Sunday, May 17, 2009

Snippets From Dr. M's Speech at BUM 2009

At yesterday's Bloggers United Malaysia 2009 event in Subang Jaya, special guest Dr. M has no doubt blasted his successor, Abdullah Badawi as well as the former media baron Kalimullah Hassan over the blockade of the media in Malaysia and claimed that he did not instruct any media editors to limit their coverage / criticism.

Noted snippets from yesterday's speech:

1. “But mainstream media such as New Straits Times or Utusan Malaysia sort of second guessed what kind of things they want to print (about the leaders). Sometimes they were wrong. But this time it was more interesting because there was a supremo."

He keeps referring Kalimullah as the man with the Indian god name.

2. “I had at least 14 invitations from UMNO members to give a talk but these people were later told to withdraw their invitations, which they did. So I was cut off from being able to give my views even to members of my own party.”

3. "The Johor people asked for a bridge that will allow them to travel to and fro Singapore. This was agreed upon (including the water and sand deal) with the Singapore government. But then my successor decided to withdraw it."

4. Also a reference is also mentioned to Muhyiddin Yassin over the CIQ complex where in my opinion, the complex is worthless without the new bridge.

5. "The double-railway project from Johor Bahru to Padang Besar was originally costs at $14 billion, but now the cost from Ipoh to Padang Besar costs $12 billion, which we lost a lot of money."

6. "There were accusations thrown at me, saying that I was worse during my time. But I would like to say that newspaper editors are very sensitive people especially those in mainstream media.They self-censor because they believed I would not like (what they report) and that I would object – that was all. Other papers said nasty things about me but I never stopped them. "

“The situation was moving towards (racial riots of May 13) 1969″. “It was increasing to a point that UMNO wanted to have 500,000 people to show their strength and I thought it would escalate, that was why we had to take action. If I had told them not to, they would soon feel that I was not very supportive. The police have the guns and the power, and we don’t. When managing people with guns, you have to be very careful.”

7. "My biggest regret is that I am unable to convince the Malays to change their ways. I keep reminding them during every UMNO general assembly."

Majority of the points is on bashing Abdullah Badawi and Kalimullah Hassan.

He also gave his opinion on regulating Internet in Malaysia. But admittingly, he said that it is almost impossible to impose Internet censorship in Malaysia.

8. "If you wish to do so, then I wish you good luck."

Indirectly I admit that the point mentioned is a dig at Rais Yatim who earlier said "Self-Regulate or else" to bloggers (see Malaysiakini).

9. Last piece of advice - "Bloggers are VIPs and they should behave."

At BUM 2009

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