack of clean water, land competition, and turmoil that can spiral into larger humanitarian and security problems, both within and between countries.[6]
  3. Legacy of vengeance-seeking group grievance: based on recent or past injustices, which could date back centuries. Including atrocities committed with impunity against communal groups and/or specific groups singled out by state authorities, or by dominant groups, for persecution or repression. Institutionalized political exclusion. Public scapegoating of groups believed to have acquired wealth, status or power as evidenced in the emergence of "hate" radio, pamphleteering and stereotypical or nationalistic political rhetoric.[7]
  4. Chronic and sustained human flight: both the "brain drain" of professionals, intellectuals and political dissidents and voluntary emigration of "the middle class." Growth of exile/expat communities are also used as part of this indicator.

Economic indicators

  1. Uneven economic development along group lines: determined by group-based inequality, or perceived inequality, in education, jobs, and economic status. Also measured by group-based poverty levels, infant mortality rates, education levels.
  2. Sharp and/or severe economic decline: measured by a progressive economic decline of the society as a whole (using: per capita income, GNP, debt, child mortality rates, poverty levels, business failures.) A sudden drop in commodity prices, trade revenue, foreign investment or debt payments. Collapse or devaluation of the national currency and a growth of hidden economies, including the drug trade, smuggling, and capital flight. Failure of the state to pay salaries of government employees and armed forces or to meet other financial obligations to its citizens, such as pension payments.

Political indicators

  1. Criminalization and/or delegitimisation of the state: endemic corruption or profiteering by ruling elites and resistance to transparency, accountability and political representation. Includes any widespread loss of popular confidence in state institutions and processes.
  2. Progressive deterioration of public services: a disappearance of basic state functions that serve the people, including failure to protect citizens from terrorism and violence and to provide essential services, such as health, education, sanitation, public transportation. Also using the state apparatus for agencies that serve the ruling elites, such as the security forces, presidential staff, central bank, diplomatic service, customs and collection agencies.
  3. Widespread violation of human rights: an emergence of authoritarian, dictatorial or military rule in which constitutional and democratic institutions and processes are suspended or manipulated. Outbreaks of politically inspired (as opposed to criminal) violence against innocent civilians. A rising number of political prisoners or dissidents who are denied due process consistent with international norms and practices. Any widespread abuse of legal, political and social rights, including those of individuals, groups or cultural institutions (e.g., harassment of the press, politicization of the judiciary, internal use of military for political ends, public repression of political opponents, religious or cultural persecution.)
  4. Security apparatus as ‘state within a state’: an emergence of elite or praetorian guards that operate with impunity. Emergence of state-sponsored or state-supported private militias that terrorize political opponents, suspected "enemies," or civilians seen to be sympathetic to the opposition. An "army within an army" that serves the interests of the dominant military or political clique. Emergence of rival militias, guerilla forces or private armies in an armed struggle or protracted violent campaigns against state security forces.
  5. Rise of factionalised elites: a fragmentation of ruling elites and state institutions along group lines. Use of aggressive nationalistic rhetoric by ruling elites, especially destructive forms of communal irredentism (e.g., "Greater Serbia") or communal solidarity (e.g., "ethnic cleansing", "defending the faith").
  6. Intervention of other states or external factors: military or Para-military engagement in the internal affairs of the state at risk by outside armies, states, identity groups or entities that affect the internal balance of power or resolution of the conflict. Intervention by donors, especially if there is a tendency towards over-dependence on foreign aid or peacekeeping missions.
Sadly, out of the 12 factors, there are many cases in Malaysia that falls into any of the 12 events. But in overall, most of the failed conditions fall under social and political circumstances. If we take the factors above an applied into the Malaysian context, this is what you would see here.

#3 - Although it is not that severe as in those African countries, there a few instances in Malaysia that would fall under here. For instance, many, particularly the liberal-minded and democracy advocate groups consider the Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) concept that is championed by certain elite Malay groups as a discrimination against other races. Others would be made to believed (via lies) that the other races are a threat against them, and must be defended at all costs. Remember the statement made by the BPMM in Ipoh a few months ago? There are some who criticize their own kind are accused as black sheep or traitor to the race. The truth is that thing does not exist, but just a mere state of dementia and delusion of the mind.

#4 - Yes, if you take Singapore as the yardstick, the capita income there is $32K USD per year, compare to $6K per year in Malaysia. With that high capita income, people would definitely ply their skills and trade there. When some people accuse those who work outside as turning against the country, it's wrong. Not because of don't like the country, but they make a better living there with the money that is offered. Yes, money is king nowadays.

#7, #9-12 - You have seen what happened sequence by sequence of how innocent people got arrested for nothing that day, what's the sham like in the state Assembly hall. I do not need to elaborate things over and over again, but whatever happened on May 7 2009 bears Perak a failed state in the making.

Yes, Perak now still remains rooted to square one, in limbo, after only less than 7 hours. It's a good understanding as everyone do that Barisan Nasional is pretty unwilling to let go of what they got via illegal and crude means via the stay of execution filed by Zambry (Pangkor Pele). I've already seen this coming through. No less than a few hours after the High Court declared Nizar as the legal Menteri Besar, Barisan Nasional, particularly UMNO goes hoo haa over this matter. If you see from a racist's point of view, the points that could come out is that Nizar is a Chinese agent, and secondly the non-Malays taking back the state - against the Ketuanan Melayu concept. Frankly, I find that the outcome has pissed of fcertain people who walked the corridors of power, not to mention Big Mama. That's why Najib later said that 'they will appeal' against the High Court's decision' (The Star 11/5)

Najib's refusal to snap elections seems to anger more people in Perak (only seen in Malaysiakini) because that means to most of them is that Barisan Nasional is unwilling to let go despite losing a soccer game against the people in a big margin. Even if they decided to offer a olive branch later on, chances are that will not sway the people's preference for them for what happened in February and last Thursday will etched in the minds of the people in decades to come.

Despite repeated calls for Sultan Azlan to dissolve the assembly, I reiterate that it will be hard because whatever decision that he could take will affect the royal family seriously after the blackmail early February by BN against a king.

Sadly, the current federal government has eventually will become what US is branded as - a superpower that long claimed the right to reshape other nations (in this case states), toppling governments (the state government) and democratic instituitions that they advocate gets into a severe crisis instead of getting better.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Duke Nukem Forever = Never

Last Thursday, Dallas-based legendary developer 3D Realms (formerly known as Apogee) was shut down due to insufficient funds. They have been developing the very much anticipated fourth Duke Nukem game, titled Duke Nukem Forever. The shutdown has been confirmed via two sources, which is one - users unable to access the company's website and secondly from the game's art director Tramell Isaac's blog.

In the last decade, they have been only publishing games as part of generating funds. Titles published including Prey, the two Max Payne games and other games. The last game developed by them is Shadow Warrior.

Formerly Apogee, this the company that pioneered the concept of shareware, which is releasing a one-episode game as a tryout before buying the full game content. This is the very company that published the legendary Wolfenstein 3D, the game that started the FPS genre.

It has been 12 years since they started work. But what could be the reason why the game was ultimately shut down despite their policy of 'when it's done'?

1. Engine switches - When the project was announced, in 1997 the company has already licensed the Quake II engine from their former partner Id Software (Id as Ideas of the Deep). After the E3 1998 demo, they decided to switch to the Unreal Engine. However, in the last 10 years, the Unreal Engine has evolved from version 1 to version 3. When the engine was switched, they wasted almost a year to rebuild the maps created in Quake II from scratch (geometry building in Unreal is the complete opposite of Quake) and maps, tweaking code.

The argument of switching over is because Unreal at that time has a better net play code and outdoor terrain meshing surpasses Quake II's capbabilities. No less than 4 years after that, Unreal Engine 2.0 was released and then, version 3.0 was released in late 2007. Perhaps the obsession to catch up with the latest technology to incorporate into the game plays part of it. But one year's waste due to switching of engnies could be the reason why

2. Content - Given that the game took many years to make, and the developer's promise of making it the best Duke game of the series, they put a strict silence of when it would be released. Not really. The target number of levels to satisfy fans is approximately 50 levels. Not as much as of Soldier of Fortune II's 70 levels but 50 levels is as equivalent to playing the entire Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition and the other 3rd party expansion packs. Throughout the last months prior to shut down, they have put up ads on the need of more level designers.

We don't how far have they covered, but since people wanted the game out, there's one thing I can suggest, which is basically since 3D Realms partner ID Software is in Mesquite, why not get them to sponsor some money into the project (read: borrow) or get them to join in part of the project towards completion. But eventually in the end, the sales will allow them to recuperate the amount of development money. Hype on the game is growing.

That's one suggestion to either Scott Miller or George Broussard.

Court Declares Nizar As Legit MB, But It's Not Over Yet.

1. For the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, today's landmark verdict delivered by the KL High Court that Nizar Jamaluddin as the legitimate Menteri Besar shows that the judiciary independence and rule of law is going to be restored, with this as the stepping stone. This was then followed a directive by court to Zambry and the six to vacate office immediately (see this Malaysiakini piece, which includes remarks from Anwar and Bar Council, excluded from The Star)

2. But I will not count on that. There is warning though that whatever happens is not out of the blue yet. The latest setback for the Barisan Nasional regime in Perak will not deter them, as they will use a variety of tools to maintain their hegemony of power in Perak that they acquired via illegal means.

3. Of course, with the main reasoning behind the judgement delevered by the judge, which is stating that a Menteri Besar can only be removed via a vote of confidence or resigned by his own accord, Barisan, via it's illegally appointed speaker Ganesan and the deputy 'prositute' Hee, will call for an emergency assembly, Zambry and Hamidah Osman (Sungai Rapat) will propose for the motion to remove Nizar via the vote of no confidence thing. Hamidah's remark "why should the state assembly be dissolved" has shown her immaturity which resulted of her being critcized by all quarters over a racial remark last year.

4. Nizar also stated that whatever happened during the four month period of Zambry will be subjected to review. Therefore, the so-called gathering at the tree on March 3 is considered legit, and the motions that were passed during that were taken into account, meaning that - Zambry and six excos are suspended from 12 to 18 months; Sivakumar is the legit speaker as of now, and of course Nizar as the legit Menteri Besar. And finally, last thursday's assembly, called via illegal means, rushed without proper procedure and protocol is deemed unaccounted and illegal.

5. Of course, the fear of losing and the unwillingness to spend a lot of money ever after the five by-elections show that how Barisan Nasional is unwilling to play at the election arena. At the beginning, Najib has mentioned via the media of the interest of Barisan to collaborate with Pakatan Rakyat to break the deadlock of the state constituition crisis.

6. A few hours after the court verdict, Najib has announced that the government will appeal against the court decision. I believe this is a stark contrast to what he said earlier of offering a join collaboration with mutual interest to solve the constituition crisis. It is likely that the decision was swayed by Big Mama. Apparently, what was gained on Thursday was screwed due to the court decision. Remember that there are some of us who do know how indecisive Najib can be and sometimes asked Rosmah for help (hence the moniker Isteri Rosmah called by Hisham Rais).

7. If the playing field that is Perak is level, Sultan Azlan will definitely say aye to the dissolution of the assembly and calling for the snap polls. As mentioned again and again BN is not willing due to money. The current public sentiment shows that if played, BN risks losing worse than the 12th General Election. The results could go as big as 45 to 14, of the 59 state seats contested in Perak.

8. Therefore, Nizar must act swiftly and the PR must act tactically, rather than facing via brute force against Barisan Nasional. They must be aware that nationally, they do not have enough resources to fight head to head. There is not much time, but as much as 14 hours to do so before anything from BN could happen. Time is ticking. Nizar will be meeting Raja Nazrin tomorrow morning while the BN files appeal against the court, and the unofficial deadline is tomorrow noon.

9. We could see repercussions from Barisan Nasional , unhappy over the verdict. Consider if we forget about the appeal factor, we could see ridiculous things like the judge being transferred (as a DPP for Raja Petra's sedition trial being transferred to Industrial Court by a furious Gani Patail because of the knowledge of insufficient evidence to convict him). That's an example, but the biggest of all repercussions is another May 13...or follow the father's recipe.

10. I always believe that Sultan Azlan would definitely consent and get it right to having snap poll, for this case as to fulfill the wishes of the people in the state. However, I find it hard to believe that His Highness would grant so, given of how he was persistently reminded and threatened by BN.

Seems now that all is not well for Big Mama as of now :D

Friday, May 8, 2009

Liberty In Malaysia Is Dead Starting With Perak

It was pretty terrible out there. Shouting matches, interference from outside, speaker's removal via unconventional way, 64 people arrested including bloggers, what a horrible end to the day which is no doubt in infamy as Black Day in Malaysia.

What happened today in Perak is a foregone conclusion, pre-meditated, pre-planned. In the end, it's Big Mama stamping on the people, killing Liberty, raping the Federal and state constituition. It's just like a game of football except that the match is rigged or Barisan Nasional keeps moving the goal post everywhere, althought they knew that they are going to get whacked 10-0 from other sides.

There are actually two ways of the crisis can be solved, either by returning to the basics of Constituition as Mahathir said earlier or following the law of the jungle. The latter path was taken by Barisan Nasional simply because for one main reason. They want to maintain their hegemony that was achieved via coup engineered by Najib.

"Oh, I forgot, I am talking about what happened in Ipoh today. And what happened in Ipoh is about race. It is about ensuring that the Malays do not lose political power. And, as far as Perak is concerned, as far as Umno is concerned, Perak has fallen into the hands of the Chinese."

It's About Race, Stupid - Malaysia Today

There were some tiny details that I was told of what happened at the assembly. Moments after Sivakumar escorted Raja Nazrin out, the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen were in sudden idle mode, didn't act on when the Barisan Nasional camp started the move to remove Sivakumar led by the 'prositute' called Hee. It was then I was told that this must be the jinx that was placed on the PR assemblyman after Idham Lim accused yesterday that a jampi was placed at the speaker's position.

Why the seargeant-in-arms refused to act on Sivakumar's command is pretty simple - there are Special Branch people inside the hall acting as officers, dressed as protocol men there. That's is why he could not act when ordered to remove the 10 (Zambry, the six and the renegade three). And spotted in the hall is Shafee Abdullah. Make no secret though that Shafee has always been (as allegedly by Pete) desiring for the post of Attorney General - and it is said that what happened today here was planned in advance by UMNO with him. I recalled there was an allegedment by Pete that Shafee was also involved in setting up Anwar in the sodomy case of Saiful - which was later resulted into a angry face off between the two men in the KL High court.

The iconic image of Sivakumar being dragged out by the police will tell the tale in future that democracy in Malaysia is dead on this day, and what was promised and propagated of the 1Malaysia concept is just a sick joke.

Sad to say God is not here today. And He has refused to help the innocent and those doing good. In Ipoh alone, there were 64 people arrested, even an old man doing his morning jogging also got arrested for although being an innocent bystander. The police, behaving like if it's their grandfather's place go into a coffee shop and arrest people for nothing? Look at a video from Malaysiakini if you're not convinced!

There's Helen and then of course Bernard arrested for just wearing black shirt. I thought being the a known top leader of local blogosphere, a leader should be acting on various plans on the head, not being held back at one corner...sorry, but I noticed that there is something amiss after reading various events.

As reported just now, 10 people were arrested in Kuching, one in Penang and 14 more in Brickfields by cops who have screwed their priorities upside down. Filling up the detention cells with unnecessary people , people who did nothing wrong. Yep..banana republic that is.

Is it likely for civil society filing a lawsuit against the police and demand damages of $100 million over unlawful arrests? After all, people who came here are not from any underground groups and anytime they could be suing the cop!

Candlelight vigils no longer work any longer. Instead, there's a need to think and act on the intellectual level, understanding the opponent's psyche and do a tactical move. It's no longer a brute move to outwit an opponent. If you are to compete head to head with Barisan Nasional, you need some players that will level the playing field. For instance if there is Shafee Abdullah - that is seen there, you will need someone as good as him on the other side of the ring to level the playing field.

And as for PR, where are the rest of the leaders who claimed to be great when there was chaos today? Apart from Kit Siang who came to support his DAP men and Sivakumar, where is Anwar? Where Tuan Guru Hadi? Did they show up? Are they really walking the talk of calling themselves the leaders of this Pakatan Rakyat? A great leader is someone who can lead, show and inspire people instead of sending people out to become their cannon fodders. Since Anwar and Hadi didn't show up today, do they consider themselves superior leaders?

But today's event is a blessing in disguise.:

1.For a few years, in light of the constituitional crisis in Kelantan, people endured much circus antics and bad moves from UMNO and they punished them from 1990 onwards until now, unforgiven for what they had done to Kelantan. Next time, if there's a GE or a state election, UMNO could be facing the same spectre as in Kelantan. Similar eye to eye punishment could happen in Perak. People in Kampung Simee or in town absolutely hated Zambry and badmouths Hee. Yes, it could provide a motiviation whack BN badly next round via balloting.

2. Sometime ago, Mahathir has called for the Perak crisis to be resolved via constituitional means. Indirectly, a warning was given to Najib that Najib was doing the wrong way to hold on to Perak. With this event today, it means to go against Mahathir and yes, we can see slowly that Najib and his men could even be booted out by his mentor. Najib, as some said is still unforgiven over what he did to Mukhriz at the UMNO General Assembly.

3. It also tells us that United Malays National Organisation, heading the Barisan Nasional coalition is responsible for all the mess that is happening here and there including arrests by their entities. Remember that the economic crunch is still not over although things are picking up in the last two weeks. But the next time a greater economic depression happens in Malaysia, the first word that Malaysians is going to utter is not FUCK but UMNO since their poor governing policies could bring to the fall of the nation economically.

I think I'd want to take a walk back home to see the damage over the weekend. I believe that that it ain't doing good for them but BN is digging a bigger hole to the ground.

We can still smell the devil's sulphur at Ipoh until now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello, Police...Are You Looking At The Wrong Pole?

There were a few interesting stories lately that I saw at the Star which shows something about innocents being harmed. Let me give you a few....

1. OCPD robbed at knife point
2. Pregnant woman dies after thieves pull her off the motorcycle
3. Snatch theft: another pregnant woman killed

See cases #1 and #2 has proven the point that I will never ever stay in JB town or work there because of social insecurity. Anywhere is not safe and the crime rate it a little higher than in KL or in Penang. I jokingly told a friend of mine, that Frank Castle should come in and whack the hell out of the scum in the south coast. After all, Mandripoor is a little of Johor and Singapore, right?

Instead of focusing on those crimes that innocent blood is spilled because of the scum, the cops have revealed themselves to be following the orders of the political masters, to preserve and consolidate the hegemony of wrong dominion over the nation. I understand that those in the middle and the lower ranks could not go against their goodwill and conscience for if they do, they are considered to be insubordination against the orders of their superiors whom is seen from bird's eye view to be committing something that is morally wrong.

I have said many times that the police are still looking at the wrong end of the pole and should instead pay more attention to those common crimes above. Look at how the allocation of the task force, majority of them put under administrative work instead of crime beat, on the street routine.

Here in the last three days, 19 people arrested for voicing out disagreement against the current state of affairs in Malaysia. You have this Wong Chin Huat arrested, another 15 more arrested for vigiling outside the Brickfields police station, carrying no weapons but just candles, and Mat Sabu and two others in the aftenoon. That is obviously shows that superiors of the force have screwed the priorities upside down. That is looking for wrong excuses, wrong reasons, wrong people to start.

The police have been doing random roadblocks in KL city in the last 5 days. On Friday, the whole stretch from Mid Valley to Bangsar was jammed due to a police road block at Jalan Telawi. I wondered about tomorrow back in Ipoh. First, thing, St. Michael's and Poi Lam school is within the vicinity of the State Secreteriat. To hold a road block, in conjunction with court remand order is to create further inconvenience to the school students in the morning who need to be there by 7,30 p.m, failure in which they face penalties from school's disciplinary board. I remembered one day where the whole working community turned up very late to their offices because of road blocks in Parliament, which created much anger at the police and even apology from Syed Albar doesn't put them off.

I do share the same sentiment as my friend The Fish does. Looking at the two scenarios with the common thing between the two is about the police, I don't think I'd like them. One night on Friday, at a road block at Jalan Datuk Keramat, a police officer was inspecting every vehicle. The guy inspecting was rude. Of course he was married (the ring) but rude. I would really want to take that asshole to the Internal Affairs thing..ditto to our Chief State police in Perak if tries to do another Khalid Bakar publicity stunt.

The better way for the police is to do more crowd control instead of packing the detention cells with innocent people who do no harm to mankind. There's going to be a hoo haa if detention cells are filled with the people inappropriate to be there.

There's hysteria already for the fat lady prior to the conclusion of the singing of an opera.

The Hysteria Over Altantuya's Birthday

From Malaysiakini:

Three activists were arrested this morning for attempting to deliver a cake commemorating the 31st birthday of Altantuya Shaariibuu to the Prime Ministers Office in Putrajaya.


My late grandfather officially retired from public service exactly one day before Altantuya was born. And I've read a few days ago about Chegubard announcing of doing the stunt of bringing the Happy Birthday cake to Najib's office or giving the ultimatum of doing a mock funeral of Altantuya everywhere throughout the peninsular.

I heard that the cops squished the cake that was supposedly to be delivered to Najib. Could we see that it is silence is used as a tactic of psychological warfare against Malaysian democracy preachers?

Anyhow, the word Altantuya has apparently spooked someone and you bet there is a sense of hysteria from her over the name. The name has been banned from being used by the Malaysian media, considering that it seems taboo. But you can't shut everyone out forever, not with the foreign press doing their rounds. If CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera gets the hold of this then what happens next? Embarassment or otherwise.?

Yes, I have to admit that stunt is bit out of proportion. Today's stunt by Chegubard, if seen by the flipside of the coin is no more similar to Mat Rempits running around the street, except that they don't come by motorcycles, but they move in a collective hive behavior manner. Intellectual talking with the other side is pretty hard considering that the stance by not Najib, but his men, those warlords. We do have some feelings that Najib might not be able to control his men. There could be some loose cannons acting on his behalf but goes against what he intends to do.

And it is very amusing, despite Chegubard and two others arrested, the message delivered has an effect and it is driving the hysteria around Putrajaya (laughs)...!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Either Way, Big Mama Is Going To Stomp Someone This Thursday!

I can only sum up that at the end of May 7, Big Mama will be stamping on either one and there could be a third stamping on Najib.

I had a few conversations on the phone with a good friend of mine (sorry..can't come to the club for lunch) and when we discussed about the possible May 7 protest gathering, I did say of Big Mama doesn't like dissent and I was pointed to a comment that he wrote for Aisehman's posting three weeks ago, which I find it pretty amusing....

Fat Mama’s 1st reprimand to Najib….

"Bodoh…remove MB Mohd Nizar but forgot to remove Speaker Sivakumar!"

Now 2nd reprimand….

"Goblok….invite Mahathir to rejoin UMNO but forgot to help Mukriz to remove KJ at the AGM!"

Now….even Mama cannot help you, Stupido!

Thursday, there could be two scenarios, so we have to cross our fingers. One scenario is that the state assembly dissolved, or Sivakumar doesn't allow the renegade three to come in, or Sivakumar shoots down the Mamak's motion of removal. If that scenario happens, it means that whenever there's a snap election, Barisan could be whacked all over say 40 to 19? If this happens, Zambry could get stamped, third time on Najib....

If the other way round happens, it means end of democracy in Perak, Big Mama stamps her giant foot on the people who strongly opposed of the gerombolan taking over via pirate gutter politics, law of jungle. Period.

That is why in any case on Thursday, Big Mama is going to stamp on someone, no matter what.

Trouble has started brewing with Zambry accusing Idham Lim of the bomoh thing at the speaker, and then Sivakumar requesting for the postpontment of the assembly as of the brewing trouble. Gerombolan UMNO is sure bent on starting some shit out there, if I am correct. The cops are also getting their hands into the mess. I've already anticipated that they will call whatever gathering there at Jalan istana as Perhimpunan Haram....

Fine, go ahead, but they might want to reconsider by seeing from far, there both sides are supporting legitimate parties and therefore, there is no underground group there.

You Gonna Need Them on May 7 in Ipoh....

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Drow Doctrine in Malaysia

(Pic from Malaysia Today)

I started reading the Legend of Drizzt series since late last year and the first book of the 18 written (the 19th is due in October this year) has a interesting two page scene that is very similar to what is shown in the attachment, or something like the Biro Tatanegara.

When you read the statement, it shows that 1Malaysia that was championed by Najib and his administration causes some doubts of whether to be accepted or not. Some people, like Anwar Ibrahim for example called the 1Malaysia concept as a rhetoric and a cosmetic thing. The statement by this BPMM NGO shows that there are fools who wants to stick to the feudal irrelevant age, Bourbons, age of Pharoahs, etc...fools who don't wish for the country to move, advance to a newer age period.

It looks similar but I think it's a worth to share thing with you guys out there.


"Once our people walked the surface of the world," he repeated, his tone now one of lament, "in ages long past, even longer than the lines of the great houses. In that distant age, we walked beside the pale-skinned elves, the faeries!"

"It cannot be true!" one student cried from the side.

Hatch'net looked at him earnestly,considering whether more would be gained by beating the student for his unasked-for interruption or by allowing the group to participate. "It is!" he replied, choosing teh latter course. "We thought the faeries our friends; we called them kin! We could not know, in our innocence, that they are the embodiments of deciet and evil. We could not know that they would turn on us suddenly and drive us from them, slaughtering our children and the eldest of our race!

"Without mercy the evil faeries pursued us across the surface world. Always we asked for peace, and always we were answered by swords and killing arrows!"

He paused, his face twisting into a widening, malicious smile. "Then we found the goddess!"

"Praise Lolth!" came one anonymous cry. Again Hatch'net let the slip of tongue go by unpunished, knowing that every accenting comment only drew his audience deeper into his web of rhetoric.

"Indeed," the master replied. "All praise to the Spider Queen. It was she who took our orphaned race to her side and helped us fight off our enemies. It was she who guided the fore-matrons of our race to the paradise of the Underdark. It is she," he roared, a clenched fist rising into the air," who now gives us the strength and the magic to pay back our enemies! We are the drow!" Hatch'net cried. "You are the drow, never again to be downtrodden, rulers of all you desire, conquerors of lands you choose to inhabit!"

"The surface?" came a question.

"The surface?" echoed Hatch'net with a laugh. "Who would want to return to that vile place? Let the faeries have it! Let them burn under the fires of the open sky! We claim the Underdark, where we can feel the core of the world thrumming under our feet, and where the stones of the walls show the heat of the world's power!

Drizzt sat silent, absorbing every word of the talented orator's often-rehearsed speech. Drizzt was caught, as were all the new students in Hatch'net's hypnotic variations of inflection and ralling cries. Hatch'net had been the ,aster of Lore at the Academy for more than two centuries, owning more prestige in Menzoberranzan than nearly any other male drow and many of the females. The matrons of the ruling families understood well the value of his practiced tongue.

So it went everyday, and endless stream of hate rhetoric directed against an enemy that none of the students had ever seen. The surface elves were not only the only target of Hatch'net's sniping. Dwares, gnomes, humans, halflings, and all of the surface races - and even subterranean races such as the duergar dwarves, which the drow often traded with and fought beside - each found an unpleasant spot in the master's ranting.

Robert Salvatore, Homeland (Page 137-139)


Let's go through some of the paragraphs above, shown in italics. Do you notice that it is very similar to what how people are brainwashed to believe such thing and show how important it is for that flawed and failed experiment called Ketuanan Melayu? I let you draw your conclusions.


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