Sunday, May 24, 2009

May Days

There was one time during dinner with all relatives we said that the month of May is a month of many things happened in the family. Yes, we all agreed anyhow. Generally the riots happened on May 13.

Strangely though, my late grandparents were born in the month of May (by Gregorian calender). After my dear grandfather passed on, I managed to see a past record that he left behind and another moment I found was that they were married on May 18 1954. If that is not enough, my two older aunts were born in this month as well, the second one last Saturday and my oldest aunt is 58 today.

Incidentally, my newborn nephew Benjamin was born on Thursday, which means in total there are at least 6 May days for the family. Well, at meals, if we meet up might be asking or chit chat about this.

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