Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Hysteria Over Altantuya's Birthday

From Malaysiakini:

Three activists were arrested this morning for attempting to deliver a cake commemorating the 31st birthday of Altantuya Shaariibuu to the Prime Ministers Office in Putrajaya.


My late grandfather officially retired from public service exactly one day before Altantuya was born. And I've read a few days ago about Chegubard announcing of doing the stunt of bringing the Happy Birthday cake to Najib's office or giving the ultimatum of doing a mock funeral of Altantuya everywhere throughout the peninsular.

I heard that the cops squished the cake that was supposedly to be delivered to Najib. Could we see that it is silence is used as a tactic of psychological warfare against Malaysian democracy preachers?

Anyhow, the word Altantuya has apparently spooked someone and you bet there is a sense of hysteria from her over the name. The name has been banned from being used by the Malaysian media, considering that it seems taboo. But you can't shut everyone out forever, not with the foreign press doing their rounds. If CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera gets the hold of this then what happens next? Embarassment or otherwise.?

Yes, I have to admit that stunt is bit out of proportion. Today's stunt by Chegubard, if seen by the flipside of the coin is no more similar to Mat Rempits running around the street, except that they don't come by motorcycles, but they move in a collective hive behavior manner. Intellectual talking with the other side is pretty hard considering that the stance by not Najib, but his men, those warlords. We do have some feelings that Najib might not be able to control his men. There could be some loose cannons acting on his behalf but goes against what he intends to do.

And it is very amusing, despite Chegubard and two others arrested, the message delivered has an effect and it is driving the hysteria around Putrajaya (laughs)...!

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