Friday, May 8, 2009

Liberty In Malaysia Is Dead Starting With Perak

It was pretty terrible out there. Shouting matches, interference from outside, speaker's removal via unconventional way, 64 people arrested including bloggers, what a horrible end to the day which is no doubt in infamy as Black Day in Malaysia.

What happened today in Perak is a foregone conclusion, pre-meditated, pre-planned. In the end, it's Big Mama stamping on the people, killing Liberty, raping the Federal and state constituition. It's just like a game of football except that the match is rigged or Barisan Nasional keeps moving the goal post everywhere, althought they knew that they are going to get whacked 10-0 from other sides.

There are actually two ways of the crisis can be solved, either by returning to the basics of Constituition as Mahathir said earlier or following the law of the jungle. The latter path was taken by Barisan Nasional simply because for one main reason. They want to maintain their hegemony that was achieved via coup engineered by Najib.

"Oh, I forgot, I am talking about what happened in Ipoh today. And what happened in Ipoh is about race. It is about ensuring that the Malays do not lose political power. And, as far as Perak is concerned, as far as Umno is concerned, Perak has fallen into the hands of the Chinese."

It's About Race, Stupid - Malaysia Today

There were some tiny details that I was told of what happened at the assembly. Moments after Sivakumar escorted Raja Nazrin out, the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen were in sudden idle mode, didn't act on when the Barisan Nasional camp started the move to remove Sivakumar led by the 'prositute' called Hee. It was then I was told that this must be the jinx that was placed on the PR assemblyman after Idham Lim accused yesterday that a jampi was placed at the speaker's position.

Why the seargeant-in-arms refused to act on Sivakumar's command is pretty simple - there are Special Branch people inside the hall acting as officers, dressed as protocol men there. That's is why he could not act when ordered to remove the 10 (Zambry, the six and the renegade three). And spotted in the hall is Shafee Abdullah. Make no secret though that Shafee has always been (as allegedly by Pete) desiring for the post of Attorney General - and it is said that what happened today here was planned in advance by UMNO with him. I recalled there was an allegedment by Pete that Shafee was also involved in setting up Anwar in the sodomy case of Saiful - which was later resulted into a angry face off between the two men in the KL High court.

The iconic image of Sivakumar being dragged out by the police will tell the tale in future that democracy in Malaysia is dead on this day, and what was promised and propagated of the 1Malaysia concept is just a sick joke.

Sad to say God is not here today. And He has refused to help the innocent and those doing good. In Ipoh alone, there were 64 people arrested, even an old man doing his morning jogging also got arrested for although being an innocent bystander. The police, behaving like if it's their grandfather's place go into a coffee shop and arrest people for nothing? Look at a video from Malaysiakini if you're not convinced!

There's Helen and then of course Bernard arrested for just wearing black shirt. I thought being the a known top leader of local blogosphere, a leader should be acting on various plans on the head, not being held back at one corner...sorry, but I noticed that there is something amiss after reading various events.

As reported just now, 10 people were arrested in Kuching, one in Penang and 14 more in Brickfields by cops who have screwed their priorities upside down. Filling up the detention cells with unnecessary people , people who did nothing wrong. Yep..banana republic that is.

Is it likely for civil society filing a lawsuit against the police and demand damages of $100 million over unlawful arrests? After all, people who came here are not from any underground groups and anytime they could be suing the cop!

Candlelight vigils no longer work any longer. Instead, there's a need to think and act on the intellectual level, understanding the opponent's psyche and do a tactical move. It's no longer a brute move to outwit an opponent. If you are to compete head to head with Barisan Nasional, you need some players that will level the playing field. For instance if there is Shafee Abdullah - that is seen there, you will need someone as good as him on the other side of the ring to level the playing field.

And as for PR, where are the rest of the leaders who claimed to be great when there was chaos today? Apart from Kit Siang who came to support his DAP men and Sivakumar, where is Anwar? Where Tuan Guru Hadi? Did they show up? Are they really walking the talk of calling themselves the leaders of this Pakatan Rakyat? A great leader is someone who can lead, show and inspire people instead of sending people out to become their cannon fodders. Since Anwar and Hadi didn't show up today, do they consider themselves superior leaders?

But today's event is a blessing in disguise.:

1.For a few years, in light of the constituitional crisis in Kelantan, people endured much circus antics and bad moves from UMNO and they punished them from 1990 onwards until now, unforgiven for what they had done to Kelantan. Next time, if there's a GE or a state election, UMNO could be facing the same spectre as in Kelantan. Similar eye to eye punishment could happen in Perak. People in Kampung Simee or in town absolutely hated Zambry and badmouths Hee. Yes, it could provide a motiviation whack BN badly next round via balloting.

2. Sometime ago, Mahathir has called for the Perak crisis to be resolved via constituitional means. Indirectly, a warning was given to Najib that Najib was doing the wrong way to hold on to Perak. With this event today, it means to go against Mahathir and yes, we can see slowly that Najib and his men could even be booted out by his mentor. Najib, as some said is still unforgiven over what he did to Mukhriz at the UMNO General Assembly.

3. It also tells us that United Malays National Organisation, heading the Barisan Nasional coalition is responsible for all the mess that is happening here and there including arrests by their entities. Remember that the economic crunch is still not over although things are picking up in the last two weeks. But the next time a greater economic depression happens in Malaysia, the first word that Malaysians is going to utter is not FUCK but UMNO since their poor governing policies could bring to the fall of the nation economically.

I think I'd want to take a walk back home to see the damage over the weekend. I believe that that it ain't doing good for them but BN is digging a bigger hole to the ground.

We can still smell the devil's sulphur at Ipoh until now.

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